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Full text of "The Arbroath year book and Fairport almanac : directory for Arbroath, Carnoustie, Friockheim and surrounding districts .."

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in 2012 with funding from 

National Library of Scotland 






Electric Service 

For every Type of 



Lighting, Power, Heating, Bells, 




165 High St., Arbroath 

Telephone No. 112 

i! / 


*♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦*•♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ fr 


v © o 

_, co en OB 

= _. " ' 3 3 

■o -a 

3 2. °> 

5' a <->■ 

3 s a 
5 It I 

P 3 rt> w 

SIS 7 

» T C 

I- « »> 3 

r o b 3, 
5' 5' 3 35' 
» ~ w £ 



"C if . 
3 3- 

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§ o I 

3 g O 

a _. 

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to C/3 

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a. s as 


3 5 S 

w S - 

O 3 " 
S, 3 W 

11 » 
-1 » — 
O ~ 3 

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go I 

o « 2; 
=1 x o 
sr « 3 

3 es c 


« I 5 

01 3 

I *2. 13. 
o> 5" 5" 

3. 3 ■■* 

T » » 













Thirty-Third Year of issue 


Arbroath 3^ar Book 


eastern Forfarsbire Directorp, 



For 1923. 





UA - 

Expert Shop Fitter and Cabinet Joiner 

•*".': s 

Rowland C. Farquharll 

Property Factor and Undertaker, j i 


Established i860. 

Contractor to H.M. Office of 

New and Artistic Shop Fronts, Smart 
Signboards, Quaint Swing Signs and 

Bar, Bank, and Office Fitments and 

Showcases and Shop Fittings of 
Refinement and Distinction for all 

Telephone 104. 

In Domestic Joinery the Remodelling 
of Fireplaces and Mantlepieces is a 

speciality in which we excel. 

Our Work is distinctive and 
Attractive, and enjoys an Unrivalled 
Reputation for Originality, Character 
and Good Taste, 

Our Prices are Right— the Lowest — 
compatible with the Very Best 
Workmanship only. 


: ; 

Important Local Contracts Executed : 
Arbroath Infirmary, over £3000. 
Arbroath Parish Church over £2500 
Arbroath High School, over £2300 
And many others 



General Building, Carpentry 
and Joinery, Architectural 
Design, Surveying, etc. 


'Celegmms " Firemaster. ' Jlrbroalh- { >■ i 

;..„ ..• o..*. ! 

' \ - — •^••fcf»"V-o «.':•: ! 

$$,?, • • •»?' v **-;*** , ^v.«.« 

— =** a 

. ■ ■ ■'■..:" 


' o 


r? / 


C O N T 

Agricultural Societv, 


- 93 

Ambulance Corps, 



Angling Clubs, • 


- 101 

Arbroath Abbey, - 

- 79 

Ambulance \'an,- 


- 80 

Arbroathian Clubs, Societies, 

&c. 9« 

Art College, Hospitalfield, 

- 91 

Asylum Committee, 

- 212 

Hell Rock Signal Tower, 


- 89 

B. W. I'.A. - 

- 101 

Blind Mission 


■ 101 

British legion, , 


- 102 

Benefit Societies, - 



Black Watch Association, 

- 102 

Bowling Clubs, - 


- 103 

Boy Scout >, 


- 102 

Burns' Club, 

- 91 

Cage Bir<i Society, 






Canine Society, - 


- 92 

Cattle Markets, - 


- 13 



- 78 

Chamber of Commerce, 


- 9G 

Charitable Societies, - 



Choral Union, 


- 92 

Churches, ... 



Clothing Societies, 


- 100 

Children's League of Pity, 


- 101 

Coast Guard, 


- 89 

Co-operative Associations 


- 95 

County Council, 


- 211 

County Officials, 


- 211 

Cricket Club 


- 104 

Customs and Excise, - 


- 89 

Dale Industrial School, 


- 90 

District Directory, 


- 211 

Dramatic Societies, 


- 92 

1 >ominoe Club, 



Kducation Authority • 


- 211 

Educational Institute of Forfarshire. 90 



- 13 

Farmers in E. Forfarshire, 

- 233 

Farmers' Club, 


- 98 

Fire Brigade, 


- 80 

Fishermen's Associations, 


- 101 

Football Club, 


- 104 

Foresters, A.O., 


- 94 

Friendly Societies;, 


- 94 

Gaelic Society, 


- 91 

Gas Corporation, 


- 79 

Gardeners, Free, 


- 93 

Golf Clubs, 


- 103 


E N T 8; 

Guildry Incorporation, 

Highland Pipe Band,- 

Holidays. ... 

Householders, List of - - 1 

Hen li ii In urance Committee, 

Incorporated Trades, - 

Instrumental Band, - 

Insurance.Com. Representatives, 


I.O.G.T. Lodges. 

Justice of Peace Court, 

Labour Organisations, 

Library Committee, - 

I .icensing Courts. 

licensing Court (County) 

Lifeboat Committee. - 

Literary Club, - 


Map. • - 

Marine Lights, - 

Masonic Lodges, 

Members of Parliament, 

Men's Own, 

Miniature Rifle Club, 

Missionary Organisations, 


Municipal Constituency, 

Municipal Representatives, - 

Museum, - 

Meteorological Station, 

Nursing Association, - 

New Club, - 

Natural History Association, 

Oddfellows, ... 

' 'Id Age Pension Officers, - 

Outdoor Pastimes, 

Parish Council, ... 

Philanthropic Societies, 

Picture Gallery, - 

Political Associations, 

Police Court, - - - 

Population of Burgh, - 

Post Office, 

Presbyterial Associations, - 


Prohibition Party, 

Public Boards, Societies, &c, 

Public Halls, ... 

Public Health Hospital, 

Public Officials, - 

Railway Agents, 

Rates and Taxes for 1922-23 

- 93 

- 92 

- 75 

- 87 

- 93 

- 92 

- 91 

- 211 

- 97 

- 90 

- 87 

- 212 

- 89 

- 77 

- 25 

- 93 

- 73 

- 99 

- 102 

- 77 

- 77 

- 91 

- 92 

- 101 

- 92 

- 92 

- 94 

- 87 

- 103 

- 80 

- 100-1 

- 91 

- 79 

- 75 

- 100 

- 101 

- 87 

- 75 

- 89 

- 73 

- 13 

- 75 


Special ^Departments. 

Rings, Watches £r Silverplate 

Our Stock of Tea Services and Teapots is the Special Feature of our 
Silverplate Stock. Sets of from Three to Six Pieces, from 40/- to £25. 
Teapots from 17/6 to 85/. 

Special Stock of Diamond 
Rings from £5 to £30. Dia- 
mond and Ruby or Sapphire, 
30/- to £10. 

WehavelargeStocks of all kinds of Watches 
but specialise in Gold and Silver Wrist 
Watchesof Guaranteed Reliability. Gold 
£4 10/- to £12. Silver 20/- to £4 10/- 

High-Class Watch, 

Clock & Jewellery 





Rechabiles, I.O., 
Red Cross Society, 
Registrar's Office, 
Review of the Year, - - ! 

Salvation Army,- 
Savings Bank, 

School Management Committee. - 
Schools, - .... 

Scientific Association, 
Shepherds, L.O.A., - 
Sheriff Court, - 
Ship Brokers, - 
Scottish National League, 
Shipping, Arbroath, - 
Shipwr'k'd Fishermen's Ben. Soc 
Sick Societies, .... 
Soldiers' & Sailors' Help Society, 

EN is -Ctnitiniied. 

94 S.P.C.C. and S.P.C.A., - - 101 

102 Sports' Clubs, - - - -103 

87 Swimming Clubs, ... 104 

7 59 | l'tiiiiis Club, - - ' - - 103 

8(j Territorial Force, . - - 102 

HO Tide Table, .... 26 

89 Town Council, 77 

90 Town Improvement Association, 96 
92 I Trades and Professions (Arbroath) 
94 199-210 
87 j Trades Unions, - 97-98 
89 Valuation of Arbroath & S Vigeans 75 
92 Ward Committees, 79 
25 Whist Club,- - - - - 102 

,101 Women's Co-Operative Guild, - 99 

100 Yearly Benefit Societies, - - 95 

1C1 Y.M.C.A and Y.W.C.A., - - 99 


Arbirlot, 230 

Auchmithie, .... 230 

Carmyllie, - - - 229 

Carnoustie, Barry and Panbride 213 224 

Colliston, 221 

Farmers in E. Forfarshire, - 233 

Forfarshire County Council, • 211 

Maps of Carnoustie, pages 

I nverkeilor and Lunan, 
Kinnell and Kirkden, - 
St Vigeans, 


- 226 

- 226 

- 228 

Ubose about to flDarr\> 



Beautifully Printed in Gold or Silver, with Envelopes 
to Match. 

Books of Lovely Designs sent to any Address. 

"Herald" Office, Arbroath. 




For Ladies - - 
and Gentlemen. 

MATTHEWS offer to Ladies and 
Gentlemen a service which is 
satisfactory from every point of view. 

At Matthews, Tailoring has reached a high 
standard rarely met with, on which both 
Ladies and Gentlemen of discernment can 
place their confidence. 

It is our experience, the skill of our staff, the 
materials we work with, the care, the effort, 
the desire to produce garments of which you 
and we will both be proud — these are the 
things that have made our service so reliable 
and our productions >o satisfactory. 

And at all times prices are reasonable. 



226-228 High Street, ARBROATH. 




Index to Advertisements. 



Addison, Alex., cycle agent 

- 64 

Lochland Street Garage - ' - 


Anderson & Hewit, tailors 

- 168 

Macdonald, D. R., hatter 


Arbroath Electric Light Co. 

- 112 

Mackay & Co., cabinetmakers 


Arbroath Horsehiring Co., Ltd. 

- 136 

MacLaren Bros., .... 


Arbroath Plate Glass Insurance 

- US 

Manson, D. L., Laundry - 


Arbroath Steam Laundry 

- 144 

Martin, J. B., newsagent 


Astbury, H Wilson, Carnoustie, 

- 21-2 

Matthew, M. & Son, clothiers - ■ - - 


Atkinson, F. H., electrical engineer - 162 

M'Callum, Colin P., dairyman 


Earnett. D. D. 

- 21 

Mitchell, J. & Son, slaters 


Bell Hoek Tavern - 

- 152 

Moffat, Joseph, umbrella-maker 


Black, & Co., joiners 

- 160 

Moir, J. Kl costumier 


Brand, Win. & Son, slaters 

- 1SS 

Moonlight, Charles, tailor "lif'" 


Braid, James, joiner, 

14, 66 

Mlrir, Son & Pattnn, 


Briggs, W. & Sons, Ltd., Asphalte Works 64 

Myles, C. Y., tailor 


British Law Fire Insurance Co. 

- 16 

Northern Assurance Company - 


Brown, Mrs J. 11., grocer 

- 164 

Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society - 


Brown, Kobert, grocer 

- 1 22 

Olympia ----- 


Buffet, The 

- 168 

Olympia Chocolate Store 


Butchart. 11. T., upholsterer 

- 184 

Palace ..... 


Calder Bros., builders 

- LIS 

Peebles, Miss, .... 


Caledonian Insurance Company 

- 20 

Peter, James, tailor 


Carnoustie Steam Laundry, 

- 21S 

1'etrie, A. G., blacksmith 


Carnoustie Co operative society, 

- 216 

Pine, D. jeweller - 


Central Dining Rooms 


Ponsford & MacIIardy Ltd., electricians 2 

Christie & Anderson, builders 

- 1 22 

Ratlrjen. Sam .... 


Coustan, T. R., Carnoustie 

- 216 

Rayne. John, plumber 


Craig. J., motor hirer, 


Rei 1. A., builder and sculptor - 


Crook & Webster, plumbers 

- 110 

Robbie, 1). & Co,, cycle agents - 


Dick, J. B , grocer 

- 190 

Robertson & Son, joiners 


Donald, Arch., sen.. & Son, plast 

erers - 164 

Royal Exchange Assurance 


Dundee and Arbroath Preserve ( 

'0. - 237 

Bust, II. L. (}., outfitter - 


Duncan, Howat, - 

- 190 

Ruxton, James, chemist - . - 


Eddie, J. & It. B , watchmakers 


Salinond, George, baker - 


Electric Light Company Liinite 1 

- 112 

St Ruth's Studio - - - . 


Fairweather, S., boot mannfactui 

er - 23S 

Savege, T. & U., painters, 


Fairweather. D.. cycle works 

- 188 

Scott, Andrew, groci r ... 


Farquhar, R. C, joiner - 


Scott, D. J., glazier 


Ferguson, Mrs, furniture dealer 

- 68 

Scottish Union & National Insurance Co 


Gas Corporation - 

- no 

Selby, F. & J., tailors, - 


Grant, J. & C, baby linen 

- 156 

Shepherd, James, baker - 


Grant, T. R., plumber 

- 72 

Smith, Alex., dry-salter - 


Grant, W. L. & Son, painters 

- 180 

Smith, Hood& Co., 


Grant & Laing, bakers 

- 1S4 

Smyth, Mrs J. N., Plough and Harrow - 


Gray, Charles, sailmaker - 

- 130 

Soutar, Carnegie, baker - 


Greig, J. R. , draper 

- 13S 

Stephen, J. A., draper 


Grewar J. P. & Son, cabinetmak 

ers - 174 

Stephen, R. O., fish merchant 


Heggie, Andrew, Carnoustie, 

- 216 

Stevenson Bros., dyers, Dundee - 


Herron & Colville, plumbers 

- 176 

Stewart, G., butcher 


High School, Arbroath 


Sutherland, Alex., monumental mason - 


High, Wm., jeweller 

- 192 

Swan, James, fish merchant, 


Hird, A , draper - 

- 1 34 

Sword, James, china merchant - 


Horsehiring Co., - 

- 136 

Te\iot.lale. James, coal merchant 


Hunter, G. 1!., hoot repairer 

- 1 14 

Thornton. David, & Son, drapers 


Hutchison. D., diaper 

- 19'i 

Vm-iioii. V. M., Seedsman, 


Imperial Hotel 

- 130 

Wallace, R. K.. Salerooms 


Jack, James, aerated water mam 

ifactui;er 3 

Watson, John, grocer 


Jamieson & Son, plasterers 


Waverley Temperance Hotel 


Johnston's Emporium 

- 1 26 

West Port Association 


Keith, George, sailma er - 

- lo-l 

White Hart Hotel .... 


Kelly, James, lic-nsed broker 

- 01) 

Whvte. 1). W. - 


Knight, Robert, baker 

- 19S 

Will, A., Carnoustie 


Kyd, David, turner 

- 194 

Wi.liainson, W. B. - - - 


Kydd, James. & Sons, joiners 

- 152 

Winton, James, .... 


Lamb, John, butcher 


Wilson, D.T.,cabinetmaker,front & back cover 

Law, James, & Son, motor engin 

■ers - 18 

Yorkshire Insurance 


Lefevre, II. V., tobacconist 


Voting, D , & Son, cartwrights - 




Arbroath's Premier Picture House. 

palace Theatre 


Proprietors : The Scottish Cinema and Variety Theatres Limited. 

Of the 



And Best 



In the 


Our Aim, 
As Always 
To Entertain 
To Elevate 
To Amuse 

Of Good 


(in Season) 

And the 


Latest and 




Mr R. B. STEWART, Mana 


You are sure of a Pleasant Evening at the Palace. 
Continuous Performance, 7 to 10-30. Saturday, 6-30 and 8-30 

Doors Open at 6. 30 Doors Open at 6 ami '6.20 

People's Popular Prices. Seats may be Booked in Advance, 3d extra 


Doors Open at 2 o'clock. SEND THE BAIRNS 



Station-Master — Robert Smith. D. & A. Joint Railway — Goods Agent — Thomas H. 
Jones. Caledonian Railway — Goods Agent — David Neish. North British Railway 
— Goods Agent— George M. Farquhar. 


Friockheim — Caledonian Railway — Station-Master — Andrew Grant. Guthrie — Cale- 
donian Railway — Station-Master— Fred Anderson. Glasterlaw — Caledonian Rail- 
way — Station-Master — J. G. Turnbull. Leysmill — Caledonian Railway — Station- 
Master— James M'Lean. Colliston— Caledonian Railway— Station-Master — George 
M'Laren« Elliot— D. & A. Railway— Station-Master— Alexander Stewart. East 
Haven — D. & A. Railway — Station-Master— Robert Coldwell. Carnoustie— D. & 
A. Railway — John M'Crow. Letham Grange — N.B. Railway — Station-Master — 
Alexander Tarbet. Cauldcots — N.B. Railway — Station-Master — James Wood. In- 
verkeilor— N.B. Railway— Station-Master— J. G. Gibb. Lunan Bay— N.B. Railway 
— Station-Master— James Stephen. 


To Auchmithie— T. Smith, daily. 

To Inverkeilor — J. Chapman, Marywell, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

To Carmyllie — A. Webster, Redford ; John Kydd, Greystone — to Arbroath on Sats. 

To Friockheim — R. Rea, Bog Lane. 

To Dundee— Byars & Mitchell, Brothoek Bridge, Daily. 


The date of Markets, etc., in 1922 are given within Brackets. 

March — Arbroath and Arbirlot (hiring), first Saturday (3rd). 

April — Carmyllie (cattle), last Tuesday (24th). 

May— Arbroath (hiring), Saturday, if 28th, or first Saturday after (June 2); Letham 

(cattle and hiring), on or about 29th. 
Tuly— Arbroath (hiring, &c), 18th if Saturday; if not, first Saturday after ( 1st). 
November— Arbroath (hiring), Saturday if 28th, or first Saturday after (Dec. 1st) ; 

Letham (hiring), on or about 28th. 

All KindsofCommercial Printing 


The "Arbroath Herald" Office, 




Plasterers and Cement Workers, 

4 Gravesend, Arbroath. 

And Kinloch Street, Carnoustie. 

PLAIN and ORNAMENTAL Work a Speciality. Cement Work, White 
Washing: and Lime Was-hing done. Jobbing of all Descriptions in Town 
and Country Carefully and Promptly attended to. Special Quotations for House 
and Factory Proprietc rs, Factors, &c. t Fireprocf Fabric Plaster made to ordtr 
on the Premises. Estimates Given. 

House Address -2 MARKET PLACE, Arbroath. 

Coal, Salt, and - - 
Firewood Merchant 


Best Grade Coal always in Stock. 

All Orders receive careful and prompt 

'Phone 210. 

Motor Engineer and Agent, 

Our Motto : SERVICE. 






For Sale of Stamps. Registration of Let- 
ters. &c. 

,, Payment and Sale of Postal Orders ... 
,, Money Orders. Inland Revenue Stamps 

and Licenses 

„ Savings Bank. Government Annuity, 

and Insurance Business 

,, Telephone and Telegraph Business ... 

I Week Days. 


9 am. to 7 p m 

9 "o 7 "o 



A M. 







INWARD MAILS.— Hours of Town Delivery of Letters and Parcels. 

1st. English Day Mail— London, Ireland, places Abroad, Edin- 
burgh, Dundee, and Scotland generally, 

2nd. London Night Mail— England. Ireland. Glasgow, Dundee, and 
Edinburgh, Aberdeen and the North 

3rd. Aberdeen, the North, Brechin, Montrose, Forfar, Broughty- 
Ferry, Carnoustie, Dundee, England, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Fife- 
shire, and London, 

7.30 a.m. 

10.45 a.m. 


50 p.m. 




OUTWARD MAILS.— Latest Hour for Posting. 

REGISTRATION.— Letters can be Registered with an 
additional fee of 4d up to the hour of closing- the 
Letter Box. 


London and English Mails. Edinburgh, Dundee, 
North and Fife 

Friockheim, ... 

Glasgow ... 

Dundee, London, and North of England Mails, 
and Scotland except Edinburgh, 

Dundee and Edinburgh. 

Glassow. West of Scotland, London, all 

England, and Friockheim, 

Dundee and Yorkshire 

Glasgow and West of Scotland. 

Dundee and Fife, Edinburgh. London, and 

England generally, and Yorkshire, ... 
Glasgow, Liverpool. Perth, London, and 

England generally 


Dundee and all generally, 


extra jd 





7 15 

7 10 45 

\ p.m. 

1 4 45 


7 15 

8 30 
10 30 



11 15 

10 45 

1 50 


1 30 


4 45 

5 45 

3 10 
5 55 

2 30 

4 15 

5 15 

6 45 

6 55 

6 15 

7 45 

8 30 


7 55 



8 15 


1 40 

2 45 

4 30 

5 30 

6 30 




James Law £r Son 

Motor and General Engineers, 

Brothock Bridge, Arbroath. 

Works Adjoining— At EAST GRIMSBY. 


Open and 

Closed Cars 

for Hire. 

Jlgents for Rover, Swift, Citroen, Overland, and 
Austin Cars. 

T)ouglas, A.J. S. and Norton Motor Cycles. 


Accessories and Spares in Stock. 
Large Stock of Tyres, 8?c. 






Letter Post. 

' To and from all parts of the United King- 
dom: — Not exceeding! 07.., Hd ; not over 3 o/. 
p!d ; for every additional 1 oz. id. Limit — 24 
ins. in length, 12 in. in width, and 12 in. 
in depth, 5 lbs. in weight. A lelter posted 
unpaid is chargeable on delivery with double 
postage, and a letter posted insufficiently 
paid is charged double the deficiency. The 
penny stamp now issued can be used either 
as a postage or receipt stamp. Postage 
to India, British Colonies, and Protector- 
ates, Australian Colonies, and Rhodesia, 
and the United States of America are now 
charged 2d per 1 oz., and Id for each succeed- 
ing oz. All other parts 2Jd per 1 oz. ; Hd 
for each additional oz. 

Post Cards. 

Post-cards, available for transmission in 
ohe United Kingdom, Id; reply cards, 2d. 
Picture Post Cards with under five conven- 
tional words, id. 

Printed Paper Rate. 

Not exceeding 1 oz., £d ; not exceeding 2 
oz., Id ; and h for every additional 2 oz. 

Postage on Registered Newspapers. 

On each Registered Newspaper, the post 
age is, not exceeding 6 oz., id. For every 
additional oz. or fraction, id. No packet of 
newspapers must exceed 5 lbs. in weight 
or 2 ft. in length, or 1 ft. in width or depth. 


Letters,cards, newspapers, books, and samples 
are redirected free of charge if reposted un- 
opened within 24 hours after delivery. Cards, 
newspapers, and books which cannot be 
delivered, and upon which a postage fee of 
one penny only has been prepaid, are 
chargeable with fresh postage when returned 
to the senders. 

Post Office Telegrams. 

The charge for telegrams throughout t h 
United Kingdom is Is for 12 words, and Id 
for every additional word. Addresses are 
charged for. Postage stamps are used for 

Money Orders for the United Kingdom. 

Money Orders are granted in the United 
Kingdom a8 follows ; For sums not exceed- 
ing £3, 4d ; £10, 6d; £20, 8d ; £30 
lOd ; £40, Is. Money Orders may be sent 
by Telegraph at same rates plus 2d each 
order. A charge is made at the ordinary 
inland rate for the official telegram of 

Money Orders Payable Abroad 

are granted in the United Kingdom as follows 
—On sums not exceeding £1, 3d ; £2, 6d ; £3, 
9d ; anil 3d per £ up. 

Postal Orders. 

Postal Orders for lixed sums are issued at 
the following rates : — On those tor 6d, up to 
2s 6d, Id ; 2s 6d to 15s, lid ; Gd upwards to 
21s, by sixpences. 

Inland Parcel Post. 

On all inland parcels not exceeding 2 lb., 9d 

5 1b., 1/- 

8 1b., 1/3 

111b., 1/6 

Registration and Compensation. 

Subject to the conditions as to Registra" 
tion, compensation for loss or damage is 
given in respect of Inland Registered Packets 
of all kinds according to the following : — 
2d, £5 ; 3d, £20 ; and Id each additional £20 
up to £400. 

Post Office Savings Bank. 

No deposit of less than a shilling is 
received, nor any pence, and not more than 
£50 in one year. No further deposit is 
allowed when the amount standing in de- 
positor's name amounts to £200, inclusive of 
interest. Interest is allowed at the rate of 
2J per cent, (or sixpence in the pound) per 
annum — that is, at the rate of one halfpenny 
per pound per month. Separate accounts 
may be opened in the names of wife and 
children. Any person can now invest at any 
Post Office Savings Bank small sums in 
Government Stock. The amount of Stock 
which can be purchased or sold at one time 
is now reduced to the nominal sum of Is. Not 
more than £200 can be invested in any one 
year, and the total amount paid by any one 
investor must not exceed £500. 

Government Insurance and Annuities. 

The lives of persons of either sex between 
the ages of 14 and (55 may be insured for not 
less than £5 nor more than £100. The sums 
charged for deferred annuities, or deferred 
monthly allowances, vary with the age and 
sex of the person on whose life it is to depend, 
and with the conditions of the contract. 



The Oldest Scottish Office— Established 1805. 



FUNDS EXCEED - - £5,599,000 

CLAIMS PAID, - - £17,875,000 

FIRE (Home and Foreign). LIFE. ANNUITIES. 




The "Caledonian" Comprehensive Policy covers al! Ordinary Risks to which 
a Householder is liable. 

Prospectuses Free on Application. 


Principal Agents in Arbroath : 

W. & J. MACKINTOSH, Solicitors. JOHN H. SIM, Bank Agent. 


G. TILLOTSON, Bank Agent. 


Wine and Spirit Merchant, 

"The Stag," West Port, Arbroath. 

Begs to call attention to his Stock of Fine Old 
Scotch Whisky, much famed for its Mildness 
and Delicious Flavour. Matured in Sherry Wood 

SHERRIES of Highest Class. 

Best Quality. 

Procured from the Best Brewers. 






Mine anfc Spirit nDercbant, 

(Fit o' the Port.) 

D. D. B. begs to thank his numerous Customers for 
the liberal patronage accorded him during the many 
years he has been in business, and assures them that, 
as hitherto, he is in a favourable position to give the 
same satisfaction. 

Our Whiskies are Blended from the Productions of 
the most famous Distilleries, are old and thoroughly 
matured, and can therefore be taken with safety. 


Is the Finest and most palatable obtainable. Highly recommended 
for Invalids. It is the same Fine Old Whisky that Sir Ralph the 
Rover and the Abbot pledged their bond of friendship on the deck 
of Sir Ralph's ship. 


Pure Mellow Spirits -A Treat to Drink. 

Specially Old DEMERARA RUM. 

Very Old BRANDIES and WlNES (Port & Sherry) kept in Stock. 

BARNETT'S BEER always in Sparkling Condition. 

The same as used at the Court of Mary Queen of Scots. 
COMBE'S STOUT and BASS'S ALE in Prime Condition. 

DAVID D. BARNETT, 3 Mitigate Loan 

'Uhe Rendezvous of j4.rbroathia.ns returning home from 
■all parts of the World. 




k* 1 





Total Assets over £16,000,00(1 

11 10 ' 


Plate Glass. 

Third Paity. 

Drivers' Risks. 


Lift Accidents. 

Transit Risks. 

Assurance Company 

• L.I M ITED • 



Sickness and 
Accident. \\;] 

I IS Violet, 
Workmen's |«l 


Motor Cars. 

Private Motor 

Live Stork. 

Comprehensive "Household" Insurances: 


District Offices: Northern Assurance Buildings 

110 Commercial Street, Dundee. 


JAS. BARTY, Esq., LL.B. C. C. DUNCAN, Esq. 


0. A. KYD, Esq. C. H. MARSHALL, Esq., S.S.C. 

Secretary— ROBERT BUTTER. 

Prospectuses and Proposal Forms may be had on application from any of tlie 

Company's Agents. 



ooc " 

i. All. Boat's Nam* 
Barbara Beattie, 
Sceptre, - 
Annie Smith, - 
Prospect Ahead, 
White Bose, 
May Queen, 
Nellie Cargill, - 
Restless Ocean, 
Try Again 
Golden ltule, - 
Maggie Smith, 
Agnes and Betsy, 
Comely, - 
Thistle, - 
Silver Cloud, - 
The Morning Star, 
Provider, - 
Violet, - 
Trustful - 


Owner's Name. 
Hugh Swankie 
Jas Cargill 
David Beattie 
\V. Swankie 
Robt Smith 
Thos. Swankie 
James Smith 
Andrew Cargill 
David Swankie 
Thos. Beattie 
David Smith 
David Cargill 
Jas. Shepherd 
Peter Smith 
A. Thompson 
Geo. Smith 
John Bruce 
Joseph Shepherd 
Wra. Swankie 
Charles Smith 
W. Smith 
James Cargill 
Alex. Smith 
John Bruce 
Charles Smith 
Robert Cargill 

No. 4 //.Boat's Name. 

50 Annie and Nellie 

51 Learig, 

50 Mother's Joy, - 
57 Cheerful, 

00 Maggie Ann Bruce, 
05 Sunshine, 

68 Sunbeam, 

69 Queen of the Fleet, 
73 Lapwing - 

88 Rose 
US Annie 

1 i 9 Pioneer 
120 Catherine 

125 Guiding Star - 

137 Seoet 

138 Maggie and Sarah, 
141 Aurora 

153 Isabella - 

170 Fidelity, - 

190 Elizabeth &ThreeSi.- 

199 Isabel 

213 Glad Tidings - 

216 Caller Ou' 

31 Our Boys, 

Owner's Name. 
James Swankie 
Adam Cargill 
William Cargill 
D. S. Shepherd 
D. Shepherd 
Hugh Swankie 
Robert Cargill 
Alex. Beattie 
James Uobb 
Joseph Cargill 
David Beattie 
W. Teviotdal* 
. Wm. Swankie 
Davi;; Smith 
D. S. Shepherd 
Robt. Cargill 
Alex. Smith 
Win. Smith 
Thos. Swankie 
ters David Cargill 
Alex. Cargill 
William Cargill 
William Eaton 
James Swankie 
Wm. Smith 

Almost all the Boats now fishing out of the Port have Motors fitted. 


Arbroath.— ofi, 33, 0, N.', Long., 2, 35., 0, W. East Pier— I light, white, fix. Changed to 
red when 10 feet in harbour and entrance safe, white when less than 10 feet. All lights are 
changed to green when dangerous to enter. West 1'ier— 1 white light, fix. Reflected light. 
l:ell Rock Signal Tower— 1 red light, fix. Gas. West Side of Harbour— 1 green light, 
fix. Gas. Gong in fog, in answer to vessels' signals. 

Bell Rock.— 56, 26, 3, N., Long. 2, 23, 6, W. Near N. end of reef. 1 light, flash every 30 
seconds, in the order of red flash of 2 seconds, eclipsed 28 seconds, then a uihitt flash 
of 2 seconds, eclipsed 2S seconds, visible 15 miles. The base of light-house is 
covered about 10 ft. at high water. Fog explosive signal given every 5 minutes. 

Auchmithie— Pierhead— 1 white light, fixed, when boats are out. 


aHBROATH yeah book. 

X r-l CD TO O © iO VTOOO t- >0 CO 35 00 (M I - 1-1 ffi O CO «C t- 

glOtOHH ' ^ ?1 r- Tf .O TT CO Tl rH ^. ^ ?1 ?1 H M« Tl 'C -T r- lp Ol -+ "t ITl r- H 

<JNOJOi- ' O h N « M ^ iA •£ I' CO 31 6 - 6 6 H C) IN ^ M t}* O 'i N CO 

j©H^fflOn.'M-iW-+t 1 C- iO -r O CO -« © CO 71 O CO -*■ M 

MC^COaOHOt-^WW-rinti-iKCOOrH 1 ©^^ClTlTO^^OCCCOl.- 

.^-tco"*ioci o i- »o o <* t oo oo - i— t^ m w-oo a) 

g CO M ^< 'O n"- 1 00 ifl « <N ■- joo »o >o »0 i-r - j -f N ifi CO -t W f o ri ul -r - 

^ t- CO i 6 ^ 6 -^ --■ ^ M -f 'O © « f- CR 6 H OHOCSCOn^'O^'il 


gtoXCftOH o h ?i n « ^ u: ^ n co a o ^ o 6 r^ ^1 n n ot -t c '^ © 


*.i-t 0«»Ci r. -f N MNNOOHO'CiOMCnO — r— CO »C7i -T 
+J 71 GO i— i-i CM ^ •* ifi CO — ' TO ■* 70 -.M C 1 j; to O >7 iO 50 -p iO CO -' CO tO -h —■ tO 00 

«^©^co©©^©©i^7J:oco4o©i-co©© — o h ^ ri m co * *r ^ 'i i 

j t- IM M O CO iO Ci ?: © t 51 OS 00 O CO TO ;i? ** I— r- ■ CO T CM »C 
fl iO -* CO ■# 'O -t I W H 'O K 71 H -- iO 'O W N M "* | ^lOMCiTHCron 
» iC tO t- CO d H CMM^K^.OOtOCOOOH Or^CNCN50CO'+'4'0'i; 


-*< T CO • - © CO o iTS CI >— < CNOTO^ E*- >p-ONN K CO 

4iO-#wn , f'fj'OCi-o«iN[-oi'Cflm*^r-.ccovcNO'NO«t-T 

* r- © n^©« iQO^nicooo ocooi a. r— r- cr hco 

tl CO --H TO O — t 71 CO I M-5Oi-HiC-*COi~'Q0 , *'-'CO'.O 1 — • 00 •* 71 71 CO CO -^ — ' • 

MOONt-OiO - CHNWC0T»Q-£NWC!O O r-« H ffl CO M T t O 


O^l'NOCON'f -■ 7J i j o T *n M H - 'O « ci © 50 T- — Ol t» 
^ H f CO V h - 71 M 1 1.7 « - uO 71 CI CC O "J* CO f ^O r- 'O .n ^f « N CO - t 71 

j o irj ci n- en 5) 6 -^ 6hW71co^lAuAwi-coch6hi^(?'i«co4'4'0 

• © CO co-Cit-Tfcoi- or~'» — ' r~- r-i to ■** •« © co — < co uo -n to i— i co 

£5c0rH-H^*C0Th'n^73«*7Jr-<vri^71r-IC»rH01»rS 1 <M t— I ifi CO H ^ W H 

« 3 t- © Cl O i-l ■* -C CO ^ «0 CD 5D C. O t— — I 70 © C3l f C H pH W 
+ 3rHOCO<M'-Hr-l(>»r-(r-. j 71 H iO « H iO M OUT fl uO O '3 H 1 iO ■*# CO -* -<* CO 

j 4 ^ o co t- co a 6 h OH^oicoco^uAciw^coiH © ^ cm co co v 

**} i-l rH i-H .-S 

• © -<* OHCOffi^lCOcOON'O'^KCOnrH'liTfHu.'i'tl^'i'NOj £—■ © 
fl ^ 7-1 N ^ ..O CO 7-1 CO CO CO rH if! CO H UO M --" O CO 71 71 71 CO ^ IO 71 rH O 't H 71 
— C0V^uAcDt-C0ci6^OOH71fNC0 4^u7'ONC0a 


.CN -#COC1 ■— lOif; OS O O © 51 ■* T< ."O i-i CO CO -1" I-* 1' TO CO W 
4-3-*fC071r— •COOOi— ' — • «— ( | i— -* * 71 itT- CO -H tfO CO 71 — r— i 71 71 CO CO 1~ O -f 71 ■ 

<j70-*»6cor-co©0 — - iv^^w7ico^4<^cc)Ncoc;0-iOr-iHWco 

• HOicocoi-Hj-*'Oco , tQ © r~> r— oi co © cccnm iT. CO O CO 

^ CO M * 'O CO N r fl C. O H O O -^ 71 71 CO CO -t uO iO CO S CO 7. f* 1 ' Or- 71 71 

? \& ■* to © f a ■* co o -f o — * cu-coocoi^ t ic-nco 710 

^7lHCOOTP'*-|' l fl^^ ' ^ ^" 9 7 f ^ ^ M H ^t * t "O ^ ^ j CO 71 t>- iO 
<J 71 CO 4 -t* iO CO 1"'- X ■— • r- ' OOHNNMM^OiflCCNCOHH 6 r- O) (M 

• cccocmco .r. co © r-^r-^ o co co co 71 »o — -* co CO © CC- 
rt 71 -* CO 71 — « CD CO 00 !—■ 71 M O -* 7! O CO CD CO © "*" 71 -- < r-l i-h CO CO K i-h in CO CI 


HCOOCO * ifCi 71 CO ** © 7> 71 O © CO © -D I^CMHih iC5 CO 
+3t-iOCOClH01Nr-COiOiOaLO«Nfl , r-+71iCJCOH05'- | CO't'*iO^CO 
,-J (M CM CO * tO C& t~ 00 OS © r-H © © i-l SSJ CM CO CO •# fi ITS CO t- 00 OS © ©-© © i-l 

-COOOCOt-fCCTl-T'Clf— V*iOO © tl H H CO O CO 71© 
g^Tli^O^COTOCO-^irSCi 1 ^ 71 O 71 7^ « H C^ pH ■* CO ■»* 't O t- | Mr T ' 
MHCNCOOli'OCONCOCIlH l ©r^r^WCOCo4«^40u7COt^GO©--' 1 © — 


CO-*© 0071^071 © SMQ0 OJ CO iO "O O O O fh O CO £- r-i CO 

-PCOiOCOCN'*-J'CO(M7ICOOCM 1 'f71COCO-H-f(HTi'HuTTt»CO't'*F- 1 rpOCI 
^H-HCMCO^^OCOr-WO -< O -i CI 71 CO CO 'f 1" iO >o CO r> CO O h O r-l 

* iO <— i ■* CO 71 N !•-■©© COClT Tf COCO -H -* CS © © 'CD CO CO t CO 
S^Cflr-O^ClN^Oini-0 7lC0Cl--ir J 71C0C0CNC0<0C'JHt>.--HC0^HH 

r*5 rH r-l M ■- 



*r-i©»(0r-l71U^-l--'fti-<-rt>. ©00 t- CO O t- CO M O O ffi -^ ifj 
^WHTt*COMiC^-tO-H70C-lr^-ii->lCOCOC. *Tr-i'«fCN| f -rH7lJOirapH . . . 


■ CO © 70 71 CO -O 71 iO rr -^ »C0 'O iO CO «o Ol CO © O h CO t" r- H 
CuOCOCMrHiTiCO'NHHCN'* 1 ■+ CO -"O 71 CO CO 'O CO r ■« -* tji -t O H 1 • - . 
|^AONC04*4 0CC^00 3:© 6"C-1llNeO"t4iOOCOCONCOCC^ ' 


• -f ■*© ©COCO -t ^D^TlrH NthiOTI HCOO ©— CluO 
^ClO'TfClb-Tf'Cl'-^COcO — 71 Vr ir- ' CN rf 71 iO CO CO -P 71 i— i 71 i— i r-* 71 1 O CO 

<JHCN71«4^OCCNCOC-O'HOHrN71C0ft3rtiOL7C0NCX3C'. 6rH ' ©r-H 

• 71 •* © 71 TO i~ iO GO O •* © 71 CO © i-i t-~ Tr 00 HD -f 71 Tf 30 © 71 CD r-- 

C H TjiiN O i" CO CM i.7 •* CO CO * iO 1 'C -* 71 i— ( ^ 71 ..0 CO © C 1* CO CO T iO N H 
unMHWCOC^^iT O CC b. CO C 6 6 H CI r, CO -f 4* O 'i CO ^ GO CS O ^ 6 H 

^7lcO'*«ifflt-cOQO^Nco«i'(ncot'COCi50-i«*T-T'in(Df-ao'*o — . 
— .^,« — — , — — — -h - 71 W Cl 71 71 CM 71 CM M CM CO CO 



































"- 1 





2 * .S .c 

5 ► 5 : 

: 2 a 

5 £ '=1 5 

t: q. 

Q •- CD g 

- = .3 c 

- j^O 

3 " a -a 

~ <u ^ 

p :3 s £ 

■? ~ jffl 

^ : g 5 ., 
^> p x 

c« c, hO t5 

Sd §'5 

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- a rt a 
(/) o „ o 

J " s " 
< « s c 

23 *1 

III o ,o -° •*-» 



Arbroath During 1922. 

It is wonderful when > ne comes 
to think of it that there is never a 
year comes to an end but there is 
some outstanding event that has oc- 
curred in its passage, which marks 
it in some way for all time. The 
day cf days which stands out " s 
most memorable in 1922 is that up- 
on which the Burgh War Memo- 
rial was unveiled, when occasion 
was taken to honour the most dis- 
tinguished son of Arbroath who was 
present to perform the unveiling 
ceremony, the Right Hon. Lord 
Inchcape, G.C.M.G., etc. June 3rd, 
1922, will stand out in the memor- 
ies of all who took any part in it, 
whether as participant or spectator, 
as one of the most impressive in 
the history of our old town. The 
proceedings throughout were mark- 
ed bv a dignity and quiet enthu- 
siasm which were quite in accord 
with the circumstances, and Lord 
Inchcape 's congratulatory message 
forwarded to the Provost upon his 
Lordship's return to London after 
the ceremonies reflected the feel- 
ings of every member of the com- 
munity in regard to the great day. 

Unveiling of War Memorial. 

The proposal to link the unveil- 
ing ceremony with the presentation 
of the freedom cf the Burgh to Lord 
Inchcape was very warmly received 
in the community, and an atmos- 
phere of homeliness and friendli- 
ness in keeping- with the welcome 
home of distinguished Arbroathians 
characterised everv item in the 

day's programme. The ceremony 
of presentation of the Freedom of 
the Royal Burgh to Lord Inchcape. 
tojk place in the Webster Memo- 
rial Hall at noon in presence of a 
distinguished platform party and a 
hall filled with representative citi- 
zens to its utmost capacity. The 
Provost presided and presented the 
parchment conferring the freedom 
o; the Burgh in which both Lord 
and Lady Inchcape first saw the 
light, upon our distirguished towns- 
man. Lord Inchcape 's acceptance 
and reply were a model of pawky 
reminiscence and sterling common 
sense allied to which was shown 
a knowledge of the great issues of 
the big world of politics and com- 
merce which profoundly impressed 
his hearers. Lord Inchcape's gos- 
pel of hard work preached and 
acted upon with such conspicuous 
success in his own life will be kept 
in remembrance for many a day. 
The climax of his Lordship's speech 
came with the magnificent offer 
with which he drew it to a close. 
This look the form of a gift to the 
town of a sum of .£20,000 to be held 
in trust by the Town Council, and 
devoted to the assistance of the wi- 
dows and dependants of Arbroath- 
ians who had gone down to the sea 
in ships. The gift came as a pro- 
found surprise to all, including the 
Provost and Magistrates, and the 
Provost could only, as he expressed 
it, very inadequately voice the 
gratitude of the community for his 
Lordship's magnificent gift. The 

H.R.H, Princess Mary. 

Married, Westminster Abbey, 

Provost A. C. Anderson, 

Elected Chief Magistrate for Second Time. 



Fond, which is to be known as the 
Inchcape Fund has already been set 
in operation, and the first partici- 
pants to the number of 50 have re- 
ceived their first instalment. 

The ceremony of unveiling the 
Burgh War Memorial, which after 
considerable delay was completed 
in time for the date above-mention- 
ed, took place in the afternoon in 
present of a hue;e crowd of towns- 
folk a«d others interested. Lord 
Inchcape was accompanied by Lady 
Inchcape and their daughter the 
Hon. Mrs Wyndham and others on 
the platform erected round the 
Memorial included the Provost, 
the Earl of Strathmore, Lord 
Lieutenant of the County, Mr s A. 
C; Anderson; the Rev. J. A. 
Tweedie, the Rev. R. Smith Mac- 
kint' sh, the Rev. J. Spence Cuthill, 
the Rev. James Cameron. The short 
address delivered by Lord Inchcape 
after the Memorial was unveiled 
and dedicated was. by his Lord- 
ship's thoughtful kindness, printed 
in pamohlet form and circulated 
amongst those preset': with the 
result that everyone in the crowd 
could follow intelligently his Lord- 
ship's remarks. 

The War Memorial is a handsome 
an -' dignified struc!ure and since its 
erection has been regarded with 
warm appreciation by visitors and 
townsfolk alike. 

The Burgh's Fallen Heroes. 

Th_- following are the names in- 
scribed on the War Memorial : — 

Adam, Gunner Alexander 
Adam, Air Mechanic David 
Adam, Private James 
Adamson, Trooper James 
Addison, Lance-Corporal Wm. 
Alexander, Private David 










Arthur, Pr 

Private Harry 
Signaller Alexander 
Trooper Alexander 
Private Archibald B. 
Private Frederick 
Private James S. 
Lieutenant Patrick V 
Lieutenant S. S. 
Private Wm. 
ivate W. 

Bain, Private John 

Baird, Private James 

Bannerman, Lance-Corporal Robert L. 

Barrie, Private James 

Baxter, Private David II. 

Beattie, Private James 

Beattie, Private James 

Beattie, Seaman Signalman Peter 

Beattie, Private Wm. 

Beatts, Private Alexander 

Beatts. Private William 

Bell, Private George 

Bennet, Corporal Andrew W, 

Bennet, Helena S. 

Bennett, 2nd Lieut. John N'coll 

Bennett, Private Wm. 

Benson, Private Harry 

Binnie, Private Arthur 

Bisset, Private Harry 

Black, Corporal Alex. 

Boath. Corporal John S. 

Bouick, Rifleman David 

Bowden. Gunner James 

Bowie, Sergeant John 

Bowman, Private James 

Boyd, Corporal Georee F. 

Boyle, Lance-Corporal James 

Bracelin. 2nd Lieut. Daniel 

Brand, Private Joseph 

Bremner, Able-Seaman F. 

Bremner. Privatr- Ge rge R. 

Briggs, Private George 

Brown, Private David 

Brown, Seaman David B. 

Brown, Corporal James 

Brown, Private Melville 

Brown, Sergeant Nnrrnan M'L. 

Bruce, Privat • William A. 

Bruce, Seaman Win. 

Butchart. Private Chas. 

Cameron, Private Alexander 
Cameron. Private James 
Cargill, Private Adam 
Cargill, Gunner Alexander 
Cargill, Lance-Corporal David 
Cargill, Private James M. 
Cargill, Private John 
Cargill. Private R bert 
Carnegie, Gunner Charles 
Carnegie, Driver Thomas S. 
Carrie, Lance-Corporal David 
Carrie, Private Frederick \V. 
Carrie, Private Peter 
Carrie, Lance-Corporal Stephen 

Rt. Hon. Lord Inchcape, K.C.I.E. 

Presented with the Freedom of the Burgh, June 3, 192 



Cathro, Sergeant Alexander 

Christie, Lance-Corporal Alex. 

Christie, Trooper Andrew D. 

Christie, A.B. Seaman James 

Christie, Private James 

Christie, Sergeant John 

Christie, Bombardier John Esplin 

Christie, Corporal Joseph R. 

Chr'stison, Private David 

Christison, Private M'Inroy 

Clark, Private William 

Clyne, Gunner David D. 

Cormie, Private John 

Cosgrove, Driver John 

Coutts, Private Wm. S. 

Cowan, Captain John J. K. 

Craig, Private Alexander 

Craig, Private David F. 

Craig, Private George 

Craig, Private Wilfred A. 

Crammond, Sergeant Griffith I., M.M. 

Crawford, Sergeant-Major John 

Crawford, 2nd Lieut. W. S. 

Croall, Private David C. S. 

Crofts, Lance-Corporal William B. 

Crook, Private George R. 

Crowe, Sergeant Albert 

Crowe, Private John C. 

Cruickshanks, Private William W. 

Cumming, Driver Andrew B. 

Cumming, Private James S. 

Cumming, 2nd Lieut. James L. 

Cuthill, Private Thomas 

Dalgarno, Private Eric G. 

Davidson, Lance-Corporal James, D.C.M 

Davidson, Private Thomas B. 

Davidson, Private Thomas Barnett 

Dawson, Seaman George R. 

Deboys, Driver Norman 

Deuchars, Driver David 

Dewar, Private R. D. 

Dick, Fitter George D. 

Dickson, Bombardier William 

Dilly, Senior Wireless Operator Thomas 

Dinnie, Private George 

Donaldson, Private Alexander 

Donaldson, Private James 

Donaldson. Private William 

Douglas, Sergeant James, M.M. 

Doyle, Private David A. 

Doyle, Private Richard 

Drury, Driver Edward G. 

Drury, Private James B. 

Duffus, Lance-Sergeant Harry 

Duncan, Private Hay 

Duncan, Private W. 

Dundas, Chief Petty Officer Alex., DS.J 

Dundas, Private John Milne 

Eccles, Sergeant A. E. 
Emslie, Gunner John A. 
Esplin, Lance-Corporal Stewart 

Fairweather, Private James 
Fairweather, Sergeant John, M.M. 

Falconer, Senior Wireless Oper. Roland 

Falconer, Lance-Sergeant William 

Farquhar, Lance-Corporal Hugh 

Farquhar, Private Samuel 

Farquharson, Bombardier John 

Fearn, Private David 

Fell, Sergeant-Fitter David 

Fettes, Private John 

Fiudlay, Private Alfred 

Findlay, Lance-Sergeant Robert G. 

Finlay, Private Horace 

Fitzcharles, Private George 

Fleming, Private William 

Fleming Able Seaman Wm. W. 

Ford, Sergeant Edward, D.C.M. 

Ford, Corporal J. A. 

Forsyth, Sergeant John 

Foulis, Private William M. 

Fox, Sergeant James 

Fox, Sergeant William 

Fraser, Private William 

Frew, Captain David T. C. 

Gerrard, Private Allan 
Gibb, Captain Alexander R. 
Gibson, Sergeant Joseph 
Gibson, Lieutenant Norman 
Gill, 2nd Engineer Alexander 
Gill, Lance-Corporal Frank T. 
Gill, Private Robert 
Glen, Lance-Corporal James 
Gordon, Gunner Thomas 
Gowans, Lance-Corporal Charles 
Graham, Private James 
Grahame, Private David 
Grant, Private Henry 
Gray, Private David 
Gray, Seaman Franklin 
Gray, Lance-Corporal G. 
Gray, Private James T. 
Gray, Lance-Corporal John B. 
Gray, Corporal John M. 
Gray, Private John Y. 
Guild, Private Alfred 

Hagan, Corporal John 
Hanton, Lance-Corporal Joseph 
Hardie, Seaman James 
Harper, Corporal Charles H. 
Harris, A.B. John S. 
Harvey, Private Frederick 
Hastings, Private George 
Hebenton, Private William G. 
Henderson, Gunner John 
Hendry, Private Charles 
Herron, Private Frederick N. 
Hood, Chief Officer George W. 
Howie, Corporal William 
Hughes, Private William 
Hunter, Lieutenant Alexander F. 
Hunter, Captain Hope 
H'tchison, Private J. 
Hutton, Private David 
Hutton, Corporal Farrier William 

Tack. Private D. S. M. 
Jack, Private Robert L. R. 


Jack, Corporal William 
Jack, Private William D. 
Jagger, Petty Officer John 
Jamieson, Seaman Alexander P. 
Jamieson, Private David 
Jamieson, Private David F. 
Jarrett, Private William W. 
Jones, Bombardier Edward W. 

Keillor, Private Charles W. 

Keillor, Seaman Robert K. M. 

Keillor, Lieutenant Thomas, M.C. 

Kelly, Private Peter 

Kerr, Signaller John 

Kinnear, Private Roland 

Kitto, Sergeant David A. 

Knight. Corporal John 

Kyd, 2nd Lieutenant F. P. 

Kydd, Private Alex. M. 

Kydd, Private David 

Kvdd, Private Douglas 

Kydd, 2nd Lieutenant Henry J. N. 

Kydd, 2nd Lieutenant William S. 

Laird, 2nd Lieutenant James D. 

Lamb, Private David O. 

Law, Private James 

Leading-ham, Corporal Arthur 

Lee, Private John 

Leonard, Private James 

Leslie, Private Frank 

Lindsay, Private Alexander 

Lindsay, Lance-Corporal Douglas K. 

Lindsay, Lance-Corporal William 

Low, Captain Alexander P. 

Low, Private George 

Lownie, Gunner William 

Lowson, Private George 

Lundie, Private James 

Malcolm, Private William 
Mangan. Private Richard A. 
Mann, Private Allan 13. 
Mann, Private Henry L. 
Marshall, Private George 
Martin, Private Thomas 
Mathewson, Private John, M.M. 
Matthew, Private James 
Matthew. Private Walter W. 
Matthews, Sergeant Frederick 
Maxwell, Lance-Corporal J. 
Maxwell. Private William 
Meek, Private Alexander 
Meekison, Private Wilfred 
Melville Private William G. 
Michie, Lance-Corporal John L. . 
Middleton, Corporal George 
'<ll ton. Gunner William 
Mill, Staff-Surgeon George R. 
Mil! Chief Engineer James 
Millar, Private Arthur 
Miller, Sergeant G. E. 

"i-. 2nd Lieutenan Robert G. 
Miller, Lance-Corporal William 

1 .''Us, Gunner William 
Milne, Gunner Charles 
Milne, Private Charles 
Milne, Private Duncan 
Milne, Private George 
Milne, Private James 
Milne, Stretcher-Bearer James 
Milne, Private John F. S. 
Milne, Lieutenant R. Conway 
Mitchell, Private Alexander 
Mitchell, Lance-Corporal David A. 
Mitchell, Sergeant Frederick 
Mitchell, Lance-Corporal Thomas F. 
Moir, Driver George 
Moore, Lance-Corporal Robert V. 
Morris, Private William 
Morrison, Private Douglas 
Morrison, Private James 
Morrison, Corpcral John 
Morton, Fitter Edward D. 
Mostyn, Private Peter 
Mundin, Private David S. 
Munro, Private James 
Murray, Corporal David 
Murray, Private George 
Murray, Private James K. 
Myles, Captain Thomas Booth, M.C. 
Macdonald, Private Charles 
Macgregor, Private Ben 
Mackay, Private Donald 
Maclure, Private Edward 
Macpherson, Seaman David 
M'Andrew, Private William 
M'Bey, Private James 
M'Combie, Private Joseph R. 
M'Connell, Lance-Corporal John, M M, 
M Donald, Private John 
M Farlane, Private Thomas 
M'Glashan, Corporal Farrier Dcnald 
M'Gowan, Private William 
M Gregor, Private David 
M Gregor, Private George 
M'Gregor, Private Thomas 
MTntosh Lance-Corporal Norman 
M Ivor, Sergeant Thomas 
-'. Kinnon, Private James 
M Knight, Private Alexander 

Napier, Private John C. 
Nicol, Corporal Alfred 
Nicoll, Private Andrew 

Oakley. Private George 
Ogg, Stoker Hamilton 
Ogg. Bombardier William 
Ogilvie, Private George 
Oram, Private Scott 
Orr, Private David 
Orr, Private David C. 
Ovenstone, Corporal' Peter 

Parker, Bugler Bertie A. R. 
Paterson, Private Alexander F. 



Paterson, Gunner Colin G. 
Paterson, Private James C. 
Paterson, Gunner Stewart W. 
Paterson, Lance-Corporal William 
Pattullo, Private Allan 
Pattullo, Driver David 
Pattullo Private Harry 
Pattullo, Seaman William 
Peters, Corporal James 
Petrie, Air Mechanic Alexander 
Petrie, Seaman Alexander 
Petrie, Private Arthur C. 
Petrie, Arm.-Sergt. Robert M. 
Philip, Private Gecrge 
Phin, Sergeant Francis D. 
Porter, Private Thomas 
Porter, Sergeant William 
Proctor, Driver Frederick G. 
Pyper, Private David 

Quinn, Private J. 

Rae, Lance-Sergeant William 
Ramsay, Stretcher-bearer David 
Ramsay, Driver James 
Ramsay, Private John 
Redford, Private Alexander 
Reekie, Private Andrew 
Reid, Private Charles 
Reid, Private David 
Reid, Gunner William J. 
Reid, Private William 
Reid, Seaman William 
Reid, Private William C. 
Rennie, Private Andrew 
Rennie, Sergeant Andrew 
Rennie, Corporal W., M.M. 
Rennie, Lance-Corporal William 
Ritchie, Lance-Corporal David 
Ritchie, Private George 
Ritchie, Private James 
Robb, Driver John 
Robb, Driver Norman A. W. 
Roberts, Private Frank 
Roberts, Private Frank 
Robertson, Private Alexander 
Robertson, Private Arthur 
Robertson, Private Charles 
Robertson, Private Edward W. 
Robertson, Private Norman 
Robertson, Private William 
Robinson. Gunner Frank 
Rodger, Private Arthur 
Rose, Corporal William 
Ross, Private Andrew 
Ross, Private George 
Ross Lance-Corporal James P. 
Russell, Seaman Francis D. M. 

Savege, Private Horatio 
Scott, Private Alfred James 
Scott, Signaller J. 

Scott, Private Robert S. 

Scrimgeour, Lance-Corporal David 

Scrimgeour, Private James 

Shanks, Private Arthur 

Shaw, Sergeant Alfred 

Shaw, Private William 

Shelston, Gunner Charles 

Shepherd, Private James 

Shepherd, Private John 

Sheriff, Private Alexander IV 

Sheriff, Private George R. 

Sim, Private David 

Sim, Sapper Lewis H. 

Simpson, 2nd Lieut. Douglas A. 

Simpson, Private John 

Simpson, Gunner W. 

Skea, Bombardier James 

Skea, Private Thomas 

Skea, Private W. 

Skene, Private John G. 

Smart, Private John 

Smart, Private John H. 

Smith, Corporal Alexander 

Smith, Lance-Corporal Alexander 

Smith, Private Alexander 

Smith, Second Engineer Alexander D. 

Smith, Gunner Edward M. 

Smith, Private Edwin 

Smith, Private James 

Smith, Lance-Corporal James D. 

Smith, Private John 

Smith, Private John G. 

Smith, Private Joseph S. 

Smith, Private Norman J. A. 

Smith, Private Sydney 

Smith, Private Thomas C. 

Smith, Eng. Sub-Lieutenant W. 

Spark, Gunner William M., M.M. 

Spence, Private Edward Y. 

Spence, Private George 

Spiers, Private Alexander 

Spink, Private Edward 

Spink, Private Henry 

Spink, Seaman James F. 

Spink, Gunner William 

Stark, Private James C. 

Stephen, Lance-Corporal David M. 

Sewart, Lance-Corporal Charles 

Stewart, Private William, M.M. 

Stormont, 2nd Lieutenant W. L^ 

Stormonth, Private William 

Stott, Private George M. 

Strachan, Private David D. 

Strachan, Private Thomas 

Strachan, Seaman Thomas D. 

Strachan, Private William 

Stuart, Lieut. George Douglas Gordon, 

Stuart, Captain James O. G., M C. 

Stuart, Gunner Thomas 

Stuart, Lance-Corporal Wm, D.C.M. 

Sturrock, Lance-Corporal Akxander 

Sturrock, Private James 

Sturrock, A. B. Norman 

Sutherland, Private Adam 

Suttie, Private J. 

Swankie, Private Daniel 

Swankie, Corporal Peter 



Swankie, Seaman Robert 
Swinton, Lance-Corporal David 
Svmon, Private Alexander 

Taylor, Private Arthur 
Thorns, Private A. 
Thomson, Lieut. Charles W. 
Thomson, Corporal Edwin 
Thomson, Private Roy B. 
Tocher, Seaman Henry 
Todd, Private Andrew 
Todd, Private John 
Todd, Private Samuel 
Traill, Gunner James G. 

Valentine, Private Alexander 

Waddell, Private Duncan 
Waddell, Air Mechanic William 
Wallace, Fitter Alexander M. 
Walton, Private Arthur 
Watson, Private David L. 
Watson, Private Everard H. G. 
Watson, Private John 
Watson,, Private John 
Watt, Gunner George 
Watt, Lance-Corporal James W. 
Webster, Lieutenant Joseph F. 
Weir, Private Charles 
Weir, Gunner David 
White, Private Robert 
Whitton, Private John 
Whyte, Private James 
Whytock, Lance-Corporal Arthur 
Wilkie, Private James 

r; 'Uamson, Private Arthur S. 
Williamson, Gunner Edward B. 
Williamson, A.B. Lawrence 
Wilson, Private George 
Wilson, Private Ronald 
Wilson, Major Sydney C. 
Wishart, Private" Albert 
Wishart, Engineer Alexander 
Wishart, Gunner W. G. 
Withington, Corporal Charles E. 
Wood, Private J. R. E. 
Wyllie, Corporal David 
Wyllie, Gunner David 

Yeaman, Private Edward 
Young, Sergeant David B. 

Matters Municipal. 

Within the Council Chambei 
affairs durings the year under Pro- 
vost Anderson's tactful guidance 
have moved quietly and efficiently 
through a period necessarily diffi- 
cult and often discouraging. 

Though occurring towards the 
end of th- year it is not nut of place 
at this stage to refer to Provost 
Anderson's re-election to the Chief 
Magistrate's chair at the conclus- 
ion of his first term of three years. 
In response to the unanimous re- 
quest of his fellow councillors the 
Provost allowed himself to be again 
nominated for the honourable and 
onerous position provided his con- 
stituents in the Third Ward again 
elected him as their representative. 
This they did in no uncertain way 
by returning him at the top of the 
poll by a large majority, and it is 
safe to say that theii practical ex- 
pression of appreciation of the Pro- 
vost's good work for the town is 
shared by every citizen in the com- 

As a result of the November elec- 
tion there was only one change in 
the personnel of the Council, this 
occurring in the third ward when 
Mr J. £. Matthews was elected in 
room of Mr John Duncan (since de- 
ceased), who retired after the long 
period of 33 years' service on the 
Town Council. In the First Ward 
the three retiring members, viz., 
Messrs W. J. Anckorn, Robert M. 
Kinnear and Harry Corsar were all 
re-elected, the unsuccessful candi- 
date being Mr Wm. Milne. In the 
Second Ward Messrs W. M. Soutar 
and A. King were returned unop- 
posed. In the Third Ward a s stat- 
ed, Provost A. C. Anderson and Mr 
J. S. Matthews were elected, the 
unsuccessful candidate being Mr F. 
Irons. At the first meeting of the 
newly-elected Council, ex-Bailie A. 
M"Iv. Robertson was appointed hon. 



treasurer in succession to ex-Bailie 

Other Changes. 

In January the new Dean of 
Guild, Mr D. R. Macdonald was 

welcomed, his appearance in his 
new office having been delayed by a 
serious illness. In August Coun- 
cillor James Campbell resigned his 
seat at the Council owing to the 
state of his health, and in his place 
Mr W. J. Ancki.rn was appointed 
interim representative of the First 

A glance back over the munici- 
pal record of the past year reveals 
little of outstanding note, apart 
from steady pursuance of the policy 
of making uood the work deferred 
during the war years while at the 
same time practising the best eco- 
nomy in the interests of the rate- 
payers. In this direction streets 
and roads have been a big question, 
and necessarily big sums have been 
expended on the re-laying of Broth- 
ock Bridge with tar-mac on up-to- 
date lines, the improvement of Dens 
Road and other points where re- 
pairs were most urgently required. 
Naturally these improvements in- 
volved heavy expenditure, and only 
thj most necessary repairs will have 
to be undertaken if the overburden- 
ed ratepayers are not to be given 
a load above a burden. In connec- 
tion with the question of street 
maintenance the Town Council un- 
dertook the work on behalf of the 
contractors of reinstating the roads 
in the Burgh cut up by the laying of 
underground telegraph lines. There 
was some feeling in the Council 

that this was carried out not alto- 
gether to the advantage of the com- 

The Call for Tennis Courts. 

x\lthough on the face of it the 
question of public tennis courts may 
not seem one of vast importance, 
it really became a plank in the elec- 
tion platform in November, after 
being discussed on several occas- 
ions during the year. Convener 
W. M. Soutar early in the year put 
forward a strong appeal for the 
erection of public tennis courts as a 
necessary amenity to a well-order- 
ed summer visitor resort as well 
as a health asset to the townsfolk 
and a paying proposition for the 
ratepayers. Councillor Soutar re- 
ceived support within the Council, 
and when the matter was brought 
before the electors in November 
the popular opinion seemed to be 
also strongly in favour of the erec- 
tion oi puoiic tennis courts either 
at the Common or on part of the 
community s ground at Brechin and 
Montrose Road secured for the new 
housing scheme. The success which 
has attended the putting green at 
the West Links was no doubt a 
factor in securing favourable con- 
sideration of the proposal. At the 
last meeting of the Town Council 
for the year, however, it was de- 
cided after considerable discussion 
to delay the laying out of public 
tenuis courts in the meantime, ow- 
ing to the high prices still ruling 
for labour. 

Reduction in Price of Gas, 

In Mav the Gas Committee of the 

Ex=Provost Grant. 

Upon whom the Town Council decided to confer the Freedom of 
the Burgh. 



Town Council were in the happy 
pos.tion of being able to recommend 
a reduction in the price of gas to 
consumers by 3d per 1000 cubic ft. 
— 3/9 in place of 4/2 last year. The 
duel ion is a proof if such were re- 
quired that the town's gas under- 
taking is being carried on with the 
utmost efficiency in all its branches 
in spite of the trying industrial con- 
ditions which affect not only the 
raw material and upkeep of the 
works but the sale of residual pro- 
ducts as well. In this connection 
it might be mentioned that the coal 
strike cost Arbroath Gas Works no 
less a sum than £6,500. 

The Rates. 

The municipal rates also show a 
decrease, the current year's munici- : 
pal assessments being fixed at 8/8 \ 
on owners! in place oi last year's 9/2 ; 
and 5/7 on occupiers in place of 
last year's 6/-. 

Valuation of the Burgh. 

Th;re is li.tle difference in the 
valuation of the Burgh, the figures 
being as follows : — Lands, etc., 
£119,839 5s, as against last year's 
£119,6-7 10s; railways, £2,499 as 
com art d with £2,646 last year; 
total this year— £"122,338 5/-; last 
vear — £122,323,232; showing an in- 
crease of £14 15s. 

Parochial Interests. 

The Parish Council has claimed 
mere than its usual share of atten- 
tion during the year on account of 
two most important matters that 
have affected it. Most important 
has been the question of payment 
of outdoor relief arising out of the 

great amount of unemployment 
that has existed without intermis- 
sion during the year. The sum -ex- 
pended in Arbroath weekly is very 
large, and it is not to be wondered 
that the feeling against this heav} 7 
charge upon local rates is very 
strom; in the Council as well as in 
the community. 

The other question that has "been 
under discussion at more than one 
meeting is that" of the disposition of 
the Poorhouse. It was put forward 
as an economical suggestion that 
the inmates being * compara- 

tively few in num. , these might 
be absorbed in some other similar 
institution, where their upkeep 
would cost less than at Brechin 
Road, and the big building sold to 
advantage or devoted to some pur- 
pose more economical to the rate- 
payers than at present. Latest en- 
quiries however have led the Coun- 
cil to continue the present arrange- 

There have been fewer changes in 
the membership of the Parish Coun- 
cil than during the past few years. 
Mr C. Y. Myles' appointment in 
room of ex-Bailie Duncan, chair- 
man of the Parish Council since its 
institution, revived an interesting 
connection with the new member's 
family, his father, the late C. Y. 
Mvles having been a member of the 
Council for many years. Other 
changes in membership were the 
election of Mr J. S'. Matthews in 
room of Mr R. P. Toye, resigned 
which took place iu August, and 
the return of the triennial elec' ion in 
November of Mr J. C. Crowe, in 



room of Mr David Fairweather, re- 

Poor and School Rates. 

The Poor Rate has been doubled 
during the current year, the rate 
being fixed at the July meeting as 
follows: — 1/2 on owners, and 1/3 
on occupiers, a total of 2/5 in the 
£i, compared with 1/2 last year. 
The reduction of the education rate 
has fortunately to he set against 
this big increase. The education 
rate was fixed at gd on owners, and 
g^-d on occupiers, a total of 1/65 in 
the £1 as against 3/45'd! last year. 
The result is that while the poor 
rate was increased by 1/3 in the 
£1, there is only really a difference 
of nvepence, owing to the reduction 
in the education rate. The burgh 
rates being down to the extent of 
sixpence in the £1, the net result is 
that the rates are a penny less in 
the £1 compared with last year. 

Educational Administration. 

From the public point of view 
interest in educational concerns 
has certainly not been increased 
since the passing of the new Edu- 
cation Act rang the death knell of 
the School Board. The first term of 
the existence of the County Educa- 
tion Authority having come to an 
end the triennial election took place 
in April when the following mem- 
bers were elected from the Arbroath 
Second Electoral) Division : — Rev. 
G. Hitchcock; Air D. Littlejohn, 
Rev. Win. M'Currach ; Mr George 
Reid ; Mr James P. Reid, and Rev. 
J. A. Tweedie. The Rev. George 
Hitchcock was appointed chairman 
of the Authority. 
There was a comparative!}" small 

poll and little interest was display- 
ed either with regard to the elec- 
tion of the Authority or of the local 
.School Management Committee 
which ensued. The latter Commit- 
tee as reconstituted after the Autho- 
rity's election consisted of the fol- 
lowing : — From the Educational 
Authority — Rev. G. Hitchcock, Mr 
D. Littlejohn, Mr G. Reid (since 
deceased), Mr J. P. Reid, Rev. W. 
M'Currach, Rev. John A. Tweedie; 
from' the teachers — Rector Drys- 
dale, Mr R. Irvine, and Mr W. F. 
Anderson ; from the parents — Mr J. 
S. Edwards, Mr D. Dowell, Mr R. 
Smith ; from the Town Council — Mr 
Arthur King; from the Parish 
Council — Mr W. J. Anckorn. Upon 
the death of Mr George Reid, Mr J. 
S. Edwards was appointed to fill 
the vacancy on the Authority, and 
Mr E. Spink was elected a parents' 
representative in lieu of Mr Ed- 
wards. Mr D. Littlejohn was elect- 
ed: chairman of the School Manage- 
ment Committee. 

It can hardly be expected that 
either the Authority or the local 
School Management Committee can 
have more than passed through the 
experimental stages yet, and even 
urgent questions affecting the edu- 
cation of the children and young 
people have perforce had to be met 
to a great extent by the adoption of 
temporary measures. In February 
the question of the accommodation 
for the Supplementary Department 
came up for discussion and though 
the matter was taken into consid- 
eration both at the Authority and at 
the Committee's meetings it was 
found impossible in present circum- 
stances to achieve anything of a de- 



finite character. Another item 
I which may be said to be still en- 
j I gating the attention of the Autho- 
i I rity is the staffing of the schools. 
, In the interests of economy, both as 
; i regards accommodation and staffing 
' there is a proposal to reduce the 
teaching staffs, and with this in 
view an exhaustive enquiry was 
made into the numbers in the 
classes in the various schools. 
This matter came up at almost the 
end of the previous Authority's 
term of office and is one of the 
questions with which the present 
body must soon deal. 

The effect of unemployment has 
also had its effect upon educational 
affairs. The Committee early in the 
year felt themselves compelled to 
undertake the provision of boots 
for necessitous children and 'to- 
wards this object they received 
handsome contributions from sev- 
eral sources, notably a sum of £50, 
the proceeds of a military whist 
drive organised by Mrs Guild, and 
of over £18, halt the proceeds of a 
variety entertainment given in 
Olympia in aid of the Boot Fund 
and the Soup Kitchen. 

The Political Upheaval. 

In looking back o\'-r the year 
that is gone, an event of outstand- 
ing importance to the town as to 
the whole coutry was the fall o: the 
Coalition Government which occur- 
red in the end of October. The pos- 
sibility cf a General Election had 
been apparent for many months, 
and in the Liberal, Coalition and 
Labour camps the actual event 
found all ranks ready to undertake 
the duties that fell to them. Early 
in the year the dissatisfaction felt 

by a section o.' the Liberals in the 
ccnstitr.ency led to a I reak away 
from the parent society on the part 
of several of the more independent 
members of the Association and un- 
der the presidency of Sir Francis 
Webster, a new Association was 
formed. When the General Elec- 
tion took place the party represent- 
ing the Independent wing of the 
Liberals resolved also to run a can- 
didate and the fight 111 the Mon- 
trose Burghs opened as a three-cor- 
nered contest, with Mr P. A. Mol- 
teno, formerly M.P. for Dumfries- 
shire, as Independent Liberal can- 
didate ; Mr J. Leng Sturrock, the 
sittmg member as Coalition Liberal 
ana Mr John Carnegie, Barry, as 
Labour candidate. At the very 
opening of the campaign unfortun- 
ately, Mr Leng Sturrock was seized 
with serious illness, and in view of 
the untoward event, and the lact 
that the Labour supporters adopted 
a somewhat aggressively hostile at- 
titude to the new candidate, Mr 
Moiteno decided to withdraw from 
the contest, and only one meeting 
was adaressej by him in the con- 
stituency, the impression created 
by Mr MoLeno upon those other 
than avowed Socialises was most 
lave urable, and though some disap- 
p .moment was felt at his with- 
drawal it was recognised that his 
action towards the o.her Liberal 
candidate was altogether praise- 
worthy. The election took place on 
Wednesday, November 13th, and 
the following day the result was 
declared as follows : — 
J. Leng Sturrock (N.L.), 8407 
John Carnegie (Lab.), ... 7044 




At the election in 191S the figures 
were : — J. Leng Sturrock (Co. L.), 
9309; H. N. Brailsford (Lab.), 2940. 

Mr Leng Sturrock, M.P., was for- 
tunately sufficiently recovered to 
take his seat ill Parliament very 
shortly after the opening, when he 
received a very warm welcome back 
to the House. During the Christ- 
mas recess, the new member ad- 
dressed a crowded meeting in the 
Good Templar Hall, Arbroath, 
when he was somewhat severely 
heckled by Socialist representatives 
at the close of an address in which 
he made his position with regard io 
the past and present Government 
abundantly clear. 

During the year though Mr Leng 
Sturrock was not able to address 
his Arbroath constituents, he prov- 
ed himself a most attentive mem- 
ber with regard to local questions 
of all degrees of importance. 
Through tne medium of the 
" Herald " Mr Sturrock also fre- 
quently gave expression to his 
views on subjects of national im- 

The Industrial Conditions. 

The aftermath of war in the shape 
of unemployment has hung like a 
dark cloud over the year that has 
gone, and not one of Arbroath's in- 
dustries but has felt the baleful 
effects of the trade depression that 
meantime lies upon the country. 
The question of unemployment has 
been constantly kept in view in 
discussions at such public boards as 
Town Council, Parish Council, 
School Committee, Chamber of 
Commerce, and in so far as local 
remedial measures could be adopt- 
ed these have been carefully con- 

sidered, though it is strongly held 
by all these public bodies, statutory 
and otherwise, that the charging of 
relief works upon municipal rates is 
not in the public interest, and that 
any attempt to provide work for un- 
employed should be paid for out of 
the national exchequer. This no 
doubt has been the means of deter- 
ring the municipal authorities from 
embarking upon relief schemes up- 
on their own initiative. 

The appeal for funds and dona- 
tions in kind for the carrying on of 
a public soup kitchen, put forward 
at the close of last year was so gen- 
erously responded to that this prac- 
tical means of helping unemployed 
households was carried on until the 
month of May, when the question 
of instituting relief work for unem- 
ployed was up for consideration. 

A serious addition to the existing 
depressed industrial condition of 
the town was made by the lock-out 
of engineers which took place at the 
middle of March and continued till 
the end of May. A fancy dress 
parade to raise a fund for the bene- 
fit of the workers affected by the 
lock-out was held on Saturday, dth 
May, when the handsome sum of 
£.2,5 was realised. 

In the building trades, high costs 
still stand in the way of extensions 
in any but the most necessary 
directions, and though there have 
been carried out some improve- 
ments on business premises there 
has been little evidence of anything 
like a return to pre-war activity. 
The housing scheme at Brechin 
Road is completed so far as the 
present arrangements go, and am - - 
thiug that has occupied the workers 
in the trades' concerned has been 



largely in the nature of necessary 
repairs, and improvements that 
have lain in abeyance during the 
years of war. 

A notable feature in the business 
part of the town is the fact that al- 
most without exception every shop 
large and small has now had in- 
stalled electric light. Owing to 
the depression in trade in the town 
the demand for current for power 
purposes has been small during the 
year. Fortunately, however, the 
smaller users have been increasing 
steadily. At the Electric Station 
output has been about 13 million 
units as compard with 1^ million 
units last year. The supplv for 
domestic purposes has increased 
considerably. When the Coy. are 
busy about 9/ioths of the output 
is used as power in the factories and 
the drop in trade naturally affects 
the Coy. very severely. 

The plant at the works is running 
pretty full loaded and any revival 
in trade will make an increase in 
the machinery already installed ne- 

During the year a small squad of 
men have been kept busy renewing 
service cables. 

The Infirmary. 

The fine institution at Rcsemount 
Read continues its beneficent work, 
well supported by public interest 
and money, and widely taken ad- 
vantage of by all classes of sufferers 
in the community. Farly in the 
year the Directors had the offer of 
^2500 from the Red Cross Society, 
the funds remaining from war-time 
donations, which sum was accept- 
ed towards the maintenance of a 
resident surgeon in the Institution. 

In September Dr D. Cameron Clark, 
M.B., Ch.B., was appointed to fill 
this position. The claims of the In- 
firmary upon the practical support 
of the community has had abundant 
proof during the year. The auxili- 
ary committee has justified its ex- 
istence in being the means of secur- 
ing valuable financial assistance 
through entertainments in the town 
and district, several of which have 
been most successfully carried 
through. By a concert at Carmyl- 
lie and Chapelton a sum of ^35 was 
realised, thus showing the willing- 
ness of countrv folks to show their 
appreciation of a helpful institution 
whose work does not stop short 
within the town in which it is locat- 
ed. A laudable effort on th? part of 
the Plotholders' Association by 
means of a Free Gift Sale realised 
over £}/[ for the Institution and 
two sports meetings held at Gay- 
field in July raised the handsome 
sum of ;£6o. 

The gift to the town of the fine 
residence, Greenbank, by Mr 
Renuy of Dundee, to be used for 
such purpose as the Town Council 
saw fit led to the suggestion that 
it might be adapted as Nurses' 
Home in connection with the Infir- 
mary. The proposal was not found 
practicable, and eventually the don- 
or was approached with the request 
that he would allow the Town 
Council to dispose of the property, 
and apply the proceeds towards a 
fund for the construction of a 
nurses' home. This Mr Renny cor- 
dially agreed to, only stipulating 
that a bed in the Infirmary might 
bear his name. The property was 
sold in March for the sum of ^1025, 
which sum ^as accordingly paid 


over to the Infirmary directors for 
the purpose specified. The house 
was acquired for residential pur- 
poses and has been successfully 
adapted for use by three tenants. 

Sales of Work. 

As a means of raising funds for 
church and philanthropic organisa- 
tions the sale of work is as popular 
and successful as ever. In Arbroath 
and district during the year a no- 
table effort was made to augment 
to the extent necessary to remove 
them from the list of smaller liv- 
ing's, the endowment of several 
quoad sacra parishes in the Presby- 
tery. For this purpose sales of 
work were held in connection with 
Colliston Parish Church as a result 
of which ^532 was realised; with 
Guthrie G£366). Friockheim ^(406), 
and Ladyloan (^410). Other sales 
included St Margaret's (house sale), 
£20; Princes St. Bring and Buy 
Sale, ,£25; Rechabites Jubilee, ^'61; 
Ladyloan U.F. Church, £128; In- 
verbrothock U.F. Church, ^74; Er- 
skine U.F. Church, ^"141; Parish 
Church 'Women's Guild, /-'1S5 ; 
Abbey Church Women's Guild, 
£'135; Congregational Church, £33; 
Fast U.F. Church, £60; S'. Mary's 
(cake and candy), ^'34; Baptist 
Church (jumble), ^35; Comrades 
Football Club (jumble), ^.20; St 
Margaret's Garden Fete, ^203; 
Princes Street U.F. Church, /.405; 
St Vigeans Church (for new parish 
hall), ,£714; Kinblethmont Fete for 
Forfar shire Branch of the Chil- 
dren's League of Pity, £'725 ; In- 
verbrotho;k Parish Church Fete, 
/'268; Y.M.C.A., .£270; Erskine 
United Free Church, ^,200; Plot- 
holders' Association (for Infirmary), 

^74; Parish Church Girls" Guild- 
ries, /.'37 ; Princes Street Women's 
Guild (bring and buy sale), £34; 
Inverbrothock Parish Church " Par- 
lour Shop," yj.52 ; Knox United Free 
Church (cake and candy), £26; St 
Margaret's (cake and candy), ^22 
S. Mary's Church (jumble), /.20 
East U.F. (supplementary), /.'io 
Flag Days, for the Children's Cloth- 
ing Fund raised £76 ; for Nursing 
Association £154; for British and 
Foreign Sailors' Society, £4); Red 
Heckle Day, Black Watch Associa- 
tion, £48; Poppy Day for Earl 
Haig's Fund, £214 19s. 

Matters Musical. 

Musically Arbroath continues to 
hold its own as a community both 
appreciative and productive. Es- 
pecially noteworthy have been the 
many clever junior entertainments, 
which usually for charitable pur- 
poses have delighted large audi- 
ences. The Arbroath Choral Union 
made a big impression at their con- 
cert in February when they render- 
ed " The Revenge," with the as- 
sistance of these great operatic 
stars, Madame Nicholls and Mr 
Robert Radford as soloists. Another 
notable concert was given in 
March in aid of the Soup Kitchen 
by a party from the Dundee Gil- 
bert & Sullivan Club, and a success- 
ful Sunday concert in the Palace se- 
cured over £20 for the Soup Kit- 
chen Fund. St Thomas Lodge 
I.O.G.T. also gave a concert in aid 
of this fund. Another successful 
concert which realised ^50 for the 
Poppy Day Fund, was given in the 
Webster Hall on Armistice Day. 
The town Instrumental Band has 
experienced a year of progress and 


of creditable participation in big 
contesting events. The open-air 
season opened in April and during 
the late spring and throughout 
the summer highly appreciated con- 
certs were given on Frothock Biidrf 
and at the Links and Victoria 
Parks. In Mav the band provided 
the programme at- a Sunday concert 
in the Caird Hall, Dundee, when 
they made a most favourable im- 
pression. They took part in con- 
tests at Leven and Markinch and 
in the Scottish Band Champion- 
ship at Fdinbm-gh in October. At 
the last-named thev secured second 
place with a brilliant rendering of 
the test piece, and one of their 
number. Mr J. M'Fkan, won the 
championshio medal for cornet 
playing. The poor weather condi- 
tions during the summer had an 
adverse effect upon the Band's fin- 
ancial position, but at the annual 
meeting in December, the secretary 
was able to give a very satisfac- 
tory report on the year's working. 
The four days' performance of "The 
Mikado" by the Amateur Operatic 
Society in the Webster Hall in 
December was one of the outstand- 
ing events of the year. 

Musical entertainments by juni- 
were both numerous and excellent. 
Thev included the perform-inc^ of 
the operettas, " Lucy Locket " and 
'• The Midshipmite " by St Margar- 
et's Church children ; of " Princess 
Chrvsanthernum " by Inverb-.othock 
Parish Church Sunday School ; of 
"Rip Van Winkle," by Junior Mu- 
sical Society, conducted by Mr A. 
Hamilton ; concerts by young folks 
of Inverbrothock U.F. Church and 
Knox's U.F. Children's Guild; Bap- 
tist Church children in " Mayflower 

Memories " ; concert by 2nd Brow- 
nie pack for their funds ; a chil- 
dren's variety entertainment ar- 
ranged by Mr G. B. Lowe, jun., for 
Infirmary funds; th? performance 
o- " Tops.- Turvy Christmas " by 
St Margaret's children in Christmas 
week. Another entertainment 

which created especial interest as 
being an original piece was the per- 
formance of the comedy, ,; Was 
Love to Blame " by members of St 
Margaret's Church. Lectures that 
were worth v of note were given 
under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A. 
and included one by Lady Parrott, 
Edinburgh, on : ' Women of Dick- 
ens," and by Mr Joseph Laing 
Waugh on ''Scots Characters." 

The Year's Obituary. 

The obituary for the past twelve 
months bears striking testimony 
to the toll taken year by year by 
the reaper whose name is death. 
Amongst the citizens of the town 
who took a more or less prominent 
share in its activities may be men- 
tioned Mr A. S. Wallace, 
M.R.C.V.S., who, for many years 
not only occupied the position of 
veterinary inspector of dairies, 
slaughter-houses, etc., in the Burgh, 
but carried on an extensive practice 
in the town and dis-rict. Colonel 
Ouchterlonv of the Guynd was an- 
other well-known figure in town 
and 1 county whom death claimed 
during the year. His death took 
place at the age of 82. Mr George 
Reid, retired banker, was another 
well-known citizen of Arbroath, 
whose death occurred after a very 
short illness. Mr Reid was a keen- 
ly interested educationist and was 
for many years- chairman of the old 


School Board. The death of Dr 
John D. Duncan removes another 
well-known figure from the town in 
which he carried on an extensive 
practice. He also occupied the 
position of medical officer of the 
Public Health Hospital and Medi- 
cal Officer fcr the western portion 
of the burgh under the Parish Coun- 
cil. The death of the doctor's aged 
father, ex-Bailie John Duncan, took 
place only a few weeks after that of 
his sou. The ex-Bailie was a mem- 
ber for many years cf both Town 
and Parish Councils. In the first- 
named Board he acted as hon. trea- 
surer, and in the latter he was for 
over 30 years chairman. By th p 
death of the Rev. James Howat, the 
congregation of High Street U.F. 
Church lost their senior pastor only 
a few months after they had been 
able to congratulate him upon the 
attainment of his jubilee as an or- 
dained minister. Other Arbroath- 
ians who have passed away include 
Mrs J- Strachan or Millar (70), and 
Miss A. G. Strachan (73), sisters, 
within a few days of each other ; 
Mrs Morris, widow of Rev. A. Mor- 
ris, Colliston ; James Warden ; Miss 
Stephen, formerly proprietor of pri- 
vate academy ; James Hall (82) ; A. 
S. Mathewson, master painter; 
Mrs Robert Corsar ; David Wannan 
(85); Mrs R. L. Ross (76); Peter 
Herron, retired blacksmith (78) ; 
Quentin Chalmers, gardener; James 
Stevenson, grocer (70) ; Charles 
Donald, retired farmer (91) ; Mrs 
Mar v Macpherson Grant, mother of 
Mrs Fitzroy Fletcher of Letham 
Grange ; Mrs Shanks of Viewfield ; 
John" Porter, Elliot (Si); W. D. 
Boath (41), butcher; T. Smith (72), 
fisherman, lost by capsizing of his 

boat; Mrs Sanderson (97); D. F. 
Hunter, a well-known organist and 
musician, who met his death under 
tragic circumstances ; Mrs Ruther- 
ford Lindsay Carnegie of Kmbleth- 
mont ; Miss Davidson, F.E.I.S.; 
David Thomson (81), retired tailor. 

Prominent Arbroath's Deceased. 

In the big world be}-ond the con- 
fines of their native town the names 
of not a few who found their life 
work in other centres but who have 
now passed hence, fall to be noted. 
Amongst these one recalls the name 
of Lady Dindsa<- (nee Miss Charlotte 
Douglas), wife of the Town Clerk 
of Glasgow, and a lady known and 
loved throughout the great city for 
her mam- deeds of kindness an<3 
for her active interest in social wel- 
fare. As the daughter o; the late 
David Douglas, auctioneer, Lady 
Lindsay had many friends i 1 Ar- 
broa'h and she and her husband and 
family were frequent visitors to the 
town. A famous native of the near 
neighbourhood of Arbroath passed 
away in London in the person of Sir 
John Kirk whose family belonged 
to Arbirlot, and whose work as an 
African pioneer earned him a world- 
wide reputation. Mr Wm. Black, 
Glasgow, who died at the age of 
60 was another well-known Ar- 
broathian who found a home in the 
west ; and other names that occur 
to one* in looking back over the year 
are James Roy (84), Durban, South 
Africa; Mrs Elizabeth Ward {~,S) 
Passaic, N.Y. ; Mr James Millar 
(49), South Africa; Mr Wm. Carrie 
(54), Kataning, Australia; James S. 
Neish (92), retired journalist, Dun- 
dee ; John Mill (46J , solicitor, Cal- 
lander; Wm. Shaw (77), retired soli- 


citor. Maxwelltown ; David Adair, 
S.S.C., of Messrs Adair & Gallo- 
way, solicitors; John Williamson 
(86), Greenlaw, Berwickshire; Alex. 
Thomson Cargill (79), Edinburgh; 
Mis s Isobel Dickson, O.B.E., M.A., 
assistant Secretary to the Board of 
Education, daughter of the late Col. 
Dickson of Panbride ; James; Park 
(22), and Charles Mitchell (34), both 
in India; William Ruxtou (8:), Illi- 
nois; Alex. Johnstone (47), Glas- 
gow ; ex-Police-Sergeant Win. Mas- 
son (77), Broughty Ferry; William 
Gauldie (77), Carnoustie, formerly 
schoolmaster at Kinnellj Mrs Eliza- 
beth Hutchison (79), Grahamstown, 
South Africa ; Alex. Chisholm, Mon- 
trose ; Dady Barrie, Dundee; Mr P. 
Charles Carragher, Aberdeen; a 
well-known arthor and playwright. 

Revival of Spiritual Interest. 

Thj religious life of the town was 
marked during the year by more 
than one period of revival. In 
January the U.F. Presbytery discus- 
sed the unmistakable signs of a re- 
vival of spiritual interest in Scot- 
land, and the suggestion was put 
forward that efforts should be made 
whereby Arbroath might participate 
in th; movement. A series of meet- 
ings under the auspices of the Coast 
Mission and Baptist Church was 
held early in the year, at which one 
of the speakers was Dav. Cordiner, 
the north-country fisherman asso- 
ciated with Jock Troup in the won- 
derful revival amongst the fishing 
community in the north of Scotland. 
In April a united evangelistic mis- 
sion was inaugurated in connection 
with practically all the churches in 
town, when a very remarkable im- 
pression was made by the Rev. W. 
Allan of New York, formerly a mini- 

ster in Arbroath, and who was ac- 
companied by his organist, Mr A. B. 
Hunt, a highly gifted musician and 
lecturer in New York. The meet- 
ings which these two gentlemen 
conducted for five weeks were pro- 
ductive of a real deepening and ex- 
tension of spiritual life in the com- 
munity. From Arbroath Messrs Al- 
lan and Hunt proceeded to Glas- 
gow, and so deeply impressed were 
all associated with them in their 
work that at the urgent desire of 
many friends the two evangelists 
returned to Scotland in September, 
where they again opened their cam- 
paign in Arbroath with a month's 
very helpful and inspiring series of 

The effect of the campaign has 
shown itself in renewed interest in 
various branches of Christian work, 
notably in that carried on by the 
Town Mission under Mr James Mof- 
fat and his many willing helpers, 
and in the Coast Mission under Mr 
Neave, as well as in other organi- 
sations for philanthropic service in 
the community the fruits of which 
may bt; gathered foi many years to 

Church Life and Work. 

There have been few events that 
fall to be recorded in the church life 
of the town during the year. In 
January the expiration of the term 
for which Rev. J. R. Wark was 
elected to the charge of Knox U.F. 
Church called for a review of the 
position in which the church stood, 
the result of which was an amicable 
arrangement arrived at between the 
congregation and the presbytery 
whereby Mr Wark will carry on his 
much appreciated labours in that 



As can be seen from the list of 
sales of work held in the town and 
district, the Established Presbytery, 
with the cordial assistance of the 
ministers of the various parishes 
and their congregations, have suc- 
ceeded in carrying out the task they 
set themselves of wiping off the 
smaller livings within the bounds 
of the Presbytery, by raising suffi- 
cient funds to bring the endowment 
up to the minimum approved by the 
Assembly. The renovation of the 
Parish Church organ ; the repaint- 
ing and redeccration of Queen St. 
Congregational Church, and the in- 
stallation of a heating system in 
Princes Street U.F. Church, repre- 
sent much loyal service by, espec'al- 
lv, the women of these congrega- 
tions, to raise the funds for carry- 
ing through these improvements. 

The Y.M.C.A. has had a year of 
usefulness in their enlarged pre- 
mises, and, with Miss Moffat in 
charge of the work of the Y.W.C.A.. 
a promising session was opened in 
September. Girls' Guildrv organi- 
sations in connection with several 
churches, and Boys' Brigade in affi- 
liation with the Y'.M.C.A. have also 
done excellent work amongst the 

Bov Scouts and Girl Guides con- 
tinue to grow in numbers, and to 
sustain the interest of boys and girls 
at a period in their lives when such 
training as is offered through these 
organisations, is of the greatest 


Amongst weddings of more than 
ordinary public interest there may 
be mentioned those of Mr Charles 
D. Wilson, manufacturer, to Miss 

Kathleen Alison Fairweather, 
younger daughter of the late D. W. 
Fairweather, manufacturer, and of 
Mrs Fairweather, Craigard ; of Mr 
J. C. Kinloch, banker, India, son 
of the late R. C. Kinloch, agent 
for the Bank of Scotland in Ar- 
broath, and of Mrs Kinloch, Seaton 
Road, with Miss Edith Grant, 
youngest daughter of ex^Provost 
and Mrs Grant of Woodside, which 
took place in February. Mention 
may also b;- mad 2 of the marriage 
of Dr James R. C. Greenlees, 
D.S.O., M.B., B.C., Glasgow, with 
Miss Allison Hope Cargill, daugh- 
ter of a well-known Arbroathian; 
Mr E. W. R. Myles, tailor and 
clothier, and Miss Winifred Jaffrey, 
Peterhead; Mr Philip H. Cutler 
South Croydon, to Miss Elizabeth 
P. Hood, daughter of Mr and Mrs 
Hood. Craigton, Elliot Street; Mr 
Wm. Ireland Macdonald to Miss 
Margaret Hume, Carmyllie ; Mr 
Liudsav G. Brown, son of a well- 
knoni London Arbroathian, to Miss 
Norah Wallace, Golders Green; Mr 
Herbert Burnett Winter, Maryton, 
to Miss Man- Reid, daughter of the 
late Alex. Reid, builder. 

Diamond and golden wedding 
celebrations were more numerous 
than usual. Diamond anniversaries 
wer^ celebrated by Mr and Mrs Wm. 
Fox, 37 Fergus Street ; and Mr and 
Mrs Edward Orrock, now of Kings- 
muir. Golden weddings included 
those of Mr and Mrs Bogue, 30 St 
Mary Street ; Mr and Mrs Scott, 62 
St Vigeaus Road; Mr and Mrs 
John Blair, Gowanlea, Carnegie 
Street; Mr and Mrs Peter D. Simp- 
son (now resident in Dundee) ; Mr 
and Mrs A. P. Lowson, Keptie 

Dowager Lady Airlie and Mrs Lindsay Carnegie 

at Y.M.C.A. Sale of Work. 


Central Dining Rooms, 


A good meal properly cooked is what we take a pride 
in serving. We have a Competent Staff, have 
Comfortable Rooms, and a Splendid Cuisine. 

We are now able to cater for Marriages, Socials, &c, 
on a much larger scale than hitherto, and at a 
MODERATE PRICE. Good Service is our Watchword. 

D. M. BUCHAIIAn :: Proprietor. 

Telephone No. 183. 


Wholesale and Retail Fish Merchant, 


Fresh Fish in Season. 

Arbroath Smokies our Speciality. 

Large or Small Quantities 

Terms Moderate. 




Cycle and 



High St., 



Prompt Attention 
to all Orders and 


are suitable for all Classes of 
Buildings, and every type of 
Roof. Send for Samples & Prices 




Established 1859. 'Phone No. 210. 


Joiner and House Carpenter, 



All Orders Receive Careful and Prompt Attention. 

House Address, - 7 HILLEND ROAD. 



5lag, Waste, and JKetal jYCerehant, 

4 WEST GRIMSBY, Arbroath 

(Close to Foot of West Port.) 

Estimates Given for Every Quantity of Old Material. 

Parties can rely on obtaining Highest Prices in District. 

Old Metal, Lead, Copper, Brass, Ropes, Rags. 
&.O., Purchased for Cash. 

A Post Card or otlicr Message will ensure Prompt Attention. 

Stores — 4 West Grimsby. Office — 10 Shore. 

'Phone No. 10. Telegrams — " Shore," Arbroath. 




Furnish the Home at Fergusons 

Keal Good Value in Furniture and Furnishings is our Maxim. We Buy 
in the hest markets, and give our customers the benefit. The Low Prices 
ve charge is convincing proof of this. When you want Value, come to 
Ferguson's. If you have any Uef t-Off Clothing' we will be pleased 
to buy it. We pay the Highest Price within reason. 

11 & 13 APPLEGATE, 



You will find that FISH only 
are kept at 

Stephen's Fish Mart 




Finnans, Smokies, and Kippers a Specialty 
Orders by Post or 'Phone receive Strict Attention 



Jobbing of every description carefully attended to. 

Estimates given for all kinds of Slater and Rough Caitirg Work. 

Chimney Heads Repaired and Pointed. 

PANMURE STREET, Arbroath Telephone 155 

House Address: 30 WEST KEPTIE STR1 ET. 



General & House Furnishing Ironmonger. 

You will always find what you want in the way of 
Househo'd Requirements 


Also Razors and Pocket Cutlery, Watches, Alarm Clocks, 

Electro-Plate, Table Cutlery, Enamelled Ware, 

Hardware, &c, in Great Variety. 

Distempers, Paints, Varnishes, Stains, &c. 
Incandescent Burners, Fittings, Mantles, Globes, &c. 







Dniry and Farm Produce. 

Fresh Farm Eggs and Butler Daily. 

Confections— all Best Makes. 

Provision Merchant. 

Choice Fruits in their Season. 

Jams and Jellies. 

Milk Delivery every Morning and 

Evening by Cart. 

The House for Value and Quality 

j bo 

■a ^ 











J <J 


T. % GRANT, 

Registered 'Plumber and 
Heating Engineer, 


JJRBROATH Telephone 101 







Arbroath Office, - BROTHOCK BRIDGE. 

Misses E. £r M. GARDYNE, High Street 
Miss E. B. CROWE, 37 High Street 



General Directory for Arbroath. 


M.P. for Montrose Burghs. — J. Leng Sturrock, Newport, Fife. Election Agent — 

Mr Norman M'Bain, solicitor, Arbroath. Poll at November, 1922 — J. Leng 

Sturrock, 8407; John Carnegie, 7044 — majority, 1363. 
M.P. For Forfarshire — James Falconer, Esq., M.P., 11 Thornev Court, Palace Gate, 

London, W.8. Poll at November, 1922— James Falconer, 8567; Captain Shaw, 7071 

— majority 1496. 
Hon Sheriff "Substitutes— A. R. Duncan, Parkhill ; F. F. Macdonald, W. J. Rollo. 
Town Clerk — Robert Finlayson. 

Town Chamberlain and Collector of Rates— Ernest F. Cobb. 

Parish Council— Inspector of Poor— W. B. Gardner. Office— 22 Hill Street. 
Chief Constable — James Macdonald, Police Chambers. 
Police Inspector — William Wilson. 

Resident County Police Officer — Sergeant Edward, 43 Jamieson Street. 
Postmaster — T. Colman. 

Income Tax Office — Town House. Custom and Excise Office — Shore. 

Inland Revenue Officers— T. A. M'Quillen and John Fyfe. Office— West Newgate. 
Old Age Pension Officer— T. A. M'Quillen. 
Burgh Surveyor — David H. Shaw. Office — Gravesend. 
District Rood Surveyor— David W. Hunter. 
Burgh Assessor — R. J. Drummond, Market Place. 
Fire-Master— Rowland C. Farquhar, 4 Hill Place. 
Inspector of Weights and Measures — David H. Shaw. 
Burgh Sanitary Inspector — David H. Shaw. 
County Sanitary Inspector — John Anderson, C.E., Montrose. 
Cleansing Inspector— David Burness, Cleansing Department, Almerie Close. 
Water Inspectors— Walter Gibson, 4 John Street, and Peter Black, 217 High Street. 
Medical Officer for Burgh— Dr Yule, 2 Hill Street. 
Tuberculosis Officer — Dr Graham Johnston. 
Public Health Hospital Medical Officer— Dr Kelly. 
Medical Inspector for Schools— Dr W. S. Sinclair, Brechin 
Certifying Factory Inspector— Dr Laing, Maule Street. 
Parish Council Medical Officers— Dr Gilruth and Dr Melville Keith. 
Police Surgeon — Dr Gilruth. 

Veterinary Surgeon and Dead Meat Inspector— A. L. Robertson, 40 Hill Street. 
Harbourmaster and Pilotmaster and Shore Dues Collector— Captain Edward. 
Harbour Superintendent of Works — Captain Edward. 

Sheriff-Clerk Depute— Tames Duncan, Sheriff Court House, Commerce Street. 
Gas Manager— Alex. C. Young. Gas Wo ks— Ponderlaw Street. 
Registrar— Alexander Smith, 81 High Street. 

Superintendent of Cemeteries— James Robertson, Western Cemetery Lodge. 
Superintendent of Public Baths— D. Drury. 
School Drill Instructor— Sergeant G. Edward. 

Town Missionary— Tames Moffat, Bethany Cottage, Howard Street. 
Coast Missionary— George Neave, 28 Elliot Street. 
Female Home Missionary— Miss M'Lean, Keptie Street. 

Clerk of Established Presbytery— Rev. A. Mills, Colliston. _ . ,, . 

Clerk of Arbroath and Forfar U.F. Church Presbytery— Rev. J. Smith, Friockheim. 
Librarian— Miss Strachan, Free Public Library. 
Sheriff Officer— David Kinnear, 23 Cairnie Street. 

School Board Officer— Thos. Ross, 15 George St. Assistant— Alex. Mather. 
Town Officer— James Duncan, 33^ Millgate. 
Bar-Officer— Robert Spink. 
Inspector Under Shops Act— Robert Spink. 

Reporter—" Arbroath Guide "—Arthur A. Fleming, Glover Street. 
Reporter—" Arbroath Herald "— H. K. Reid, Fergus Street. 
Reporter—" Dundee Advertiser "—John Joss, 93 Keptie Street. 
Reporter—" Dundee Courier "—J. A. Taylor, 38 Helen Street. 



Established 1820. 


An Arbroath Landmark 

3 ~ X St 


has stood the test of over 100 Years. 
We are still at your Service. 

We Stock One Quality Only : VHE &EST. 


Butcher, Poulterer, and Game Dealer, 

Corner of Commerce St. 6r High St. 

Telephone 94. 




Seating Accommodation. 
*Webster Memorial Hall — Keeper, Robert Spink, Hall Buildings, 900 

*01ympia— Resident Manager, W. Marsh. 1000 

♦Palace Theatre— Manager, R. B. Stewart, 1100 

Templar Halls— Hallkeeper, James Nicoll, Hall Buildings. 550, 200 

Panmure Hall, Hill Street— Keeper. Edward F. Baillie, Hall Buildings, 


John St. Hall (Dancing Academy)— Proprietor, D. W. Jackson, 272 High St. 400 

Sheriff Court House— Keeper — Thomas Alder 280 

Assembly Hall — Keeper, Robert Spink, Webster Memorial Hall, 250 

White Hart Hall— Proprietor, Mr Alex. Smith, White Hart Hotel, 250 

Y.M.C.A. Hall, 75 High Street— Keeper, Wm. Dougall, 75 High Street, 250 

Y.W.C.A. Hall, 54 High St.— Caretaker, Mrs D. A. Shepherd, 54 High St. 250 

Park Street Hall— Keeper, J. C. Swankie, 39 John Street. 200 

Coast Mission Hall— Caretaker, David Swankie, High Street 170 

Foresters Hall, Green Street — George Moore, 9 Lochland Street 120 

Red Lion Hall, Barngreen — Proprietor, Red. Lion Bar, 60 
Town Mission Hall, West Mill Wynd — Jeannie Mackenzie 
Y.M.C.A. Social Institute & Hut, Hill St.— Caretaker, Mrs Wilson, Hill St. 
♦Licensed also for Cinematograph Exhibitions. 


Census in April, 187] 19,973 

Census in April, 1881 21,758 

Census in April, 1891 22,997 

Census in April, 1901 22,569 

Census in April, 1911 20,647 

Census in June, 1921, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 19,499 


Lands, &c. Railways. Total. 

Burgh, £119,831 5 £2,499 6 £122,330 5 

Landward, 21,963 9 8 2,721 24,684 9 S 

Parish £141,794 14 8 £5,220 o £147,014 14 8 



Occupiers. Owners. 

Municipal Assessment, 5s 7d 3s Id Poor Rate, 

Poor & School Rates, 2s - 5d Is lid Education Rate, 


Occupiers. Owners 

Is 3d Is 2d 

9-5d 9d 


Spring Holiday— Third Mondav of April (16th). Autumn Holiday— Last Monday of 
September (24th) ; St Thomas Market Holidays— Monday and Tuesday following 
18th July, if a Saturday; if not, Monday and Tuesday following first Saturday 
after the 18th (24th and 25th). Shopkeepers' Half-Holiday every Wednesday 
afternoon from 1 o'clock. Under Licensing Act— Jan. 2nd ; Spring Holiday, Vic- 
toria Day, Autumn Holiday. 

Bank Holidays— 1st January (New Year's Day); Spring Holiday, open 9 to 11 a.m.; 
April 16th; May 7th; St Thomas Holidays, open on Monday, 9 to 11 a.m., and 
Tuesday, 9 to 11 a.m.; August 6th; Autumn Holiday, open from 9 to 11 a.m.; 
25th December (Christmas Day). 



Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist, 



Local View Post Cards. All Smokers' Requisites. 

{F}est Quality. 

Large Selection of Fancy Leather Goods. 

Established 1856. telephone $£o 1 1 . 

On the Breakfast Tables of the Best Families 
in Town or Country : 

Our Pure Teas and 






Council meets second Monday of each month, except in July; and in November, 
when meeting is held first Friday after election. 

Magistrates, etc.— Provost Archibald Craig Anderson. Bailies— William Chapel, 
Charles Milne, and Andrew Beatt. Dean of Guild D. R. Macdonald. Hon. 
Treasurer — Judge Alexander Maclaren Robertson. 

Other Councillors— judge James Lee Mason, Judge David T. Wilson, Edward 
Spink, Arthur King, William M. Soutar, Robert Kinnear, John Anderson 
Wilson, John Souttar, Harry Corsar, John R. W. Clark, Joseph S. Matthews. 
W. J. Anckorn. 

Officials.— Town Clerk— Robert Finlayson. Town Chamberlain and Collector of 
Rates— Ernest F. Cobb. Burgh Surveyor, Master of Works, Water Engineer, 
and Inspector of Weights and Measures— D. H. Shaw, Burgh' Police Buildings. 
Gas Engineer and Manager— A. C. Young, Ponderlaw Street. Chief Constable, 
Burgh Prosecutor, and Billet Master— J. Macdonald, Burgh Police Office. Medi- 
cal Officer of Health— Dr Arthur D. Yule, 9 Hill Street. Tuberculosis Officer- 
Public Health Hospital Medical Officer— Dr Kelly, Keptie Street. Public 
Health Hospital Matron— Miss Haldane. Police Surgeon— Dr J. D. Gilruth, 
Hyde Park House. Superintendent of Cleansing and Shambles — D. Burness. 
Lighting Inspector— A. C. Young. Registrar— Alex. Smith, 81 High Street. 
Superintendent of Cemeteries — J. Robertson, Western Cemetery. Superintend- 
ent of Public Baths— D. Drury. Firemaster— R. C. Farquhar, 7 Hill Place. 
Burgh Assessor and Registration Officer — J. Drummond, Market Place. Auditor 
— Sydney Milne, C.A., 11 Reform Street, Dundee. Veterinary Surgeon — A. L. 
Robertson, 40 Hill Street. Health Visitor and Assistant Sanitary Inspector — 
Miss Minnie Scott, Sanitary Inspector's Office. Burgh Analyst — Andrew Dargie, 
B.Sc, 140 Perth Road, Dundee. Bacteriologist — Dr Tulloch, University College, 
Dundee. Caretaker, Webster Memorial Halls — Robert Spink. Caretaker, Sheriff 
Court House — Thomas Alder. Town Officer — James Duncan, 33£- Millgate. 

Group A (first Thursday after Council Meeting) — Streets and Public Improvements 
— Councillor Judge Wilson (convener), Councillor W. M. Soutar, Councillor 
Kinnear, Dean of Guild Macdonald, Councillor Spink, Councillor Matthews. 
When sitting as a Dean of Guild Court — Dean of Guild Macdonald, convener. 

Parks and Recreation Grounds — Councillor W. M. Soutar (convener), Council- 
lor Judge Wilson, Councillor Kinnear, Dean of Guild Macdonald, Councillor 
Spink, Councillor Matthews. 

Gas. — Councillor Kinnear (convener), Councillor Judge Wilson, Councillor 
W. M. Soutar, Dean of Guild Macdonald, Councillor Spink, Councillor Mat- 

Watching, Lighting and Fire Brigade. — Dean of Guild Macdonald (conven- 
er), Councillor Judge Wilson, Councillor W. M. Soutar, Councillor Kinnear, 
Councillor Spink, Councillor Matthews. 

Baths. — Councillor Spink (convener), Councillor Judge Wilson, Councillor 
W. M. Soutar, Councillor Kinnear, Dean of Guild Macdonald, Councillor 

Weights and Measures — Councillor Matthews, Councillor Judge Wilson, 
Councillor W. M. Soutar, Councillor Kinnear, Dean of Guild Macdonald 
Councillor Spink, Councillor Matthews. 

Group B (second Thursday after). — Provost's — Provost Anderson (convener), 
Councillor J. A. Wilson, Bailie Beatt, Councillor Judge Mason, Councillor 
J. Souttar, Bailie Chapel. Bailie Milne is ex officiis member of Provost's 

Harbour. — Councillor J. A. Wilson (convener), Provost Anderson, Bailie 
Beatt, Councillor Judge Mason, Councillor J. Souttar, Bailie Chapel. 


Committees — Continued. 

Housing.— Bailie Beatt (convener). Provost Anderson, Councillor J, A. 
Wilson, Councillor Judge Mason, Councillor T. Souttar, Bailie Chapel. 

Water— Councillor Judge Mason (convener), Provost Anderson, Councillor f. 
A. Wilson, Bailie Beatt, Councillor J. Souttar, Bailie Chapel. 

Webster Memorial Halls— Councillor T. Souttar (convener). Provost Anderson 
Councillor J. A. Wilson, Bailie Beatt, Councillor Judge Mason. Bailie Chapel! 

Diseases of Animals.— Bailie Chapel (convener), Provost Anderson, Councillor 
J. A. Wilson, Bailie Beatt, Councillor Judge Mason, Councillor J. Souttar. 

Group C (third Thursday after).— Public Health and Drainage— Councillor Clark 
(convener), Bailie Milne, Councillor King, Councillor Corsar, Councillor 

Cleansing and Shambles. — Bailie Milne (convener), Councillor Clark, Coun- 
cillor King, Councillor Corsar, Councillor Anckorn. 

Town's Properties and Feus. — Councillor King (convener), Councillor Clark, 
Bailie Milne, Councillor Corsar, Councillor Anckorn. 

Burial Grounds.— Councillor Corsar (convener), Councillor Clark, Bailie 
Milne, Councillor King, Councillor Anckorn. 

Duncan Charity Feuing. — Councillor Anckorn (convener), Councillor Clark, 
Bailie Milne, Councillor King, Councillor Corsar. 

Finance (fourth Thursday after). — The whole Council. Treasurer Judge Robertson 

Finance Sub-Committee (Tuesday preceding Finance Committee). — Treasurer Judge 
Robertson (convener), Provost Anderson, Bailies Chapel, Milne, Councillors 
Kinnear, and J. A. Wilson. 

Local Pension Committee — (First (High Street and Millgate) Ward. — Councillors 
Judge Wilson and Corsar; Second (Lochlands and Keptie) Ward — Councillors 
Judge Robertson and Judge Mason; Third (Abbey and Guthrie Port) Ward — 
Provost Anderson (chairman), Councillor Matthews, and Councillor J. Souttar. 

Ambulance Committee. — To take charge of the Town's Motor Ambulance Wagon : — 
The Provost and Magistrates, the Secretar\-, Arbroath Red Cross Society (Mr 
R. S. Black), the Convener of the Public Health Committee (Councillor Clark; 
Dr Yule, Medical Officer of Health; the Secretary, St Andrews Ambulance 
Corps (Mr J. B. Edmonds), and their successors im office. 


Total Constituency— 9585— Males, 4754; Females, 4840. 

FIRST WARD (High Street and Millgate)— Males, 1634; Females, 1502; total 3136. 
Representatives : — Councillor Judge D. T. Wilson, elected 1920, retires 1923; 
Councillor Clark, elected 1921, retires 1923; Dean of Guild Macdonald, elected 

1921, retires 1924; Councillor Corsar, elected 1922, retires 1924; Councillor 
Anckorn, elected 1922, retires 1925; Councillor Kinnear, elected 1922, retires 1925. 

SECOND WARD (Lochlands and Keptie)— Males, 1483; Females, 1736; total, 3219. 
Representatives: — Bailie Milne, elected 1920, retires 1923; Councillor J. A. Wil- 
son, elected 1920, retires 1923; Treasurer Judge Robertson, elected 1921-22, retires 
1924; Councillor Judge Mason, elected 1921, retires 1924; Councillor King, elected 

1922, retires 1925; Councillor W. M. Soutar, elected 1922, retires 1925. 

THIRD WARD (Abbey and Guthrie Port)— Males, 1637; Females, 1592; total, 3229. 
Representatives: — Bailie Beatt, elected 1920-21, retires 1923; Councillor Spink, 
elected 1921, retires 1923; Bailie Chapel, elected 1921, retires 1924; Councillor J. 
Souttar, elected 1921, retires 1924; Provost Anderson, elected 1922, retires 1925 ; 
Councillor Matthews, elected 1922, retires 1925. 



The following are the members of Town Council who have telephones, with 
the numbers appended — Provost Anderson (Office, 80; House, 47); Bailie Cha- 
pel (110); Judge D. T. Wilson (71); Councillor Sontar (Shop, 73; House, 83); 
Councillor J. A. Wilson (Office, 92; House, 216); Councillor J. R. W. Clark 
(40); Councillor Harry Corsar (Office, 5; House, 65). 

First Ward.— James Law, 6 East Grimsby; William Scott, 5 Hill Road; James G. 
Boath, 39 Commerce Street; Tames F. Anderson, 28 Kvd Street; David Shepherd, 
14 Marketgate; Hugh Gavin, 42 Hill Street; Alexander Watt, 22 High Street; 
W. H. Thorncycroft, 125 High Street; Wallace Nicoll, 16 Kyd Street; D. R. 
Macdonald, West Port; D. Littlejohn, 33 Commerce Street; J. G. Leslie, 9 Mill- 
gate; D. Byars, 151 High Street; Alexander Smith, White Hart Hotel; Sam. 
Rathjen, 240 High Street; Joseph Salmond, 43 Panmure Street; David Clark, 44 
High Street, and Wm. Jamieson, 28 Kyd Street. Secretary — H. Victor Neill, 
solicitor, 93 High Street. 

Second Ward. — Messrs Alex. Mailer (chairman), A. M'Callum (secretary) David 
Paton, James M'Leod, David Paterson, D. D. Calder, James Addison, Thomas 
M'Ewan, R. Guthrie, Alex. Johnston, James S. Edwards, J. R. Aitken, John 
Anderson, T. Riley, James Kydd, T. Anderson, Watson Baird, John Joss, 
Alex. Scott, Alex. Dunn, Arthur King, and Mrs D. R. Macdonald. 

Third Ward. — Thos. C. Esplin (chairman), Robert Gillespie, 7 Sidney Street (secre- 
tary; Messrs J. Ritchie, J. R. Clark, Frank Irons, John W. Lindsay, A. R. 
Strachan, Wm. Fraser, Wm. Dorward, Wm. Gray, D. Smith, Allan Maver, 
Alexander Coull, James M. Duncan, John M'Caffray. 

Works — Pondcrlaw Street. Office Hours — 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 
1 p.m. Manager — Alex. C. Young, Gas Works House. Collector — A. Christie. 
Auditor — E. Tosh, C.A., Dundee. Treasurer — E. F^_Cobb, Town Chamberlain. 

ABBEY BURYING GROUND— Hours as Cemeteries. 
Supt. and Collector — James Robertson, Western Cemetery. Treasurer — E. F. Cobb. 

WESTERN CEMETERY Forfar Road)— Open. Week Da.vs, 7 (or Sunrise when 
later) until Sunset. Sundays, 1 p.m. till Sunset. 
Superintendent and Collector — James Robertson, Cemetery Lodge. Office Hours — 
9 to 10 a.m., and 5 to 6 p.m. Dressing dues, payable on 1st November to Town 
Chamberlain. Treasurer — Ernest F. Cobb. 

EASTERN CEMETERY (Office, Brechin Road).— Hours as above. 

Supt. and Collector — James Robertson, Western Cemetery Lodge. Office Hours — 
— 11 a.m. to 12 noon. Treasurer — Ernest F. Cobb. 

(Under II. M. Board of Works.) Keeper — Enoch Bell, Rosebank. 

POLICE OFFICE— Market Place. 
Chief Constable and Burgh Prosecutor — James Macdonald. 


Held in Police Chambers. Judges — The Magistrates, Judge A. M'Laren Robertson, 
Judge Wilson,' and Judge Mason. Clerk— R. Finlayson. Deputy Clerk — 
William Robertson. 



The Brigade consists of a Captain, 1 Lieutenant, Engineer, 9 Firemen and Turn- 
Cock. Engine and all appliances kept at Police Buildings. Firemaster— Row- 
land C. Farquhar, 4 Hill Place. For all fire-alarms, Telephone No. 7 or 104. 

AMBULANCE VAN- Dishland Stables. 
For use in all cases of accident in Town or District. Keys at the Police Office. 


Office, 22 Hill Street. Inspector's Office Hours— 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., 6 to 7 p.m. ; 
Saturdays, 10 to 2 p.m. Collector's Office Hours— 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., and 2 
to 5 p.m.; Saturdays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Chairman — If. V. Neill. Inspector — 
W. B. Gardner. Clerk — W. B. Gardner. Members of Council — William J. 
Anckorn, Watson Baird, David D. Calder, Peter Elder, David Fairweather, 
Alexander Gordon Hendry, Andrew C. Hewit, George Keith, David Milne, 
Colin P. M'Callum, James M'Leod, William Ogilvie, Thomas Riley, Andrew 
R. Strachan, Robert P. Toye, Provost A. C. Anderson, James B. Crockatt, 
Rev. Charles E. Duff, George A. Francis, Thomas Howie, Rev. A. Murray 
Scott, Andrew Osier Smart, David Weighton. 

Poorhouse Committee.— William J. Anckorn, David D. Calder, James B. Crockatt, 
Rev. Charles E. Duff, Alexander G. Hendry, Thomas Howie, George Keith, 
Colin M'Callum, David Milne, Rev. A. Murray Scott, Andrew O. Smart, 
Mr Calder, convener. 

Finance Committee. — Peter Elder, David Fairweather, George A. Francis, James 
M'Leod, David Milne, II. Victor Neill, William Ogilvie, Andrew O. Smart, 
Andrew R. Strachan, Robert P. Toye, David Weighton. Mr Neill, convener. 

Relieving Committee. — David D. Calder, Watson Baird, Peter Elder, David Fair- 
weather, George A. Francis, Alex. G. Hendry, Andrew Hewit, Thos. Howie, 
George Keith, William Ogilvie, Thos. Riley, R. P. Toye, David Weighton. 
Mr Hendry, convener. 

Chairman's Committee.— William J. Anckorn, A. C. Anderson, David D. Calder, 
Rev. Charles E. Duff, James B. Crockatt, C. Y. Myles, Watson Baird, Andrew 
C. Hewit, Thomas Howie, Colin P. M'Callum, H. Victor Neill, Rev. A. Murray 
Scott. Mr Neill, convener. 

Members to Sign Cheques. — Provost Anderson, C. Y. Myles, A. G. Hendry, H. 
Victor Neill. 

Representatives on Parish Trusts.— Arbroath— William J. Anckorn, D. D. Calder, 
H. Victor Neill. St Vigeans— A. C. Anderson, Thos. Howie, Andrew O. Smart. 

Valuation Sub-Committee— David D. Calder, Alex. G. Hendry, II. Victor Neill. 

Representatives on Parish Councils Association— W . J. Anckorn and D. D. Calder. 

Representative on the Directorate of Montrose Asylum. — Rev. Charles E. Duff. 

Representative on the Burgh School Management Committee— -W '. J. Anckorn. 

Arbroath District Nursing Association.— A. C. Hewit and Thomas Howie. 


Mortifications, &c 

Arrot's Mortification. — The late Dr James Arrot, Dundee, by his trust-disposition 
and settlement, bequeathed the residue of his estate to the minister and kirk-session 
of the parish of Arbroath to be applied by them, at their discretion, for the benefit 
of aged, poor, deserving persons resident within their jurisdiction, and not in re- 
ceipt of parochial relief. There are at present 27 persons receiving annuities of 
£6 per annum. Agents — Webster & Littlejohn, solicitors, Arbroath. 

Arbikie Fund, 1876. — This Fund was created by the late John Mudie, Esq., of 
Pitmuies, who bequeathed the personal estate of his sister, the late Miss Catherine 
Mudie, of Arbikie, to which he had succeeded as her Residuary Legatee, for the 
purpose of dividing the Free Revenue in annuities of .£40 each, amongst deserving 
persons residing in the parish of Arbroath and St Vigeans. In case of equal merit, 
preference to be given to a candidate belonging to S. Mary's Episcopal Church, Ar- 
broath. The Right Hon. Lord Lyell of Kinnordy, the Minister of S. Mary's Epis- 
copal Church, Arbroath, the Parish Ministers of Arbroath and St Vigeans, and the 
Provost and Town Clerk, Trustees. J. & W. Macdonald, agents, Arbroath. 

Arbroath Educational Trust. — This Governing Body, constituted under the Edu- 
cational Endowments (Scotland) Act, 1882, deals with the educational endowments 
under the Gibson Fund, the Colvill Mortification, Dove's Charity, Rickards Legacy, 
and the Funds of the Female Benevolent Society. Governors : — Reps, of Town 
Council — Provost Anderson and ex-Provost Alexander. Reps, of School Management 
Committees — George Reid, Rev. George Hitchcock, Rev. Alexander Mills, Colliston, 
and Mr David Grieve, Drumyellow. Rep. of the Minister and Kirk-Session of the 
Parish of Arbroath — The Minister. Representatives of the Gibson Fund Trustees 
— Rev. Edward W. Millar, and Mr A. D. Lowson. Representatives of the Trustees 
of the late John Colvill — Bailie Wilson and Rev. C. E. Duff. Chairman — Rev. 
Alexander Mills, Colliston. Clerk— F. F. Macdonald, solicitor. 

Dr Brown's Bursary. — This Trust was created by the late Alexander Brown, Esq., 
LL.D., for the purpose of establishing a bursary for boys belonging to the town ot 
Arbroath, and resident therein at the time, who may be studying the physical 
sciences at either the University of St Andrews or University College, Dundee, pre- 
ference being given to St Andrews, the bursary to be tenable for a period of not 
more than three years. Trustees — The Minister of the Parish of Arbroath, the 
Minister of Inverbrothock United Free Congregation, Arbroath, and the Town Clerk 
of Arbroath, all for the time being. Agents — D. & W. Chapel, solicitors. 

Petrie's Trust. — In 1875, Mr William Petrie, manufacturer, bequeathed to Trus- 
tees properties supposed to amount to about £2000, the rentals of which, at the 
death ot a life-renter and annuitant created by him, to be distributed by them in 
£10 shares amongst " poor deserving women, ot respectable character, being in and 
belonging to, and at the time resident in, the parish of St Vigeans, and who have 
not been in receipt of parochial relief lor the preceding five years at least." The 
Three Trustees are — The M-inister and Kirk Treasurer of St Vigeans; and. the Pro- 
vost of Arbroath. Norman Allium, solicitor, clerk. 

Milris Charity, 1SS0. — The Annual Revenue of £200, bequeathed by the late Robert 
Miln, Esq., of Viewfield, to be applied annually in the purchase of coals and meal 
for the poor of the parish of St Vigeans, within the Parliamentary boundary of the 
Burgh of Arbroath. Trustees — The Minister and Kirk Session of Inverbrothock 
Pariah Church, Arbroath. Alexander Hood, clerk, 38 Elliot Street. 

The Smith Fund, for Destitute Sick, bequeathed by the late Alexander Smith, 
Esq., of Brothock Bank. The recipients must be residenters. Trustees — The Parish 
Minister, Minister of Inverbrothock Parish Church, and the Kirk Sessions of Ar- 
broath and Inverbrothock. Agent — H.-V. Neill. 

Carmichael's 1738. — Mr Carmichael's Estate, divided every half-year among seven 
widows whose husbands have been shipmasters. Patrons — The Provost, Bailies, 
Parish Minister, Kirk Treasurer, and Boxmaster of the Seamen s Fraternity. Clerks 
—J. & Vv . Macdonald. The number of recipients on this fund are 7, who each 
receive £9 yearly. 

Colvill s 1811. — The Parochial Schoolmaster of Arbroath, and the Parochial 
School master of St Vigeans formerly received Thirty Pounds each for the education 
of five poor children in each of their respective schools. The money is now ad- 
ministered by the Arbroath Educational Trust. (See above.) The Episcopal Clergy- 
man, Arbroath, receives Ten Pounds. Ten Pounds are distributed among the poor 
by the Kirk Session of Arbroath, and a like sum by the Kirk Session of St Vigeans. 


The residue is divided among twenty poor householders. The Provost, Bailies, 
Town Clerk, Dean of Guildry Incorporation, Convener of Trades, Minister and 
Kirk Treasurer of Arbroath, Minister and Kirk Treasurer of St Vigeans, and 
Minister of Episcopal Church, Arbroath, patrons. J. & \V. Macdonald, Arbroath, 
clerks. The number of recipients on this fund are 20, who each receive £18 yearly 
Mrs Renny Strachan's. — About Fifty Pounds are yearly expended, one half on 
coals, the other half on oatmeal, and distributed at Christmas among the most 
necessitous poor. Patrons — The Provost, Bailies, Town Clerk, and the Parish 
Ministers of Arbroath, St Vigeans, and Inverbrothock, and the Minister of the 
Episcopal Church, Arbroath. Clerks — J. & W. Macdonald. 100 recipients. 

Gibson Christmas Charity, 1S6S. — Annual revenue of £2000 to be applied, one-half 
in the purchase of groceries, oatmeal, and clothes, and the other half in the pur- 
chase of coals yearly, and divided at Christmas among the necessitous poor. Pat- 
rons, &c. — Same as Renny Strachan Fund, with the addition of the second minister 
of Arbroath. There are 100 recipients, who each receive value to the extent of £1. 
Clerks— J. & W. Macdonald. 

Forbes Fund, IS64. — This Fund is distributed among destitute widows and old 
unmarried females, in sums not less than Eight Pounds, nor more than Ten. The 
recipients must be residenters. Patrons — The Magistrates, Parish Minister, Dean 
of Guild, and Town Clerk. Clerks — J. & W. Macdonald. There are 21 recipients 
who receive £8 or £10 each. 

Gibson Fund, iA6'S. — The annual produce of this Fund is applied as follows,— 
.£100 was formerly paid annually to the Rector of the High School for the educa- 
tion of eight boys. This is now altered under the constitution of the Arbroath 
Educational Trust. The residue to be divided yearly, at Whitsunday, in sums of 
not less than £20, and not exceeding £25, among poor householders. The preference 
to be given to worthy persons of fallen fortune. Patrons — Magistrates, Town Clerk, 
Dean of Guildry Incorporation, Convener of Trades, Minister, Assistant Minister, 
and Kirk Treasurer of Arbroath; Minister and Kirk Treasurer of St Vigeans, and 
Minister of Episcopal Church, Arbroath. J. & W. Macdonald, cashiers and agents. 
The number of recipients on this fund is 60, who each receive £20 yearly. 

Gibson Mortification for Sixteen Poor Householders, 1S6S. — The annual revenue 
of £4000 is divided yearly at Whitsunday, amoung sixteen poor householders residing 
in Arbroath. Patrons — Same as above. Amount payable to annuitants — £12. Clerks 
—J. & W. Macdonald. 

Duncan Charity, 1S69. — The annual revenue of three-eighths of the residue of the 
trust-estate of the late David Duncan, Esq., Greenbank, is divided amongst poor, 
aged, and reduced of either sex, being natives or old residenters and not in receipt 
of parochial relief. Patrons — Magistrates and Town Council. Clerk — R. Finlayson. 
Treasurer — E. F. Cobb. The annuitants on this Fund number at present 15 who 
each receive £10 yearly. . 

Mrs Jessie Millar or Reid's. — The residue of Mrs Reid's estate is held for divi- 
sion at or about Christmas each yea* - of £10 annually amongst such poor and de- 
serving members of the fisher class as her trustees select. No recipient at any time, 
three years prior to payment, to have been in receipt of parochial relief. Agents — 
M'tiaiu & Anderson, Solicitors. 

The George Anderson Fund. — This fund was created by the late George Ander on 
of Denfield (formerly of George Anderson & Co., Limited, Engineers, Carnoustie), 
who bequeathed the residue of his estate, estimated to amount to iully £20,000, and 
directed the income to be applied by his trustees in assisting working men and 
women connected with Arbroath, who have worked there for not less than ten years, 
and who, through no fault of their own, are unable to maintain themselves. The 
scheme of administration provides that the benefits of the fund shall consist of (a) 
payments at a rate not exceeding in each case 10s per week to be made in advance, 
monthly or otherwise as the trustees shall prescribe, and to be alterable or termin- 
able at any time in their discretion; {b) special gra its to meet temporary needs 
arising out of exceptional circumstances. The Trustees are — Mr James Campbell, 
retired teacher; Dr T. F. Dewar, Dr W. J. Dewar, Mr James Shanks, the Rev. 
George Hitchcock, and Mr Adam Oliver, S.S.C. Agents — Messrs Clark, Oliver, 
Dewar & Webster. 

Inchcape Fund. — Purposes of the Fund. — The Trustees shall pay the free annual 
income to be derived from the fund to such deserving persons who are natives of, 
or residenters within, the Parliamentary boundaries of the burgh of Arbroath (but 
so long only as the latter shall be so resident), and who' have been associated with 
the sea, or have "gone down to' the sea in ships," and who require help; and the 
deserving relatives or dependents (who are natives of or are resident in'Arbroath) 
of such p:rsons who require help, as the Trustees shall decide, 


Weir Bequest. — Free annual proceeds to be applied for the benefit of Poor and 
deserving persons in the Parish of Arbroath and St Vigeans at the discretion of the 
Provost, Magistrates, and Town Council of Arbroath and the Parish Minister of 
Arbroath and the Parish Minister of St Vigeans, all for the time being. 

Dall Christmas Charity. — Free annual income of .£100 to be divided into shares 
of £1 each to be paid annually at Christmas to such Poor and deserving natives 
or old residenters in the Royal Burgh of Arbroath as the Town Council may select. 
Note. — The capital of this charity will! fall to be increased by £250 War Stock on 
the death of Mr David Dall, Motherwell, the donor. 

Ecclesiastical information. 

ARBROATH PARISH CHURCH— Sunday Services, u a.m., 6 p.m. 
Minister— Rev. J. Spence Cuthill, B.D. Assistant Minister— Rev. And. S. Kidston, 
M.A. Session Clerk — F. F. Macdonald, Hill Street. Treasurer— J as. Jack. 
Church Officer— James Smith, 19^ E. Abbey Street. Ladies' Work Party (Tues- 
day, 7 p.m.). Hon. President— Mrs F. F. Macdonald, Cliff House. President — 
Mrs Cuthill. Secretary— Miss B. Macdonald, 31 Marketgate. Girls' Guildry 
(Juniors — Monday, at 6 p.m. Seniors, at 7.30 p.m.) Hon. Guardian — Mrs Fj F. 
Macdonald. Guardian — Mrs Cuthill. Assistant Guardians — Mrs Selby, Mrs G. 
Fleming, and Miss A. Stirling, M.A. Juniors — Mrs Macara and Mrs D. H. 
Shaw. Sabbath School at 12.30 p.m. Superintendent — Rev. And. S. Kidston, 
M.A. Bible Class, Senior and Juniors — Sunday at 5 p.m. District Visitors- 
Convener, Rev. J. Spence Cuthill, B.D. Membership — 1730. 

ABBEY PARISH CHURCH— Sunday Services, n a.m., t> p.m. 
Minister — Vacant. Session Clerk — Vacant Session Treasurer — Mr J. M. B. 
Michie. Chairman of Trustees — Mr E. W. R. Myles, Brechin Road. Clerk of 
Trustees — Mr J. Nairn, 62 Gravesend. Choirmistress — Mrs Anderson. Church 
Officer — A. R. Strachan, 14 Barngreen. 

IvADYUOAN PARISH CHURCH— Sunday Services n a.m., 6 p.m. 

Minister— Rev. John M'William, M.A., B.D., Ladyloan Manse. Moderator and 
Session Clerk — Rev. John M'William. Clerk to the Trustees — William Fraser, 
10 Stanley St. VicePresident of Sunday School — T. Strachan, 7 Guthrie Port. 
Secretary — R. Ross, 50 Russell St. Treasurer— T. Strachan, 7 Guthrie Pt. Church 
Officer — James Begg, 8 West Mary Street. Junior Guild Bible Classes. — Girls — 
Miss Maggie Ewing. Organist — Ben Strachan. Minister's Senior Bible Class — 
Sunday, 7.15 p.m. — Secretary — Peter Warren ; Treasurer — David Wyllie. 
Women's Guild.— President— Mrs M'William; Vice-Presidents— Miss H. M. 
Ewing, Mrs Bisset ; Secretary — Mrs John Smith; Treasurer — Miss H. M. Ewing. 
District Visitors — Mrs David Spink, Miss Lizzie Jamieson, Miss Isabella Milne, 
Mrs James Bisset, Miss Mary Mitchell, Miss Lizzie Mitchell, Miss Maggie 
Ewing, Miss Maggie Wyllie, Miss Hannah Ewing. Miss Evelyn M'Kenzie. 
Miss Peggy Petrie, Mrs James L. Will, Mrs Win. Croall, Mrs Norman Spink. 

INVERBROTHOCK PARISH CHURCH— Sunday Services' n a.m., 

6 p.m. 
Minister — Rev. George Hitchcock, M.A., B.D. Session Clerk — Alex. Hood, Craig- 
ton, Elliot Street. Treasurer of Session — Alex. Miller, 8 Carnegie Street. 
Treasurer and Clerk of Trustees — Rollo S. Black, Marketgate. Organist and 
Choirmaster — W. Jackson, George Street. Junior Choir meets Thursday, 
7 p.m. Senior Choir meets Thursday, 8 p.m. Church Officer — G. Miller, 
7 James Street. Senior Bible Class : — Sunday, 7.15 p.m. — Rev. G. Hitchcock, 
B.D. Sunday School— 12.30. Superintendent— Rev. G. Hitchcock, B.D. Infant 
Srlrol — Miss Macdonald 64 St Vigeans Road. Women's Guild, Tuesday, 
7.30. p.m.— President, Mrs Hitchcock; Secretary, Miss Campbell, 36 Hill Street; 
Treasurer, Miss Hutchison, 17 Victoria Street. Junior Guild meets every 
Thursday evening at 7 o'clock. President, Mrs Hitchcock ; Secretary and 
Treasurer, Miss Ada Bowman, 74^ Keptie Street. 


ST MARGARET'S PARISH CHURCH— Sunday Services, n a.m., 

6 p.m. 

Minister— Rev. R. Smith Mackintosh. Session Clerk and Treasurer— H. V. Neill, 
solicitor, 93 High Street. Organist and Choirmaster — Arthur A. Wallace, 78 
Keptie Street. Church Officer— J. P.. Crook, 93 Keptie Street. Sunday School 
(12.30 — Vice-Superintendent and Treasurer, J. S. Brown, 35 Howard Street. 
Bible Class, 7.15 p.m. Women's Guild (Thursday, 7.30 p.m.)— Hon. President, 
Miss Carey, The Shore; President, Mrs R. Smith Mackintosh, The Manse; 
Secretary, Miss Fraser, 9 Hayswell Road ; Treasurer, Miss Soutar, Bracklinn. 
Junior Guild (Thursdays, 6.30 p.m.)— Secretary, Miss Smith, 125 High Street. 
Study Circle — Secretary, William Walker, Rosedene. Convener of Seat-Letting 
Committee — H. V. Neill, solicitor, 93 High Street. Women's Association for 
Home and Foreign Missions— Hon. Secretary for Presbytery — Miss M. A. 
Macdonald, Windmill House. Editor of Church Magazine — J. S. Soutar, Brack- 
linn. Young People's Social Club — Secretary, G. L. Brown, 35 Howard Street. 
Membership 1020. Applications for sittings received by Session Clerk or Church 

L/ADYIvOAN U.F. CHURCH— Sunday Services, n a.m., 6 p.m. 

Minister— Rev. James Cameron. Session Clerks— A. A. Symon, Lochlands Cottage, 
and Joseph Moffat, Kerrlee, Dalhousie Place. Congregational Treasurer — A. C. 
Young, Gasworks House. Clerk of Deacon's Court— James Mackintosh, 2 Seaton 
Road. Members' Rollkeeper — Thomas Anderson, 30 Dalhousie Place. Adherents' 
Rollkeeper — Rev. James Cameron. Superintendent of Congregational Sabbath 
School — Rev. James Cameron. Central Fund Treasurer — William C. Ross, 4 
Carnegie Street. Convener of Foreign Mission Committee — Robert Milligan, 6 
Princes Street. Choirmaster — George S. Shiel, L.C.M. Membership— 810. Church 
Officer — C. Clark, 55 Dishland Street. Dorcas Society — President, Mrs Cameron, 
Manse ; Treasurer, Miss Peacock, Albert Street. Convener of Seat-Letting Com- 
mittee — Captain James Petrie, 30 Addison Place. Week Night Service every 
Wednesday at 7.30. Women's Guild— President, Mrs Cameron; Vice-President, 
Mrs Hay, Dalhousie Place. Treasurer, Miss Brand, Mount Zion Brae. Secre- 
tary, Mrs Ure, 56 Millgatei Loan. Meets in Congregational Hall on Mondays 
at 7 p.m. Intermediate Class in Session House at 7 p.m. Leader, James C. 
Ross, B.Sc. Minister's Class in Church Hall at 7 p.m. Senior Musical Associa- 
tion on Thursday at 8 p.m. Conductor; G. S. Shiel, L.C.M. Junior Musical As- 
sociation on Tuesday at 6.30 p.m., Conductors— G. S. Shiel, L.C.M., and T. Mit- 
chell, Hawthorn, Cairnie Road. Band of Hope on Thursday at 6 p.m. Superin- 
tendent— D. L. Manson, Ardgowan. Women's Social Hour, alternate Thursdays 
at 3 p.m. Boys' Club on Fridays at 7 p.m. Leader— Joseph Moffat, 
Kerrlee, Dalhousie Place. Children's Service in East Grimsby Hall on Sab- 
bath at 4.45 Superintendents— David Ramsay and John Beattie. 

KNOX'S U.F. CHURCH— Sunday Services, n a.m., 6 p.m. 

Minister— Emeritus Rev. J. P. Lilley, M.A., D.D., Mayfield Terrace, Edinburgh. 
Minister— Rev. J. R. Wark, M.A. Superintendent of Sabbath School— A. Bryce, 
12 Wallace Street. Session Clerk— G. Sherriffs, Lochlea. Clerk of Deacons' 
Court— James Vannet, 2£ Fergus Street. Treasurer— D. Smith, 62 Lochlands 
Street. Membership— 350. Church Officer— J. Robertson, 3 St Vigeans Road. 

INVERBROTHOCK U.F. CHURCH— Sunday Services, n a.m., 6 p.m. 

Minister— Rev. Alexander Rust, M.A., Lochland House, Elliot Place. Session 
Clerk— David B. King, Balbardie, Neville Street. Superintendent of 
Sabbath School— W. E. Crichton, Mansfield, Brechin Road. Con- 
gregational Treasurer— David Carnegie, 21 Russell Street. Central Fund Trea- 
surer—David Grant, 4 Lochland Street. Clerk of Deacons' Court— David Grant, 
4 Lochland Street. Convener of Seat-Letting Committee— David Carnegie, 21 
Russell Street. Secretary of Women's Guild— Mrs Crichton, Mansfield. Or- 
ganist and Choirmaster— William Sutherland, 260 High Street. 

ST NINIAN'S CHURCH.— The name of 

new congregation wfiich has been 

rmed by the fusion of the congregations 

High Street and East U.F. Churches is 

be St Ninian's. This was unanimously 

solved upon at a meeting of the congre- 

itional Board on Monday evening and the 

oposal was endorsed by a meeting of 

congregation on Thursday evening, 

lich was presided over by Rev. J. R. 

ark, Knox's U.F. Church, interim-moder- 

or. At the meeting of the congregation 

Committee was appointed in connection 

th the filling of the vacancy in the 

aige, brought about by the union. Mr 

;orge C. Paterson, who was organist of 

e Fast Church, has been appointed or- 

nist and choirmaster of the new con- 

egation. Mr W. C. Ramsay has been ap- 

inted Session Clerk; Mr Douglas G. 

inter, clerk of the Congregational Board ; 

r Watson Baird and Mr John Jack, joint- 

:asurers of the congregation; and Mr 

tnes Pirie, superintendent of Sunday 

hool. The Vacancy Sub-Committee is as 

lows : — Miss Wilson, Rotomahana ; Mr 

W. Watson, Merklands; Mr Watson 

ird, Mr D. G. Hunter, Mr W. C. Ram- 

7, Mr G. S. Robertson, and Mr David 


heroes in almost every nursery should 
the same time he responsible for 
modern problem of the child that ;] 
grown up too quickly. As all true lov 
of childhood realise, one of the va 
pathetic objects in life is the over-stii 
lated little boy or girl. Sir Mau: 

Craig, physician for Psychological M< 
cine, Guy's Hospital, denounces 
tendency of parents to over-stimul 
their children in the desire to give tl 
pleasure as one of the dangers of the 
" The nervous child is often highly 
telligent, and quickly absorbs knowledg 
Sir Maurice points out. " For 

reason, it is wise to prevent it from les 
ing to read at too early an age, for 
soon as it can read to itself it may be c 1 
cult to keep it from books. Early br 
ancy tends to premature failure." 


These clever, nervous children, < 
tinues this authority, require much su 
vision. When school days begin 

brilliant child is stimulated by a fresh 
bition to outstrip its school fellows 
knowledge. Entrance scholarships 

public schools are, in his opinion, frat 
with no small danger to the winners, 
the scholar has to I1V0 nr» +<-• *■*<■ ■ 


EAST U.F. CHURCH— Sunday Services, it a.m., 6 p.m. 
Minister— Rev. T. S. Anderson, 1 Springfield Terrace. Session Clerk— Rev. T. S. 
Anderson, Superintendent of Sabbath School — James Pirie, 33 Howard Street. 
Congregational Treasurer — Watson Baird, 54 Rossie Street. Clerk to Deacons' 
Court — Samuel Raitt, 55 Wallace Street. Treasurer of Central Fund — 
William C. Ramsay, 4 Culloden Road. Membership — 367. Young Men's Guild — 
President — Rev. T. S. Anderson ; Secretary and Treasurer— James Raitt, Wal- 
lace Street. Women's Guild: — Hon. President — Mrs Colin Grant, Woodside; 
President — Mrs T. S. Anderson; Secretary and Treasurer — Miss Kydd, 11 
Hillend Road. Organist and Choirmaster — George Paterson, Carnegie Street. 
Church Officer — Robert Baird, 42 Sidney Street. Superintendent of Band of 
Hope — Watson Baird, 54 Rossie Street. Convener of Seat-Letting Committee — 
William Wallace, 29 West Abbey Street. 

HIGH STREET U.F. CHURCH— Sunday Services, 11 a.m., 6 p.m. 
Minister — Rev. J. A. Tweedie, High Street Manse, Albert St. Session, Clerk — Rev. 
J. A. Tweedie. Superintendent of Sabbath School — Rev. J. A. Tweedie. Clerk 
to Managers' Court — Mr Douglas Hunter, Rosebrae. Congregational 
Treasurer — Mr T. W. Watson, Merklands. Treasurer of Sustentation 
Fund — John Jack, Hayswell Road. Treasurer for Foreign Missions — Wm. Law- 
son, 45 W. Abbey Street. Organist— D. H. Scott. Church Officer — David Clark, 
44 High Street. Women's Guild — Hon. President — Mrs Ellis, Rosemount. Pre- 
sidents — Mrs Howat, Lochshade, and Mrs Tweedie. High Street Manse. Secre- 
tary — Mrs M'Bain, Rosemount. Treasurer — Mrs Robertson, Culloden Terrace. 

PRINCES STREET U.F. CHURCH— Sunday Services, 11 a.m., 6 p.m. 
Minister— Rev. James Murray. Session Clerk — J. R. Aitken. 30 Elliot Street. 
Session Treasurer — Robert Rae. Preses — James R. Aitken. Treasurer — 
Arthur S. Fairweather, Craigard. Clerk to Managers — John Brodie, Kinprunes. 
Organist— Helen Bremner Mill. Superintendent of Sabbath School— Rev. J. 
Murray. Secretary of Sabbath School— David Cuthbert, 52^ Millgate Loan. 
Membership— 538. Church Officer— Mrs Fairweather, Fergus Square. Mission 
Committee — Secretary, Arthur S. Fairweather. Pew Letter— J. G. Leslie, 5 
Millgate. Bible Class meets every Sunday after evening service. Service for 
Deaf Mutes— Sundav Morning, 12.30, and Evening, 6 o'clock. Work Party- 
Monday evening at 7 o'clock. Prayer Meeting— Wednesday at 7.30 p.m. 

ERSKINE U.F. CHURCH— Sunday Services, n a.m., 6 p.m. 
Minister— Rev. Thomas Ure Paterson, M.A., Erskine Church Manse, 8 Dalhousie 
Place. Session Clerk— J. R. W. Clark. Roll-keeper— G. R. Wallace. Preses— 
John C. Grant. Secretary— Adam Smith, 124 High Street. Treasurer— Adam 
Oliver, S.S.C. Mission Secretary and Treasurer— J. D. M'Culloch, 25 Cairnie 
Street. Organist and Choirmaster — William Hunter, 6 Carnegie Street. 
Church Officer— William Millar, Erskine Church House, 51 Marketgate. Mem- 
bership— 670. Sunday School meets at close of forenoon service. Superintendent 
— Alexander Scott, 64 Fergus Square. Junior Bible Class meets at 5 p.m., and 
the Minister's Bible Class at close of evening service (October to March). 
Senior Bible Class Secretary and Treasurer— David MacLure, 3 Fergus Square. 
On Mondays, the Women's Working Guild meets at 7 p.m. Secretary— Miss 
Christie, 56 Rossie Street. Girls' Auxiliary— Mondays at 7.30 p.m. ; also on 
Monday evenings the Girls' Clubs. On Tuesday evenings, Boys' Club. Con- 
vener of Club Work— Alexander Scott, 64 Fergus Square. Meeting for Bible 
Study— Tuesdays, 7.30 p.m. The Children's Choir meets for practice on Thurs- 
days at 6.45 p.m., and the Church Choir the same evening at 8.15. Men's Guild- 
Fridays at 8 p.m. Secretary— R. D. Blair, Gowanlea, 3 Carnegie Street. 

CONGREGATIONAL; CHURCH— Sunday Services, n a.m., 6 p.m. 
Minister— Rev. James Hume. Secretary, W. Rennie, 15 Hayswell Road. Treasurer 
—John D. Dundas, 4 Hillend Road. Superintendent of Sunday School— T. 
Riley, 30 Elliot Street. Organist— Jas. King. 37 Carnegie Street. Superin- 
tendent of Band of Hope— George Keith. Minister's Bible Class meets at close 
of Evening Service during winter. Sunday School at close of Morning Ser- 
vice. Ladies' Sewing Class on Monday evenings at 7.30. Mutual Improvement 
Society on alternate Fridays at 8.15 p.m., during winter. Church Officer- 
James Kerr, 25 Duke Street. 


ii a.m., 3.15 p.m. 
Minister — Vacant. Session Clerk — Andrew Ellis, 72 Rossie Street. Congregational 
Treasurer — A. G. Petrie, Gravesend. Clerk of Managers — Bertie Alexander, 
Guthrie Port. Leader of Psalmody — Arthur Hamilton. Sabbath School meets 
at 3.30, A. G. Petrie, Superintendent. Young Women's Guild — Mrs Wm. Car- 
rie, President. 

BAPTIST CHURCH— Sunday Services, 11 a.m., 6 p.m. 
Minister — Rev. A. E. Mileman, Daisy Cottage, Ernest Street. Secretary — David 
Chalmers, 55 Rossie Street. Treasurer — Miss J. A. MacLaren, Commerce Street. 
S.S. Superintendent — J. L. Bannerman, 23 Kinnaird Street. Church Officer — 
Mrs Sharp, 47 Lochland Street. Bible Class — Sunday, at 3 p.m. Christian 
Endeavour — Tuesday, at 7.30 p.m. Prayer Meeting — Wednesday, at 7.30 p.m. 
S.S. at 12.30 p.m. 

ST JOHN'S METHODIST CHURCH— Sunday Services, 11 a.m., 
6 p.m. Sunday School, 12.15 p.m. 
Minister — Rev. W. H. Baker, St Tohn's Manse, Seaton Road. Circuit Steward— 
R. Tulloch, The Bungalow, Rose Street. Society Stewards — George Anderson, 
35 Elliot Street. "and H. Wilson, 24 Elliot Street. Poor Stewards— J. S. Ben- 
nett and David Milne. Church Steward — J. S. Bennett, 31 Cairnie Street. 
Superintendent of Sunday School — C. C. Anderson. Wesley Guild — Wednesday 
at 7.30 p.m. General Secretary — George Anderson. Church Officer — David 
Milne, Wesley House. Organists — Miss G. Marshall, 2 Salisbury Place, and 
Miss M. F. Thomson, Dalveen, Viewfield Road. Membership — 146. 

S. MARY'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH— Sunday Services, 8.30 and 
n a.m., 6 p.m. 
Rector— Rev. Ed. W. Millar, B.A. (Oxon.). Treasurer— G. W. Ronald. Lay Elector 
Dr J. A. Dewar. Lay Representative — A. R. Duncan, Parkhill. Secretary of 
Home Mission Committee — Miss Duncan, Strachan Street. Superintendent of 
Foreign Mission Guild — Mrs E. W. Millar, The Rectoo - . Secretary of Women's 
Association for Foreign Missions — Miss H. A. Weir, Springfield Terrace. Sec- 
retary of Aberlour Work Party — Mrs Millar, the Rectory. Secretary of Clergy 
Fund — T. M'Quillen. Organist and Choirmaster — H. V. Stone. Membership 
about 1000. Communicants about 450. 

ST THOMAS CATHOLIC CHURCH— Sunday Services 9 and 11 a.m., 6 p.m. 
Clergyman — Rev. William M'Currach. Congregation — about 400. Mistress of 
Sunday School — Miss Williams. Needlework Guild Secretary and Treasurer — 
Miss M. M'Currach, Dishland Street. During Musketry season Sunday morn- 
ing service at 10 only. Catholic Insurance Society Agent — A. Petrie, 23 St 
Mary Street. 

SALVATION ARMY— Citadel, 45 Marketgate— Sunday Services, 
11 a.m., 3 and 7 p.m. 

Com. Officers— Ensign Blackshaw and Lieut. M'Phail. Secretary— M. Beattie, Public 
Week-night Services on Monday, Thursday & Saturday at 8 p.m. Young People's 
Services— Sunday, 1.30 and 5 p.m. Week Nights— Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 
and Thursday at 6.30 p.m. (Wednesday at 8 p.m.— Women's Home League.) Fin- 
ancial sheet published yearly. Treasurer — Mrs Fraser. 


Ministerial Members— James S. Cuthill, B.D., Arbroath; P. H. Nicoll, B.D., Abbey; 
G. Hitchcock, B.D., Inverbrothock ; R. Smith Mackintosh, St Margaret's; John 
M'William, B.D., Ladyloan— Arbroath ; W. W. Scotland, Arbirlot; Robert In 
gram, B.D., Auchmithie; John Heggie, Barry; J. G. Lyon, B.D., Carmyl- 
lie; Jas. A. Fleming, M.A., Carnoustie; Alex. Mills, M.A., Colliston (clerk); 
P. A. Andrew, Friockheim ; W. G. Law, M.A., Guthrie; Andrew Halden, In- 
verkeilor; D. Macarthur, M.A., Kinnell ; John Boyle, B.D , Kirkden ; Walter P. 
Cox, M.A., Lunan; John Caesar, M.A., Panbride; Charles E. Duff, B.D., St 




Ministerial Members. — Arbroath — East, Thos. S. Anderson; Erskine, T. Ure Pater- 
son, M.A. ; High Street, John A. Tweed ie, ; Inverbrothock, Alexander Rust, 
M.A. ; Knox's, J. P. Lilley, D.D., emeritus, J-. R. Wark, M.A., minister with- 
out charge; Ladyloan, James Cameron; Princes Street, James Murray; Aber- 
lemno, James Luke, minister without charge; Arbirlot, Ed. T. Vernon, M.A., 
retired, John Oliver, colleague and successor; Barry, Alexander J. Campbell, 
M.A. ; Carmyllie, John Thomson, M.A.,- Carnoustie — Erskine, J. F. Dempster, 
senior minister, R. F. Chisholm, B D:, colleague and successor; St Stephen's, 
James Philip, senior minister; Colliston, A. Murray Scott, M.A. ; Lethani, 
Peter Young; Forfar— East, W. M. R. Rusk, B.D. ; West, T. M. A. Macnab, 
B.D.; Friockheim, J. Smith, M.A. (clerk) ; Inverkeilor, J. Adams, B.D. ; Kir- 
riemuir — North, J. Park Noble; South, William Kirkpatrick; First, W. D. 
M. Sutherland; Memus, John M. Craig; Panbride, R. S. Maclauchlan. 

Other Public Boards, Societies, &c. r ^ 


Registrar — Alexander Smith, 24 Culloden Terrace. Assistant — JamesM. Bj Michie, 
18 Church Street. Hours on Monday, Tuesda}', Thursday, and Friday — 11 a.m. 
to 3 p.m., and 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. ; on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 
Births must be registered within 21 days ; Marriages, 3 days ; Deaths, 8 days. 
Notice of Marriage to be put on the Board must be seven entire days. 

Burgh Magistrates. Annual Court — Second Tuesday of April at 12 noon. Half- 
Yearly Court — Third Tuesday of October at 12 noon. 

Justices of the Peace — Ex-Provost Grant; George M. Robertson, Millfield. Also 
from Arbroath — Provost Anderson, Bailies Chapel and Milne. 

Annual Court — Third Tuesday of April at 12 noon. Half-Yearly Court — Last Tues- 
day of October, at 12 noon. D. Littlejohn, solicitor, J. P., Clerk Depute for 
Arbroath District. 

SHERIFF COURT— Commerce Street. 
Held everv Wednesday at 11.30 a.m. Judges — Sheriff Sir John M'Kie Lees, K.B.E., 
K.C. ; Sheriff Substitute Gordon; Hon. Substitutes, W. J. Rollo and F. F. 
Macdonald. Depute Sheriff Clerk — James Duncan. Bar Officer — Thomas Alder. 

Pension Officers — T. A. M'Quillen, John Fyfe, and A. G. Kydd, Customs and 
Excise Office, Shore. 

Persons appointed by the Town Council — Dean of Guild D. R. Macdonald, Council- 
lor E. Spink, Councillor A. King, Councillor J. Souttar, Mrs Lindsay Carnegie, 
Miss M. A. Macdonald, Dr A. D. Yule. Persons appointed by the Scottish,' In- 
surance Commissioners— Mrs Dick, Lochhead ; Mrs Royal, Dr Keith. Persons 
appointed to represent Insured Persons— T. Riley (Elliot Street), D. D. Calder, 
Miss Haldane (Joint Epidemic Hospital), Miss Bisset, Miss A. D. Edward (6 
Hayswell Road), James Elrick (4 Maule Street), and John Blair (Millgate 
Loan)— Grouped Societies Members ; T. Woodside, Miss Hosea (Elliot Place), 
Miss Stewart (Demondale)— Prudential Society for Women; Wm. Purdie, W. 
C. G. Henderson and R. Bissett (Carnoustie)— Prudential Society for men; 
Councillor R. Kinnear — National Amalgamated Society; F. W. M. Bennett (238 
High St.)— General Federation of Trade Unions; J. R. Aitken — Ancient Order of 
Foresters. Persons appointed by the Doctors — Dr J. D. Gilruth and Dr D. 
Laing. Robert Guthrie — Scottish Legal. Chairman — James R. Aitken. Vice- 
Chairman— D. D. Calder. Secretary— R. S. Black, 82 Marketgate. 


Arbroath Burgh School Management 


>"ir*HE School provides a Complete Course of 
■■■ Education— Primary, Intermediate, and Second- 
ary. Pupils are prepared both for the University and 
for Commercial life. The Class Rooms and Labora- 
tories are provided with all Modern Apparatus and 
Accessories. Needlework, Woodwork, Gymnastics, 
Swimming, and Singing are included in the Curriculum. 

The School is a Junior Student Centre. 

Bursaries and Scholarships are very numerous. 

All Information may be had from the Rector. 



Under the management of Arbroath Town Council, for the reception and treatment 
of cases occurring within the Burgh of Arbroath. Matron — Miss Haldane. 
Members of Committee in Charge of Hospitals — Provost Anderson, Bailie Milne, 
Treasurer Judge Robertson, Councillors Clark (convener) and Anckorn. Clerk — 
Robert Finlayson, Town Clerk. 

CUSTOMS AND EXCISE— Office, 64 Ladybridge Street. 
Preventive Officer — W. J. Finlay. Deputy Receiver of Wreck, Registrar of Shipping 
and Royal Naval Reserve, and Superintendent of Mercantile Marine — T. A. 
M'Quillen, J. Fyfe, and A. G. Kydd. Office hours— 2-3 p.m.; Saturdays — 11 to 

Station — 11 Shore, Arbroath. Coastguard Captain— Capt. Wilfred Nunn C.B., 
C.S.I., C.M.G., D.S.O., R.N. Divisional Officer— A. G. Leslie, Lieut.-Comdr., 
R.N. Arbroath Detachment— Station Officer — W. E. Bainbridge, P.O.; J. Brai- 
den, C.G. ; L. A. F. Thomas, C.G. Carnoustie Coastguard Station — Chief Officer, 
D. E. Price, R.N. Admiralty Surgeon, A Agent— Dr J. D. Gilruth, M.D. 

Kept at House, East Grimsby, in charge of Coastguard. 

Built on Inchcape Rock, about 12 miles south-east of Arbroath. There are four 
keepers, three of whom are always on the rock, and one on shore. 


The residence of the light-keepers when on shore. 
Principal — John D. M'Gilvrav. Assistants — Alex. Wood, Kenneth Paterson, and 
Andrew M. Black. 


Shipbroker — A. S. Edward, Shore Dues Office. Lloyd's Agent — A. S. Edward. 


(Supported solely by voluntary contributions.) 
Total lives saved, 58,000. Year 1921 — Lives saved, 410 ; vessels saved, 22. Rewards 
to crews for life-saving, ^8000. Rewards to crews, 5 bronze medals. President — 
H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. Arbroath Branch. — Lifeboat House — East Grims- 
by. Patron— Rt. Hon. the Earl of Northesk. President — Provost A. C. Anderson. 
Hon. Secy, and Treas. — Wu. Walker, Commercial Bank. Coxswain — Wm. Smith, 
26 Ladybridge Street. Second Coxswain — David Cargill, 6 Marketgate. Bow- 
man — Andrew Cargill, 26 Seagate. Signalman — Robert Straehan, 53 High St. 


Chairman — David Littlejohn. Other Members — W. J. Anckorn, W. F. Anderson, 
David Dowall, David Drysdale, James S. Edwards, Richard E. Hart, Rev. 
George Hitchcock, Robert Irvine, Arthur King, Rev. William M'Currach, 
James P. Reid, Robert Smith, Edward Spink, Rev. John A. Tweedie. Clerk — 
W. H. Alexander, 62 High Street. Officer and Caretaker — Thomas Ross, 15 
George Street. Assistant Officer — Alex. Mather. Property Sub-Committee — Rev. 
J. A. Tweedie, and Messrs Anderson, Spink, Smith. Anckorn, Edwards, and 
Littlejohn — Mr Littlejohn, convener. Officer's Sub-Committee. — Rev. William 
M'Currach, and Messrs Reid, Anckorn, Irvine, Dowall, Hart, and Littlejohn — 
Mr Reid, convener. Continuation Classes Sub-Committee — Rev. George Hitch- 
cock, and Messrs Littlejohn, King, Reid, Drysdale, M'Currach, and Edwards — 
Mr King, convener. Medical Treatment Sub-Committee. — Rev. George Hitch- 
cock, and Messrs Littlejohn, Spink, Edwards, and Anckorn. School Registers 
Committee. — High School — Messrs Anckorn and King ; Keptie School — Messrs 
King and Dowall ; Inverbrothock School — Messrs Hart and Smith ; Abbey School 
— Messrs Hitchcock and Littlejohn; Parkhouse School — Messrs Tweedie and 
M'Currach: Ladyloan School — Messrs Reid and Edwards; Hill School — Messrs 
Dowall and Spink; Cookery School — Mr Hart; St Thomas School — Mr Anckorn. 



High School— Rector— D. Drysdale, M.A., B.Sc. Lady Superintendent— Miss Marv 
S. Young, F.E.I.S. English and History— John Patterson, M.A. ; Miss Amy 
S. Walker, M.A. ; and Miss A. J. Leuchars, M.A. Geography— Miss M. S. Kelly, 
M.A. Classics— G. S. Robertson, M.A., and Miss A. C. Stirling, M.A. Modern 
Languages— J. S. M'Alley, Miss E. I. Henderson and Miss A. C. Stirling, M.A. 
Mathematics— W. N. Prophet, M.A:; James Anderson, M.A., B.Sc; and Miss 
J. Matthew, M.A. Science— A. -J. M'Kenzie, M.A., B.Sc, Ph.D.; R. C Brown, 
B.Sc, J. C. Ross, B.Sc. Drawing— A. Inglis, F.S.A. (Scot.), Miss E. A. Anderson. 
Music— Fred. W. Ross, A.R.C.M. ■ Needlework— Miss May L. Anderson. Wood- 
work— C. Chatwin. Physical Instruction— G. R. Edward & Miss Phyllis M Ciuiow. 
Primary Department — W. F. Anderson, F.E.I.S.; Miss Euphemia Tarbat, Miss 
Elizabeth D. Matthews, Miss Dorothy M. Smith, Miss Jane A. M. Watt, Miss 
Edith Riddle, Miss Harriet A. Rodger, Miss Amy W. Williamson, Miss 
Margaret B. Wark. Janitor — James Christie, High School Lodge. 

Keptie. Headmaster — Archibald M'Callum. School year ended 31st July. Janitor 
— Alex. Janes, 79 Keptie Street. Number on Roll, 856. Average attendance 789. 

Abbey. Headmaster— A. D. Gil-bert, M.A. Number on Roll — 428. Average Atten- 
dance — 394. School year ended -31st July. Janitor — William Martin, Elm Ter- 
race, Demondale. 

lnverbrothock.— Headmaster— James Guild, B.A. (Lond.), L.C.P., F.S.A. (Scot.). 
School year ended 31st December. Janitor — George Leslie, 47 Kinnaird Street. 
Number on Roll — 410. Average Attendance — 359. 

Parkhouse. Headmaster — William Royal. School year ended 31st July. Number 
on Roll— 470. Average attendance-^420. Janitor— Stewart Dilly, 4 Stanley St. 

Ladyloan. Headmaster — W. O. Brown, F.E.I.S. School year ended 31st July. 
Number on Roll — 268 Average attendance — 244. 

St Thomas R.C. School. Teacher— Miss A. Williams. Number on Roll— 104. Aver- 
age attendance — 96. 

Continuation Classes. Superintendent — A. J. M'Kenzie, M.A. I. — High School — 
Classes — Engineering, Building Construction, French, ' Gaelic, Ambulance, Sick 
Nursing, Chemistry, Millinery. Dressmaking, Plain Needlework, Spinning, 
Weaving. II. — Keptie School — Davision III. — Headmaster, R. Irvine. Classes 
in Commercial, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, Shorthand, English, Typewriting. 
Division I. Classes for Elementary General Education. III. — Cookery School — 
Miss Muirhead. Classes in Cookerv, Household Management. 

Junior Student Centre— High School. Master of Method— D. Drysdale, M.A., B.Sc. 


President— A. R. Duncan, Esq., of Parkhill. Vice-Presidents— Claud Strachan 
Carnegie, Esq., of Tarrie. Colin Grant, Esq., of Woodside, and A. D. Lowson, 
Esq., of Elmbank. Hon. • Treasurer — Norman M'Bain. Hon. Secretary— Wm. 
Chapel, solicitor. Hon. Physician — James A. Dewar, M.D. Hon. Dental Sur- 
geon— D. M. Small, L.D.S. (England). Hon. Auditor— R. S. Black, I. A. Super- 
intendent and Matron— Mr and Mrs W. Stewart. Teacher— Miss Patterson. 
Number of scholars — 30. 

President— J. Omond, Arbirlot. Treasurer— R. Irvine, lnverbrothock School. 
Secretary— W. F. Anderson, F.E.I.S. Correspondent for Benevolent Fund— 
W F. Anderson. Annual Meeting— Third Saturday of May. Council Repre- 
sentatives for Forfarshire and Kincardineshire Branches— W. F. Anderson, 
Arbroath, and J. B. Rodger, Forfar. Representative of Secondary Teachers— 
G. S. Robertson, M.A., High School. 

From the Town Council— Provost Anderson, Bailie Milne, Bailie Beatt, Councillors 
Clark, Souttar, Mason, Kinnear, King, Corsar, Anckom, Matthews. 
From the Ratepayers— James Jack, Rev. James Cameron, Rev. James Murray, 
James M'Leod, Richard Ellis, George R. Wallace, David Drysdale, Norman 
M'Bain, Thos. Riley, Peter Elder, and James S. Soutar. Librarian— Miss 
Strachan. Secretary and Treasurer— W. J. Rollo. Hours— Lending De- 
partment, 11 a.m. till 4 p.m., and 6 p.m. till 8 p.m.; Reference Department, 
11 a.m. till 8 p.m. ; Reading Room, 9 a.m. till 8.30 p.m. On Thursday the 
Lending and Reference Departments are closed at 1 p.m. 


PICTURE GALLERY— Library Buildings— Open to the Public Free. 

Under the Management of the Library Committee. Open from 11 a.m. till dusk. 
Closed on Thursday at 1 p.m. Curator — Miss Strachan. 

MUSEUM— Webster Memorial Hall (Now under Library Committee). 
Open to the Public Free. Hours — 10 a.m. to p.m. Caretaker — Robert Spink. 


(Founded by the late Patrick Allan-Fraser, H.R.S.A., under the authority of 
whose Trustees the College is conducted?) 
Governor— Peter Mur.noch. Agehts and Factors— J. & W. Macdonald. Tenure of 
study — Four years. For male students intending to make art a profession, but 
who are unable, through insufficient means, to get the necessary training else- 

Patronesses— Mrs Lindsay Carnegie of Anniston ; Mrs Colin Grant of Woodside; 
Mrs Chalmers, Woodhill, Blairgowrie. President — T. Scott, Esq., 'West Newton. 
Vice-Presidents— Provost A. C. Anderson, Fernlea; D. C. Rutherford Lindsay 
Carnegie, Esq., of Kinblethmont ; ex-Provost G. Rutherford Thomson, 16 Hill 
Place; ex-Bailie Robertson, Rosemount ; G. R. Wallace, Esq., 66 Nolt Loan; 
Harry Corsar, Esq., Woodville; N. B. Anderson, Esq., Seaforth; R. S. Black, 
Esq., Nolt Loan; Robert Smith, Esq., Stationmaster ; D. M. Baxter, Esq., Wordie 
& Co., Agent. Hon. Surgeon and Lecturer — D. Laing, Esq., M.D. C ommandant 
—John Martin. Assistant Commandant — Henry Black. Sergeant — John Clark. 
First Corporals — Evan M'Leod and Miss Lizzie Kydd. Second Corporals — David 
Cowie and Miss Mary Smith. Secretary — J. B. Edmonds, 60 Howard Street. 
Treasurer — J. S. C. Smith, 6 Bank Street. Committee — John Martin, Henry 
Black, J. B. Edmonds, J. S. C. Smith, John Clark, Davie Cowie, Evan M'Leod, 
Miss Carrie Hendry, Miss M. Lindsay, Miss Susan Ramsay. Auditor — Evan 
M'Leod and Clark Borland. 

President— Sir Francis Webster of Ashbrook. Vice-Presidents— Colin Grant of 
Woodside, ex-Provost Rutherford Thomson, and Alexander Hood. Chairman 
of Weekly Committee — G. R. Wallace. Hon. Consulting Physicians and Sur- 
geons— J. A. Dewar, M.D. ; W. J. Dewar, M.D. ; Turton Price, M.B., Ch.,B., 
F.R.C.S. (Edin.), Dundee. Attending Surgeons— David Laing, M.D. ; J. D. 
Gilruth, M.D., M.A. ; Arthur D. Yule, M.B., B.Sc. ; J. E. G. Thomson, 
M.B., CM. Resident House Surgeon— D. Cameron Clark, M.B., Ch.B. Hon. 
Treasurer— W. J. Rollo. Hon. Secretary— F. F. Macdonald. Auditor— R. M. 
C. Mackintosh. Lady Superintendent — Miss M'Elney. Hours of Visiting- 
Wednesday to Saturday, 7 to 8 p.m. ; Sunday, 3.30 to 4.30 p.m. Annual Meeting 


President — A. H. Salmond. Vice-Presidents — David Drysdale (ex-omcio), W. J. 
Dewar, and W. J. Rollo. Hon. Secretary — J. C. Dewar. Hon. Treasurer — W. 
E. Crichton. Members of Committee — J. C. Christie and W. Ro3'al. 


Hon. President — Viscount Morley. Hon. Vice-Presidents — Lord Pentland, the Hon. 
Charles Maule Ramsay, Colonel Ouchterlony of the Guynd, Sir Francis Webster 
of Ashbrook, ex-Provost Grant of Woodside, ex-Provost Rutherford Thomson. 
President— Dr J. D. Gilruth. Vice-President— J. R. W. Clark. Secretary— 
R. M. Kinnear. Treasurer — Chief Constable Macdonald. Committee — Ex-Provost 
Rutherford Thomson, A. Beatt, Norman M'Bain, J. Hood. James Campbell, Wm. 
Beattie, J. Booth, and A. B. Winton. Membership — 130. Annual Meeting end of 

COMUNN GAIDHLIG— Instituted 191 1. 

President — William Malcolm. Vice-Presidents — Councillor James Campbell, Hector 
Urquhart, William Chalmers. Secretary and Treasurer — James C. Hay, 66 St 
Vigeans Road. Committee — Mrs Flora S. Hay, Misses Maricn Mackay Jessie 
A. Coull, and Messrs M. J. Mackay, W. Mudie, Gordon Ferrier, and W. Hutchi- 
son. Bard — William Malcolm. Hun. Pipers — Pipe-Major A. Lundie and James 


THE NivW CLUB— Guildry Buildings, Arbroath. 
Chairman — John A. Wilson. Committee — John A. Wilson, A. D. Lowson, Colin 
Grant, jun., Geo. Sherriffs, A. C. Anderson, and C. D. Miln. Steward — Norman 
Anderson. Secretary — D. Littlejohn, solicitor. 

Hon. President — Dr James A. Dewar. President — James S. Nicoll. Vice-Presidents 
— James S. Whyte, Alex. H. Salmond, M.A. Secretary and Treasurer — W. W. 
Royal, 12 Addison place. Councillors — Jane Y. Mackay, Alex. P. Lowson, Alex. 
Christie. Capt. A. S. Edward, Alex. C. Yeung. Annual Meeting — Third Thurs- 
da3 r in May. 

Observer — James W. Robertson, Western Cemetery Lodge. 


Hon. President — Ex-Provost Grant. President— Ex-Provost Rutherford Thomson. 
Vice-Presidents — A. Beatt, G. C. Paterson, J. C. Dewar, and G. A. Francis. 
Secretary — John Joss, 93 Keptie Street. Treasurer — W. Purdie, Prudential 
Buildings. Librarian — George Paterson. Committee — D. Drury, John Lamb, 
John Eddie, T. A. M'Quillen, Watson Baird, Mrs J. C. Grant, Miss Doig, 
Miss Aitkenhead. Conductor — Claude A. Forster. Pianist — Arthur A. Wallace. 
Annual Meeting — First week in October. 


Hon. Patron— Martin Harvey, Esq. Hon. Presidents— Dr Gilruth, Dr Yule, A. D. 
Lowson, Esq. President— Geo. T. Wilson, Esq. Vice-President — Mr Geo. N. 
Boath. Secretary and Treasurer — Miss V. G. Cobb, 3 West Grimsby. Stage 
Manager — Mr Geo. E. Smith. Scenic Manager — Mr Geo. N. Boath. Property 
Manager — Mr David Ritchie. 

Chairman — John Ritchie. Stage Manager — George Boath. 

Hon. Presidents — The Right Hon. the Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorn (Lord 
Lieutenant of the County), and Dr W. J. Dewar. President — W. Muir. Vice- 
President — D. Jamieson. Secretary and Treasurer — D. Forsyth. Committee — 
J. Heenan, J. Wilson, H. Duncan, G. M'Ardle, T Bonnyman, W. Colville, and 
W. F. Myles. Membership — 34. Annual Show in November. 

Hon. President— F. F. Macdonald. President— D. R. Macdonald. Vice-President— 
A. Lisk. Interim Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — William C. Chalmers 
Committee— Messrs W. C. Chalmers, Alex. Scott, Wm. H. Thorneycroft, Alex. 
Key, A. Ritchie, R. K. Gould, A. Chalmers, Wm. Macdonald, John M'Pher- 
son, Wm. Dall, C. Graham, Wm. Blair. 

Hon. Present— Provost Anderson. Hon. Vice-Presidents— Dean of Guild Mac- 
donald, Chief Constable Macdonald. President— J. Ritchie. Vice-Fresident 
— W. Macgregor. Secretarv— R. Kinnear, 93 High Street. Treasurer— Allan 
Chapman, sen., 31 Fergus Square. Bandmaster— J. Esplin. Professional Con- 
ductor—Robert Rimmer. The Band practises everv Tuesday and Thursday in 
Band Room, Helen Street. The Town Council are Trustees for the Instruments 
used by the Band. 

Pipe-Major— Alexander Lundie. Sergeant— A. Soutar. Corporal— W. Middleton. 
President— E. Robbie. Secretary— Alex. Milne. Committee— Soutar, Milne, 

Lawrence, Lundie, Begg. 

President— James C. Hav. Vice-President— Gordon Ferrier. Secretary— Murdoch 
J. Mackay, 4 Lochland St. Committee— D. V. Cargill, W. Hutchison, G. Crowe. 

President — H. S. Buchan, Hilton of Arbikie, Inverkeilor. Secretary — R. S. Smith, 
solicitor, Commerce Street. 


Dean — Ex-Provost Thomson. Council — Ex-Provost Grant, John C. Dewar, William 
Chapel, W. P. Dowall, J. S. Soutar, W. J. Rollo, and A. D. Lowson. Clerk, 
Treasurer, and Fiscal — A. C. Anderson. Annual meeting in October. 

Convener — A. D. Lowson. Clerk — A. C. Anderson. Annual Meeting — Michaelmas. 

Deacon — A. D. Lowson. Boxmaster and Clerk — Norman M'Bain. Annual Meet- 
ing — Michaelmas. 

Deacon — W. P. Sandeman. Boxmaster — A. C. Anderson. Clerk and Assessor — A. 
C. Anderson. Annual Meeting — Michaelmas. 

Deacon— Robert I. Low. Boxmaster and First Key-Keeper— A. C. Anderson. 
Clerk— A. C. Anderson, solicitor. Annual Meeting— Michaelmas. 

Deacon— James Smith. Boxmaster— A. P. Lowson. Clerk— A. O. Anderson, 
solicitor. Annual Meeting — Michaelmas. 


Free Gardeners' Friendly Society — Hall, 2 Park Street. R.W.M. — Harry Rose. 

Secretary— Robert Guthrie, 20 Green Street. Treasurer — John S. Napier, 52 St 

Vigeans Road. Meets everv alternate Monday at 2 Park Street. 
St Paul's Lodge (No. 7)— Ancient Order of Free Gardeners. Meet in Park Street 

Hall first Monday of every month. R.W.M.— W. High. Secretary— H. V. 

Lefevre. Treasurer — H. V. Lefevre. 


Royal Arch Chapter- -Hope, No. 9.— M.E.Z.— Robert Butchart. P. M.E.Z.— Andrew 
Ruxton, Charles Robbie, Charles Gray, D. T. Wilson, William Kinnear, Andrew 
Ellis, A. D. Lowson. M.E.H.— Theo. N. Kennedy. M.E.J.— William Crook. 
Scribe E.— Charles P. Mitchell, 31 Cairnie Street. Scribe N— W. H. G. Leslie. 
Treasurer— G. D. N. Dundas, Royston. 1st Soj.— David Malcolm. 2nd Soj — 
George Carrie. 3rd Soj.— J. M. B. Michie. Supt. of Works— James Cables. 
Directors of Ceremonies — William Grindlay. Sword Bearer — William 

Burness. Organist — David, Darroch. Steward— Henry Watson. Janitor — Jas. 
Gordon. Meets, 3rd Wednesday of each month, at 7.30 p.m., in the Chapter 
Rooms, Park Street, Masonic Hall, from September to April, both inclusive. 

Royal Ark Mariners and Red Cross Council Knights.— \V .C.N. — Robert Butchart. 
P. W.C.N.— Charles P. Mitchell, Charles Gray, Andrew Ellis. J.— Theo. N. 
Kennedy. S.— W illiam Crook. Recorder— Charles P. Mitchell, 31 Cairnie St. 
Treasurer— G. D. N. Dundas, Royston. Conductor— David Malcolm. Inner 
Guard— William Butchart. Steward— James Cables. Outer Guard— James 
Gordon. Meets, 4th Wednesday of each month, in Park Street Masonic Hall, at 
7.30 p.m., from May to September, both inclusive. 

St Thomas (40).— Lodge Rooms, Park Street Masonic Hall. R.W.M.— Jas. Shepherd. 
I. P.M.— Alexander Christie. P.M.'s— Jcseph Birse, Andrew Ruxton, Charles 
Gray, William Kinnear, John Jack, Alexander Renny, George Paterson, Andrew 
Ellis, D T Wilson. D.M.— Edwin M'Lauchlan. S.M.— James Cargill. S.W.— 
Alexander Coull. J.W.— Arthur Birse. Secretary— Andrew Ellis. Treasurer- 
Albert V. Kinnear. Hon. Chaplain— Rev. J. Spence Cuthill, B.D. Chaplain- 
David Graham. S.D.— James Cable. T-D.— George Carrie. Architect— John 
Wright. Jeweller— J. S. Oram. B.B.— William Smith. Directors of Cere- 
monies—John S. Shepherd and' Robert Gillespie. Directors of Music— John 
F Hadden and John Meekison. Organist— David R. Hadden. Bard— P. D. 
Morton. Steward— Alf. Easson. Marshall— D. Monro. I.G.— J. B. Edmonds. 
Tyler— James C. Swankie. Auditors— Joseph Birse, P.M., and W. T. Allsop. 
Meetings— Second Thursday from September till May, both inclusive, at 7.30 p.m. 
Ann".«.l Meeting— St Andrew's Eve. 


St Vigeans (101)— Hall— White Hart. R.W.M.— David Stephen. Secretary— George 
D. N. Dundas, Royston. Treasurer— Albert E. Forsyth, 38 St Mary Street. 
Annual Meeting — St Andrew's Eve. 

Panmure (299)— Hall— Hill Street. R.W.M.— W. G. W. Spankie. Secretary— James 
M. B. Michie, 18 Church Street. Treasurer— G. W. Ross. Hall-Keeper— E. F. 
Baillie. Annual Meeting — St Andrew's Eve. 

Order of the Eastern Star — Chapter "Rosemary," No. 44. Office-Bearers, 
1921-22.— Worthy Matron— Mrs H. Wilson. Worthy Patron— Mr T. N. Kennedy. 
Past Worthv Matrons — Mrs F. W. M. Bennett, Mrs Wm. Jamieson, Miss C. 
Ross, Mrs W. J. Rennie. Past Worthy Patrons— David Stewart, A. C. Hewit, 
W. J. Rennie, J. Robertson. Associate Matron— Miss Rachel Clark. Associate 
Patron— D. Stephen. Secretary — W. L. Milne, Brechin Road. Treasurer 
— Miss L. R. Donald. Conductress— Mrs S. R. Gunn. Associate Conduct- 
ress—Miss Edith Kennedy. Chaplain— Mr Ed. Smart. Marshall— James Cables. 
Organist— Mrs J. T. Anderson. Adah— Miss J. Cables. Ruth— Miss J. Stewart. 
Esther— Miss M. Smith. Martha— Miss Davina Irvine. Electa— Mrs Joan 
M'Glashan. Warder— Miss E. Simpson. Sentinel— Peter Stewart. 

Loyal St Thomas Branch (Dunfermline District); opened 28th October, 1905. P.S. 
— A. G. Craig. Treasurer — R. S. Smith, solicitor, 22 Commerce Street. Sick 
Stewart— D. B. Traill. Auditor— D. B. Traill. Membership— 90. Meetings on 
Monday evening every fortnight at 22 Commerce Street. 

L.O.A. SHEPHERDS, A.U.— Lodge St Thomas 2001. 

(Approved Society under the National Health Insurance Act.) 
Pastmaster — James Adam. Worthy Master — David L. Shand. Deputy Master — 
David Y. Clark. Treasurer — James R. Foreman, 28 Dishlandtown Street. 
Secretary — C. Smith Hill, 3 Queen Street. Meets every alternate Monday in 
Panmure Hall, Hill Street. Annual meeting in February. 

ANCIENT ORDER OF FORESTERS— Foresters Hall, Green Street. 

Court Aberbrothoc.k (No. 6392). Secretary (Voluntary and National Health Insur- 
ance Sections) — T. C. Esplin, 29 Kinnaird Street. Treasurer — John Gilbert, 46 
Howard Street. Hall-keeper — George Moore, 9 Lochland Street. Meetings — 
8th January, and every alternate Monday. 

Juvenile Court — Secretary — Edwin M'Kenzie, 52 Marketgate. Treasurer — Robert Rae. 
Date of Meeting — Monday, 10th January, and every alternate Monday. Medical 
Officer— Dr Laing. Chemist— James S. "Whyte, 57 Guthrie Port. 

INDEPENDENT ORDER OF RECHABITES (Salford Unity Friendly Society). 
St Thomas Tent (No. 154) meets in Templar Hall on alternate Fridays' from 

12th January, 1923 at 8.15 p.m. Secretary— James P. Reid, 21 Lordburn. 
St Ruth's Juvenile Tent (No. 937) meets on alternate Fridays from 14th January, 

from 7 to 8 p.m. Secretary — Alex. Petrie, 15 Sidney Street. Penny Savings 

Bank every Friday from 7 to 8 p.m 


Forfarshire District Lod<>e (No. 26). — D.D.G.C.T., James Nairn, 16 Carnegie Street. 
D.C.T., D. D. Calder, Woodlea, Elliot Street. D.S.J.W., P. Watson Watt, ,5 
Union Street, Brechin. D. Secretary, Miss L. G. Christie, 5 Ernest Street. D. 
Treasurer, James Burnett, 1 Kinnaird Place, Brechin. D. Organist, Sis. J. 
M. I. Watt, 89 High Street, Montrose. Membership— Adults, 470; Juveniles, 980. 
This Lodge has control over the Lodges in the district and meets on third 
Saturday of February, Maj% August, and November. 

Inchcape Lodge (No. 619) meets in Good Templar, Monday, 8 p.m. D.G.C.T. — 
A. R. Strachan, Barngreen. C.T.— Tohn T. Roessler, Green Bank. Secretary- 
William Wilkie, 43 Guthrie Port. "Membership— 58. 

Abbey Lodge (No. 550) meets in Good Templar Hall on Tuesday evenings at 8.15 
D.G.C.T— J. Nicol. Templar Hall. C.T.— J. F. Cuthill, 11 Ann Street. Secre- 
tary— S. Raitt, Wallace Street. 

St Thomas Lodge (No. 422) meets in Good Templar Hall, on Thursday evenings at 
8.15. D.G.C.T.— Murdoch Mackay, 4 Lochland Street. C.T.— David Milne, 53i 
Mill gate Loan. Secretary Davina Lowe, Cemetery Lodge. Membership— 56. 


Happy Home Juvenile Lodge (No. 275) meets in Good Temp'.ar Hall on Thursday 
evenings at 7 o'clock. Superintendent — John Forrest, 16 Millgate Loan. Mem- 
bership— 150. 

Star of Hope. Juvenile Lodge (No. 45) meets in Good Terrmlar Hall on Monday 
evenings, at 7 o'clock. Superintendent — C. S. Anderson, 17 Rossie Street. Mem- 
bership— 99. 

Excelsior Juvenile Lodge (No. 778) meets in Good Templar Hall on Tuesday even- 
ings at 7 o'clock. Superintendent — John Campbell, 29 West Abbey Street. 
Membership— 234. 


Nos. 2 and 4 Keptie Street, with Branches at 58 and 60 Lochland Street, 
59 East Abbey Street, 46 Cairnie Street, 58 High Street, and 38 Barngreen. 
Drapery and Millinery Departments — 24 West Port. Boot and Shoe Depart- 
ments — 6 West Port Telephone 45. 
President — John F.: Chalmers. Managers — Grocery and Drapery Departments, 
Thomas Taylor; Boot Department, R. Low. Secretary — Richard David, 24 
West Keptie Street. Treasurer — David Smith. Annual Meeting — 7th May. 

Sums received on Deposit from One Penny to Ten Shillings. Deposits can be paid 
at any of our Grocery Branches during business hours. Interest paid, 8d per 
,£1 per annum. 


Guthrie Port, with branches in Fergus Street, Brothock Bridge, and Keptie Street ; 
Boot Department, 8 Guthrie Port; Drapery Department, 36^ Guthrie Port; 
Clothing Department, 36 Guthrie Port. Manager — Alexander Hood. President — 
Joseph Aitkenhead. Secretary — James G. Thomson, 1 Palmer Street. Annual 
Meeting — Third Monday in September. 


252 High Street, with Branches in High Street, St Mary Street, Millgate Loan, and 

Station Road, Friockheim. 
Boot and Shoe Department — 254 High Street. Drapery and Clothing Department— 
254 High Street. Butcher Meat Department— 246 High Street. Hardware Depart- 
ment— 254 High Street. Scone and Cooked Meat Department— 250 High Street. 
■ Confectionery Department— 252 High Street. Manager— Hugh Gavin. President 
— James Strachan. Secretary — J. C. Robertson, 54 Millgate Loan. Treasurer — 
Alex. D. Hannah. Annual 'Meeting — Fourth Monday of September. 


Manager and Secretary — Edward Spink. President — Alexander W. Toss. Treasurer 
— David Greig. Office and Depot — 29 Ladyloan. General Meetings in January 

Chairman — George Morrison. Treasurer — Miss M. Dunn Secretary — James M 
Duncan, 26 Howard Street. 


Abbey Male and Female Society— Parkhouse Public School. Treasurer— Alexander 
Williamson, 59 Kinnaird Street. Secretary— William Smith 33 Lochland Street. 

Hill Street Male and Female Yearly Society— Masonic Hall, Hill Street. President 
—David Matthew, 3 Bakers Wynd. Treasurer— John Gray, 14 St Mary Street. 
Secretary — William Barrie, 32 Robert Street. 

Park Street" Male and Female Society— Red Lion Flail, Barngreen. Treasurer- 
James Hogg, 66 Brechin Road. Secretary— W. Bowman, 78^ Keptie Street. 
Annual . Meeting— 12 October, 1923. 

Dishlandtown Yearly Society— Parkhouse School. Secretary— James Hunter, 46 John 
Street. Treasurer— Alfred Carrie, 21 Fergus Street. 

Arbroath United Trades Male and Female Yearly Societv.— President— John Nicol, 
3 Abbev Path. Vice-President— Wm. Kinnear, 51 Sidney Street. Secretary- 
Robert Gilbert, 30 Millgate Loan. Treasurer— Alfred Scott, 45 West Abbey St. 
Sick Steward— David Soence, 56 Brechin Road. 

North Grimsby Society— Parkhouse Public School. Treasurer— John B. Skea, 3 
Hannah Street. Secretary— John F. Chalmers. 

West Port Yearly Societv— S. Marv's Men's Club, Park Street. Seer lary— George 
Gibson 38 Cairnie S'treet. Treasurer— Henrv Smith, 5 St Vige:.ns Road. 


Chairman — Alex. W. Joss. Secretary and Treasurer — Ed. Spink, Bank Street. 

Patron— The Rt. Hon. the Earl of Airlie, Cortachy Castle. President— John S. 
Boyle, Esq., wholesale fish merchant, Glasgow and Murlingden, Brechin. Vice- 
President— William Forbes, Esq., Invergroy, Aytoun Road, Pollokshields, Glas- 
gow. Treasurer — Alexander Blewes, 79 Bath Street, Glasgow. Joint Secretaries 
—A. Wilkie Croall, solicitor, and H. F. Wilkie Croall, 219 Hope Street, Glas- 
gow. Directors — Messrs Arthur Whitson, John B. Strachan, Andrew Aird, James 
Isles, James Thornton, C. Cummings Macdonald, R. Brewster Cowan, D. L. 
Forgan, John Petrie, Alexander Walker, George Irons, A. D. Trail, William 
Carnegie, James Moir, Robert Johnston. Life Directors — Messrs Stuart Spence, 
Charles P. Hogg, John A. Talbert, Bailie James Mollison, W. G. Hawkins, and 
William Gowans. Local Secretary — Mr Norman M'Bain, solicitor, Arbroath. 

EDINBURGH ANGUS CLUB— Instituted 1841. 

Patron — Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne, Lord-Lieutenant of Forfarshire. Pre- 
sident — Principal Sir T- Alfred Ewing, K.C.B., LL.D. Vice-Presidents — Earl of 
Home, K T., Earl of Kintore, G.C.M.G., Earl of Dalhousie, Earl of Southesk. 
Treasurer — George F. Mathers, W.S., 7 Thistle Street, Edinburgh. Secretary — 
—Francis G. Sutherland, W.S., 2 Thistle Court, Edinburgh. 

President— W. C. Morrison. Vice-Presidents— J. W. Sorrie and T. M. Wood. 
Committee—Dundee, F. L. Parker; Brechin, J. G. Wishart; Forfar. C. Leighton ; 
Arbroath, D. Hill; Kirriemuir, J. W. Dalgety ; Montrose, T. H. Baxter; Other 
Districts, W. MTntosh. D. Howe, and W. D. Bvars. Hon. Secy.— W. Cuthbert. 
Hon. Treas— W. S. Bruce. Club Rooms— 29 Hanover Street, Edinburgh. An- 
nual Subscription — Town Members, 10s 6d ; Country Members, 5s. 


President — James Jack. Vice-President — George Sherriffs.* Secretary and 

- Treasurer — W. J. Rollo. Executive Committee— President, Vice-President, A. 

D. Lowson; Colin Grant, A. M'Lareii Robertson, J. R. W. Clark, J. S. Soutar, 

R. S. Black, W. W. Webster, Sir F. Webster, and G. Rutherford Thomson. 

Annual Meeting in March. 

President— Adam Oliver. Vice-President— W. M. Soutar. Secretary and Trea- 
surer— Rollo S. Black, Incorporated Accountant, 82 Marketgate. Meetings- 
Second Tuesday of February and September. 

The Office is open for taking in and paying out money as follows :— Mondays, 
Tuesdavs, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednes- 
daps, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., and on Friday evenings from 6 to 8. The Savings 
Bank is not open on statutory Bank Holidays or on Local Holidays. R. M. C. 
Mackintosh, actuary. 


President— Sir Francis Webster, Ashbrook, Arbroath. Hon. Secretary— Hubert 
Carlton, solicitor, 13a Ward Road Dundee. Convener of Finance Committee- 
Alexander Duncan, Maulesbank, Carnoustie. Convener of Organisation Com- 
mittee—Rev. A. J. Campbell, Barry. Organising Secretary— John R. Pratt, 
Padanaram, Forfar. 


President— Ex-Provo^t Rutherford Thomson. Arbroath. Secretary and Treasurer— D. 
Littlejohn. solicitor, Arbroath. Representatives :— Arbroath— Mrs Lindsay Car- 
regie, and T. C Dewar. Montrose— John Balfour, A. J. Murray. Forfar— 
R. Freer Myles. T. R. Soutar, and R. H. Anderi-on. Brechin— William Johnston, 
jun., James" Lindsay, James Murray. Bervie— Dr Aymer and Thomas Johnstcn. 


President— Colin Grant. Vice-Presidents— Ex-Provost Thomson, William Webster. 
John Duncan, and James M'Wattie. Secretary and Treasurer— David Little- 
john, solicitor. 


President — J. R. Aitken, J. P. Vice-Presidents — Miss Jessie Jane Scott, Arthur 
Hamilton, Capt. Edward, and Alexander Mailer, sen. Treasurer — Miss Robbie. 
Secretary — Norman M'Bain, solicitor. 

I.L.P. — President — Allan Irons. Secretary — James Glen, 29 Abbot St. Treasurer — 

Win. Cameron, 37 Fergus Square. Meets fortnightly in Bank St. Hall (Sundays). 
Scottish Labour College. — President, John Souttar, N.U.R., 15 St Vigeans Road. 

Secretary— James Glen, 29 Abbot Street. Treasurer — James Glen, 29 Abbot Street. 

Green Street Hall, Tuesday, at 7.30 p.m. 
Montrose Burghs Labour Party. — President, J. P. Reid, 21 Lordburn, A rDroat h. 
Arbroath Proletarian Sunday School. — President — James Glen. Secretary — James 

Smith, 23 St Mary Street. Treasurer— Mrs Turnbull. Every Sunday, Green 

Street Hall, at 2.30 p.m. 
Arbroath Branch Socialist Labour Party. — Secretary — James A. Turnbull, 6 Duke St. 



Chairman — James Baxter. Secretary — George Morrison, 31 Abbot Street. Treasurer 

— James Nicol. Ordinary meetings every alternate Tuesday. Membership — 53. 

Meeting Place — Central Dining Rooms. First Meeting — 11th January, 1921. 

President — David Forsyth, 33 Sidney Street. Secretary — Robert M. Brown, 44 
High Street. General Secretary — James Fulton, 164 Chorlton Road, Brooks 
Bar, Manchester. 

President — R. Addison. Secretary — Alex. Carr, 42 Cairnie Street. Treasurer — 
Allan Chapman. Meets in Central Dining Rooms, Millgate, on Monday, 3rd 
Tanuary and every alternate Monday. 

PRODUCTIONS (Tanners, Curriers, and Beltmakers). 
(Affiliated to the National Leather Trades' Federation.) 
Chairman— Robert Salkeld. Secretary and Treasurer— William Ogilvie, 20 Leonard 
Street. Meetings held in March, June, and September, December in Central Din- 
ing Rooms. Membership — 20. 

Arbroath Branch. 
President— William Bell. Secretary— James P. Reid, 21 Lordburn. Member- 
bership — 430. Meets on first Tue'sday of month in Arbroath; and on the first 
Wednesday of month in Carnoustie. Meeting Places — Shakespeare Hall, High 
Street, Arbroath ; and Free Church Hall, Carnoustie. 

President— D. R. Macdonald. Vice-President— John Matthew. Committee— Mrs 
M'Mullen, Miss Thomson, and Messrs James Peter, E. W. R. Myles, T. M. 
Meffan, James S. Soutar, and W. J. Cope. Secretary— N. S. Mackay, solicitor, 
75 High Street. 

President— Thomas Aitken. Vice-President— J. M. Meffan. Ex-President— James 
Wallace. Committee— James Brand, R. David, R. M'Glashan, Ed. Thomson, 
jun., James A. Whyte. Secretary and Treasurer— N. S. Mackay, solicitor. 
. Club Rooms— 9a Millgate. Steward— W. F. Myles. 


President — A. Stiven. Vice-President— D. Stephen. Treasurer— D. Cuthbert, Secre- 
tary—Arthur King, 95 Keptie Street. Executive— J. Sim, G. S. K. Raitt, R. 
Gillespie, Donaldson, and W. Hunter. Auditors— J. Gall and M'Lean. 


President— J. Ritchie. Vice-President— G. Crowe. Secretary and Treasurer — J. P. 

Gibb, 284 High Street. Committee— Messrs J. Blair, D. Robb, and R. Baird. 


WORKERS' UNION— Arbroath Branch. 
Chairman — Alexander Christie. Secretary — James M. Duncan, 26 Howard Street. 
Meeting Place— Bank Street Hall. 

President — Ex-Bailie Smith. Vice-President — David Keith. Treasurer — Edward 
Spink. Secretary— C. M. Phimster, 21 St Mary Street. 

Secretary — H. Victor Neill. 

President— John Souttar, 15 St Vigeans Road. Secretary— C. M. Phimster, 21 St 
Mar}* Street. 


President — James Copland, Crudie. Secretary and Treasurer — R. S. Smith, solici- 
tor, Arbroath. 

President— G. A. Francis, West Seaton. Vice-President— R. Hume, Hillhead, 
Carmyllie. Secretary— G. Paterson, Letham Mains. 

President— G. C. Anckorn, 26 Addison Place. Secretary— W. L. .Milne, 62 Brechin 
Road. Meetings Monthly. 

President— Jas. Hvnd, Hodgeton. Vice-President— J. W. Morgan, Grange of Conon. 
Secretary and Treasurer— R. M. Hume, Hillhead. Annual meeting in December. 
Membership— 150. 


Chairman— John Souttar, 15 St Vigeans Road. Secretary— William Dorward, 15 
St Vigeans Road. Treasurer— George Potter, 24 Millgate Loan. Meets in 
Foresters' Hall, Green Street every Fourth Sunda}' at 1.30 p.m. 


President— William Douglas. Secretary — Malcolm M'Kerracher, 45 Wallace St. 
Treasurer — A. Simpson. Membership — 25. 

Secretary — James Elrick, 4 Maule Street. Treasurer— Robert Baird. Meets in 
30 Maule Street on alternate Mondaj's at 7 p.m. 

BRANCH (Excluding Dundee). 
President— James Peter. Secretarv— John Matthew, 226 High Street. Treasurer- 
David Ramsay, 9b High Street. 

President— David O. Dowell. Treasurer— James Pirrie. Secretary— Albert Myles, 
46 Fergus Square. Membership — 140. 

President— Geo. Ruxton. Vice-President — Geo. Harris. Secretary and Treasurer— 
R. S. Smith. Commerce Street. Annual meeting in January. 

President— David Smith. Secretarv— William M'Kay, 9 St Vigeans Road. Trea- 
surer— D. Shepherd. Health Insurance Sick Steward— J. Ducat, 18 St Vigeans 

Secretary— Roy F. Butchart, 26 Commercial Street, Dundee. 


President — A. Bruce. Secretary — Wm. Alexander, 4 Howard Street. Treasurer — 
James Robertson, 71 Lochland Street. 


President— G. K. F. Black, Oriental Bar. Vice-President— D. W. Whyte, The Stag. 
Secretary and Treasurer — William Chapel. 


President — Miss Dunn, 64 Fergus Square. Secretary — Miss M. Geekie, 4 Hill Terrace. 
Treasurer — Miss T. Ritchie. Membership — 46. Meets on Tuesdays in Shake- 
speare Hall. Lecture, demonstration, etc., monthly. 

President — Mr J. P. Reid. Vice-President — Captain D. B. Marshall. Secretary 
and Treasurer — Mr L C. Crowe, 54 St Vigeans Road. Council — Mr A. M'Cal- 
lum, Mr A. H. Salmond, Mr J. R. Anderson, Mr D. R. Smart, Mr J. Eddie, 
Mr G. C. Anckorn, Mr L Matthew, Rev. G. Hitchcock, Rev. Wm. M'Currach, 
Mr J. Tait, Mr W. F. Anderson. 

Meets in St John's Methodist Church, Sunday Afternoon, at 2.30. President — Rev. 
W. H. Baker. Vice-Presidents — R. Kinnear and J. Joss. Secretary — 
C. C. Anderson, 13 George Street. Assistant Secretary — J. R. Anderson, 26 
Elliot Street. Treasurer— R. Cowieson, 19 Ogilvie Place. Leader of Orchestra — 
R. J. Ewing. 

Y.M.C.A. & SOCIAL INSTITUTE, 79 High St. and 27 Hill St. 
Hon. President — Thomas Scott, 'West Newton. President — J. S. Nicoll. Vice- 
President — Rev. J. Spence Cuthill, B.D. Hon. Treasurer — D. B. King, Neville 
Street. Hon. Gymnastic Instructor — W. Dougall. Business Secretary — N. S. 
Mackay, solicitor, 75 High Street. Caretakers — High Street Buildings and 
Gymnasium — W. Dougall ; Hut, Hostel, &c., Hill Street — Joseph Wilson. 

Patron— Archibald Briggs, Esq., Kelly Castle. Hon. President— Sheriff Gordon. Presi- 
dent — Rev. J. A. Tweedie. Vice-President — D. L. Manson. Hon. Secretary 
nad Treasurer — A. H. Salmond, Knockwinnock. 

Lady Superintendent — Miss Moffat, 19 Howard Street. President — Mrs Lindsay 
Carnegie, Annesley. Vice-Presidents — Mrs A. C. Anderson, Fernlea ; and Mrs 
Briggs, Kelly Castle. Hon. Secretary — Miss Moffat, 19 Howard Street. Hon. 
Treasurer — Mrs Cathcart Christie, Alexandra Place. Committee — Mrs Howat, 
Miss M. A. Macdonald, Mrs Laing, Mrs Clark, Mrs Matthew, Mrs Ure, Mrs 
Joss, Miss Soutar, Mrs W. Swan, Miss Kelly. The Rooms are open Monday 
evening, 7.30 till 9 p.m. for Sewing Class. Thursday evening Club, 7 till 9 p.m. 
Saturday Prayer Union Meeting, 6 p.m. till 7 p.m. Sunday Afternoon Tea and 
Bible Class from 4 till 5.45 p.m. Affiliated branch — British Women's Temperance 

President— A. A. Symon. Secretary— T. Woodside, Ingleside, Elliot Place. Trea- 
surer— J. S. Nicoll, 15 Hill Street. Missionary— James Moffat, 19 Howard 
Street. Annual Meeting — Middle of December. Women's Own, during winter 
months. Sunday afternoon at 2.30. President— Miss Moffat. Fellowship meeting 
—Thursday, 8 p.m. Gospel meetings — Sunday at 6 p.m. Tuesday, 8 p.m. 
Saturday Tea Meeting, 6 p.m. 


Regions Beyond Missionary Union — Secretary, Joseph Moffat, 32 Keptie Street. 
Qua Iboe Mission — Secretary, James Moffat, 19 Howard Street. South Africa 
General Mission — Mrs D. Ramsay, Addison Place. India and Ceylon General 
Mission — Secretary, Miss Scott, 21 Hill Street. China Inland Mission — Secre- 
tary, Miss Moffat, 19 Howard Street. Sunday School meets in hall at 4.45. 
Mr J. S. Nicoll, superintendent. 


SCOTTISH COAST MISSION— Arbroath Branch. Hall— Foot of 
High Street. 
President— Captain A. S. Edward. Secretary and Treasurer — William Walker, 
Commercial Bank. Local Committee — Besides Oface-Bearers, Rev. JL 
Spence Cuthill, Alex. Rust, Thomas S. Anderson, John M'William, John A. 
Tweedie, George Hitchcock, James Cameron, T. Ure Paterson, R. Smith Mac- 
kintosh, J. R. Wark, C. E. Duff, Messrs George Sherriffs, J. L. 
Bannerman, D. Axford, Colin Grant, Harry Corsar, James Smith, John Brodie, 
D. B. King, Alexander Smith, Henry Nairn, Thomas Robertson, and Alexander 
Scott. Missionary— G. Neave, 28 Elliot Street. Sunday School, 2 p.m.— Super- 
intendent, G. Neave. Penny Bank on Friday evenings. 

President — Mrs Howat. Secretary — Miss Roflo. Treasurer— Mrs Carlyle. Mis- 
sionary — Miss M'Lean. Mission Hall — Spink Street. Prayer Meeting, Monday, 
7.30 p.m. Mothers' Meeting, Tuesday, 6.45 p.m. Gospel Meeting, Sabbath, 
3 p.m. 

President — Mrs Heggie, Barry Manse. Vice-Presidents — Miss Lowson, Elm Bank: 
Miss Scotland, Arbirlot Manse ; and Mrs Cuthill, The Manse. Secretary and 
Treasurer, Miss M. A. Macdonald, Windmill House, Arbroath. 

President— Mrs Walker, Ewartlea, Carnoustie. Secretary— Mrs Smith, Friockheim. 
Treasurer— Miss J. Clark, Westbank, Arbroath. Half yearly meetings (April 
and October.) 


Secretary— James S. Nicoll, Hazel Cottage. Colporteur— Fred Holdsworth, 1 
Cairnie Place. 

Secretary — Rev. J. A. Tweedie, Arbroath. Treasurer — W. J. Rollo. 

Hon. President — Rev. J. P. Lilley, D.D., Edinburgh. Vice-President — George 
Neave, 28 Elliot Street. Secretary — M. Lumsden, 210 High Street. 


President — Colin Grant. Treasurer — W. J. Rollo. Secretary — F. F. Macdonald. 

Annual Meeting — End of October. Visitors — John Sievwright, jun.,. Lordburn ; 

James Findlay, 5 Hannah Street; David Shepherd, 60 1 Marketgate; D. T. Wilson, 

99 High Street ; W. L. Grant, 2 Hayswell Road ; James Nairn, 62 Gravesend. 


President — Rev. George Hitchcock. Secretary and Treasurer — Alexander Millar, 
8 Carnegie Street. Visitors — Patrick Robb, 58 Cairnie Street; \Villiam Ramsay, 
30 Hayswell Road; Alex. Hood, 38 Elliot Street; David Ross, 75 Helen Street. 

Secretary — D. Thornton, 16 Dalhousie Place. 

Presidents— Mrs Grant, Woodside, and Mrs F. F. Macdonald, Cliff House. Trea- 

surer— Miss Rollo, Annbank, Keptie Road. Secretary— Miss Wilson, Roto- 
mahana. Annual Meeting in September. 

Joint Hon. Secretaries and Treasurers— Mrs Alexander, Keptie Road, and Mrs 
W. H. Alexander, Clydesdale Bank House. The object of the fund is to provide, 
clothing, &c, for poor children to enable them to attend school. Subscriptions 
or gifts of clothing are gratefully received by the Hon. Secretaries. 


(/« Affiliation with Queen Victoria'! Jubilee Nursing Institute, Edinburgh.) 
President — Mrs Lindsay Carnegie. Hon. Secretaries — Mrs Sidney Duke and Mrs 
Wm. Royal. Hon. Treasurers — Miss Lowson and Mrs John Joss. Nurse — Miss 
Thomson, Laurel Bank. Annual Meeting in December. 


President — Mrs Anderson, Fernlea. Arbroath Ladies' Committee — Miss Carey, 3 
Shore; Mrs D. W. Morgan, Ethie Mains; Miss E.j Soutar, Brackhnn; 
Mrs W. Swan, Horologue Hill; Mrs Norman Fraser, Ogilvie Place; Mrs S. 
Wilson, Craigard ; Hon. Miss Nancy Arbuthnott, Anniston; Miss Russell, Hill 
Terrace. Secretary — Miss Chapel, Salisbury Place. Treasurer — Miss M. Wilson, 
Rotomahana. Home Teacher — Miss Edward, 6 Hayswell Road. Annual meeting 
in May. 


Central Offices— Carlton House, Regent Street, London, S.W.I. Hon. Local Secy. 
— H. Victor Neill, solicitor, 93 High Street. 

President — Thomas Swankie. Hon. Secretary — H. V. Neill, solicitor. Acting Secre- 
tary — William Bruce, Marketgate. Financial Secretary — Joseph Cargill. South 
Street. Treasurer— Alex. Smith, 29 Union Street East. Committee— William 
Cargill, Robert Cargill, Adam Cargill, sen., Peter Smith. Auditors— William 
Swankie, iun., Adam Cargill, jun. 

Secretary and Treasurer— H. Victor Neil!, solicitor, 93 High Street. 

President— Earl of Strathmore. Vice-presidents— Countess of Strathmore and Coun- 
tess of Airlie. Hon. Secretaries — Mrs Lindsay Carnegie of Anniston and J. C. 
Dewar, Esq., Brothock Bridge. Hon. Treasurer — Mr Myles, National Bank, 
Forfar. Annual meeting in January. 

CHILLREN— Arbroath Branch. 
Hon. Secretary— Adam Oliver, S.S.C. Inspector— T. Crawford, 34 Ogilvie Place. 
President — Mrs Lindsay Carnegie, of Anniston. 


President— James Guild. Vice-President— Miss Mary S. Young. Secy— Webster & 
Littlejohn, solicitors. Annual meeting in April. 

Corresponding Secretary — D. Anderson, 17 Kyd Street. 

President— Mrs Scott, West Newton. Secretary and Treasurer— Miss Russell, 9 
Hill Terrace. Associates — 86. Members — 136. 


President — Miss J. J. Scott, 6 Colvil Place. Vice-Presidents— Mrs Brodie, Mrs Dick. 
Secy.— Mrs J. Ure, Millgate Loan. Treas— Mrs Kitto. Financial Secy.— Miss 
Nicoll. Meeting last Saturday of every month, October to April, in Y.W.C.A. 
Hall, at 6.30. 


ARBROATH WHIST CLUB— Established ^802. 
President— Rev. J. Spence Cuthill, Arbroath Parish Manse, Hill Terrace. 

Affiliated to Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs; National Rifle Association; Dundee, 

Forfarshire, and District Association. 
President— Mr J. Eddie, 105 High Street. Vice-President— Mr A. Carr, 42 Cairnie 
Street. Secretary (pro tem)— Mr J. Eddie. Match Secretary — Mr J. Carcary, 
1 Baldovan Street. Range (indoor)— Arrott Street. Open Monday and Thurs- 
day, 7.30 to 9.30. Outdoor Range— Gayfield. 


Secretary— A. Clark, 2 Hannah Street. 

Hon. Secretary — Captain R. Smith, Kirriemuir. President for Town of Arbroath — 
Ex-Provost Rutherford Thomson, O-B.E., Arbroath District. Vice-President — 
Mrs Lindsay Carnegie, M.B.E. Local Secy, for Arbroath— R. S. Black, 82 Mar- 
ketgate. Arbroath District includes Arbroath and St Vigeans, Arbirlot, Car- 
myllie, Kirkden, Guthrie, Kinnell, and Inverkeilor. 

BOY SCOUTS— Forfarshir County Scout Council. 
President— The Earl of Strathmore. Vice-Presidents— The Earl of Airlie, the 
Dowager Countess of Airlie, the Earl of Dalhousie, the Earl of Southesk, 
Colonel W. T. J. Scrymgeoure Steuart Fotheringham, the Provosts of Arbroath, 
Brechin, Carnoustie, Forfar, Kirriemuir, Montrose, and Monifieth. Chairman 
Major Colin G. Neish, O.B.E., Tannadice, Forfar. County Commissioner- 
Admiral Drummond, R.N., Eskhill, Kirriemuir. Assistant County Commis- 
sioner — C. F. I. Neish, Tannadice. Commissioner for Arbroath District — Col. 
D. Laing, T.D. 

Arbroath District Association — Instituted 1908. 
Parishes of Inverkeilor, Kirkden, Guthrie, St Vigeans, Arbroath, Arbirlot, Carmyllie, 
and Kinnell. District Commissioner — Colonel Laing, Maule Street, Arbroath. 
Local Association President — A. R. Duncan, of Parkhill. Treasurer — Rollo 
S. Black, Marketgate. Scoutmaster — William Scott, Bloomfield. Assistant 
Scoutmaster — W. W. Black, Nolt Loan Road. Headquarters — East Grimsby. 
Weekly meeting Friday, 7.30 p.m. Guthrie— Scoutmaster — Rev. W. Guthrie 
Law, The Manse. Friockheim — Scoutmaster — William Whyte, Gardyne Street. 

President— The Right Hon. The Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne. Chairman- 
Colonel A. MacHardv, V.D., D.L. Committee— Colonel R. H. Adamson, C.B.E., 
T.D. ; Major T- F. Dickson; Major W. F. Mackintosh; Lieut.-Col. H. Scrym- 
geour Wedderburn, D.L. ; Lieutenant-Colonel W. T. L. Scrymgeour 
Steuart Fothringham; Major A. Whyte, V.D. ; W. Shaw Adamson, Esq.; 
Sir Herbert K. Ogilvy, Bart. ; F. H. Maconachie, Esq. ; T Whyte, Esq. ; Provost 
Anderson (Arbroath); The Right Hon. The Earl of Dalhousie; General A. C. 
Douglas-Pick, C.B., C.M.G. ; General W. C. Douglas, C.B.. D.S.O. ; Provost 
Foreman; Lieut.-Col. C T. Gordon; A. D. Lowson, Esq.; Provost J. Moffat, 
O.B.E.; Major C. G. Neish, O.B.E. ; Captain C. Ralston- Provost Wilkie; 
Lieut.-Col. D. Laing. T.D. ; Lieut.-Col. M. Bowes Lyon; Captain J. B. M'Nab; 
Captain T. Maule Guthrie; Captain W. G. Don . Secretary — Captain R. A. 
Smith, O.B.E.. Kirriemuir. 


President— Captain T. A. Wilson. Chairman— Captain R. F. D. Bruce. Vice- 
Chairman— Captain J. Murray, M.C. Committee— Sergeant-Maj or J. Robertson, 
Sergeant A. M'Ewan, ex-Sergeant J. Gordon, ex-Sergeant C. Hastings, Lance- 
Sergeant D. Lowe, Private Ritchie. Secretary and Treasurer— John S. Napier, 
52 St Vigeans Road. 

BRITISH LEGION— Arbroath Branch. 

Club Rooms— 14 Keptie Street. Secretary and Treasurer— A. Watters. Representa- 
tive to Ministry of Labour— Rev. R. Smith Mackintosh, C.F. Membership open 
to all ex-service men. Subscription 2/- per annum. 


Outdoor Pastimes. 

Captain — D. E. W. Shanks. Secretary and Treasurer — William Chapel, solicitor. 
Representatives to Course Committee — A. M'Callum and G. N. Dundas. An- 
nual meeting in October. Ladies' Section — Captain — Miss J. T. Mackay. Com- 
mittee—Miss H. D. Gilbert, Mrs M. A. Hendry, Miss B. C. Hunter, Mrs J. 
Joss. Hon. Secretary — Miss Campbell. 


Captain — William Kinnear. Vice-Captain — J. M. Hendry. Hon Secretary — 
George Morrison, 15 Dishland Street. Hon. Treasurer — Samuel B. Colville, 31j 
Cairnie Street. Membership — 326. Representative on Golf Course Management 
Committee — S. B. Colville and George C. D. Morrison. 


President — Dr Laing. Vice-President — C. D. Miln. Secretary — N. S. Mackay, 
solicitor, 75 High Street. Treasurer — T. Woodside, Prudential Office. Commit- 
tee — Office-Bearers and Miss Fraser, Miss M. P. Wilson, and Miss J. B. Wilson, 
and C. D. Wilson and Alastair Fairweather. Match Secretary — J. D. M'Culloch. 

Patron — George Sherriffs. President — James L. Mason. Vice-President — C. Smith 
Hill. Secretary — David Littlejohn, solicitor. Treasurer — C. Smith Hill, 3 
Queen Street. 


Patron— Ex-Bailie R. S. Black. President — David Byars. Vice-President— George 
Davidson. Secretary and Match Secretary — Arthur Hamilton, 25 Palmer Street. 
Treasurer — Andrew Ellis. Curator — Alex. Thomson. Delegate — Ex-Bailie R. S. 
Black, 82 Marketgate. Executive— David Stephen, J. P. Gibb, William Booth, 
Andrew Gibson, William Dakers, James Pirie, John Johnston, John Fair- 
weather, David Anderson, and the office-bearers. Membership— 90. 


Hon. Patron — C. G. Moir, London. President — Wm. M'Leod. Vice-President — 
J. Duncan. Secretary and Treasurer — A. Marnie, 4 Stuart Street. Committee — 
D. Pirie, R. Nicoll, W. Baird, J. Smith, G. Keir. 

Patron — F. F. Macdonald. President — D. A. Craig. Vice-President— A. Esplin. 
Secretary and Treasurer — A. D. Williamson, 59 Kinnaird Street. Committee — 
C. Whitton, R. Hunter, A. Smith, W. Matthew, L. Deans. Annual meeting in 


President — William Penny. Vice-President — Thomas Millar. Secretary and Trea- 
surer — John Ferguson, 55 Kinnaird Street. 

Hon. Presidents — James Falconer, M.P. ; Wm. Ogilvy, Kirriemuir; J. D. Ford, 
Broughty Ferry ; G. Sherriffs, Arbroath ; Provost Moffat, Forfar ; A. B. Crichton, 
Maryfield; Allan Reid, Brechin; ex-Lord Provost Sir William Don, Dudhope. 
ex-Bailie R. S. Black, Newgate. President — John S. Thom (Canmore). Vice- 
President — W. H. Blvth Martin (BalgajO- Secretary and Treasurer — J. L. 
Rea (Broughty), 2 India Buildings, Dundee. Committee — Representatives from 
Victoria, Kirriemuir, Brechin, Melville, Arbroath, Lochlands, Maryfield, Dud- 



ARBROATH FOOTBALL CLUB— Instituted, 1878. 

Patrons-John Leng Sturrock, Esq., M.P.; J. M. Scott, Esq.; C. C. Grant, Esq.; 
Dr Richard Kelly; W. J. Kerr, Esq.; and Arthur Fairweather, Esq Hon. 
Presidents— Messrs James Calder, John Davidson, W. W. Smith, Wm Watt 
A. G. Hendry, James Kelly. President— David R. Macdonald. Vice-President 
Robert Shaw. Match Secretary— R. M'Glashan, 20 Hannah Street. Business 
Secretary— J. E. Whyte, 11 Howard Street. Treasurer— E. N. Lefevre, 240 High 
Street. Members of Committee— G. D. N. Dundas, Alex Myles, Geo. Willocks 
and John Weir. Auditors— G. C. M'Leod and Geo. F. Johnson. 

President— George T. Shepherd. Secretary— W. Cameron. Treasurer— F. Lindsay. 
Committee — J. Bogue, D. Malcolm, J. Milne. 

Ardenlea. Secretary— C. D. Cameron, & South Grimsby. 
Comrades. Secretary— Charles F. Matthew, 13 Maule Street. 
Victoria. Secretary — D. Milne, 28 Green Street. 

R.F.A. Secretary — Sergeant-Major Oldacre, R.F.A. Headquarters. 
Woodside. Secretary— J. Gray, 70 Ernest Street. 
Parkhead. Secretary— J. Brennan, 7 Elliot Street. 



Patrons — Lieut. -Col Hew Blair Imrie of Lunan ; D. C. R. Lindsay Carneg Lin- 

blethmdnt ; Capt. Guthrie, Harr3' Corsar, Esq., Woodville ; William Grei t ^sq., 
Seaton House, etc. Hon. Presidents— Rev. E. W. Millar, S. Mary's ; A. D. 
Lowson, William Chapel, J. R. W. Clark, D. M. Small, L.D.S.; James Fearns. 
President — D. T. Wilson. VicePresident — David Darroch. Secretary — A. Flem- 
ing, reporter, " Guide " Office. Treasurer — D. H. Reid, tobacconist. Captain of 
Waters— C. L. Lauder. Weigher— Geo. M'Ardle. Committee— D. T. Wilson, D. 
Robertson. Tames Teugh, A. C. Young, James Smart, D. Cooper, D. Milne, P. 
Brown, S. W. Rathjen, G. M'Ardle, Wj Forbes. Auditor— W. Chapel. Annual 
Meeting in February. 


Patron — A. Easson. President — J. Stewart. Vice-President — A. Cossans. Secretary 
and Treasurer — A. Webster, 24 Hamilton Green. Committee — A. Christie. J. 
Bowman, G. Anderson, P. Boath, G. Milne, A. Webster, A. Cossans. Weighers 
— W. Bowman, A. Buchan. Auditors — A. Christie, G. Anderson. Annual general 
meeting in June. 

Affiliated to S.A.S.A. and Royal L.S.S. Headquarters — Public Baths. 

Hon. President— Ex-Bailie D. T. Wilson. President— John P. M'Farlane. Vice- 
President — N. Carrie. Secretary and Treasurer — Arthur G. Hoggj 7 Ernest 
Street. Membership Fee, 2s 6d. Life Saving Competition in June. Prac- 
tice Nights — Ladies, Thursdays at 7 p.m. ; Gentlemen, Wednesday, 7 p.m. 
Ladies' Section Secretary — Miss Bella Stirling, 10 Kyd Street. 

Hon. President — Harry Corsar. President — Alex. Smith. Vice-Presidents — James 
Anderson and D. Drury. Secretary and Treasurer — A. Beatt, 40 Elliot Street. 
Recorder — C. Milne. Rescue — E. Bel. Headquarters — The Steeple Rock. Mem- 
bership Fee, Is. Annual Meeting in October. 


Patrons— A. R. Duncan of Parkhill, Colin Grant of Woodside, Sir Francis Webster, 
W. W. Webster, F. F. Macdonald, Harry Corsar, Earl of Strathmore, Dr 
Kelly. President — Robert Irvine. Vice-Presidents — David Drury and Richard 
David. Secretary — Robert Gleig. 54 Keptie Street. Treasurer — Richard David. 
Captain— R. W. Sievwright. Vice-Captain— A. M. Fairweather. Committee— 
Office-Bearers and James Hood, E. W. R. Myles, R. Shaw, D. Littlejohn, G. C. 
M'Leod, and C. Neave. Match Committee— P. Barclay and T. Whitton. Coach— 
E. Collin. 



: Arbroath's Leading : 
Family Picture House 

Resident Manager— W. MARSH. 


Picture Jhecttre 

Telephone No. 197. 



CLUB. — Application was made by George 
Brougham, 51 Sidney Street, secretary 
pro tern, to the Town Council on Monday, I 
on behalf of the Arbroath Swimming Club, 
for the use of the Public Baths for one 
hour per week, and for the u§e of the wet | 
dock on the same conditions a'STast year, \ 
It was stated that the club, had secured NIG. 
the services of Mr David .5FIntosh as 
instructor for loig distance swimming, 
and as the club was a newly formed club 
to try and create more interest and rivalry 
in swimming competitions an appeal was 
made to the Councils give it every assist- 
ance until it was in a more prosperous 
and sounder financial position. The Town 
Council agreed to grant permission to use 
the wet dock, and referred the application 
v^far as it related to the Public Baths to 
vj Baths Commitpee. 

Seats may be Booked without any extra 
Booking Fee. 

entation is a 


j Arbroath's 

I Greatest 


I Attraction ! 


| Winton's 


| Arbroath 






\ 31 West Port and 59 Guthrie Port, 

| Arbroath. j 



Telephone No. 17. 

Smith, Hood & Co., Ltd., 

Largest Coal Merchants and Colliery Agents 
North of the Forth. :: Ship Brokers. 

Registered Office- 


Arbroath Depots: 

At Railway Station 
Chalmers Street, 


Letham Grange Station 


BRANCHES — Bervie, Mr George Nicoll ; Carnoustie, Miss C. S. Milne ; 
Broughty Ferry, Mr J. Crawford ; Forfar, Mr A Callander ; Inverkeilor, 
Mr William Robertson; Montrose, Mr A. Imrie: Mary field, Mr John 
Gray ; Stonehavtn. Mr R. V. Mitchell; Tayport, W. M. Young; Cupar, 
Miss B. Cairns ; Newport, Mr Tough ; Brechin, Provost James Addison ; 
Jokns/iaven, Mr George Towns: lnchture, Mr Simpson. 

The following Descriptions of Best Household Coal always in stock — Best 
Wallsend English Coals and Nuts ; Dunfermline Splint Household Coal; 
Anthracite or Blind Coal; Jewel Coal ; Patent Fuel Briquettes ; Peat 
Briquettes; Best Coke for Vineries, Bakehouses, &c; Small Coal for Mills 
and Factories. 



Fur Prices, Terms, etc., apply to : — 

A. P. LOWSOIM, Arbroath Agent. 

House Address- KEPTIE ANGLE. 


Royal Exchange Assurance 

Incorporated A.D. 1720. 





A .- 




T^oyal Exchange, London (Head Office.) 

Fire, Life, Sea, Accident, Motor Car, 
Plate Glass, Burglary, Employers' 
Liability, Fidelity Guarantees, Third 
Party, Lift, Boiler, Machinery, Live 
Stock. Trustee and Executor. 

Dundee Branch = = 30 Meadowside 

J. A. TOMBAZIS, Manager. 


W. & W. H. ALEXANDER, Solicitors, 62 High Street. 

ROLLO S. BLACK, 82 Marketgate. 

D. & W. CHAPEL, Solicitors, Market Place. 

CLARK, OLIVER. DEWAR & WEBSTER, Solicitors, Brotliock 

W. & J. MACKINTOSH, Solicitors, 1 Hill Street. 
WILLIAM SOUTAR, British Linen Bank, Brothock Bridge. 






Adam, Alex., labourer, 5 Russell Street. 
Adam, Helen, widow, 34 Helen Street 
Adam. James, compositor, 75 Ladyloan. 
Adam, Jas., mechanic, 4 West Mary St. 
Adam, James, Arbirlot Road 
Adam, James, shoemaker, 19 Ernest St. 
Adam, James, vintner, 2 Bakers Wynd. 
Adam, Airs C, widow, 15 West Grimsby. 
Adam, Mrs M., widow, 5 Russell St. 
Adam, W., 24 Brechin Road 
Adam, Win.., residenter, 9 Anderson St 
Adam, William, labourer, 38 Howard St. 
Adam, W. B., labourer, 41 Dishland St. 
Adams, Alfred, 9 Park Street 
Adams, Ann, spinster, 11 Cross Mill Wynd. 
Adams, Francis W., boots, 8 Fergus Sq. 
Adamson, A., dealer, 16 Cross Mill Wynd. 
Adamson, A. K., clothier, Arbirlot Road 
Adamson, Bella, confectioner, 8 Keptie St 
Adamson, Miss Jemima, 64 Cairnie St. 
Adamson, Mrs Mary H., 18 Green St. 
Addison, Alex., cycle agent, 279 High St. 
Addison, C, master mariner, 197 High St 
Addison, C. A., 45 John Street 
Addison, David, 44 Ernest Street 
Addison, Elizabeth, widow. East Newgate. 
Addison, Jane W., weaver, 12 Spink St. 
Addison, John flaxdresser, 35 Fergus St. 
Addison, Joseph, weaver, 20 Fergus Sq. 
Addison, Mrs, 14 Gowan Street 
Aird, Robt., 41 Hannah Street 
Airth, Geo., mill foreman. 21 West Mill 
Airth, Miss Elizabeth, 16 Guthrie Port. 
Airth, Misses, 33 Victoria Street 
Airth, Misses Margaret and Mary, spin- 
sters, Cairnie Road. 
Airth, Wm., 19 Cairnie Street 
Aitken, J. R., engineer, 30 Elliot Street. 
Aitken, Mrs, 53 Helen Street 
Aitken, Robt., 33 East Abbey Street 
Aitken, T.. coal merchant. 30 Hillend Rd. 
Aitken, Wm., 53 Helen Street 
Aitkenhead, Joseph, Nolt Loan 
Aitkenhead, Joseph, 14 Gowan Street 
Aitkenhead, Margt.. widow, Viewfield Rd. 
Alexander, B. D., 5 Hill Road 
Alexander, Betsy, spinster, 12 James St. 
Alexander, Betsy, widow, 2 Murray PI. 
Alexander, Betsv, factory worker, 15 

Cross Mill Wynd 
Alexander, Charles, 25 Glover Street 
Alexander, Charles, 47 St Mary Street 
Alexander, D., chauffeur. Maule Street. 
Alexander, D., grocer, 17 Cairnie Street 
Alexander, D., labourer, 21 Millgate Ln. 
Alexander, David, 37 Lordburn 
Alexander, Edward, 7 Russell Street. 
Alexander, Georgina K.. 42 Addison PL 
Alexander, H., engineer, 40 Millgate Ln 
Alexander, Henry F., cycle mechanic, 63 

Sidney Street. 
Alexander, T. A., 45 Lordburn 
Alexander, J., engineer.- 43 Kinnaird St. 
Alexander, Tames, 6 Hill Terrace 
Alexander, James, dentist, 169 High St. 

Alexander, James, labourer, 69 Ladyloan. 

Alexander, James, tanner, 9 Dishland St 

Alexander, Jas., engineer, 27 Carnegie St. 

Alexander, John, draper, 93 Keptie St. 

Alexander, Margaret, widow, Ernest S.t. 

Alexander, Miss, dressmaker, 57 Barngreen. 

Alexander, Miss, 11 Lochland St. 

Alexander, Misses, Hay's Lane. 

Alexander, Mrs A., widow, Keptie Road. 

Alexander, Mrs J., widow, 68 Brechin Rd. 

Alexander, Mrs J., widow, 37 Guthrie Pt. 

Alexander, Mrs Jessie, 45 Lochland Drive 

Alexander, Mrs Mina, factory worker, 30 
Fergus Street. 

Alexander, Mrs M., widow, 8 Leonard St. 

Alexander, Mrs M., Salisbury Place 

Alexander, R., machineman, Hay's Lane. 

Alexander, R., hairdresser, 36 Millgate Ln. 

Alexander, T. M., factory worker, 28 
Bank Street. 

Alexander, W., hacklemaker, 8 N. Grimsby 

Alexander, W. H., solicitor, 60 High St. 

Alexander, Wm., 19 Lillies Wynd 

Allan, Alex., lapper, 28 Fergus Squore. 

Allan, David, baker, 5 Culloden Road. 

Allan, David, flaxdresser, 8 Howard St. 

Allan, Jas., residenter, 24 Dishland St. 

Allan, Jessie, widow, 25 Culloden Road. 

Allan, Margaret, pawnbroker, 1 James St. 

Allan, Mrs, draper, Kinnaird Street 

Allan, Mrs, 5 Wallace Street. 

Allan, Mrs Helen, 2 West Mary Street. 

Allardice, Edward, moulder, .% Ernest St. 

Allardice, Frank, 2 Wallace Street 

Allardice, John, blacksmith, 13 John St. 

Allardice, John, mechanic, 76 Keptie St. 

Allardice, Miss L., confectioner, 77 Kep- 
tie Street. 

Anckorn, G. C, postal clerk, 26 Addison PI. 

Anckorn, W. J., nhotographer, 29 West Pt. 

Anderson, A., signalman, 31 Elliot St. 

Anderson, A. R., 32 Green Street 

Anderson, Alex., shoemaker, 23 Sidney St. 

Anderson, Alex., clerk, 36 Sidney Street. 

Anderson, Andrew, 27 Lochland Street 

Anderson, Ann, factory worker, 2 West 
Keptie Street. 

Anderson, Ann, 19 Church Street. 

Anderson, Annie, widow, 42£ Cairnie St. 

Anderson, Arch., labourer, 30 Kinnaird St 

Anderson, C newsagent, Lillies Wynd 

Anderson, Chas., plumber, 44 Kinnaird St. 

Anderson, C. C, stationer, 13 George St. 

Anderson, Chas. S., 17 Rossie Street 

Anderson. D., labourer, 5 Cross Mill Wy. 

Anderson, D., 39 Tohn Street 

Anderson, David, "20 Hill Place 

Anderson, David, factory worker, 47 
Wallace Street 

Anderson, David, storekeeper, 17 Kyd St. 

Anderson, David, tailor, 128j High St. 

Anderson, David, mason, 27 Duke St. 

Anderson, David, 9 Hay's Lane. 

Anderson, David, bleacher, 70 Howard St. 

Anderson, David, 43 Wallace Street 




First-Class Fuel for Bakers' Ovens. 
Indispensable for " Keith's " Furnaces. 
Economical for Household Purposes. 
Specially Useful for Greenhouses. 






Hydraulic Rams, . . ^^W ! Is Flush Closets, Baths, 

Windmills and Pumps ,' lip- I* Heating, 6fc, for Town 

of every description . ',i| , and Country Houses. 

Executed and Repaired. ^I^^JIl 

ii . Jl if|f|,/"r : Estimates Given. 

Estate Water Supplies "' |p= -I j- 1 Bg ^ 

Laid Out on most . . *gg < < ' > ff^i 

Modern Systems. '^fS^m?/^ CHARGES MODERATE. 

House Address — 7 Guthrie Port, Arbroath. 



Anderson, Eliz., servant, 51 Panraure St. 
\nderson, Eliz., weaver, 11- Kyd Street 
\nderson< Elspeth, 5 Elliot Street 
Anderson, G., cabinetmaker, 35 Elliot St. 
Anderson, Geo. G., storekeeper, 25 West 

Abbey Street. 
\nderson, George H., irondresser, 10 Pcn- 

derlaw Lane. 
Anderson, H., mechanic, W. Keptie St. 
.nderson, J., watchman, 7 Jamieson St. 
nderson, j., 27 Lochland Street 
nderson, }., bleacher, 11 St Vigeans Rd. 
Anderson, J. mill worker, 18 Maule Street 
Anderson, J., vanman, 17 St Vigeans Rd. 
Anderson, James, labourer, 21 Hill Place. 
Anderson, Tames, mechanic, 13 Kyd St. 
Anderson, James, tailor, 12 Bakers Wynd. 
Anderson, James, cabinetmaker, 23 Hamil- 
ton Green. 
Anderson, James, 33 Leonard Street. 
Anderson, T'mes F., builder, 28 Kvd St. 
Anderson, James, electrical engineer, 

Brechin Road 
Anderson, James, 8 Bakers Wynd 
Anderson, Jas., jeweller, 211 High St. 
Anderson, Jas., grocer, 23 E. Abbey St 
Anderson, Jas. R., Rose Vale, Nolt Loan 
Anderson, Jas. T., watchmaker, 4 West 

Abbey Street. 
Anderson, Jessie, 53 Panmure St. 
Anderson. Jessie, spinster, 7 St Vigeans Rd. 
Anderson, Jessie B., spinster, Nolt Loan 

Anderson, John, jeweller, 16 Rosemount 

Anderson, John, 26 Elliot Street 
Anderson, John, engineer. 59 Rossie St. 
Anderson, John S., 13 Carnegie Street. 
Anderson, Laurence, 48 Helen Street. 
Anderson, Lizzie, 29 Jamieson Street 
Anderson, M., mechanic, 34 Kepti-. Street 
Anderson, Mary, Kinloch Terrace 
Anderson, Mary W., housekeeper, 44 

Cairnie Street 
Anderson, May, confectioner, 92 Helen St. 
Anderson, Miss, 22 Smithy Croft 
Anderson, Miss A. S., 48 Brechin Road. 
Anderson, Miss B. G., 4 Brothock Bridge. 
Anderson, Miss J., costumier, 4 Brothock 

Anderson, Miss Marjory. 27 Abbot Street. 
Anderson, Miss Marv, 97 Keptie Street. 
Anderson, Mrs, 8 Gowan Street 
Anderson, Mrs, 275 High Street 
Anderson, Mrs, 8 Hill Road 
Anderson, Mrs Annie, widow, 41 Hill St. 
Anderson, Mrs B., 40 St Mary Street. 
Anderson, Mrs C, grocer. 26 Ladyloan. 
Anderson, Mrs Temima, 64 Cairnie St 
Anderson. Mrs M. A., residenter, 48 East 

Abbev Street. 
Anderson, Mrs Margaret, 41 Hill Street. 
Anderson, Mrs Mary, 29 Fisheracre 
Anderson, Mrs Marv. 24 Helen Street 
Anderson, Mrs P. W., 43 Hill Street 
Anderson, Norman B.. Seaforth 
Anderson, Norman, 39 Leonard Street. 
Anderson, Patrick, 7 Guthrie Hill 
Anderson, R. H., mechanic. 33 Culloden Rd 
Anderson, R., mechanic, 47 Culloden Rd. 

Anderson, Robt., grocer, 16 Nolt Loan Rd. 

Anderson, Robt., 14 Jamieson Street 

Anderson, Rev. T. S., 1 Springfield Ter. 

Anderson, Thomas, commercial traveller, 
30 Dalhousie Place. 

Anderson, Thomas, bleacher, 44 Howard St. 

Anderson, W., 62 Rossie Street 

Anderson, W. Gordon, Warslap 

Anderson, W., mariner, 20 Culloden Ter 

Anderson, Wm, 25 Millgate 

Anderson, Wm., mason, 31 Green Street. 

Anderson, Wm., printer, 51 Sidney St. 

Anderson, Wm., engineer, 39 Kinnaird St. 

Anderson W. D., machineman, 3 Osborne 

Anderson, W. F., headmaster, 110 High 

Angus, David, 36 Sidney Street. 

Annat, Robert, labourer, 15 Stuart St. 

Annet, Mrs John, 14 Marketgate 

Arbuthnot, D., moulder, 21 Cairnie St. 

Arbuthnott, D., moulder, 6 St Vigeans Rd. 

Arbuthnott, T., labourer, 9 Russell St. 

Arbuthnott, W., railway carter, 15 Elliot St. 

Arbuthnott. W., 17 Kinnaird Street 

Archer, Alex., sculptor, 68 Lochland St. 

Arklay, Miss F., dressmaker, 21 Duke St. 

Armatage, Peter, flesher, 11 Ponderlaw St. 

Armour, Miss E., 26 East Mill Wynd. 

Armstrong, J. B., flaxdresser, 70 Keptie St. 

Armstrong, T., machineman, 56 St Vigeans 

Arthur, A., labourer, 20 St Vigeans Rd. 

Ashford, Jane, 11 Kinnaird Street 

Asquith, Wm., sawtrimmer, 14 Bridge St. 

Atkinson, Frank, 20 West Mary Street. 

Atkinson, J J., patternmaker, 1 Hill Rd. 

Auchterlonic, J., 8 Keptie Street 

Axford, David, hammerman, 58 Cairnie St. 

Axford, Mrs, factory worker, 77 Loch- 
land Street. 

Bailie, Mrs, 11 St Vigeans Road 
Baillie, Ed., machinist, 19 Hill Street 
Baillie, Mrs, 29 Lordburn 
Bailie, R. W., cycle repairer, 24 Helen St 
Bain, Tas. millworker, 25 Dishland St. 
Bain, Miss Minnie, 49 Wallace Street. 
Bain, Mrs Margaret B., 1 Alexandra PI. 
Bainbridge. W. E., coastguard, 11 Shore 
Baird, D. S., enginedriver, 12 St Vigeans 

Baird, A., mason, 26 St Mary Street 
Baird, Alfred, 3 Church Street 
Baird. hairdresser, 48 High Street 
Baird, J., flaxdresser, 44 St Vigeans Rd. 
Baird. fames, ironmoulder, 52 Leonard St. 
Baird, Tames, engineer. 17 High Street. 
Baird, Jas., plater's helper, 248 High St. 
Baird, Mary, factory worker, 20 Dishland 

Baird, Mrs Agnes, 67 Helen Street 
Baird, R. C., hairdresser. 5 W. Grimsby. 
Baird. Robert, painter, 42 Sidney Street. 
Baird, W., boot salesman, 54 Rossie St. 
Baird, W.. hairdresser, 14 George St. 
Bairner, Alex., pastry-baker, 41 Hill St. 
Balfour, Alex., flaxdresser, 27 Lochland St. 
Balfour, C. L., 23 Barngreen 



The Simplest Means 
:-: of obtaining :-: 














■ .» Sal four, Geo., plater, 51 Leonard Street 
I Balfour, Geo, L., moulder, 36 Barngreen. 
y Balfour, Jane A., widow, 19 Howard St. 
I 3allingall, Wm., factory worker, 2d nubot 
L Street. 

Banks, Sutherland, hotelkeeper, 17 Kep- 

Sannerman, J. L., mechanic, 23 Kinnaird 

iannerman, Mrs, 21 Fergus Square. 
Sannerman, Mrs Agnes, 30 Kyd St. 
arclay, Mrs W ., 20 Barngreen 

Barclay, Peter, mechanic, 21 Lochland St. 

Barnett, Chas., 17 Catherine Street 

Barnet, David, carter, 14 Helen Street. 

Barnet, Davidina, spinster, 5b Marketgate. 

Barnet, Elizabeth, widow, '/ VV. Newgate. 

Barnes, James, coachman, 29 Victoria St. 

Barnet, John, joiner, 4 Fergus Square. 

Barnet, Miss M., teacher, 23 West Port. 

Barnet, Mrs Isabella, 259 High Street. 

Barnett, D. D., wine merchant, 12 Hill- 
end Road 

Barnett, Jane, spinster, 12 Hillend Road 

Barnett, Mary A., factory worker, 64 St 
Mary Street. 

Barnett, Thos., 43 Helen Street 

Barr, Elizabeth, widow, 29 Ponderlaw St. 

Barrie, Charles, batcher, 10 Smithy Croft 

Barrie, E., spinster, 8 St Mary Street. 

Barrie, Joseph, caretaker, 6 Wallace St. 

Barrie, Mrs A., widow, 17 Howard St. 

Barrie, Mrs Agnes, 19£ Rossie Street. 

Barrie, Wm., bleacher, 32 Robert Street 

Barry, A. G., cattle salesman, 26 Hannah 

Bassett, A., 20 Smithy Croft 

Bassett, Frank, seaman, 17 Union St. E. 

Batchelor, Agnes, 20 Nolt Loan 

Batchelor, Chas., 50 Kinnaird Street 

Batchelor, D. t drill instructor, 23 Jamie- 
son Street. 

Batchelor, David, cashier, Viewfield Rd. 

Batchelor, J.', 34 Helen Street 

Batchelor, H. S., grocer, 28 Elliot St. 

Batchelor, Mrs, Mayfield. 

Batchelor, W., 42 Brechin Road 

Bathie, Miss C. A. H., Keptie Road. 

Baxter, Bella, weaver, 17 Culloden Road. 

Baxter, Donald M., manager, 8 Garden St. 

Baxter, James, blacksmith, 27 Bog Lane. 

Baxter, J. A., 46^ Cairnie Street 

Beaton, Helen, widow, 40 Ladyloan. 

Beaton, Mary 46 St Mary Street 

Beats, Alex., bleachfield worker, 2 West 
Mary Street. 

Beatt, Alex., labourer, 7 Millgate Ln. 

Beatt, Andrew, tobacconist, 40 Elliot St. 

Beatt, Miss Jane, 54 Helen Street. 

Beatt, Neill, currier, 8 Union Street E. 

Beattie, A., mill manager, 3 Bakers Wynd. 

Beattie, Alex., fisherman, 15 Union St. E. 

Beattie, Alex., fisherman, 1 South Street. 

Beattie, Alex., fisherman, 10 Marketgate. 

Beattie, D., fisherman, 17 Ladybridge St. 

Beattie, David, 8 John Street 

Beattie, David, 10 Marketgate 

Beattie, David B., baker, 1 Church St. 

Beattie, David, fisherman, 8 South St. 

Beattie, David, fisherman, 7 Old Shore Hd. 

Beattie, J., mill overseer, 8 St Vigeans Rd. 

Beattie, James, 31 Fisheracre 

Beattie, James, 23 High Street. 

Beattie, James, 16 John Street. 

Beaitie, James, lisherman, 9 W. Newgate. 

Beattie, James, 31 Fisheracre 

Beattie, James, fireman, 69 Sidney Street 

Beattie, James L., 16 Panmure Street 

Beattie, Jas., signalman, 14 Lochland St. 

Beattie, Jane, 6 High Street. 

Beattie, John, butcher, 47 Kinnaird St. 

Beattie, John, vanman, 8 Bank Street. 

Beattie, Miss Barbara, 6 Brothock Bdge. 

Beattie, Miss Jessie, 49 Keptie Street. 

Beattie, Mrs, 37 Millgate Loan 

Beattie, Mrs, 45 Ladybridge Street 

Beattie, Mrs Alexander, 41 St Mary St. 

Beattie, Mrs Mary A., 64 Cairnie Street. 

Beattie, Peter, fisherman, 17 Union St. E. 

Beattie, Peter, 15 High Street. 

Beattie, Peter, 57 Ladyloan 

Beattie, Robert, 37 High Street 

Beattie, Robert, fisherman, 4 Seagate. 

Beattie, Robert, 8 John Street 

Beattie, Robt. F., baker, 1 Maule Street. 

Beattie, Susan, 14 Lochland Street. 

Beattie, Sydney, 16 Green Street 

Beattie, Thomas, fisherman, 5 High St. 

Beattie, Thos., fisherman, 17 Union St. E. 

Beattie, W, warehouseman, 11 Ernest St. 

Beattie, Walter, shoemaker, 22 Applegate. 

Beattie, Wm., 17 Union Street East 

iieattie, William, baker, 19 John Street. 

Beattie, Wm., shoemaker, 10 W. Newgate 

Beatts, Wm., lamplighter, 35 W. Grimsby. 

Beatts, Joseph A., 49 Wallace Street 

Beedie, A., fish merchant, 55 Millgate Ln. 

Beedie, George, residenter, 3 Lordburn. 

Begg, Tames, gardener, 1 Murray Place. 

Begg, jas., factory worker, 8 W. Mary St. 

Begg, Mrs A., 23 St Vigeans Road 

Begg, R., ironmoulder, 18 Dishland St. 

Bell, Alex., shoemaker, 29 Lochland St. 

Bell, Beatrice, 22 Culloden Terrace 

Bell, Douglas, bleacher. 24 Leonard St. 

Bell, Enoch, 14 Rosebank 

Bell, Ernest, 169 High Street 

Bell, J., 14 Rosebank 

Bell, John, 21 Kinnaird Street 

Bell, Joseph, 43 Lochland Drive. 

Bell, Margaret W. widow, 45 Rossie St. 

Bell, Miss Jane, 11 Bog Lane 

Bell, Mrs Christina, 41 Kinnaird St. 

Bell, Robert, baker, 31 Ernest Street 

Bell, Wm., leather-cutter, 21 Leonard St. 

Bell, William, 169 High Street. 

Bel^ __ v labourer, 29 Lochland Street 

Belli, P., confectioner, 11 Allan Street 

Bend'a, Mrs M., 67£ Millgate Loarv 

Bennet, A. B., market gardener, Little 

Bennet, J. S., patternmaker, 31 Cairnie St 

Bennet, Jane, widow, 1 Church Street. 

Bennet, Mrs N., widow, 26 Hillend Road. 

Bennett, F. W. M-, Abbey View, Hays- 
head Road 

Bennett, Mrs, widow, 35 East Abbey St. 

Bennett, Mrs William, 40 Green Street. 




Cartwrights and Coach Painters, 

Lorries, Vans, &c, Built to Order. 


You are always sure of obtaining the best service from us whether 
dealing with our Street Lorries or with the Depot in Seagate 
direct — and our Prices are Reasonable. 

We are Drepared to supply Best Scotch Household Coal, Scotch 
Treble Nuts, Steam Chew Coal, Scotch Small Coal, Round Char, 
Round and Small. 

Then our Best Newbattle Lothian gives infinite satisfaction. Ask 
for it. 

General Carting Work can be arranged with us, and we will be 
pleased to quote prices. 


Coal Merchant 

East End of Seagate 

Opposite West Newgate. 


Practical Boot and Shoe Repairer, 

Repairs of every description at shortest 
notice. Charges Moderate. Always on 
hand, large stock of Footwear Requisites 



Benson, Wm., dealer, 53 W. Grimsby 

Berrie, Joseph, porter, 6 Wallace Street 

Berrie, Mrs M., 248 High Street 

Bertie, Allen, baker, 8 N. Grimsby 

Bertie, E., 20 Nolt Loan 

Bertie, Helen S., widow, 10 W. Abbey St. 

Binnie, Alexander, 93 Keptie Street. 

Binnie, William, labourer, 41 Rossie St. 

Birrell, David, 21 Fergus Street 

Birse, A., 9 Lindsay Street 

Birse, Alexander, 15 Leonard Street. 

Birse, David, shoemaker, 51 High St. 

Birse, Fred., flaxdresser, 11 Ernest St. 

Birse, Geo., machineman, 2 Reform St. 

Birse, J., engine-fitter, 68 St Vigeans Rd. 

Birse, John, machineman, 9 Cross Mill Wy. 

Birse, John, 47 Green Street. 

Birse, William, bleacher, 60 Fergus Sq. 

Bishop, William, foreman of works, 43 

Brechin Road 
Bisset, A. J., 51 Green Street 
Bisset, Alex., 45 W. Grimsby 
Bisset, David, mechanic, 14 Russell St. 
Bisset, James, mill foreman, 12 Robert St. 
Bisset, Misses T. A. and M Hayshead Rd. 
Bisset, Mrs Agnes, 29 Elliot btreet 
Bisset, Violet C., widow, 64 Nolt Loan Rd. 
Bissett, Mrs A., millworker, 45 W. Grimsby. 
Black, Alex., labourer, 41 Helen Street. 
Black, Andrew, labourer, 36 Cairnie St. 









D., clerk, 12 Ann Street 
Geo. K. F., vintner, 3 Abbey Path. 
George, shoemaker, 20 Cairnie St. 
George, joiner, 5 Brechin Road 
James, labourer, 19 Palmer Street. 
H., bootmaker, 14 West Mary St. 
Helen, residenter, 40 Millgate Ln. 
J ., 36 Ann Street 

Black, James, tenter, 11 Jamieson St. 

Black, Jessie, millworker, 14 Glover St. 

Black, Margaret, widow, 14 W. Mary St. 

Black, Miss A., residenter, 17 Jamieson St. 

Black, Miss Ann, factory worker -'fl Loch- 
land Street. 

Black, Miss Katherine, 13 Queen Street. 

Black, Mrs, 6 Glover Street 

Black, Mrs M., widow, 30 Cairnie St. 

Black, Peter, tailor, 3 Jamieson Street. 

Black. R. S.. accountant, 10 Nolt Loan Rd. 

Black, Stephen, caretaker, 29 Rossie St. 

Black, Wm., engineer, 5 Russell Street. 

Black, Wm., 31 Gravesend 

Blaikie, Poorhouse Governor, Brechin Rd 

Blair, And., factory worker, 43 Elliot St. 

Blair, Andrew, tenter, 78 Cairnie Street. 

Blair, D, hairdresser, 1 Hamilton Gn. 

Blair. T., jun.. patternmaker. 57 Millgate 

Blair. Henry, hairdresser, 57 Sidney St. 

Blair, J., sen., house factor, 3 Carnegie St. 

Blair, Miss A., factory worker, 5 Ander- 
son Street. 

Blair, Mrs E. F., 32 Ladyloan. 

Blair, Thos., railway guard, 56a High St. 

Blair, Walter, 25 Millgate 

Blair, Mrs, 12 Fergus Street. 

Blues, Mrs Ethel, 43 Wallace Street 

Blues, J ploughman, 13 Dishland St. 

Blyth, Alex., porter, 45 Glover Street 

Boath, Agnes, residenter, 24 Green St. 
Boath, Charles, moulder, 11 Kinnaird St. 
Boath, David, 29 Cairnie Street 
Boath. David, labourer, 25 Ann Street. 
Boath, David, 43 Lochland Street 
Boath, D. M., flesher, 29 Cairnie St. 
Boath, G., machine worker, 41 Leonard St. 
Boath, Geo., mechanic, 14 St Vigeans Rd. 
Boath, Geo., baker, 14 Leonard Street. 
Boath, George, carter, 25 Dickfteld St. 
Boath, Mary A., spinster, 7 W. Abbey St. 
Boath, Mrs Eliz., 28 Bank Street 
Boath, Mrs Jane, 14 Robert Street 
Boath, Mrs Jean, widow, 5 Victoria St. 
Boath, Jessie, 19 W'allace Street 
Boath, Mrs Lily, 52 Sidney Street 
Boath, Peter, engine-fitter, 13 Ernest St. 
Boath, W., butcher, 7 Cairnie Street 
Boath, Wm., butcher, 39 High Street. 
Boath, Wm., 7 Cairnie Street 
Boath, Wm. S., storekeeper, 198 High St. 
Boath, Wilfred, 42 Kinnaird Street 
Bogue, A., mill overseer, 30 St Mary St. 
Bogue, David, mill overseer, 23 Green St. 
Bogue, Henry, millworker, 21 Green St. 
Bogue, Henry, 8 Leonard Street 
Bogue, J. F., engineer, 32 St Mary Street 
Bogue, John, surfaceman, 21 Abbot St. 
Bogue, John, 32 Green Street . 
Bogue, John, mechanic, 64 Marketgate. 
Bogue, Mrs, 26 Hamilton Green 
Bonnyman, Mrs J., widow, 27 E. Abbey St. 
Booth, David, painter, Demondale. 
Booth, Margaret G., spinster, 8 George St. 
Booth, William, tailor, 23 West Port. 
Borland, J., 23 W. Mary Street 
Bortnwick, J., greengrocer, 39 Lordburn. 
Bortnwick, J as., labourer, 17 Panmure St. 
Bothwell, H., labourer, 13 Cross Mill Wy 
Bothwell, Miss S., millworker, 5 Cross 

Mill Wvnd. 
Bothwell. Mrs Ann, 12 E. Mill Wynd. 
Bouick, David, fitter, 12 Lochland Street 
Bouick, David, stationer, 27 Glover St. 
Bowden, Miss B., 64 Cairnie Street 
Bowie, Wm., miller, 15 Carnegie Street. 
Bowman, Andrew, 1 Cross Mill Wynd 
Bowman, Annie G., 39 St Mary Street 
Bowman, G. B.. residenter, 1 Albert St. 
Bowman, Isabella, widow, 40 Nolt Loan Rd. 
Bowman, James, batcher, 40 Green Street. 
Bowman, John C mason, 19 Catherine 'St. 
Bowman, Mrs, 48 Kinnaird St. 
Bowman, Wm., 21 Smithy Croft 
Bowman, Wm., engineer, 78^ Keptie 'St. 
Bovack, James, 45 Barngreen 
Boyd, John, clerk, 48 East Abbey Street. 
Bovd, Mrs Elizabeth, 39 Sidney Street 
Boyd, Mrs M., widow, 78 St Vigeans Rd. 
Boyle, James, lamplighter, 102 Keptie St. 
Bovle, James, mill overseer,, 27 Elliot St 
Bovle, Tohn, 59 High Street 
Boyd, Miss A. J., 16 Elliot Street 
Boyle, Wm., storekeeper, 37 Kinnaird St. 
Boyock, Hugh, postman, 24 Wardmill 'Rd. 
Bracelin. Pat., shipmaster, 23 Ann St. 
Braid, A., sen.. 33 Ann Street 
Braid, Alex., shipmaster, 65 Elliot Plac~ 
Braid, Andrew, engineer, 11 Brechin Rd 


Thos. Muir, Son & Patton 



LOCAL BRANCHES:— ARBROATH— 39 Helen St. (Telephone 4); 
69 West Grimsby (Telephone 4) ; and at the following Railway 
Stations— Carnoustie (Tel. 2) ; Inverkeilor (Tel. 4) ; Cauldcots 
(Tel. 4) ; Carmyllie (Tel. 4) ; Friockheim (Tel. 9.) 


Coal Merchants, :: Colliery Agents 
Lime Merchants, Carting Contractors 

Specialists in all Classes of Industrial and Household Fuel, 
both Wholesale and Retail. 

BUNKERS— Finest Navigation and Steam Coal Foundry Coke 

Smithy Coal — Malting Coke Tractor Coal Gas Coke 

Our Advice is at your Service, and a Post Card will bring a 

Prompt Reply regarding anything in -which we 

■may be able to serve you. 

Registered Office, Nethergate House, Dundee. 

Telegrams— "Muir," Dundee. Telephone, 744 (4 Lines.) 



Braid, Charles, labourer, 31 W. Mary St. 
Braid, J., wood merchant, 7 Hillend Rd 
Braid, J., cab driver, 51 Guthrie Port 
Braid, John, street porter, 9 Millgate Ln. 

Braid, Miss, cook, 9 Smithy Croft 

Braid, William, 51 Leonard Street 

Braid, Wm., shoemaker, 49 Leonard St 

Braid, Williamina G., widow, 17 Hayswell 

Brand, Alex., draughtsman, 1 Cairnie PL 
Brand, Andrew, mason, 57 Kinnaird St. 

[Brand, Ann, spinster, 9 Sidney Street. 
Brand, J., sergt. of police, 38 Rossie St. 

Brand, Jas. S., slater, 30 Dishland St. 

Brand, Joseph, labourer, 68 Howard St. 

Brand, -Mrs, 41 Millgate Loan 

Brand, Mrs L., 168 High Street 

Brand, Mrs Margaret, Westbank Cottage 

Brand, Robert, joiner, 1 Dishland Street. 

Brattesani, J., confectioner, 5 Dishland St. 

Brattesanni, Mrs Clementina, 55 Loch- 
land Street 

Brechin, John, 36 Cairnie Street 

Bremner, — ., 2 Fergus Street 

Bremner, Mrs T., 47£ Ladyloan 

Brennan, Patrick, ironmoulder, 7 Elliot St. 

Breslin, Mrs M., 1 Garden Street 

Brewin, F. R., 16 Last Grimsby 

Brewin, James, shoemaker, 13 Russell St. 

Bridges, David, 19 West Abbey Street. 

Bridges, Mrs Annie, 21 Ponderlaw St. 

Bridges, Mrs E., charwoman, 2 Ponder- 
law Lane. 

Briggs, Mrs, 11 Kinnaird Street. 

Briggs, Wm., 57 Leonard Street 

Brodie, John, Nolt Loan Road 

Brougham, Geo., painter, 51 Sidney St. 

Brcugham, John, shoemaker, 21 Ogilvie PI 

Brougham, W. J., 15£ Russel Street 

Brown, A., 19 Ladyloan 

Brown, Alex., labourer, 31 Howard St. 

Brown, Alex., labourer, 39 Fergus Square. 

Brown, Charles, beamer, 34 Keptie Street. 

Brown, Daniel C, 43 St Vigeans Rd. 

Brown, David, flaxdresser, 32 Rossie St. 

Brown, Duncan, flaxdresser, 21 Leonard St. 

Brown, Edward, 55 Panmure Street 

Brown, Eliz., spinster, 55 Dishland St. 

Brown. Elsie, widow, 8 Addison PI. 

Brown, George, engineer, 32 Kinnaird St. 

Brown, George, retired engine driver, 20 
Brechin Road. 

Brown, George, lapper, 34 Helen Street. 

Brown, Helen G. S., 18 Kyd St. 

Brown, Isabella, widow, Hayshead Road. 

Brown, James, 43 Helen Street. 

Brown, Jas. M., moulder, 30 Green St. 

Brown, Tas., residenter, Keptie Road. 

Brown, Jas., labourer, 1 Union St. E. 

Brown, Tas., grocer, 29 West Grimsbv. 

Brown, Jane, widow, 37 West Newgate. 

Brov.-n. Jean Ann, 69 Guthrie Port 

Brown, J. S., irtsur, collector, 35 Howard St 

Brown, John, labourer, 13 Brechin Road 

Brown, John, engineer, 25 Hannah Street 

Brown, Joseph, 24 Kyd Street 

Brown, Margaret, widow, 21 Abbot St. 

Brown, Margaret, 47 John Street. 

Brown, Mary, spinster, 3 Russell Street. 

Brown, Miss E. T., 25 Brechin Road 
Brown, Miss M., 41 Lochland Drive. 
Brown, Mrs, 30 Glover Street 
Brown, Mrs, 5 Kinnaird Street 
Brown, Mrs, broker, 15 Barngreen 
Brown, Mrs A. B., St Monans, Viewfield Rd 
Brown, Mrs A. J. H., grocer, 33 Marketgate 
Brown, Mrs Annie, 19 W. Mary Street 
Brown, Mrs B., widow, 10 Hayswell Road. 
Brown, Mrs S., widow, 29 Ernest St. 
Brown, Peter D., engineer, 13 Green St. 
Brown, Reynold, teacher, 3 Brechin Road 
Brown, Robert, grocer, 54 Nolt Loan Rd. 
Brown, Robert, moulder, 44 High Street. 
Brown, Robert, 22 Guthrie Port 
Brown, Shiela, domestic, 3 Ladyloan 
Brown, W. O., 42 Nolt Loan 
Brown, Win., engineer, 6 Fergus Street. 
Brown, Wm., 32 Rossie Street 
Brown, Wm., ironmonger, 1 Hill Road. 
Brown, William, pilot, 35 W. Grimsby. 
Bruce, Alex., 6 How-ard Street 
Bruce, Alexander, grocer, 37 Ladyloan. 
Bruce, Geo., 35 Lindsay Street 
Bruce, James, waiter, 48 High Street. 
Bruce, John B. E., Muirland 
Bruce, John, fisherman, 23 Seagate. 
Bruce, Margaret M., widow, 24 Elliot St. 
Bruce, Mary, factory worker, 22 Helen St 
Bruce, Mrs Helen, 39 Leonard Street. 
Bruce, N., fisherman, 11 Marketgate. 
Bruce, W. R., vintner, 34-32 Commerce St. 
Bruce, William, 11 Marketgate 
Bruce, Wm., machineman, 13 Green St. 
Bruce, Wm., vintner, 11 Brothock Bdge 
Bruce, Wm., fisherman, 15 Union St. E. 
Bruce, Wm. B., chauffeur, 10 Academy St. 
Bryan, Mrs Agnes, 31^ Cairnie Street 
Bryce, Adam, baker, 12 Wallace Street. 
Brydon. Jas., retired postmaster, 5 View- 
field Road , , 
Buchan, Adam, 33 Culloden Road 
Buchan, Adam, labourer, 33 Fisheracre 
Buchan, D„ 15 Hillend Road 
Buchanan, D. M., 19 Millgate 
Buchanan, T-. printer, 3 Addison PI. 
Buick, Albert, waste Mclit., 23 Bog Lane 
Buick, Annie, 44 Glover Street 
Buick, Charles, flaxdresser, 7 Elliot St. 
Buick, David, 27 Glover Street. 
Buick, D. P., residenter, 10 St Vigeans Rd. 
Buick, Isabella, residenter, 21 Green Street 
Buick, J., potato merchant, 50 High St. 
Bui:k, Jas., flaxdresser, 22 Lochland St. 
Buick, James, joiner, 44 Cairnie St. 
Buick, James, labourer, 19 Commerce St. 
Buick, James, 56 Brechin Road. 
Bvjck, James, plumber, 12 Leonard St. 
Buick, Maggie, confectioner, 23 Church St. 
Buick, Mrs George, 13 St Vigeans Road. 
Buick, Peter, lapper, 47 H~len Street. 
Buick, Mrs Stephen, 28 Hamilton Gn 
Buick, W., mechanic, 30 Millgate Loan. 
Buick, Wm., mechanic, 26 Dishland St. 
Buick, Wm.._ labourer, 23 Hays Lane. 
Buick, William, farmer. Hospitalfield 
Buist, W. C, 26 Ponderlaw 
Bullock. Mrs A., 29 Leonard Street 
Burn, Mrs D. H., 4 Albert Street. 



The Arbroath Plate Glass 


Is the Cheapest and Most Convenient Medium for the 



Premiums Quoted and other information given on application to 

Wm. H. Alexander, Solicitor, 62 High Street, 

Secretary and Treasurer. 



Dealer in Sheet, Polished Plate, Silvered Plate, Rough Plate, Figured 
Rolled, Cathedral Rolled, Muffled, Rippled, Opal, Muranese 
Memorial Windows, Church Windows, Domestic Windows, 
Glass Blinds, Glass Embossing, Glass Bevelling, Glass Brilliant 
Cut, Glass Bending. 

Greenhouse and Roof Painting done by Experienced Workmen. 
Every Description of Plain and Ornamental Lead dazing. 

Special Designs and Estimates Submitted on Amplication. 

Brothock Bridge = Arbroath, 

And Bank Street, Dundee. 

Telephone 107. 



Burness, David S. G., superintendent of j 
cleansing, 31 Carnegie Street. 

Burness, W. W., ironturner, 54 Howard St. 

Burnett, Catherine, spinster, 21 Sidney St. I 

Burnett, O., cartwright, 40 Millgate Ln. 

Burnett, David, slater, 19 N. Grimsby. 

Burnett, David Langlands, 37 Hayswell Rd. 

Burnett, James, 17 Marketgate. 

Burnett, Janet, widow, 28 Bank Street. 

Burnett, Mrs Isabella, 41 Ernest St. 

Burnett, William, 50 Guthrie Port. 

Burnett, Wm., 51 Guthrie Port 

Burnett, Wm., moulder, 72 Cairnie Street. 

Burnett, W. A., dairyman, 5 Murray PI. 

Burnett, W. P., coachman, 15 Dishland St. 

Burns, Islay, labourer, 16 Cross Mill Wy. 

Burns, James, gardener, 6 Jamieson St. 

Burns, Mrs Helen, 17 W. Abbey Street 

Bushnell, Geo., 18 Bridge Street 

Butcher, L., 31 Elliot Street 

Butchart, Agnes, spinster, 3 Bakers Wynd. 

Butchart, Alexander, 81 Keptie Street. 

Butchart, Chas., tailor, 10 St Vigeans Rd. 

Butchart, Grace A., widow, 50 John St. 

Butchart, James, 8 Leonard Street. 

Butchart, John E., lithograph writer, Ar- 
birlot Road. 

Butchart, Miss Maggie, 16 Bridge Street 

Butchart, Mrs George, 36 Cairnie St. 

Butchart, Mrs J., widow, 7 Russell St. 

Butchart, R., engineer, 29 Kinnaird St. 

Butchart, R. T., cabinetmaker, 30 Bank St. 

Butchart, Roderick, lapper, 16 Rossie St. 

Butchart, W., insur. agent, 20 Ogilvy PI. 

Butchart, W., plumber, 56 St Vigeans Rd. 

Byars, D., 153 High Street 

Bvars, J., motor contractor, 8 Carnegie St 

Byars, Mrs, 151 High Street 

Cable, James, factory manager, 27 Loch- 
land Street. 
Cables, James C, 32 Kyd Street 
Cables, John, labourer, 8 Ann Street. 
Cadman, James, billiardroom proprietor, 

49 Ladyloan. 
Caird, Allan, labourer. 41 Ladyloan 
Caird, Henry, joiner, 32^ St Mary St. 
Caird, James, ironturner, Demondale 
Caird, J., labourer, 49 Millgate Loan.^ 
Caird, J. R., ironturner, 67 Sidney St 
Caird, John, vanman, 8i Dishland Street. 
Caird, John, 9=j Applegate 
Caird, Mary, widow, 39 Panmure Street. 
Caird, Marv L., spinster, 57 Dishland St. 
Caird, W., factor}' worker, 14 Hannah St. 
Caithness, Mrs E., caretaker. 45 High St 
Calder, Ann, widow, 1 Dishland Street. 
Calder, D. D., builder, 32 Elliot Street 
Calder, Tames, 9 St Vigeans Road 
Calder, John, tailor, 269 High Street. 
Calder, Miss M. R., Viewfield Road 
Calder, Mrs J.. Rosebery Place 
Callum, Catherine, spinster, 3 Ponderlaw 

Cameron, Chas. D., 6 South Grimsby 
Cameron, David, 28 Rossie Street. 
Cameron, Geo., hotel-keeper, 131 High St. 
Cameron, George, 14 Hill Place 

Cameron, J., surfaceman, 35 Howard St. 
Cameron, J., cabinetmaker, 9 Union St 
Cameron, J. J., 41 Lochland Drive 
Cameron, James, 4 East Mary Street 
Cameron, Jessie, dressmaker, 60 Market- 
Cameron, Mrs, 46 Leonard Street 
Cameron, Mrs E. P., widow, Hayshead Rd. 
Cameron, Mrs M., widow, 32 St Vigeans Rd 
Cameron, John, joiner, 5 Fergus Street. 
Cameron, John, 9 Union Street West 
Cameron, Rev. James, Dishland Street. 
Cameron, Wm., mechanic, 9 Elliot St. 
Cameron, Wm., shoemaker, 66 Fergus Sq. 
Cameron, Wm., mechanic, 7 Elliot St. 
Campbell, A., railway clerk, 9 Glover St. 
Campbell, Ann, bleacher, 37 Rossie Street 
Campbell, Betsy, widow, 14 Chalmers St. 
Campbell, D., machinist, 7 St Vigeans Rd. 
Campbell, Frederick, 45 Sidney Street 
Campbell, H., fish salesman, 8 Hillend Rd. 
Campbell, H. R., tenter, 61 East Abbey St. 
Campbell, Jas., painter, 9 Kinnaird 'St. 
Campbell, J. ret. teacher, 36 Hill St. 
Campbell, J., moulder, 29 W. Abbey St. 
Campbell,- Johan, 168 High Street 
Camohell, John, 46 Sidney Street. 
Campbell, John, overseer, 21 Guthrie Pt. 
Campbell, Mrs Isabella, 248 High Street ■ 
Campbell, W., surfaceman, 49 Brechin Rd 
Campbell, Wm., fishdealer, 21 Lordburn. 
Campbell, William, 18 West Mary St. 
Campbell, William, 6 Leonard Street. 
Canale, Guiseppi, ice-cream merchant, 204- 

High Street. 
Cant, David, joiner, 3j Keptie Street. 
Cant, George S., machineman, 31 Rossie St 
Cant, Harry, 3 Lordburn 
Cant, James, mechanic, 9 Culloden Road. 
Cant, Miss M. P., 1 Anderson Street. 
Cant, Mrs Eliza, 13 Palmer St 
Cant, Robert, 3 Elliot Street 
Cant, W.. 23 Dishland Street 
Carcarv, W. T., blacksmith, 29 Howard St 
Cardno. Mrs J., 14 West Mary Street 
Carev, Margaret B., spinster, 2 Shore. 
Cargill, A., 19 Park Street 
Cargill, A. B., residtr., 21 Old Shore Hd 
Cargill, A., tailor, 19 Park Street 
Cargill, A., jun., fisherman, 20 South St. 
Cargill, A. B., factor}* manager, 47 Pan- 
mure Street. 
Cargill, A., 14 La.Vbridge Street 
>r<nll, A. M., labourer, bi Bank Street. 
Cargill, Alex., 55 High Street 
Cargill, Alex., 14 Ladvbridge Street 
Cargill, Alex., fisherman, 23 Old Shore Hd. 
Cargill, Alex., boxmaker, 23 Jamieson St. 
Cargill, Alex., 5 Kinnaird Street 
Cargill, Alex., labourer, 5 Marketgate 
Cargill, Alex., seaman, 10g Seagate 
Cargill, Andrew, moulder, 26 Gowan St. 
Cargill, Andrew, barman, 8 Abbot Street. 
Cargill, Andrew, labourer, 3 W. Newgate 
Cargill, Caroline, spinster, 12 South St. 
Cargill, Chas., fisherman, 8 John Street. 
Cargill, Daniel, fisherman, 26 Seagate. 
Cargill, David, 13 Stuart Street 
Cargill, David, 3 St Vigeans Road. 





Of Artistic Merit made in own Workrooms 
at prices which are without comparison in the 
trade. Outstanding features in our productions 
are Qualit}' of Material, Design and Finish. 
Ladies going Abroad would do well to consult us 
about their requirements. 


And Afternoon Dresses 

Are a Specialty with us. We have all that is 
Newest and Becoming in FROCKS FOR THE 


Department is worthy of your attention. From 
time to time we make Huge Purchases, and are 
thus enabled to Sell Direct to the Public at 
Makers Prices. A glance at our prices is most 
convincing when compared with the quality of 
the Hose we sell. 

Miss Peebles 

Blouse and Robe Manufacturer, 


Other Shops at West High St., Forfar, 6? Lochee. 

Head Office -67 PERTH ROAD, Dundee 

Works 200 PERTH ROAD, Dundee. 

Cargill, David, 5 Dickfield Street 
Cargill, David, fisherman, 24 W. Newgate 
Cargill, David, labourer, 76 Helen St. 
Cargill, David, 17 Fergus Street 
Cargill, David, labourer, 15 Dishland St. 
Cargill, David, 29 St Mary Street. 
Cargill, David, sen., 30 Robert Street. 
Cargill, David, 21 Ladybridge Street. 
Cargill, David, moulder, 20 Park Street. 
Cargill, David, fisherman, 6 Marketgate. 
Cargill, David, 60 Marketgate. 
Cargill, David, labourer, 7 W. Newgate. 
Cargill, David, fisherman, 1 South St. 
Cargill, David, fisherman, 16 South St. 
Cargill, David, fisherman, 8 Seagate 
Cargill, Donald, carter, 26 Seagate 
Cargill, Donald, labourer, 62 Marketgate 
Cargill, Duncan, moulder, 25 High St. 
Cargill, Frank S., 41 Lochland Street 
Cargill, G., millworker, 2 W. Mill Wynd. 
Cargill, George, lapper, Demondale 
Cargill, Harrv, 25 Seagate 
Cargill, Helen, 24 Seagate 
Cargill, Helen, 28 Union Street E. 
Cargill, Isa., 32 Seagate 
Cargill, Isaac, moulder, 6 South St 
Cargill, Isaac, fisherman, 6 Union St. E. 
Cargill, Isaac, fisherman, 21 W. Newgate. 
Cargill, Isabella, grocer, 4 High St 
Cargill, Jj salmori fisher, 10 Union St. E. 
Cargill, T . fisherman, 20 Ladybridge St 
Cargill, T, 27 Bank Street 
Cargill, T-, 53 West Grimsby 
Cargill, J., fisherman, 23 Ladybridge St. 
Cargill, T., 13 Stuart Street 
Cargill, J. F., fisherman, 46 Ladybridge St 
Cargill, James, fisherman, 22 John St 
Cargill, James, shunter, 6 South Street 
Cargill, James, carter, 50 Howard Street. 
Cargill. James, fisherman, 20 Seagate. 
Cargill, James, 69 Ladyloan. 
Cargill, James, labourer, 33 Park Street. 
Cargill, James, fisherman, 1 Marketgate. 
Cargill, James, sen., fisherman, 15 Old 

Shore Head 
Cargill, James, 20 Ladybridge Street 
Cargill, James, 33 Marketgate 
Cargill, James, 43 Ladyloan 
Cargill, fas., fisherman, 23 Ladybridge St 
Cargill, jas., fisherman, 15 Old "Shore Hd. 
Cargill, Jane, spinster, 55^ Panmure St. 
Cargill, Jane, 21 West Newgate. 
Cargill, Tohn, 53 W. Grimsby 
Cargill, John, fisherman, 8 High Street. 
Cargill, John, fisherman, 4 Union St. E. 
Cargill, John, tanner, 25 Glover Street. 
Cargill, John, fisherman. 7 Union St. E. 
Cargill, John, jun., fisherman, 5 South St. 
Cargill, John, 33 Sidney Street 
Cargill. John S., railway porter, 8 Smithy 

Cargill, Jonathan. 6 Ponderlaw Lane. 
Cargill, Joseph, 10 Union Street E. 
Cargill, Joseph, fisherman, 7 South St. 
Cargill, Joseph, fisherman, 10 South St. 
Cargill, Lizzie, 23 Ladybridge Street. 
Cargill, Mrs Marv, 36 Ladvbridge Street 
Cargill, Misses Isabella C., Eliza, and 

Cecilia, 16 South Street. 
Cargill, Mrs, 31 Ladybridge Street 

Cargill, Mrs Adam, 7 South Street 
Cargill, Mrs Coull or, 31 Seagate 
Cargill, Mrs, 17 Ogilvy Place. 
Cargill, Mrs, widow, 35 East Mill Wy. 
Cargill, Mrs D., 27 Leonard Street 
Cargill, Mrs E., fisherwoman, 15 West 

Cargill, Mrs Eliz., 24 Union St. E. 
Cargill, Mrs T-, 60 Marketgate 
Cargill, Mrs J., widow, 18 Hillend Road. 
Cargill, Mrs Jane, 22 Ladybridge St. 
Cargill, Mrs Jessie, widow, 34 Jamieson St. 
Cargill, Mrs Lizzie, widow, 21 South St. 
Cargill, Mrs Lizzie, 23 Ladybridge St. 
Cargill, Mrs Nicholas, 3 Union St. E. 
Cargill, Nellie, millworker, 33 W. Grimsby 
Cargill, Norman, 11 Union St. East 
Cargill, P., millworker, 17 Union St. E. 
Cargill, Peter, labourer, 15 Culloden Rd. 
Cargill, Peter, 7 Wardmill Road 
Cargill, Peter, 17 Union Street E. 
Cargill, R., 33 High Street 
Cargill, Robt., currier, 44 Barngreen. 
Cargill, Robt., labourer, 10 Guthrie Pt. 
Cargill, Robert, 12 High Street 
Cargill, Robert, 31 High Street 
Cargill, Robert, labourer, 20 High St. 
Cargill, Robert, stower, 22 John Street. 
Cargill, Robert, fisherman, 19 Seagate. 
Cargill, Robert, fisherman, 27 Seagate. 
Cargill, Robert, sen., fisherman, 1 Old 

Shore Head. 
Cargill, Robert, 33 John Street 
Cargill, Robert, 16 High Street 
Cargill, Robt., fisherman, 5 Union St. E. 
Cargill, Thos., butcher, Seagate 
Cargill, Thos., hammerman, 44 Ernest St. 
Cargill, Thomas, carter, 45 Millgate Ln. 
Cargill, Thomas, 1 Union Street East 
Cargill, Thomas, joiner, 14 South Street. 
Cargill, Thomas, 14 West Newgate. 
Cargill, Thos., fisherman, 26 Union St. E. 
Cargill, Thos., fisherman, 3 Marketgate. 
Cargill, Thos., fisherman, 13 Marketgate. 
Cargill, Thos., surfaceman, 1 South St. 
Cargill, W., flaxdresser, 9 Cross Mill Wy. 
Cargill, W. 27 St Mary Street 
Cargill, W., fisherman, 6 Marketgate 
Cargill, W., 37 Lordburn 
Cargill, W. D., 12 Marketgate. 
Cargill, Wm, fisherman, 20 Seagate 
Cargill, Wm.. 12 Ladybridge Street 
Cargill, William, fisherman, 3 High St. 
Cargill, William, 6 Ladybridge Street. 
Cargill, Wm., fisherman, 8 Union St. E. 
Carlyle. J. A., lecturer, 2 Addison Place. 
Carnegie, Alex., gardener, Dainley. 
Carnegie, Claude, 50 Helen Street 
Carnegie, David, 46 Fergus Square 
Carnegie, Eliza, 11 Brechin Road 
Carnegie, Isabella, 8 Russell Street 
Carnegie, J., 36 St Mary Street 
Carnegie. T.. marine engineer, 14 Wal- 
lace Street. 
Carnegie, John C, fancy goods merchant, 

159 High Street 
Carnegie, Miss L., weaver, 68 Brechin Rd. 
Carnegie, Miss M., millworker, 3 Lordburn, 
Carnegie, Mrs A. Lindsay, Annesley. 
Carnegie, Mrs J., 18 Fergus Square 




Tobacconist, Stationer, and Newsagent, 


(Opposite the Railway Station.) 

Established Over 50 Years. 


Family Grocer, Tea, 
Wine and Spirit Merchant, 



First-Class Value in Every Department. 

All Goods Guaranteed of Highest Quality. 

Telephone No. 150. 


(Sole Partner -GEO. K. SKEA), 



East Mary St., Arbroath. 17 Jamieson Street. 

Estimates Given for all Kinds of Mason Work. 



Carnegie, Mrs M., restaurateur, 19-21 

Hamilton Green. 
Carnegie, Mrs Sarah, 21 Hayswell Road. 
Carnegie, Susan, housekeeper, Baldovan Si. 
Carnegie, W., tobacconist, 6 N. Grimsby. 
Carney, Harry, joiner, 21 Rossie Street. 
Carney, Joseph L., weaver, 1 Maule St. 
Carr, Alex., caretaker, 26 Hill Street 
Carr', Alexander, joiner, 42 Cairnie St. 
Cai-r, Christina, spinster, 1 George St. 
Carr, Mrs Mary, 7 Convent Street. 
Carrie, Alex., ironworker, 23 Carnegie St. 
Carrie, Alex. W., painter, 74 Brechin Rd. 
Carrie, Alfred, leather cutter, 21 Fergus St. 
Carrie, And. L., 3 Allan Street 
Carrie, Ann, 7 Guthrie Port 
Carrie, David, 43 St Mary Street 
Carrie, David, 76 Marketgate 
Carrie, Edward, labourer, 42 Howard St. 
Carrie, Fred., 24 Helen Street 
Carrie, George, 27 Fergus Square. 
Carrie, Geo. S., 32 Brechin Road 
Carrie, Gilbert, fireman, 3 Garden St. 
Carrie, Hector, 4 Brechin Road 
Carrie, Helen & Martha, confectioners, 

223 High Street. 
Carrie, Tames, shoemaker, 9 Culloden Rd. 
Carrie, "James, 80 Helen Street. 
Carrie, Tames, labourer, 7-9 W.. Grimsby. 
Carrie, Jane S., 12 Barngreen 
Carrie, John, moulder, 8£ Dishland St. 
Carrie, John, vanman, 15 Abbot Street. 
Carrie, Mary G., boot machinist, 36 John 

Carrie. Miss, spinster, 7 Elliot Street 
Carrie, Mrs, 12 East Mill Wynd 
Carrie, Mrs, residenter, 17 Fergus St. 
Carrie, Mrs Esther, 26 Victoria Street. 
Carrie, Mrs Grace D., 6^ Barngreen 
Carrie, N., marine engineer, 93 Keptie St. 
Carrie, Stephen, tanner, 16 Fergus Street. 
Carrie, Thomas, ironworker, 20 Hill PI. 
Carrie, Thomas, 25 East Abbey Street. 
Carrie, W.. ship carpenter, 19 Brechin Rd 
Carrie, William, 2 Elliot Place. 
Carrie, William, labourer, 43 John Street. 
Carrie, Wm., fireman. 35 West Grimsby. 
Carver, Mrs A., residenter, 63 Dishland 

Cassie, Mrs James C, 27 W. Mary St. 
Cathro, Mrs A.,' 45 Ladvloan 
Cathro, Mrs Barbara, 168 High Street 
Chalmers, Alex., vanman, 8 Abbot Street. 
Chalmers, Alex., flaxdresser. 33 Barngreen. 
Chalmers, A. B., electrical engineer, 60 

Fergus Square 
Chalmers, A. N.. engineer, Ernest Street. 
Chalmers. Jas., flaxdresser, 59 St Mary St. 
Chalmers. John, flax inspector, 64 Loch- 
land Street 
Chalmers, Mrs Mary, 16 St Mary Street. 
Chalmers, Mrs T., 168 High Street 
Chalmers, Thomas, 3 Barbers Croft 
Chalmers, William, 3 Gavfield. 
Chalmers, W. S., 55 Rossie Street 
Chambers, John, tailor, 20 Ladvbridge St 
Chapel, Misses F., J., and H., Salisbury PI 
Chapel, Wm.. solicitor, 21 Dalhousie PI. 
Chapman, Allen, joiner, 31 Fergus Square. 

Chapman, Anna S., widow, 23 Lordburn. 
Chapman, Stewart, carter, 43 Sidney St. 
Chatwin, Chas., teacher, 57 Brechin Rd. 
Chester, Robert, clerk, 3^ Fergus Street. 
Cheyne, Mrs Jessie, 6 W. Keptie Street. 
Chisholm, Alex., collector, 8 Stanley St. 
Chisliolm, Miss Helen, 7 Alexandra PI. 
Chisholm, Miss J., dressmaker, 27 Green St 
Christie, A., gas collector, 8 Carnegie St 
Christie, A., hammerman, 64 Keptie St 
Christie, Alex., engineer, 74 Brechin Rd. 
Christie, Alex., 2i Russell Street 
Christie, Chas., machineman, 25 Elliot St. 
Christie, D., 30 Ann Street 
Christie, David, 16 Millgate Loan 
Christie, Eliz., spinster, 45 Millgate Ln. 
Christie, George, 67 Lochland Street 
Christie, Geo. M., 68 Cairnie, Street 
Christie, George, 67 Lochland Street 
Christie, James, janitor, 21 W. Keptie St 
Christie, Jas., warehouseman, 5 Ernest St. 

Christie, Jas., moulder, 24 St Mary St. 
Christie, James, 50 Guthrie Port. 
Christie, Jessie, widow, 31 Fisheracre. 
Christie, John Cathcart, electric engineer, 

9 Alexandra Place. 
Christie, John H.,i 55 Helen Street 
Christie, John, tailor, 41 Hill Street. 
Christie, Lily, typist, 1 Hayswell Road. 

Christie Martha, widow, 15 Kyd Street. 

Christie, Miss Annie, confectioner, 34 
Lochland Street. 

Christie, Mrs, 21 Spink Street 

Christie, Mrs, 22 Smithy Croft 

Christie, Mrs, 18 Cross Mill Wynd 

Christie, Mrs, 43 Rossie Street 

Christie, Mrs, 16 High Street 

Christie, Mrs Elizabeth. 23 Lillies Wynd. 

Christie, Mrs Jane, 22 Fergus Street. 

Christie, Mrs M., widow, 48 Addison PI 

Christie, Mrs Margaret, 56 Rossie St. 

Christie, Mrs Mary, 46 St Mary St. 

Christie, Mrs Mary, 53 Panmure Street 

Christie, Mrs Minnie, 39 Lochland St. 

Christie, Mrs R., widow, 36 Fergus Sq. 

Christie, Richard, 21 Bank Street 

Christie, Robert, moulder, 18 Fergus Sq. 

Christie, Stewart, 24 Jamieson Street. 

Christie, Thomas, painter, 36 Leonard St. 

Christie, Wm., flaxdresser, 38 Howard St. 

Christie, William, 27 Fergus Square 

Christison, David, grocer, 22 W. Abbey St 

Christison, John, 26 Fergus Square. 

Christison, Mrs, 15 Sidney Street 

Christison, Mrs Gertrude M., 23 Ladyloan. 

Christison, T. C, barman,, 30 Kvd Street 

Christison, Robert, moulder, 18 Hill PI. 

Clark, A., 12 West Grimsby 

Clark, Alex., shoemaker, 2 W. Mary St. 

Clark, Alexander, 2 Hannah Street 

Clark, Annie, weaver, 19 Catherine St. 

Clark, Benjamin, 57 Smithy Croft 

Clark, Charles, 55 Dishland Street 

Clark, Chas., labourer, 12 Lochland St. 

Clark, Christina, 7 Osborne Terrace. 

Clark, D., factory worker, 18 Howard St. 

Clark, David, fitter, 63 Sidney Street. 

Clark, D. Y., factory worker, 44 High St. 

Clark, George, 25 Panmure Street. 




Assets Exceed Eight Millions. 
Claims Paid Exceed £18,000,000. 

Life Insurances issued, giving every advantage offered by any 
Insurance Company. Moderate Premiums. Liberal Condi- 
tions. Substantial Bonuses. Stringent Reserves. New 
Scheme, combining Life Assurance and Old Age Pensions. 

Fire Insurances effected bv the Company on the Most Moderate 
Terms, according to nature of risk. 

Employers' Liability. — Policies issued covering Full Liability un- 
der the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1897, 1900, and 1906; 
the Employers' Liability Act, 18S0, and the Common Law. 

Personal Accident Insurance. — World-Wide Policies issued, con- 
ferring Full Benefits at Moderate Rates. 


Burglary Insurances Transacted. — Liberal Conditions. Low 
Rates. No Average Clause. 

Live Stock Insurance Effected. — Accident, Disease, Foaling, Cast- 
ration, and Stallion. 

Anthrax (Horses and Cattle) . — Insured against under Special 

Plate Glass Insurance. Loss of Profits. 

Motor Car. — Special Scheme for Private Cars at Lowest Rates. 

Motor Cycle and Side=Cars. — Full Benefits at Low Rates. 

Dundee Office : Courier Buildings, 20 Meadowside. 

D. GRANT REA, Resident Secretary. 

Applications for Agencies Invited. 
Telephone No. 1167. Telegraphic Address — " Yorkshire, Dundoe. " 

R. S. SWEET, Insurance Agent, Royal Bank, Arbroath, 

Agent for the Yorkshire Insurance Company, Limited. 




Clark, George, 34 Green Street. 
Clark, George, 36 Ann Street 
Clark, Helen, 17 Catherine Street 
Clark, J., 3 South Grimsby 
Clark, T R. W„ solicitor, Millgate Ln. 
Clark, James R., 14 Abbot Street 
Clark, James, 1 Leonard Street. 
Clark, James, 18 Cairnie Street 
Clark, Tames, labourer, 30 Hannah Street. 
Clark, John, hacklemaker, Baldovan St. 
Clark, John, factory worker, 7 Murray PI. 
Clark, Miss M., weaver. 13 Hannah St. 
Clark, Mrs, 12 West Grimsby 
Clark, Mrs, residenter, 14 Bank Street. 
Clark, Mrs, 48 Sidney Street 
Clark, Mrs A., 22 East Mill Wynd 
Clark, Mrs C, seamstress, 94 Keptie St. 
Clark, Mrs David, 28 Cairnie St. 
Clark, Mrs Tames, 42 Ladyloan 
Clark, Mrs James, 6 Hill Road. 
Clark, Mrs James, widow, 42 Ladyloan 
Clark, Mrs John, 7 Duke Street. 
Clark, Mrs T- millworker, 11 Millgate Ln. 
Clark, Thos., cycle agent, 78 St Vigeans Rd. 
Clark, Thos., machineman, 27 Leonard St. 
Clark, Wm., manager, 16 Dishland St. 
Clement, William, 19 Maule Street 
Clunie, James, 39 Culloden Road 
Clunie, Thomas, yardsman, 37 Elliot St. 
Cobb, Alf., postman, Toll House 
Cobb, Annie, spinster, 3 West Grimsby. 
Cobb, E. F., town chamberlain. Keptie Rd. 
Cobb, J. K., electrical engineer, 33 Jamie- 
son Street. 
Cobb, Mrs I., 35 Hayswell Road. 
Cobb, Violet G., spinster, 3 W. Grimsby 
Cochrane, Thomas, 12 Kirk Square 
Collie, Mrs Elsa B., widow, 5 Gayfield 
Collie, Mrs Marion, 24 Barngreen. 
Collier, Chas., labourer, 24 Maule Street. 
Collins, Edward, 33 West' Grimsby 
Colman, J., mason, 13 St Mary Street 
Colman, James, mason, 5 Reform Street. 
Colman, Thos., postmaster, 16 Hill Place 
Colquhoun, John C. 17 South Grimsby. 
Colville, Alex., ironturner, 37 W. Newgate. 
Colville, Bernard, labourer, 44 Howard St. 
Colville, David, 41 Lochland St. 
Colville, J., coachman, 6 Gowan St. 
Colville, James, tailor, 10 Jamieson St. 
Colville, Mrs John, 49 Leonard Street 

Colville, S. B., plumber, 31^ Cairnie St. 
Commerford, George, 37 Sidney Street 
Conacher, Robt., 3 Church Street 
Conacher, William, 20 Ernest Street 
Conacher, Wm., 14 Church Street 
Connacher, Allan, 8 West Mill Wynd 
Connell, Alex., carter, 6 Duke Stre~et 
Connell, John. 5 Hill Road 
Connell, Mrs Jane, 11 Allan Street. 
Connell, Thomas, carter, 7 Reform St. 
Connell, Thomas, plasterer. 33 Fisheracre 
Connor, Wm., gas stoker, 9^ Applegate. 

Cook, Charles, labourer, 26 Howard St. 
Cook, D., jun., bank clerk, 217 High St. 
Cook, David S., clerk, 5 Hill Road. 
Cook, James R., plumber, 36 Maule St. 
Cook, Mrs Sarah, 142£ High Street 

.^ook, Peter, labourer, 16 Guthrie Port. 

Cooper, Charles, engineer, 25 Fisheracre 
Cooper, Chas., 55 Lochland Street 
Cooper, D., labourer, 43 Lochland Street. 
Cooper, David, tailor, 43 Lochland Drive. 
Cooper, Elizabeth, factory worker, 83 

Lochland Street. 
Cooper, George C, chemist, 49 Keptie St 
Cooper, Jane, shopkeeper, 22 St Vigeans Rd, 
Cooper, Mrs, 36 Cairnie Street 
Cooper, Mrs F., 41 Lochland Street 
Cooper, Mrs Jessie, 15 Convent Street 
Cooper, Mrs Martha, 46£ Cairnie Street. 
Cooper, Mrs Betsy, 32 Maule Street. 
Cope, Mrs, St Olaf, Nolt Loan 
Copland, Mrs I. W.. 24 Sidney Street. 
Cormie, Mrs D., 5 Barbers Croft. 
Cornwall, Miss Mary, domestic servant, 

27 West Keptie Street. 
Corsar, James, fitter, 49 Sidney Street. 
Corsar, Mrs Margaret, 5 Alexandra Place 
Corstorphine, Miss Margaret, L.R.A.M., 

18 Victoria Street. 
Corstorphine, Robert H., printer, 39 W. 

Keptie Street. 
Cosgrove, M., pavier, 49 W. Abbey St. 
Cossans, Alfred, labourer, 37 Fergus Sq. 
Gossans, Jane, liferentrix, 36 Barngreen. 
Cossans, John, shoemaker, 29 Lordburn. 
Cossans. Martha, widow, 6 W. Mary St. 
Cossins, J., lapper, 56 Howard Street 
Coull, A., shoemaker, 27 Sidney St 
Coull, Ann, servant, 15 W. Mill Wynd 
Coull, Chas., mason, 25i W. Abbey Street 
Coull, T-, 62 Lochland Street 
Coull, Miss, 8 Millgate Loan 
Coull, Mrs, 8 East Mill Wynd 
Coupar, Mrs, widow, 26 Jamieson Street. 
Coupar, Mrs L., 27 Dishland Street 
Couper, Mrs M., spinner, 15 Sidney St. 
Coutts, A., moulder, 70 Howard Street 
Coutts, A., patternmaker, 4 Lochland St. 
Coutts, Andrew, labourer, 11 Fergus Sq. 
Coutts, John, mill foreman, 70 Cairnie St. 
Coutts, John, jun., 259 High Street 
Coutts, Miss Isabella, 41 Jamieson St. 
Coutts, Mrs, widow, 17 Dishland Street 
Coutts, Mrs John M., 3 Leonard Street. 
Cowan, Mrs M., 26 Ponderlaw Street 
Coutts, Neil, 31£ St Mary Street. 
Cowan, P., master mariner, 46 Fergus Sq. 
Cowan, W., ironmoulder, 62 St Vigeans Rd. 
Cowie, David, tobacconist, 6 N. Grimsby 
Cowie, J. A., licensed grocer, 191 High St. 
Cowie, James, farmer, East Muirlands. 
Cowie, Mrs Ann, widow, 78 Brechin Rd. 
Cowie, Wm., 21 Brechin Road 
Cowie, Wm.. labourer, 70 Keptie Street. 
Cowieson, Miss K. F., 23 Victoria Street 
Cowieson, Robt., moulder, 19 Ogilvy PI. 
Cownie, John, patternmaker, 27 High St. 
Clark, Alex., shoemaker, 12 W. Grimsby 
Crabb, Alfred, 13 Rosebank 
Crabb, James, 13 John Street 
Crabb, Mrs, widow, Arbirlot Road 
Crabb, Miss Helen, 55 Helen Street. 
Crabbe, James, foreman turner, 11 Hays- 
well Road. 
Crabbe, Mrs, widow, 15 Duke Street 



j i 

« §y|gp»! 





Commerce Street 
And High Street. 

The House for Everything and 
Everything for the House. 

Specialists in Ironmongery, 
Hardware, Glass Wares, and 
Fancy Goods. : : 

The Spot for Presents 

Everything in Enamelled Ware 
Everything in Aluminium Ware 
Everything in Hardware 

Presentation Goods of Various Kinds. 

The Great Place for Inexpensive 
Travelling Bags, Travelling 
Trunks, Ladies' Hand-Bags, 
Purses, Combs, &c. 

All Travelling Requisites. 

Note Addresses : 

Commerce St. and High Street 




Crabbe, Thos., shoemaker, 13 Elliot Street. 

Craig, Agnes, residenter, 2b9 High Street. 

Craig, Alexander, painter, b8 Howard St. 

Craig, Alex., ironworker, 18 Fergus Sq. 

Craig, Arthur, 34 Green Street. 

Craig, David, lapper, 9 St Vigeans Road. 

Craig, D. G., lapper, 22 Helen Street 

Craig, Fred. K., stationer, Yiewheld Rd. 

Craig, Geo., vanman, 8 Howard Street 

Craig, James, flaxdresser, 19 Fergus Sq. 

Craig, James, bleacher, 40 Green Street, 

Craig, James, motor engineer, 149 High St 

Craig, John, mill manager, Arrott Cot. 

Craig, John, shoemaker, 9 Rossie Street. 

Craig, Margaret, widow, Cairnie Ro,iti 

Craig, Miss A. factory worker, 27 Fer- 
gus Street. 

Craig, -Mrs E., 9 Rossie Street 

Craig. Mrs Helen, widow, 15 Culloden Rd. 

Craig. Mrs, confectioner, 27 Fergus St. 

Craig, Mrs Annie, 149 High Street. 

Craig, Mrs, 23 James Street 

Craig. Peter, shoemaker, 39 Culloden Rd. 

Craik, Win., 26 Wardmill Road 

Craig, William, labourer, 64 Howard St. 

Craig, Win., draughtsman, 67 Ladyloan 

Craigie, Mrs Annie, 57 Lochland Street 

Crailc, Mrs Isabella, 207 High Street 

Gramond, Henrietta, factory worker, 39 
Culloden Road 

Qramond, Jas., moulder, 8 St Vigeans Rd. 

-Cramond, John, plumber, 26 Howard St. 

Cramond, Miss H., millworker, 50 Brechin 

Crammond, A., mechanic, 33 St Mary St. 

Crammond, G. C, engineer, 181 High St. 

Cfawford, D., blacksmith, 7 Rossie St. 

Crawford, G., flaxdresser, 2 Cairnie PI. 

Crawford, H. B., mechanic, Neville St. 

Crawford, Thomas, inspector S.P.C.C., 34 
Ogilvy Place. 

Cree, Neil, factory worker, 23_ Ann St. 

Crerar, D., piano tuner, 12 Kirk Sq. 

Crichton, Jane, widow, 39 West Newgate. 

Crichton, John, mechanic, 120 High St. 

Crichton, Mrs I., Mansfield, Brechin Rd 

Crighton, Robert, 6j Elliot Place 

Croall, Catherine, millworker, 26 Jamie- 
son Street. 

Croall, Charles, labourer, 16 Howard St. 

Croall, David, sawyer, 23 Ladyloan. 

Crockatt, C. S., residenter, 7 Addison PI. 

Crockatt, Miss Elizabeth, 29 Fisheracre 

Crockatt, Wm. T., 34 Helen Street 

Croall, Maria, 21 Rossie Street 

Croall, W., 23 Fergus Street 

Crofts, Agnes, 42 Cairnie Street 
Crofts, Miss Ann, 45 Lochland Drive. 
Cromartv, William, general dealer, 17 
Lillies Wynd. 

Cromartv, W. C, 29 High Street 

Crook, A. R., 17 E. Abbev Street 

Crook, Alex. R., 36 St Mary Street 

Crook, T-, shoemaker, 41 E. Abbev Street 
Crook, J. R., 93 Keptie Street 
Crook, James, Hayshead Road. 
Crook, James, 33 Lindsay Street 
Crook, John, 36 Green Street. 
Crook, William M., 7 Duke Street. 

Crosbie, D. L., cabinetmaker, 21 Green St. 

Crosbie, Mrs Jane, 21 Culloden Road 

Crosbie, William, barman, 40 Fergus Sq. 

Crowe, A., labourer, 41 Dishland Street. 

Crowe, A. E., engineer, 29 Duke Street 

Crowe, D., engineer, 11 Duke Street 

Crowe, George, engineer, 15 Palmer S.t 

Crowe, Geo., hairdresser, 34 Elliot St. 

Crowe, George, sailmaker, 5 Jamieson St. 

Crowe, J. C, postman, 54 St Vigeans Rd. 

Crowe, James, mechanic, 37 Elliot Street. 

Crowe, James, 36 Green Street 

Crowe, W., hairdresser, 8 Keptie St. 

Crowe, Mrs Elizabeth, 31 Abbot Street. 

Crowe, Robt., ironturner, 6 Russell St. 

Crowe, Thos., flaxdresser, 52 Marketgate. 

Cruden, Gilbert, factory worker. 9 An- 
derson Street. 

Cruden, Peter L., 6 Nolt Loan Road. 

Cruickshank, D., storekeeper, 38 Ernest St. 

Cruickshank, John D., 17 Wallace St. 

Cruickshank, R., tobacconist, Strachan St. 

Cruickshanks, Arthur, lapper, 92 Helen St 

Cruickshands, Geo., vanman, 22 Helen St. 

Cruickshanks, George, 3 James Street 

Cruickshanks, J., postman, 29 Lordburn 

Cruickshanks, Jas., labourer, 71 Ladyloan. 

Cruickshanks, Mrs, 56 St Mary Street 

Cruickshanks, Mrs Anne, 1 Garden Street 

Cruickshanks, Mrs M., 34 Fergus Square. 

Cumming, F., dancing master, 3 Elliot St. 

Cumming, Francis, foreman tailor, 33 
Dishland Street. 

Cumming, Margaret, 34 Lochland Street 

Cumming, Mrs, widow, Morley Place 

Cunningham, John, 4 Queen Street 

Curwood, W., shoemaker, 28 Hamilton Gn. 

Cuthbert, D., shoemaker, 50-2- Millgate Ln. 

Cuthbert, John, carting contractor, 23 N. 

Cuthbert, Mrs Jemima, 50 Brechin Road. 

Cuthbert, Mrs Mary, 44 Marketgate. 

Cuthill, George, baker, 45 Sidney Street. 

Cuthill, T., millworker, 9 Cross Mill Wy 

Cuthill, James, 70 Lochland Street 

Cuthill, James, police constable, 45 Fer- 
gus Square 

Cuthill, James, slater, Lillies Wynd. 

Cuthill, James F., postman, 11 Ann St. 

Cuthill, Jessie M., widow, 52 Keptie St. 

Cuthill, Joseph, 16 Smithy Croft 
Cuthill, Mrs, 6i Rank Street. 

Cuthill, Rev. J. Spence, 12 Hill Terrace. 
Cuthill, Robert, roadman, 21 Jamieson St. 

Cuthill, Robt., blacksmith, 11 Fisheracre. 

Cuthill, Robt., labourer, 68 Guthrie Pt 

Cuthill, Wm., tenter, 57 Marketgate. 
Cuthill, Wm, joiner, 42 Cairnie Street. 

Dailly, Peter, residenter, 21 Allan Street. 
Dakers, David, tailor, 33 Fergus Street. 
Dakers, Wm., moulder, 38 Kinnaird St. 
Dakers, William, 41 Millgate Loan 
Dalgarno, Mrs Alice, 3 Victoria Street 
Dalgetty. Mrs Agnes, 3 Long Row. 
Dalgetty, Robt., flaxdresser, 22 Robert St. 
Dalgettv, William, 24 Lillies Wynd 
Dall, James, 24 Wardmill Road 



Telephone No. 77. 

James Robertson & Son 

Joiners, Contractors, Undertakers, 
:: and Licensed Valuators :: 

By the application of the most Up-to-Date Methods and 
Machinery, and the Careful Personal Supervision of all 
Orders, they are prepared to execute all Work entrusted 
to them in the most Efficient and Economical Manner. 

Special Attention given to 

Church Furnishings 
Office Fittings 
and Furniture 

Shop Fittings 
Show Cases 

Jobbing Work Carefully and Promptly attended to. 

Joinery Works, 




Dall. William H., 13 Sidney Street. 
Dallachie, Elizabeth, widow, 24 Dalhousie 

Dallas, Win. H., baker, 23 Ernest Street. 
Dargie, David, moulder, 57 Kinnaird St. 
Dargie, Isabella, widow, 28 Nolt Loan Rd. 
Dargie, Mrs, 37 Fergus Square. 
Dargie, Mrs William, 23 St Mary Street. 
Darroch, David, manager, 16 West Port 
Darroch, Miss Annie, Brothock Bridge. 
Darroch, Robt., printer, 39 W. Newgate. 
David, Alex., 21 Millgate Loan 
David, Mrs Jane, nurse, 1 Garden St. 
David, Mrs Johanna, 27 St Mary St 
David, Richard, cashier, 24 W. Keptie St 
Davidson, And., horseman, Brechin Rd 
Davidson, Ann, 32 Rossie Street 
Davidson, Ann, spinster, 45 W. Abbey St. 
Davidson, And., mason, 12 Bakers Wynd. 
Davidson, Barbara, widow, 6 Glover St. 
Davidson, Bella, millworker, 14 Robert St. 
Davidson, C, 43 Hannah Street 
Davidson, Charles, 31 Howard Street 
Davidson, D., 7 Fergus Street 
Davidson, D., butcher, 48 E. Abbey Street 
Davidson, Dr Fergus M., 38 Hill St. 
Davidson, Geo., moulder, 67 Lochland St. 
Davidson, George, 184 High Street. 
Davidson, Hannah, 27 Sidney Street. 
Davidson, Helen, widow, 16 Ernest St. 
Davidson, J., tobacconist, 142^ High St. 
Davidson, J. M'K., plumber, 8 Rossie St 
Davidson, James, labourer, 72 Howard St. 
Davidson, James, 27 Sidney Street 
Davidson, Jean, weaver, 56 St Mary St. 
Davidson, Jane, reeler, 39 Ladybridge St. 
Davidson, John, mason, 10 Guthrie Port 
Davidson, John, journalist, Culloden Ter 
Davidson, John, tea merchant, 5 Colvill PI. 
Davidson, Lizzie, 29 Green Street 
Davidson, Margaret, widow, 10 John St. 
Davidson, Mrs, widow, 21 Lochland St. 
Davidson, Mrs Eliz., 60 Sidney Street 
Davidson, Mrs John, 80 Cairnie Street 
Davidson, Mrs Mary A., confectioner, 92 

Keptie Street. 
Davidson, Robert, 32 St Vigeans Road. 
Davidson, Robt., coal agent, 9 Queen St. 
Davidson, Thomas B., 9 Cairnie Street. 
Davidson, George. W., 100 Keptie St 
Davidson, W., engineer, 18 Hayswell Rd. 
Davidson, William, bleacher, 4 Reform St 
Davidson, Wm., Bell Rock Signal House 
Davidson, Wm., 6 James Street 
Davie, Alex., dentist, 32 W. Keptie St. 
Dawson, Wm., labourer, 10 Union Street 
Day, Annie, widow, 24 Hamilton Green. 
Deans, Lewis, ironmoulder, 12 Spink St. 
Dear, James mechanic, 10 Dishland St. 
Dear, William, 36 Ann Street 
Dear, Thomas, 70 Lochland Street 
Dear, Wm., engineer, 55 St Mary St. 
Debois, Robt., lapper, 40 St Vigeans Rd. 
Demarco, Felicio G.. 12 West Port 
Demarco, Luigi, 7 South Street 
Demarco, M., 11 Union Street West 
Demarco, Raffaele, Market Place 
Dennison, Annie, spinster, 59 St Mary St 
Dennison, George, 11 Wallace Street 

Dennison, Wm., labourer, 3 Green Street. 
Denniston, David, 4 Rossie Street 
Deuchar, Alex., residenter, 45 Elliot St. 
Deuchars, David, carter, 14 Spink Street. 
Deuchars, Miss Betsy, 40 Cairnie St. 
Dewar, Dr James A. Dewar, 13 Hill Ter. 
Dewar, Geo. M., glazier, 12 W. Grimsby 
Dewar, J., fish merchant, 51^ Millgate Ln 
Dewar, T mill foreman, 21 Ponderlaw St. 
Dewar, Peter C, cutter, 29 John Street. 
Dewars, Jame^ 23 Bog Lane 
Dewars, Jane F., spinster, 10 W. Abbey St, 
Dick, J. B., licensed grocer, 40 Hamilton 

Dick, John, carter, 19 Smithy Croft. 
Dick, John, shop manager, 38 Lochland St. 
Dick, John, licensed grocer, 2 Glover St 
Dick, Mary millworker, 12 Cross Mill Wy 
Dick, Mrs G. D., 72 Brechin Road. 
Dick, Thomas, clerk, 1 Dalhousie Place. 
Dickens, Daniel, tailor, 51 Kinnaird St. 
Dickie, James L., 5 Wallace Street 
Dickinson, L. E., butcher, 15 John St. 
Dickson, Adam, 28 Elliot Street 
Dickson, Geo., plumber, 18 Bridge St. 
Dickson, Geo., 7 Murray Place 
Dickson, Geo. E., compositor, 22 Jamie- 
son Street 
Dickson. Wm., 21 Ponderlaw Street. 
Dilly, Geo., moulder, 18 Ponderlaw St. 
Dilly, James, newsagent, 3 Lordburn. 
Dilly, Maigaret, widow, 13 Palmer St. 
Dilly, Mrs, 15 Hannah Street 
Dilly, Mrs Samuel, 5 Barbers Croft. 
Dilly, Stewart, janitor, 4 Stanley Street. 
Dilly, Stewart, tenter, 16 High Street. 
Dilly, Thos., lorryman, 35 Ponderlaw St. 
Dimarco, Raffaele, Market Place. 
Dingwall, Betsy, widow, 3 Lordburn. 
Dinnie, Alex., 32 Leonard Street 
Dinnie, Charles, 37 Leonard Street 
Dinnie, D., 44 Leonard Street 
Dinnie, Wm., labourer, 32 Leonard St 
Dobson, George, 27 Leonard Street. 
Doig, Alex., ironmoulder, 52 Brechin Rd. 
Doig, Allan, 5 Wallace Street 
Doig, David, engineer, 9 Duke Street 
Doig, Edward, 7 Wallace Street 
Doig, George, 8 Brechin Road 
Doig, Gordon, tailor, 68 Millgate Loan. 
Doig, J. A., licensed grocer, 32 Ogilvy PI. 
Doig, Tohn, 8 Brechin Road 
Doig, John C, tailor, 7 Hill Terrace. 
Doig, Mrs, 3£ St Mary Street. 
Doig, Mrs Lizzie, 30 Elliot Street 
Doig, Mrs Mary, factory worker, 2 East 

Mill Wvnd. 
Doig, Robert, 54 Rossie Street 
Doig, Robt., insur. agent, 25 W. Abbey St. 
Doigr. W., mill-foreman, 22 Hannah St. 
Doig, Wm., patternmaker, 22 W. Abbey St. 
Don, David, blacksmith, 8 Shore. 
Don, James, blacksmith. 6 Union Street 
Don, Mrs Susan, 40 Glover Street 
Donald, A., sen., plasterer, 12 E. Mary St. 
Donald, A., blacksmith, 34 Hamilton Gn. 
Donald, David, carter, 4 Stanley Street. 
Donald, Eliz. spinster, 11 Kinnaird St. 
Donald, Geo., mechanic, 80 Brechin Rd 
Donald, James, 20 Cairnie Street 




TENTS and MAKQUKES Made to Order. ROPES, 1 WINES, &c, of 
all kinds. SHOP SUNSHADES. 

Horse, Slack, Engine, Sail, or other Covers to Order. 

Estimates Given Jor all Kinds of Canvas Work. 

Hotel Telephone, No. 25. Hiring Establishment, Telephone No. 125. 


The Only First-Class Modern Hotel in Town. 

Families and Commercial Gentlemen will find this Establishment replete with 
every comfort. Convenient and Comfortable Accommodation. The House 
has been Renovated Throughout. Hot, Col<1, and Shower Baths. Boots in 
attendance at all Trains. 


First-Class Restaurant and Dining Rooms in connection 
with the Hotel. 

Hot Luncheons from 12.30 to 3 p.m. Families Supplied. 

Liqueurs, Wines, &c —All of the Finest Quality. 

Posting in all its Branches. 

S. BANKS, Proprietor. 


25 Hamilton Green, Arbroath 

Has always in Stock Ladies' and Children's Underclothing, Baby Frocks, and 
Girls' School Frocks. 

Servants' Caps, Aprons, Cuffs and Collars, Wrappers and Afternoon Dresses 
in Stock or Made to Order. Also Good Variety in Print Overalls, Pina- 
fores, and Working Blouses — good washing material. 

Fancy Drapery, Hosiery, Neckwear, Fancy Pins, Hair Pads and Nets, Combs, 
Pins, etc. Boys' Caps, Knickers, Shirts, etc., in Stock. 



Donald, James, clerk, 181 High Street 

Donald, Jean, dressmaker. 1 Long Row. 

Donald, John, 22 Brechin Road. 

Donald, Mrs, 19 Park Street 

Donald, Mrs Eliz., 36 Millgate Loan 

Donald, Mrs Jane E. ( widow, 2 Duke St. 

Donald, Wm., labourer, 80 Brechin Road. 

Donald, Wm., vanman, 26 Jamieson St. 

Donaldson, A., mill foreman, 49 Helen St. 

Donaldson, Alex., 8 Cross Mill Wynd. 

Donaldson, Alex., toreman, 32 Guthrie Pt. 

Donaldson, Alex., labourer, 8 Hume St. 

Donaldson, Andrew, 19 North Grimsby 

Donaldson, David, 27 Palmer Street 

Donaldson, David, labourer, 18 Fergus Sq. 

Donaldson^ David, railway servant, 20 St 
Vigeans Road. 

Donaldson, F., ironturner, 29 Lordburn. 

Dorraldson, G., joiner, 44 St Vigeans Rd. 

Donaldson, Geo., tenter, 13 St Vigeans Rd. 

Donaldson, James, 30 Robert Street. 

Donaldson, Margaret, spinster, 27 Kin- 
naird Street. 

Donaldson, Mary, factory worker 60 Fer- 
gus Struare. 

Donaldson, Miss Catherine, factory wor- 
ker, 38 St Vigeans Road. 

Donaldson, Mis M., residenter, 1 Addison 

Donaldson, Miss B., dressmaker, 6 Bridge 

Donaldson, Mrs L, 21 E. Mill Wynd. 

Donaldson, Mrs M. A., widow, 9 Jamie- 
son Street. 

Donaldson, W. shoemaker, 3 Ponderlaw St. 

Donaldson, William, grocer, 45 Sidney St 

Donaldson, William, tailor's cutter, 80 
St Vigeans Road 

Donaldson, Wm., 16 Brechin Road 

Donaldson. Wm., mill overseer, 41js St 
Mary Street. 

Donaldson, Wm., draper, 19 Park Street. 

Dora, Emiles, 1 Applegate 

Dora, P., 35 High Street 

Dorward, C. M., tea merchant, 234 High St 

Dorward, David, 42 Helen Street. 

Dorward, Edward, 66 Cairnie Street. 

Dorward, Jane, spinster, 44 St Vigeans Rd. 

Dorward, John, scavenger, 27 Fergus Sq. 

Dorward, Tohn G., retired shipmaster, 28 
Hillend Road. 

Dorward, Margaret, greengrocer, 87 Kep- 
tie Street. 

Dorward, Miss Jane Ann, 31 Victoria St. 

Dorward, Miss L. G., 2 St Vigeans Rd. 

Dorward, Mrs, 12 Chalmers Street. 

Dorward, Mrs Helen, 31 Gowan Street 

Dorward, Mrs Isabella, 29 Brechin Road 
Dorward, Mrs I. R. W., widow, 11 Loch- 
land Street. 

Dorward, Mrs J., newsagent, 44 Loch- 
land Street. 

Dorward, Mrs Lizzie, 34 Green Street. 
Dorward, Mrs M widow, 26 Kvd St. 

Dorward, W., machineman. 11 Fisheracre. 

Dorward, W., signalman, 15 St Vigeans Rd, 

Dougal, Margaret, 77 Ladvloan 

Dougall, W., leather cutter, 181 High St. 

Dougall, William, caretaker, 79 Sidney St 

Dougall, Wm., shoemaker, 8 Abbot Street. 

Douglas, J. L., clerk, 37 Lordburn 

Douglas, Jemima, millworker, 3 Garden St 

Douglas, Mrs M. B. II., widow, 19 Hays- 
well Road. 

Douglas, Rich. R., constable, 10 James St. 

Douglas, William, 20 St Mary Street 

Douglas, Wm., 36 Green Street 

Douglas, Wm., printer, 48 E. Abbey St. 

Douglas. W. A., manufacturer, 15 Dal- 
housie Place. 

Dowall, Jas., boilermaker, 4 Rosebank 

Dowall, David, tailor, 11 Glover Street. 

Dowall, Mrs Ann, 9 Colvill Place 

Dowie, Agnes, spinster, 19 W. Newgate. 

Dowle, William, 39 Green Street. 

Dowie, Mary, millworker, 19 W. Newgate 

Downie, Catherine, millworker, 32 E. Mill 

Downie, Jas., carter, 25 Leonard Street 

Downie, J., tailor, 70 St Vigeans Road 

Doyle, Arthur, carter, 12 Seagate. 

Doyle, James, 50 Helen Street. 

Doyle, John P., moulder, 24 Gowan St. 

Doyle, Mrs Ann, 3 Maule Street 

Doyle, Wm., 33 Green Street 

Drummond, J., insp. taxes, 3 Albert St 

Drummond, Mrs A., newsagent, 49i Mill- 
gate Loan. 

Drury, Joan, confectioner, 72 Rossie St 

Dryburgh, Tames, 1 Barbers Croft 

Drysdale, David, Rector, Maule Street. 

Ducat, Alex., ironturner, 14 Church St. 

Ducat, Mrs Ann, 3 Russell Street 

Duff, Tames, 16 Ann Street 

Duff, Thomas, baker, 1 Church Street. 

Duirs, Mrs D., 44 Marketgate 

Duff, Samuel, 16 Ann Street 

Duke, Alexander, moulder, 63 Leonard St. 

Duke, Mrs Margaret, Viewfield 

Dunbar, Edward, janitor. 2 Stanley St. 

Dunbar, Mrs Hannah, 5 Stuart Street. 

Duncan, Alex. G., 34 East Abbey Street 

Duncan, Alfonso, 28 Robert Street. 

Duncan, Alfred, mechanic, 25 Boer Lane. 

Duncan, Andrew, 38 Ernest Street. 

Duncan, Ann, widow, 19 Palmer Street. 

Duncan, Elizabeth, 7 Carnegie Street 

Duncan, Elizabeth. 74 Lochland Street 

Duncan, George, 15 Leonard Street 

Duncan, Henry, moulder. 29 Guthrie Pt. 

Duncan. J. C, clerk. 9 Carnegie Street. 

Duncan, J. M., warehouseman, 26 Howard 

Duncan, James,, fireman, 6 James Street. 

Duncan, James, grocery manager, 45 East 
Abbey Street. 

Duncan, James, Sheriff Clerk Depute, 7 
■Viewfield Road 

Duncan, James, town's Officer, 33§ Mill- 
Duncan. Jas., insur. agent, 33A Millgate. 

Duncan, Miss, 4 Brothock Bridge 
Duncan, Miss Isabella, 49 Wallace St. 
Duncai, Miss J. A., weiver, 2 W. Kept:-. 

Duncan, Mrs J. D., Willoughby House, 
Helen Street 





flead Offices : NORWICH & LONDON. 

Fire. Accident. Marine. 

FIRE and Consequential Loss, Accident and 
Sickness, Fidelity, Employer's Liability, Third 
Party, Motor Cars, Property Owners, Burglary, 
Engineering and Boiler, Plate Glass, Live Stock. 

^ranches and Agencies throughout the World. 



20 Meadowside. 

W. S. WHYTE, "District Manager. 
Telephone No. 172. Telegrams— "NUFAM." 



Duncan, Miss Jane, 2 West Keptie St 
Duncan, Mrs, 16 Russell Street 
Duncan, Mrs Ann, 57 Wallace Street 
Duncan, Mrs Anne, 11 Hannah Street 
Duncan, Mrs D. B.. 34 Sidney Street. 
Duncan, Mrs H. R., widow, Strachan St. 
Duncan, Mrs Isabella, 74 Cairnie Street. 
Duncan, Mrs J.. 51 Millgate Loan 
Duncan, Mrs J., weaver, 60 Marketgate. 
Duncan, Mrs Jane, 6 Kirk Square. 
Duncan, Mrs Jessie, 34 West Newgate. 
Duncan, Mrs Jessie, 9 Abbot Street. 
Duncan, Mrs John, 11 Dishland Street. 
Duncan, Mrs M., Luton Lodge, Keptie Rd 
Duncan, Mrs Margaret, Luton Lodge 
Duncan, Mrs Mary, 16 Panmure Street 
Duncan, Mrs Mary, 57 Wallace Street. 
Duncan, W., 17 \\ . Abbev Street 
Duncan, William, 22 Hillend Road 
Duncan, William, clerk, 68 Rossie St. 
Duncan, William, 40 Cairnie Street. 
Duncan, Wm., residenter, 26 Hamilton Gn 
Duncan, Wm., 12 East Mill Wynd 
Dundas, A. M.. draper, 12 Princes St. 
Dundas, J. D., draper, 4 Hillend Road. 
Dundas, Jemima, millworker,' 3 Garden St 
Dundas, Mrs D., widow, Keptie Road 
Dundas, Mrs David, 19 Elliot Street. 
Dundas, Mrs Jane, widow, 62 Howard St. 
Dundas, Mrs Wm., 1 Kinnaird Street 
Dunlop, Mrs, confectioner, 9 Addison PI. 
Dunn, Alex., manager, 64 Fergus Square. 
Durward, Mrs Mary, 59 St Mary St. 
Duthie, Isaac, painter, 25 Kyd Street. 
Duthie, Mary J. & Jane C, 4 Hill Rd. 
Duthie, Mary, 26 Green Street. 
Duthie. Mary. 27 Dishland Street. 
Duthie, Mrs Ewing, 33 Green Street. 
Duthie, Mrs Mary, 9 Fisheracre 
Dye, John, salesman, 24 Brechin Road 

Eadie, Alex., fitter, Lochlands 

Earh-, David, 41 Ladyloan 

Easson, A., 19 North Grimsby 

Easson, Alexander, 25 Elliot Street. 

Easson, Alf. B., 37 Lordburn 

Easson, G. L., civil servant, 29 Brechin Rd 

Easson, Jas., labourer, 24 E. Mill Wynd 

Easson, James, 36 Cairnie St. 

Easson, Robert, 27 Leonard Street. 

Easton, F. K. monumental sculptor, 4 El- 
liot Street. 

Eaton, Charles, labourer, 20 Seagate. 

Eaton, James, labourer, 48 High Street. 

Eaton, Miss Mary A., 32-34 Applegate. 

Eaton, Robert, 18 High Street 

Eaton, Robert, 32 Ladybriage Street. 

Eaton, Wm., fisherman, 23 Union St. E. 

Eddie, John R., 105 High Street 

Eddie, Robert B., jeweller,. 55 Brechin Rd 

Edgar, N., salmonnsher, 22 Applegate. 

Edmond, James, guard, 60 Howard St. 

Edmonds, J. A., butcher, ? Elliot Place 

Edmonds. Mrs Mary A., widow, 28 St 
Vigeans Road. 

Edmonds, Walter, 45 Millgate Loan. 

Edward. Alex. S., harbourmaster, 6 Hays- 
well Road. 

Edward, Alex., 7 Russell Street 
Edward, Betsy, widow, 17 Hay's Lane 
Edward, Davidina, widow, 17 Colvill PI. 
Edward, G. R., drill instructor, 13 W. 

Mary Street. 
Edward, James, sergeant of County Police, 

43 Jamieson Street. 
Edward, R., labourer, 46^ Cairnie Street. 
Edward, Wm., salesman, 68 St Vigeans Rd. 
Edward, William L., marine engineer, 

43 Cairnie Street. 
Edwards, Isabella, widow, 15 Duke St. 
Edwards, J-, 11 Sidney Street 
Edwards, James, 33 Culloden Road. 
Edwards, James S., commercial traveller, 

3 Dalhousie Place. 
Edwards, Mrs E., 48^ Cairnie Street 
Edwards, Mrs G., spinner, 4 Brechin Rd. 
Edwards, Mrs Jane, 98 Keptie Street 
Edwards, Peter, 38 Kinnaird Street 
Edwards, Wm., engineer, 43 Cairnie St 
Elder, Peter, teacher, 38 W. Newgate 
Ellis, Andrew A., clerk, 72 Rossie St. 
Ellis, R., residenter, 6 Rosemount Road. 
Elmslie, Catherine, 53 Barngreen 
Elmslie, R., plumber, 47 Brechin Road 
Elrick, James, painter, 4 Maule Street. 
Ennett, William, tenter, 40 Cairnie St. 
Esplin, Allan, machineman, 23 Jamieson St. 
Esplin, Chas., 53 High Street 
Esplin, David, 26 Fergus Square 
Esplin, George, 53 High Street. 
Esplin, Geo., grocer's assistant, 6 Ann St. 
Esplin, George, 20 Park Street. 
Esplin, James, 58 Brechin Road. 
Esplin, John, 2 Jamieson Street. 
Esplin, Miss, 20 Park Street 
Esplin, Miss C-, 3 Ponderlaw Street. 
Esplin, Mrs I., 42 Glover Street 
Esplin, Mrs Ann, confectioner, 13 Mill- 
gate Loan. 
Esplin, T., railway porter, 29 Kinnaird St 
Esplin, Wm., plater's help, 26 Barngreen. 
Evans, Mrs John, 50 St Vigeans Rd. 
Ewing, Misses, Strachan Street 
Ewing, Thomas, draper, 39 Hill Street. 
Ewing, W. H. R., Ardmore, Keptie Rd 

Fahen, Mrs Margaret, 17 Dishland St. 

Fairley, David, foreman, 146 High St. 

Fairley, George F., 6 South Street 

Fairweather, A., stoker, 39 Ladybridge St. 

Fairweather, Alf., flaxdresser, 10 James St. 

Fairweather, Chas., fitter, 34 Leonard St. 

Fairweather, D., engineer, 53 Kinnaird St. 

Fairweather, D., lapper, 13 St Vigeans Rd. 

Fairweather, D., engineer, 6 Green St 

Fairweather, David, stoker, 29 Abbot St. 

Fairweather, George, 40 Fergus Square 

Fairweather, J., postman, 77 Ladyloan 

Fairweather, J., mill foreman, 25 Park St. 

Fairweather, J., machineman, 51 Barn- 

Fairweather, James, 33 Leonard Street. 

Fairweather, James, confectioner, 21-23 
Panmure Street. 

Fairweather, James, 6 Ann Street 

Fairweather, Jane, 15 West Grimsby. 



The Leading Drapery and 
Outfitting: Establishments 

Alexander Hird's 



We hold an Excellent Variety of the undernoted Goods 

Dress Goods 








Lace Curtains 









Fancy Napery 

Table Cloths 
Bath Towels 
Kitchen Towels 
&c, &c, &c. 

Boys' Suits, Youths' Suits, Men's Suits 


28 Keptie Street and 258 High Street 




Fairweather, Jessie M., spinster, 23 Pan- 
mure Street. 
Fairweather, John, 41 Lochland Street. 
Fairweather, John, 15 Hannah St 
Fairweather, John, 16 John Street 
Fairweather, Margaret, widow, 28 Hays- 
well Road. 
Fairweather, Mary, 21 Lordburn 
Fairweather, Miss A., millworker, 11 Con- 
vent Street. 
Fairweather, Mr, 16 John Street 
Fairweather, Mrs Annie, 5 Hill Terrace. 
Fairweather, Mrs D. W., Craigard 
Fairweather, R., barman, 27 Culloden Rd. 
Fairweather, T., moulder, 28 Sidney St. 
Fairweather, William, 14 Leonard Street 
Falconer, A., flaxdresser, 11 Lillies Wy. 
Falconer, Agnes, factory worker, 39 W. 

Falconer, Chas., 51 Millgate Loan 
Falconer, J., flaxdresser, 19 Lochland St. 
Falconer, James, fisherman, 58g Helen St. 
Falconer, James, seaman, 3 W. Mary St. 
Falconer, James D. B., 58£ Helen St 
Falconer, Joseph, railway foreman, 14 

Catherine Street. 
Falconer, M. J., factory worker, 18 

Brechin Road 
Falconer, Miss Mary T-. factory worker, 

18 Brechin Road. 
Falconer, Mrs, 54 St Mary Street 
Falconer, Mrs A.j 24 Gowan Street. 
Falconer, Mrs J., 64 Helen Street 
Falconer, Mrs M., widow, 2 Ann St. 
Falconer, Mrs Mary, 43 St Mary Street. 
Falconer, Wm., baker, 23 Rossie Street 
Fallon, James, labourer, 11 Convent St. 
Farquhar, Annie B.. milliner, 40 Addison 

Farquhar, G goods agent, 49 Dishland St. 
Farquhar, H., slater, 15 Ogilvy Place 
Farquhar, Henry, 11 Convent Street. 
Farquhar, Mrs A.. 9 Millgate Loan. 
Farquhar, Rowland C, joiner, 4 Hill Rd 
Farquhar, Wm., fitter, 69 Sidnev Street. 
Farquhar, William, painter, 31 Hannah St. 
Farquharson, A., grave-digger, Abbey Gn. 
Farquharson, Colin, moulder, 40 Green St. 
Farquharson, J., tinsmith, 15 Fergus Sq. 
Farrar, Dr, Willoughby House, Helen St 
Fenton, Peter, 45 Hannah Street 
Fenton, Peter, flaxdresser, 5 Union St. W. 
Ferguson, Barbara, spinster, 49 Barngreen 
Ferguson, J., insur. agent, 55 Kinnaird St. 
Ferguson, Jas., waterman, 18 Abbot St. 
Ferguson, Misses, 24 Nolt Loan Road 
Ferrier, A., stationer, 182 High Street 
Ferrier, Alex. T., 15 St Vigeans Road 
Ferrier, Frank, 23 Kinnaird Street 
Ferrier, Gordon, mechanic, 47Ji Ladyloan. 
Ferrier, Isabella & Barbara, Strachan St 
Ferrier, J., insur. col., 4i Ernest Street 
Ferrier, James, labourer, 53 W. Abbey St. 
Ferrier, M., millworker, 45 Lochland St 
Ferrier, Miss Helen, 38 Helen Street 
Ferrier, Misses, 7 Queen Street 
Ferrier, Mrs, 34 Helen Street 
Ferrier, Mrs, grocer, 4 Queen Street 
Ferrier, Mrs Agnes, 30 Barngreen. 
Ferrier, Mrs F., 30 Barngreen 

Ferrier, Mrs Mary, 2 Dalhousie Place. 
Ferrier, Stephen, 240 High Street 
Ferrier, Stewart, carter, 4 Maule Street. 
Ferrier, Wallace, labourer, 63 Leonard St. 
Ferries, Chas., labourer, 10 W. Mary St. 
Fettes, Eliz., residenter, 30 Millgate Ln. 
Fettes, J., 63 St Mary Street 
Fettes, Mrs, 48 Howard Street 
Fettes, Mrs Agnes, 53 Green Street 
Fettes, Mrs J., residenter, 47 Millgate Ln 
Fettes, W., residenter, 21 N. Grimsby. 
Fiddes, Bernard, engineer, 52 Rossie St. 
Fiddes, James, sawyer, 88 Lochland St. 
Fiddes, Mrs Isabella, 40 Barngreen. 
Fife, Miss, 6 Glover Street. 
Findlay, Agnes, spinster, 72 Lochland St. 
Findlay, Agnes, 6 Dishland Street. 
Findlay, Alex., 20 Fergus Square 
Findlay, Alex., labourer, 57 Barngreen 
Findlay, Alexander, 9 Leonard Street 
Findlay, D., baker, 25 Rossie Street 
Findlay, D., policeman, 25 Rossie St 
Findlay, D., stable manager, Kirk Sq. 
Findlay, David, 15i- Victoria Street 
Findlay, Geo., 52 Helen Street 
Findlay, George, 14 Cross Mill Wynd 
Findlay, George, 53 Wallace Street 
Findlay, J. E., retired joiner, 5 Hannah St, 
Findlay, Maggie, 21 Queen Street. 
Findlay, Mary Ann, residenter, 76 St 

Vigeans Road 
Findlay, Mrs Annie, 21 Bank Street. 
Findlav, Mrs Geo., Strachan Street. 
Findlay, William, 64 Helen Street 
Finlay, William, engineer, 20 Fergus Sq. 
Finlav, William Tohn, Customs House 

Officer, 1 Walker Place. 
Finlayson, A. R., clerk, 4 Alexandra PI. 
Finlayson, Francisca, spinster, 32 Sidney 

Finlayson, Mary E. G., spinster, 8 Alex- 
andra Place. 
Finlavson, Miss Mary A., 15 Rossie St. 
Finlavson, Mrs E., 20 Dishland Street 
Finlayson, R.. Town Clerk, 9 Viewfield Rd 
Finlavson, Thos., storeman, 3 Colvill PI. 
Fisher, Ann, 18 Cross Mill Wvnd 
Fitchet, A., blacksmith, 27 Green St. 
Fitchet, Alex., baker, 53 Sidney Street. 
Fitchet, Mrs M. A.. 5 Sidney Street. 
Fitchet, William, 19 Fisheracre. 
Fitchet, Wrn., Demondale 
Fitzcharles, Mrs, 35 Lindsay St 
Fitzcharles, Euphemia, 2 W. Keptie St. 
Fitzpatrick. J., vintner. 19-21 Marketgate 
Fleming, A. A., journalist, 36 Glover St. 
Fleming, Alex., compositor, 10 Stanley St 
Fleming, B., 38 Helen Street 
Fleming, Betsv S., widow, 3 Walker PI. 
Fleming, D. S., flaxdresser, Demondale. 
Fleming, Geo., clerk, 8 Carnegie Street 
Fleming, George, East Newgate 
Fleming, Henry, lorryman, 32 Helen St. 
Fleming, John, 23 Barngreen 
Fleming. John, labourer, 69 Guthrie Pt. 
Fleming, Miss Eliz., 38 W. Newgate 
Fleming, Mrs Beatrice, Kyd Street 
Fleming, Mrs Helen. 25 Palmer Street. 
Fletcher. Miss Caroline, 2 Dishland St. 
Flight, G., factory worker, 40 Kinnaird St. 



Telephone No. 125. 

Arbroath Horsehiring Co. Ltd. 

12 Dishland Street, Arbroath 

(Off Keptie Street.) 
All Orders have the Prompt and Personal Attention of 


■rt#"W™ini«"< >*>•■■ ' 

iiiit!"*jii!« i itiiiiTOHin«i| W 


Taxi-Landaulettes for Hire. 

Our Taxis await every Train at. the Railway Station. 

Cabs always in readiness at the Stables. 

Brakes, Waggonettes, Dog-Carts, Covered Brakes, 'Buses, &c , on Hire. 

Superior and Most Convenient Accommodation. The Stalls Accommodate 

ioo Horses, and every facility is at hand. 

The Premises are Central, and within a Minute's Walk of Station. 

Superior Hearses, Motor Hearses, and Mourning Coaches 
for Funerals. 

Motor Engineering Work Undertaken. 



Flight, T., enginedriver, 37 Fergus Sq. 
Florence, Alex., mechanic, 54 Brechin Rd. 
Flynn, J., French polisher, 9 Anderson St 
Foley, Mrs, 12 Bakers Wynd 
iForbes, A. C, 7 Stuart Street 
Forbes, Alex., flaxdresser, 11 Park St. 
Forbes, Andrew, fireman, 7 Sidney St. 
Forbes, Arthur, baker, 34 Helen Street. 
Forbes, Chas., engine driver, 17 Barngreen 
Forbes, D., flaxdresser, 45 Green Street. 
Forbes, D-, labourer, 55 Green Street 
Forbes, David, 13 East Mill Wynd 
Forbes, Duncan, 9 Fergus Street. 
Forbes, Geo., iron-grinder, 71 Millgate 
Forbes, J., cattle dealer, 16 St Vigeans Rd. 
Forbes, James, shoemaker, 2 Abbot Street. 
Forbes, James, farmer, Cairnie 
Forbes, John, mechanic, 46 Fergus Square. 
Forbes, Mary, spinster, 26 Gowan Street. 
Forbes, Margaret, factory worker, 190 

High Street. 
Forbes, Mrs, 4 Brechin Road 
Forbes, Mrs A residenter, 40 Millgate Ln. 
Forbes, Mrs J., widow, 27 Commerce St. 
Forbes, Mrs Susan J., Strachan Street. 
Forbes, Robert, 17 Glover Street. 
Forbes, Wm, flaxdresser, 37 Lindsay St. 
Forbes, Wiliam, shoemaker, 1 Maule St. 
Forbes, Wm., traveller, 484 Cairnie St. 
Forbes, Wm., labourer, 14 Fergus St. 
Ford, Ernest P., ironturner, 20 Hill St. 
Ford, G., case hardener, 35 Kinnaird St 
Ford, George, moulder, 25 Spink Street. 
Ford, James, 9 Anderson Street 
Ford, John, 27 Leonard Street. 
Ford, Miss A. J., 2 W. Keptie Street 
Ford, Mrs Charles, 23 St Mary Street. 
Ford, Robt., flaxdresser, 2 Hannah Street. 
Ford, W., marine engineer, 35 Victoria St 
Ford, Wm., stonebreaker, 64 Marketgate. 
Foreman. James, painter, 28 Dishland St. 
Forrest, Charles, 43 Helen Street 
Forrest, John, labourer, 16 Millgate Ln. 
Forrest, Miss, 94 Keptie Street 
Forrester, A., 3 Sidney Street 
Forrester, Mrs Margaret, 20 Dalhousie PI. 
Forsyth, A., sailmaker, 13 Culloden Rd 
Forsyth Alex., fireman, 10 Hannah St. 
Forsvth, David H., moulder, 33 Sidney St. 
Forsyth, Ed., plumber, 38 St Mary St. 
Forsyth, Graham, moulder, 26 Leonard St. 
Forsyth. Isabella, dressmaker, 47 Rossie St. 
Forsyth, John, 19 Jamieson Street 
Forsvth, John, moulder, 28 Cairnie St 
Forsyth. Mrs E., widow, 75 Mil 1 "- *- Ln. 
Forsyth, R barman, 21 West Mary St. 
Forsyth, William, 26 Leonard Street. 
Foster, George, labourer, 41 Kinnaird St 
Foster, William, tanner, 33 Ernest St. 
Fotheringham, Jane Ann, 50 Rossie Street. 
Foulis, A, sen., joiner, 15 Lochland St 
Foulis, Alex., jun., clerk, 15 Lochland St 
Foulis, David, 7 St Vigeans Road. 
Foulis, Mary, 44 Kinnaird Street 
Fowler, James, labourer, 25 Panmure St. 
.Fowler, Mrs Jeannie, 21 Lochlands St 
Fowler, Mrs Margaret, 57 Dishland St 
Fox, Mrs Catherine, 7 East Abbey Street. 
[Fox, Mrs Mary, 9 Leonard Street. 

Fox., Percy, com. traveller, 35 Brechin Rd 
Fox, William, mechanic, 37 Fergus Street. 
Fox, William, 21 Elliot Street 
Francis, George A., farmer, W. Seaton. 
Fraser, Dr Thos., 4 Springfield Terrace 
Eraser, F., shoemaker, 24 Hamilton on. 
Fraser, Forbes, 9 Stuart Street 
Fraser, G., mill manager, 4 Hayswell Rd. 
Fraser, Gordon S., engineer, Arbirlot Rd. 
Fraser, Henry, engineer, Keptie Road. 
Fraser, Isabella, 7 Elliot Street 
Fraser, James, 77 Lochlands Street 
Fraser, James, joiner, 9 Hayswell Road. 
Fraser, John, labourer, 21 Guthrie Port. 
Fraser, John, engineer, Monkbarns 
Fraser, Joseph., Engineer, 11 Brothock Br. 
Fraser, Miss J., millworker, 9 Stuart St. 
Fraser, Mrs Annie, 248 High Street. 
Fraser, Mrs M., widow, 36 Lochland St. 
Fraser, N., manufacturer, 34 Ogilvy PI 
Fraser, Robt., manufacturer, Cairnie Hill 
Fraser, Wm., 28 Sidney Street 
Fraser, William, mechanic, 10 Stanley St. 
Fraser, Wm., 12 Cross Mill Wynd 
Fraser, Wm., foreman, 65 Leonard St. 
Fraser, Wm., plumber, 1 Gayfield. 
Frazer, Mrs A., widow, Dalhoi'sie Place 
Fridge, Mrs E., widow, 36 Gowan St. 
Froud, John, ironturner, 28 Sidney St. 
Fullerton, James, 13 Elliot; Street 
Fullarton, Helen E., spinster, 12 West 

Mary Street. 
Fullarton, Mrs Jessie, 23 Kinnaird St. 
Fulton, Annie L., 150 High Street. 
Furey, Thos., labourer, 78 Lochland St. 
Furey, Wm., 26 St Mary Street 
Fyall, John, moulder, 57 Sidney Street. 
Fyfe, Andrew, 29 Lindsay Street. 
Fyfe, David, lapper, 1 Abbev Street 
Fyfe, David, carter, 25 Dickfield Street 
Fyfe, Georgina, 60 St Mary St 
Fvfe, James Thomson, 41 Ladyloan 
Fyfe, Jas. W., mechanic. 424 E. Abbey St. 
Fyfe, John, shoemaker, 13 Guthrie Port. 
Fyfe, John, 22 Ann Street 
Fyfe, Mrs, 62 St Marv Street 
Fyfe, Mrs C. milliner, 154 West Port. 
Fyfe, Mrs Helen, 4 Lochland Street. 
Fyfe, Robert, leather cutter, 19 John St. 

Gair, D., market gardener, Arbirlot Rd. 
Gait, John, bootmaker, 65 St Mary St 
Galbraith, Mrs Jane, 30 Kyd Street. 
Galbraith, S., master mariner, 8 Elliot PI. 
Gall, Mrs A., licensed grocer, 3 Culloden 

Gall, Wm. G., draughtsman, 3 Colvill PI. 
Galloway, Geo., leather cutter, 11 Culloden 

Garden, James, 53 St Mary Street 
Gardiner, Annie, spinster, 234 Rossie St. 
Gardiner, Alex., 17 John Street 
Gardiner, James, 16 Smithy Croft 
Gardiner, M., 27 Bank Street 
Gardiner, Mary, spinster, 54 Cairnie St. 
Gardner, William B., inspector of poor, 

24 Elliot Street 
Gardyne, Miss Barbara, 17 St Mary St. 



Waverley Temperance Hotel, Arbroath 

One Minute's 

Walk of 






are assured of 




Ghoiee Goods at J. R. Greig's 


Have a Look and Compare. 

Everything at Rock-Bottom Prices— Marked in Plain Figures. 

Blouses, Overalls, Aprons, Pinafores, Handkerchiefs. Gloves, 
Corsets, Skirts, Dresses, Jerseys, Cashmere Hose, Fingering 
Hose, Top Stockings, Socks, Ties, Scarves, Caps. 







In Curtains, Bed Covers, Quilts, Blankets, Cotton and Flannelette Sheets, 
Kitchen and Bath Towels, Table Covers. 

Jp (p* O UTf^ 37 Commerce St., 
. 1\. V_J i\ C 1 VJ Arbroath. 



Gardyne, Mrs Ann, 56 St Vigeans Road. 
Gardyne, Mrs J., widow, 11 Cairnie St. 
Gardyne, W., patternmaker, 11 Cairnie St 
Garlick, Miss, 6 Green Street 
Garvie, Jessie, widow, 59 High Street. 
Garvie, John, 37 Howard Street 
Gauldie," D. C, ropespinner, 45 Dishland 

Gauldie, Geo., millworker, 35 Fisheracre. 
Gauldie, J., ropespinner, 47£ Dishland St. 
Gaudie, Miss, 62 Helen Street 
Gauldie, Win., ropespinner, 59 Ladyloan 
Gavin, Hugh, architect, 42 Hill Street. 
Gavin, H., grocery manager, 4 Russell St. 
Gavine, Caroline, 104 Keptie Street 
Geddes, Alex., foreman, Rosefield 
Geddes, J. Russell, 53 Brechin Road 
Geddes, N. L., jeweller, Hayshead Road 
Geddes, William H., 5 East Abbey St. 
Geekie, David, postman, 37 Elliot Street 
Geekie, Miss Maggie, 4 Hill Terrace. 
Geekie. Mrs E.. 21 Guthrie Port. 
Gellatly, Elizabeth, 83 Keptie Street. 
Gentles, A., warehouseman, 31 Howard St 
Gentles, David, 79 Guthrie Port 
Gentles, James, moulder, 9 Cross Mill Wv 
Gentles, Jas., labourer, 27 W. Mil! Wynd. 
George, James, labourer, 32 Kinnaird St 
Gerrard. George, flaxdresser, 3 Leonard St. 
Gerrard, Iasbella R.. 44 Ladyloan 
Gerrard, James, barber, 9 Russell St 
Gerrard, Mrs Mary, 27 Smithy Croft 
Gerrard, W., mechanic, 51 Ladyloan 
Gerrard, William, machine foreman, 10 

West Keptie Street. 
Gibb, Burnett, labourer, 28 Wardmill Rd. 
Gibb, David, baker, 4 Howard Street. 
Gibb, Geo., 44 Kinnaird Street 
Gibb, George Y., 18 Abbot Street 
Gibb, J., signalman. 44 Kinnaird Street 
Gibb. Jas. P., hairdresser, 6 Carnegie St. 
Gibb. John, mechanic, 33 Culloden Road. 
Gibb, Margaret, residenter, 7 Anderson St. 
Gibb, Mrs 17 Barngreen 
Gibb, Mrs Margaret, 16 Maule Street. 
Gibb, Mrs Margaret, 21 Fergus Square 
Gibbons, Jas., light porter, 58 Marketgate. 
Gibson, And., photographer, Keptie Rd. 
Gibson. Betsy, servant, 6 Guthrie Hill. 
Gibson, Colin, insur. agent, 40 Lochland St. 
Gibson, Geo., flaxdresser, 38 Cairnie St. 
Gibson, George, jun., engine fitter, 38 

Cairnie Street. 
Gibson, Mary, spinster, 10 Robert Street. 
Gibson, Mrs, 42 Leonard Street 
Gibson, Mrs Lizzie, grocer, 7 Shore. 
Gibson, W., water inspector, 4 Stuart St. 
Gibson, Wm., 3 Rosebank 
Gilbert, A. D., schoolmaster, 22 Addison PI. 
Gilbert, Annie M., licensed grocer, 1 

Princes Street 
Gilbert, John, labourer, 46 Howard St 
Gilbert, John, residenter, 16 Gowan Street. 
r '- : l^ert. R., leather cutter, 30 Militate in. 
Gill, Albert, fitter, 6 St Vigeans Road. 
Gill, Henry, shoemaker. 23 Ponderlaw St 
Gill, Mrs Sarah Ann, 35 Jamieson St. 
Gill, Wm., shoemaker, 7 Allan Street. 
Gillanders, J., postman, 33 Fergus Sq. 

Gillanders, Wm., labourer, 60 Sidney St. 

Gillespie, D., blacksmith, 18 Bridge St. 

Gillespie, David, 11 Marketgate. 

Gillespie, David, 53 West Grimsbv. 

Gillespie, Mrs B., residenter, 20 Eiliot St. 

Gillespie, R., shoemaker, 73 Lochland St. 

Gillespie, Robt., lapper, 7 Sidney Street 

Gillies, Chas., ironturner, 26 Hayswell Rd. 

Gilmour, A., spirit merchant, 160 High St. 

Gilinour, David, 6 Dishland Street 

Gilmour, John, 61 Dishland St 

Gilroy, Peter, carter, 19 Rossie Street. 

Gilruth, Dr J. D., 31 Bank Street. 

Glass, G., ironturner, 3 Anderson Street 

Glass, Robert, moulder, 3 Anderson St. 

Glass, Robert, 6 Brechin Road 

Gleig, Mrs A., 54 Keptie Street 

Glen, Alex., labourer, 45 Ladyloan. 

Glen, Aiex., shoemaker, 59 Millgate Loan 

Glen, Alex., tenter, 7 Guthrie Hill 

Glen, Alex., lapper, 15 Sidney Street 

Glen, Andrew, 60 Guthrie Port 

Glen, Catherine, widow, 6 Glover Street. 

Glen, James, flaxdresser, 29 Abbot St. 

Glen, James, flaxdresser, 47 Barngreen 

Glen, Miss M. H., 41 Lochland St 

Glen, Mrs, 32 Fergus Square. 

Glen, Mrs H., widow, 19 West Newgate. 

Glen, Mrs Jessie, 31 Sidney Street 

Glen, R., 13 Hannah Street 

Glen, Robert, 11 Kyd Street 

Glen, William, residenter, Demondale. 

Glen, W., mill foreman, 72 Lochland St. 

Glenday, H., insur. agent, 23 Hay's Lane. 

Glendav, W., blacksmith, 33 Lochland St 

Glendihning, J. P., com. agent, 116 High St, 

Glenning, John, labourer, 23 Park St. 

Goodfellow, Jessie, residenter, 6 Guthrie 

Goodlet, Margaret A., weaver, 37 Dish- 
land Street. 

Gordon, Alex., 25 Sidney Street. 

Gordon, David, shipmaster, 16j Gowan St 

Gordon, Elizabeth, widow, 23 Queen St. 

Gordon, Frank, painter, 32 Ernest St. 

Gordon, George, 11 Leonard Street. 

Gordon, J., shoemaker, 6 St Vigeans Rd. 

Gordon, J., engineer, 17 St Vigeans Rd. 

Gordon, J., factory worker, 27 St Mary St. 

Gordon, James, labourer, 4 Fergus Sq. 

Gordon, James, 6 Academy Street 

Gordon, John, engineer, 26 Elliot Street. 

Gordon, John, 23 Lordburn. 

Gordon, Mary F. W., widow, 48 Rossie St. 

Gordon, Miss. A., 53 Kinnaird Street 

Gordon, Miss Susan, 29 Green Street 

Gordon, Mrs G., 68 Cairnie Street 

Gordon, Mrs Jessie, 33 North Port. 

Gordon, Mrs M. A., widow, 22 Fergus St. 

Gordon, Peter, labourer, 7 W. Mill Wy 

Gordon, Susan, widow, 24 Barngreen. 

Gordon, William, hide agent, 26 Elliot St. 

Gordon, W., 29 Fergus Square 

Gordon, W. G., moulder, 18 W. Abbey St. 

Gould, C. S., mechanic, 11 Fergus Square. 

Gould, Elizabeth, widow, 39 E. GrimsBy. 

Gould, Henry, 55£ Panmure Street. 

Gould, Jas., millwright, 44 Marketgate. 

Gould, Robt. K., vintner, 2 W. Newgate. 




Insurance Company 

Assets Exceed - - - £12,000,000 


Fire, Lightning and Explosion (Including Loss of Profits). 

Life and Endowments. 

Annuities and Pensions. Accidents and Illnesses. 

Leasehold and Capital Redemptions.. 

Employers' Liabilities. 

Burglary and Theft. Fidelity. Transit of Securities. 

Property Owners' Liabilities. Third Party Liabilities. 

Glass Breakage. Motor Car Risks. 

Vehicle Owners' Liabilities. Householder's Consolidated. 

All these Insurances Effected on the Most Favourable Terms. 

Please apply for a Copy of the Company's Prospectuses containing 
Particulars of the Latest Schemes. 


W. & W. H. ALEXANDER, Solicitors, 62 High Street. 


Bank House. 
McBAIN & ANDERSON, Solicitors, 15 Hill Street. 
J. & W. MACDONALD, Solicitors, 7 Hill Street. 
NEILL & GIBB, Solicitors. 93 High Street. 
WILLIAM SOUTAR, British Linen Bank. 
WILLIAM WALKER, Commercial Bank. 

District Office— 41 ALBERT SQUARE, DUNDEE 

JAMES W. MUIR, F.C.I.I., Resident Secretary. 
Telephone No. 46. Telegraphic Address — " Unitate," Dundee, 


Gourlay, James E., 55j Panmure Street 
Gove, James, gardener, East Lodge, 
idove, William, 50 Fergus Square 
Gowans, C, stevedore, 18 Ladybridge St. 
Gowans, Charlotte, widow, 37 Lordburn. 
Gowans, Mrs Allan, 65 Helen Street. 
Gowans, Robt., carter, 32 St Vigeans Rd. 
Graham, Alex., plater, 24 Robert Street 
Graham, Charles, 45 Leonard Street. 
Graham, David, 73 Ladvloan 
Graham, Harrv. 24 Smithy Croft, 
Graham, J., leather cutter, 20 Abbot St. 
Graham, J., 27 Dishland Street 
Graham, Peter, 1 Shore. 
Graham, Robt., factory worker, 17 Lady- 
bridge Street. 
Grant, A., master mariner, 28 Ernest St. 
Grant, A. II., 51 Millgate Loan 
Grant, Ann, 28 West Mary Street. 
Grant, Colin, boot manufacturer, Wood- 
Grant, George, 20 Park Street. 
Grant, Ed., plumber, 37 Guthrie Port. 
Grant, J., shoemaker, 9 Anderson Street. 
Grant, Jas., engineer, 4 Lochland Street. 
Grant, Jas., machinist, 10 Hannah St. 
Grant, jas., shoemaker, 1 Dickfield it. 
Grant, James. 35 Sidney Street. 
Grant, John, shoemaker, 44 Leonard Street 
Grant, John, 51 Ladyloan. 
Grant, J. C. painter, Culloden Terrace. 
Grant, Joseph, 9 Anderson Streex 
Grant, Margaret, spinster, 81 Lochland St 
Grant, Mary, widow, 40 Brechin Road. 
Grant, Miss Martha Y., confectioner, 202 

High Street. 
Grant. vr iss N., factory worker, 12 Han- 
nah Street. 
Grant, Misses, 29 Howard Street 
Grant, Misses, dressmakers, 45 Cairnie St 
Grant, Misses, dressmakers, 45 Cairni^ St 
Grant, Mrs D., widow, 7 Palmer *tt. 
Grant, Mrs David, 7 Palmer Street 
Grant, Mrs Elsie, 4 Hill Terrace 
prant, Mrs M., 16 Russell Street 
Grant, Robert, seaman, 31 Fergus _ Sq. 
Grant, Thomas R., plumber, Rosevilla. 
Grassie, Arthur, 9 Leonard Street 
Grassie. Geo., clerk. 34 Dishland Street. 
Gray, Chas., sailmaker, 44 High Street. 
Gray. Donaldson, dairyman, Gallowden 
Grav, Edward, 31 Ann Street 
pray, James, 34 Helen Street 
Grav. Tohn, clerk, Havshead Roa-' 
Gray, John P., tailor, 14 St Mary St. 
Gray, Mary, nurse, 25 Cairnie St. 
Gray, Mary, spinster, 44 Leonard Street 
Grav, Mary, 33 West Port 
Gray, Mary A., spinster, 19 Millgate Loan 
Gray, Mrs A. B., 74 Cairnie Street 
Gray, Mrs Georgina, weaver, 63 St Mary 

(Gray, Mrs Jane, 30 Helen Street 
iGray, Mrs J. D., 34 Ann Street 
•Gray, Mrs Marv, 9 Fergus Street 
Gray, Mrs W., 43 Elliot Street 
pray, Mrs Wm., 8 Acadenryv Street 
■Gray, Peter, 59 Helen Street. 
Gray, W., flaxdresser, 23 Hannah St. 
Gray, W., mill-foreman, 34 Ladybridge St. 

Gray, William, carter, 11 Convent Street. 
Gray, Wm., vanman, 3 St Vigeans Road. 
Gray, Wm., retired farmer, Strachan St 
Green, Alex., machineman, 22 Hannah St 
Green, C, painter, 31 Ladybridge St. 
Greenaway, Mrs Mary Ann, millworker, 

55£ Panmure Street. 
Greenhow, David, 62 Howard St. 
Greenhow, J.^ labourer, 15 Cross, Mill Wy 
Greenhowe, T.. factory worker, 62 Brechin 

Greenhowe, Wm., labourer, 20 Abbot St. 
Greig, D., law clerk, 62 Lochland Street. 
Greig, David, residenter, 14 Dalhousie PI. 
Greig, Elizabeth, 2 West Mary Street 
Greig, George, retired shipmaster, 56 Nolt 

Loan Road. 
Greig, James R., 23 West Keptie St 
Greig, John, ironmonger, 30 Elliot St 
Greig, Mary S., Mary.ville, Keptie Road 
Greig, Mrs, widow, 43 Elliot Street 
Greig, Mrs, widow, 9 W. Mary Street 
Greig, Mrs Elizabeth, 19 St Vigeans Rd. 
Greig, Mrs Mary, 47-£ Ladyloan 
Greig, William, 3 West Mary Street 
Grewar, D. W., 35 West Port 
Grey, Mrs, 26^ Keptie Street 
Grey, Mrs K., 4 Kirk Square 
Grieve, D. A., traveller, 25 W. Keptie St 
Grieve, John, cattleman, 6 Culloden Ter 
Grieve, Mrs M„ 42 Fergus Square 
Grieve,, Mrs S., residenter, 1 Union St. 
Griffan, J., assist, manager, Labour Ex- 
change, 33 Brechin Road 
Griffan, Mrs, 22 Glover Street 
Griffiths, Geo., insur. agent, 2 Reform St 
Grimond, D., coachman, Cairnie Road. 
Grimond, John, labourer, 26 Barngreen. 
Grimmond, D., 9 St Vigeans Road 
Grimmond, Geo., 13 St Vigeans Road 
Grimmond, J., carter, 16 Hannah Street 
Grimmond T foreman carter, 16 Hannah 

Grindlay, Miss, 36 Cairnie Street 
Grindlay, W., blacksmith, 33 Lochland St. 
Guild, Alex., ironmoulder, 5 Carneyie St. 
Guild, D., ironmoulder, 3 Fergus Street 
Guild, David, moulder, 20 St Vigeans Rd 
Guild, James, teacher, 36 Hillend Road. 
Guild, Jane, spinster, 37 Howard Street. 
Guild, John, carter, 44 Leonard Street. 
Guild, John, moulder, 25 Cairnie St. 
Guild, Oliver, railwayman, 13 John St. 
Guild, Peter, shoemaker, 34 Ann Street. 
Guild, William, engineer, 32 Kinnaird St 
Gunn, Fred, clerk, Strachan Street. 
Gunn, John, policeman, 24 Elliot Street 
Gunning, John, labourer, 23 Park St. 
Guthrie, D., mill foreman, 13 Colvill PI. 
Guthrie, George, factory manager, 13 

Russell Street 
Guthrie, John, tenter. 15 Cross Mill Wvnd. 
Guthrie, Robert, insur. agent, 20 Green St. 
Guthrie, J. B., 6 Ann Street 
Guthrie, Mrs, 3 Ponderlaw 

Haddon, D., boilermaker, 40 Barngreen. 
Haddon, John F., 23 Lordburn 




IF you require repairs, large or small to your motor 
cycle or car let us have the opportunity of demonstrating 
our ability to do the work satisfactorily. Charges are 
most moderate. Any make of car or motor cycle supplied. 
All Accessories, Petrols, Oils, Greases. 


W. DOYLE, Proprietor 

Where You Get Good Service. 




D)ac£aren Brothers 


Famed for almost Half^a'Century for Footwear 
of the Highest Quality and Style. 










Haggart, D., i-t. policeman, 17 Brechin 

Haggart, Mrs Isabella, housekeeper, 50 

Kinnaird Street. 
Haigh, C. R., carpet maker, Ladyloan 
Halkett, Mrs M., widow, 70 Helen St. 
Halkett, Wm.. weaver, 27 W. Mill Wynd. 
Hall. Capt. Allan, 50 Addison Place. 
Hall, E. K., 49 Keptie Street 
Hall, George, miner, 24 Robert Street 
Hall, Tohn, moulder, 8 \V. Mill Wynd. 
Hall, Miss, 8 Panmure Street 
Hall, Mrs, 49 High Street 
Hall, Mrs Isabella, 16 Hillend Road 
Hall, Wn, shoemaker, 11 St Vigeans Rd 
Hall, Wm*, gardener, 16 Bridge Street 
Hall, Wm., shoemaker, 4 Fergus Square 
Hallidav, T. B., solicitor, 16 Culloden Ter 
Hall id ay, John, 42J,- E. Abbev Street 
Hallidav, Michael, 12 Bakers Wynd 
Hamilton, Arthur, shoemaker, 25 Palmer St. 
Hamilton, Mrs Ann, 6 Smithy Croft. 
Hampton, Miss Helen, Rosedene 
Hannah, Alex., clerk, 2 West Port 
Hannah, Ann, Cross Mill Wynd 
Hannah, Charles, railway worker, 3 

South Street 
Hannah, Miss Margaret, factory worker, 

55 Green Street. 
Hansen, Mrs J. D., widow, 9 Victoria St. 
Hanton. Wm., stableman, 3 Wallace St. 
Hardie, William, 23 Abbot Street 
Harper, Jas. W.. confectioner, 4-2 Guth- 
rie Port. 
Harris, Geo., b' tcher, 38 Ogilvy Place 
Harris, Miss Robina, 17 St Vigeans Rd 
Harris, Mrs Ann. 25 Howard Street 
Harrow, Marion Gibb or, 10 Murray PI. 
Harrison, T.. 37 Lindsav Street 
Hart, Mrs, 60 Guthrie Port 
Hart, Richard E., shoemaker, 1 Garden St. 
Harvey, D., 8 Shore 
Harvey, James, 16 Bakers Wynd 
Harvie, David, labourer, 20 Glover St. 
Hastie, T., manager, 41 Lochland Drive. 
Hastings, C, shoemaker, 15 St Vigeans Rd. 
Hastings, David, caretaker, 5 Rossie St. 
Hastings, George, 23 St Mary Street 
Hastings, J., painter, 5 St Vigeans Road. 
Hastings, Mrs C, vintner, 30 Millgate Ln. 
Hastings, Mrs C, widow, 74 Brechin Rd. 
Hastings, Mrs H., widow, 83 High St. 
Hawkins, John, sailmaker, 39 John St. 
Hay, G. G., shipmaster, 7 Victoria Street 
Hay, Hugh, tenter, 28 Howard Street. 
Hay, J. C, beamer, 66 St Vigeans Road 
Hay, James, moulder, 23 Ernest Street 
Hav. Mrs E.. widow, 9 Dalhousie Place. 
Hayes, Ed. J., sailmaker, 44 High St. 
Hayes, Ed., 59 Ladybridge Street 
Hayes, P., 19 Fisheracre 
Hayes, Richard, 17 Park Street 
Hayes, W., sailmaker, 2 Ponderlaw Lane. 
Hebenton, D., irondresser, 27 E. Abbev St. 
Heenan, James, bleacher, 14 Smithy Croft 
Hemsworth, Alex., 5 Marketgate 
Henderson, D., spirit mcht., 9 Brechin Rd 
Henderson, D., police sergt., 23 Ladyloan. 
Henderson, David, 28 Green Street 

Henderson, G. A., machinist, 16 Green St. 

Henderson, George, 15 Lochlands Street 

Henderson, James, 17 Panmure Street 

Henderson, Jane Ann, 22 Victoria Street. 

Henderson, Jessie, 275 High Street 

Henderson, Miss, 48 High Street. 

Henderson, Miss, residenter, 275 High St. 

Henderson, Misses, 29 W. Keptie Street 

Henderson, Mrs. 13 Siuart Street 

Henderson, R., blacksmith, 12 S. Grimsby. 

Henderson, W., insur. agent, 4 Dalhousie 

Henderson, Wm., 29 West Mill Wynd 
ndrv A. G., secretary, 8 Strachan St. 

Hendry, A. W., moulder, 56 St Vigeans Rd. 

Hendry, Alexina, spinster, 9 Park Stree'. 

Hendry, Arthur, 17 Panmure Street 

Hendry, Arthur, 3 Elliot Street 

Hendry. Elizabeth, 33 Panmure Street 

Hendry, James, lapper, 15 Fergus Square. 

Hendry, Jessie, housekeeper, 34 St Mary St. 

Hendry, Mrs Elizabeth, residenter, 26 W. 
Mary Street 

Hendry, Mrs Isabella, 16 North Grimsby 

Hendry William, railway porter, 23 Fer- 
gus Square. 

Hepburn, Mary A., weaver, 36 Cairnic St. 

Hepburn, Mrs Agnes, 7 Fisheracre. 

Herald, Alex., shoemaker, 59 Ladybridge. 

Herald, David, flaxdresser, 22 Leonard St. 

Herald, George, 3 Ponderlaw Street 

Herald, Helen, widow, 7 Glover St. 

Herald, Miss A. F., 44 Dishland Street. 

Herald. Mrs Elizabeth C, 8 Robert Street. 

Herald, Mrs Georgina, 31 St Mary St. 

Herald, Mrs W. H., 12 Dalhousie PI. 

Herald, W. A., flaxdresser, 70 Marketgate. 

Heron, Allan, gardener, 39 W. Newgate. 

Herron, Alfred, 15 Allan Street 

Herron, Alfred, blacksmith, 92 Helen St. 

Herron, Alfred, 240 High Street 

Herron, Chas. S-, plumber, 3 George St. 

Herron, D., blacksmith, 54 Sidney St. 

Herron, Eliza, 21 Ann Street 

Herron, T H., flax merchant, 56 Addison 

Herron, Jas., blacksmith, 30 Leonard St. 

Herron, Miss E., 20 Ponderlaw Street 

Herron, Mrs I., 22 Ponderlaw Street 

Herron. Miss I., housekeeper, 60 Sidney St. 

Herron, W., ironmoulder, 39 Ogilvy PI. 

Herron, W., moulder, 49 East Abbey St 

Herron, W. H., contractor, 23 Ladyloan 

Herschell, Allan, shoemaker, 60 Sidney St. 

Herschell, D.. shoemaker. 10 Bank Street 

Herschell, Miss Mary, 1^ Fergus Street 

Herschell, Mrs Jane, 30 Bog Lane. 

Herschell, Robt. F., shipmaster, 6 Hill- 
did Road 

Hewit, A., merchant tailor, 14 Queen St. 

High, Wm., jeweller, 5 Hayswell Road. 

Hill. Andrew R., P.O.. clerk, 35 Ernest St. 

Hill, Betsy, 3i Glover Street. 

Hill, Chas. S., law clerk, 3 Queen Street. 

Hill, David, joiner, 35 Rossie Street. 

Hill, George, clerk, 1 Hill Place 

Hill. James C moulder. 35 Ernest Street. 
Hill, James, labourer, 22 Gowan Street. 

Hinksman, Jemima, widow, 4 Shore. 


Laundry Service 

Is a boon to the housewife, for it saves her 
time, helps to simplify the perplexing problem 
of keeping servants, and goes far to keep the 
home running smoothly. 

Fully realising this, the Arbroath Steam 
Laundry aim to supply a Laundry Service 
that is as nearly trouble-free as it is humanly 
possible to make it. Trifles make perfection, 
but perfection is no trifle, and it is the care 
that the Arbroath Steam Laundry give to 
details that has earned them the title of the 
Laundry Service that satisfies. 

Our Premises, situated amid ideal surround- 
ings, are equipped with the latest plant, and 
are undoubtedly amongst the finest in the 

Arbroath Steam Laundry 

DONALD L. MANSON, Proprietor. 
'Phone 228. 


Hird, A. K., draper, 24 Hillend Road. 
Hird, Emily! D., 12 Nolt Loan Road 
Hird, Tames H., postman, 5 Ann Street. 
Hird, Mrs Ingo S. F., 3 Walker Place. 
Hird, Mrs Margaret, 27 Smithy Croft. 
Hird, Mrs Naomi, 7 Kinnaird Street. 
Hird, W. D., draper, Nolt Loan Road. 
Hitchcock, Rev. G., 13 Dalhousie Place. 
Hoddle, Mrs, 18 Fergus Square 
Hodge, David, enginedriver, 5 Ogilvy PI. 
Hodgson, John E., bleacher, 41 Ladyloan. 
Hogan, Mrs Mary, domestic, 69 Ladyloan. 
Hogg, Arthur, mechanic, 44 Marketgate 
Hogg, Catherine, widow, 4y W. Abbey St. 
Hogg, E. W. dressmaker, 71 Keptie St. 
Hogg, Hall, lapper, 21 Green Street. 
Hogg, James, engineer, 66 Brechin Road. 
Hogg, James, flesher, 59 High Street. 
Hogg, James, police constable, 40 Millgate 

Hogg, Miss Eliz., 6 Academy Street 
Hogg, Miss M. A., 78 Keptie Street. 
Honeyman, Mrs Betsy, 20 Leonard St. 
Honeymoon, Mrs A., 5 Leonard Street 
Hood, A., grocery manager, 38 Elliot St. 
Hood, Geo., P., draper, 10 Princes St. 
Hood, James, bookseller, 31 W. Keptie St. 
Hood, Jane, spinster, 26 Nolt Loan Road. 
Hood, Miss Ethel, 46 Guthrie Port 
Hood, Mrs, St John's Manse, Seaton Rd 
Hood, Mrs E., 46 Guthrie Port 
Hood, Peter, shoemaker, 31 Dishland St 
Hood, Peter, labourer, 65 Marketgate. 
Hood, William, 38 Helen Street. 
Hopkinson, S., mechanic, 32 Howard St. 
Hosea, Alex., 38 Kinnaird Street 
Hosea, Mary S., nurse^ 27 Lochland St. 
Hosie, Alex., labourer, 13 Culloden Road 
Hosie, Jas., gardener, 21 Ponderlaw St. 
Houldsworth, F., missionary, 1 Cairnie PI. 
Hovell, George, 4 James Street 
Hovell, J., Helenbank, Ernest Street 
Hovell, James, lapper, 13 Palmer Street 
Hovell, John, barman, 17 Lochland St. 
Hovel!, W. publican, 12 George Street 
Hovell, Wm., labourer, 16 Glover St. 
Howard, H., labourer, 42^ E. Abbey St. 
Howard, Harry, 33 Lindsay Street 
Howat, Mrs, widow, 17 Dalhousie Place 
Howat, Thomas, shoemaker, 12 Abbot St. 
Howe, George, surfaceman, 19 Duke St. 
Howe, James, labourer, 60 Rossie Street 
Howe, James, labourer, 49 Rossie Street 
Howie, J., compositor, 2 Cairnie Place. 
Howie, T., Bonavista, Keptie Road 
Howie, T. J., 10 Dalhousie Place 
Hudghton, Mrs Ann, 35 St Mary Street. 
Hudgston, A. P., enginefitter, 40 Rossie St. 
Hudson, Jane, 23 Bog Lane 
Hudson, John, bleacher, 28 Helen Street 
Hudson, Mary, spinster, 31 TPanmure St. 
Hudson, Wm., labourer, 10 Abbev Path 
Hudson, Wm. D., 56 Marketgate". 
Huggins, Mrs M., 11 Dishland Street. 
Huggin«on, Thomas, 60 Millgate Loan 
Hughes, Christina, spinster, 43 St Mary St. 
Hughes, James, 13 Hannah Street 
Hughes, Mitchell, butcher, 35 W. Newgate 
Hume, Rev. James, 6 Queen Street. 

Hunter, Andrew, 17 Wallace Street. 
Hunter, Charles, engineer, 43 Culloden Rd 
Hunter, Charles, shoemaker, Strachan St 
Hunter, Charles, 20 Ogilvy Place 
Hunter, D., insur. agent, 62 Fergus Sq. 
Hunter, David, iron-worker, 11 Russel St. 
Hunter, David, artificer, 2 Elliot Street 
Hunter, David, clerk, 4 Carnegie St. 
Hunter, James, shoemaker, 46 John Street 
Hunter, Mary Ann, 6 Hume Street. 
I Hunter, Misses, Rosebrae 
Hunter, Mrs, 67 Helen Street 
Hunter, Mrs Ada M., 9£ Applegate. 
Hunter, Mrs Isabella, 15 Duke St. 
Hunter, Mrs J., Claremont, Keptie Road 
Hunter, Robert, 41 St Mary Street. 
Hunter, Thomas, 2 Culloden Road 
Hunter, W., 6 Hill Road 
Hunter, Wm., cashier, 6 Carnegie Street. 
Hunter, Wm., shoemaker, 25 Palmer St. 
Hunter, W. C, coal agent, 39 Jamieson St. 
Hunter, W. P., marine engineer, 1 Cair- 
nie Place. 
Hutcheon, A., solicitor, 46 Nolt Loan Rd. 
Hutchison, David, draper, 17 Victoria St. 
Hutchison, J., 20 East Mill Wynd 
Hutchison, James, Demondale. 
Hutcheson, Jane, 22 Hamilton Green 
Hutchison, John, 3 Baldovan Street 
Hutchison, John, 23 St Vigeans Road 
Hutchison, Peter G., 4 Gayfield 
Hutchison, S., sen., 4 Lillies Wynd. 
Hutchison, S. D„ vintner, 4 Lillies Wynd. 
Hutchison, T., turner, 72 St Vigeans Rd. 
Hutton, Charles, 3 Leonard Street. 
Hutton, David, carter, 2£ Russell Street. 
Hutton, D. L., 50 Sidney Street 
Hutton, Geo., shoemaker, 46 Marketgate. 
Hutton, James, carter, 6 Lilies Wynd 
Hutton, Jas. G., clerk, 76 Rossie Street. 
Hutton, John, labourer, 37 Fergus Sq. 
Hutton, Tohn, 20 Hill Place 
Hutton, Mrs, 3 East Mill Wynd 
Hutton, Mrs Alexina, 3 E. Mill Wynd 
Hutton, Mrs I., 5 Fergus Square 
Hutton, Peter, 12 Catherine Street. 
Hutton, Robert, 2 West Keptie Street. 
Hutton, Wm., labourer, 22 Rossie Street, 

Inglis, Alan, art master, 4 Osborne Ter. 
Inglis, Robt., traveller, 27 Hayswell Road. 
Inglis, Walter, 36 Fergus Square 
Ingram, Wm., 33 Sidney Street 
Innes, Alex., street porter, 7 Bridge St. 
Innes, Mrs, 18 Lillies Wynd. 
Irons, Louisa, weaver, 17 Kinnaird St. 
Irons, Miss A., boarding-house keeper, 7 

Hill Terrace. 
Irons, Mrs, 3 Rosebank. 
Irons, Wm., butcher, 217 High Street. 
Ironside, A., clicker, 10 St Vigeans Rd. 
Ironside, Alex., moulder, 28 Barngreen. 
Ironside, James, weaver, 2 W. Mary St. 
Irvine, Alexander,, tanner, 8 Ann Street. 
Irvine, Miss, 61 Millgate Loan 
Irvine, Mrs, 4 Queen Street. 
Irvine, Mrs Jemima, 35 North\ Port 
Irvine, Peter, baker, 13 Jamieson Street. 



Keptie Angle, Arbroath 

Telegrams — " Ruxton, Chemist, Arbroath." 




Photographic Requisites. Chemicals. 

Sight-Testing to Suit all Sights. 

»' w i ■ - !■■! i ~^~ m ■* -* ■ • >ir^gi^^^- 

Tested Garden Seeds. Guaranteed Farm Seeds. 

Rose Bushes 

Fruit Trees 


All in Season 



84 Keptie Street, 




= Bulbs 



&-c, 6-c. 

Selected Poultry Foods. Re-Cleaned Bird Seeds. 




Irvine, Robert, Brechin Road 

Irvine, Robt., teacher, Viewfield Road. 

Isaacs, \V., waggon-examiner, 40 Maule St. 

Jack, Alex., blacksmith, 6 Stanley Street. 

Jack, Andrew, tailor, 47 Hill Street. 

Jack, D., barman, 26 Jamieson Street 

Jack, Ernest, 6 South Grimsby 

Jack, J., barman, 19 Catherine Street 

Jack, James, chemist, 27 Ponderlaw St. 

Tack, Janet, residenter, 19 Carnegie St. 

Jack, John, labourer, 56 Helen Street 

Jack, John, grocer, 2 Nolt Loan Road 

Jack, Miss Mary, U George Street 

Jack, Mrs, 16 Ernest Street. 

Jack, Mrs, 29 Ann Street 

Jack, Mrs, 56 Helen Street. 

Jack, Mrs J., vintner, 13 Catherine St 

Jackson, David, framemaker, 75 Helen St. 

Jackson, D. W., music teacher, 272 High St. 

lackson, J., leather-cutter, 13 E. Ma-y St. 

Jackson, Mrs Frances, 2 Rosebank 

Jackson, Mrs A., widow, 34 Hillend Road. 

Jackson, W. W., music teacher, 6 George 

Jagger, Mrs Ann, widow, 93 Keptie St. 

Jamie, Mrs, 26 Ann Street 

Tamieson, Alex., vanman, 70 Millgate Ln. 

Jamieson, Ann, 29 Fisheracre. 

Jamieson, David, cartei v 3 Marketgate 

Jamieson, David, sen., plasterer, Graves- 

Jamieson, Frank, 18 Millgate Loan 

Jamieson, George, mason, Demondale. 

Jamieson, Harry, baker, 76£ Helen St. 

Jamieson, J., butcher, 3-j Glover Street 

Jamieson, James, 13 Kinnaird Street 

Jamieson, James, factory overseer, 16 W. 
Keptie Street. 

Jamieson, Jas., mechanic, Lindsay St 

Jamieson, Jane, 7 West Keptie Street. 

Jamieson, Jessie A., spinster, 3 W. Ab- 
bey Street. 

Jamieson, John, lapper, 2 Fergus Street 

Jamieson, Lawrence, shoemaker, 33 East 
Mill Wynd. 

Jamieson, Miss, 29 Fergus Street. 

Jamieson, Mrs, 33 Lindsay Street 

Jamieson, Mrs, 27 Panmure Street 

Jamieson, Mrs, housekeeper, 35 Lindsay St. 

Jamieson, Mrs, 35 Lindsay Street. 

Jamieson, Mrs J., widow, 24 W. Newgate. 

Tamieson, T., greengrocer, 22 Guthrie Pt. 

Jamieson, Thos., plumber, 63 Ladybridge. 

Jamieson, Wm., flaxdresser, 26 Leonard St. 

Tamieson, Wm., mechanic, 28 Kyd St. 

Janes, James, janitor, 79 Keptie St. 

Tanes, Wm., foreman, 12 Brechin Road. 

japp, David, labourer, 25 Millgate 

Jarret, John, dealer. 11 Park Street 

jarret, Mrs, 21 Abbot Street 

Janet, Mrs M., 32^- St, Mary Street 

Jarron, J. B., vintner, 11 Carnegie St 

Jarvis, Janet, widow, 62 Rossie Street 

Teffray, Tohn, seaman, 38 Glover Street. 

Jeffrev. Tohn D., printer, 26 Ann Street. 

Teffrev, Mrs, widow. 26 Tamieson St. 

Jeffrey, Rol. P., joiner, "22 W. Newgate. 

Jenkins, William, 11 Wallace Street 

Jewiss, Horace W., 33 East Abbey Street 

Johnson,, George, printer, Abbey Lodge 

Johnson, W., licensed grocer, 15 Queen St. 

Johnston, A., 83 Lad3'loan 

Johnston, Alex., draper, 5 St Mary St. 

Johnston, D., factory worker, 17 Smithy C. 

Johnston, Elizabeth, 2 West Mary St. 

Johnston, G., commercial clerk, 21 Cair- 
nie Street. 

Johnstone, Geo., policeman, 9 Abbot St. 

Johnston, Hugh F., leather cutter, 37 

Johnston, J., labourer, 51 Guthrie Port. 

Johnston, John, joiner, 33 Howard St. 

Johnston, John, shoemaker, 14 Howard St. 

Johnston, Joseph, lapper, 32 Howard St 

Johnston, Mar., 49 Rossie Street 

Johnston, Miss Helen, 12 Smithy Croft. 

Johnston, Miss Mary, 15 Marketgate. 

Johnston, Mrs Martha, 33 Howard Street 

Johnston, Mrs Susan, 56a High Street. 

Johnston, Robert, 50 Brechin Road 

Johnston, Thomas, 2 Culloden Road 

Johnston, W., hawker, 60 Guthrie Port 

Johnston, Wm., gardener, The Elms, 
Cairnie Road 

Johnston, Wm., shipmaster, 28 Victoria St. 

Johnston, Wm., 10 Howard Street 

Johnston, W. A., engineer, 83 Ladyloan 

Johnstone, Mrs, 13 Green Street 

Joiner, Mrs, 248 High Street. 

Jolly, Mrs Jane, 42 Helen Street. 

Jones, James, 38 Helen Street 

Jones, Mrs, 35 Howard Street 

Jones, Thomas, 3 West Port 

Joss, A., stores manager, 20 Howard St. 

Joss, John, reporter, 93 Keptie Street. 

Toss, Mrs, 23 West Port 

Joss, Mrs Barbara, 29 Kinnaird Street 

Just, Robt., sanitary inspector, 59 Bre- 
chin Road 

Kaighin, Henry, tenter, 18 Rossie Street. 
Kane, William, 17 Cross Mill Wynd 
Kear, F. D., mechanic, 6 St Vigeans Rd. 
Kear, Mrs Mary, 56 Fergus Square 
Keillor, Alexander, traction engine driver, 

17 Leonard Street. 
Keillor, Andrew, 7 Russell Street 
Keillor, D., coachman, 94 Keptie Street 
Keillor, Harry, 98 Keptie Street 
Keillor, James, cattleman, Demondale 
Keillor, Mrs A., widow, 35 Millgate Lm. 
Keillor, Mrs Grace, 12 Brechin Road. 
Keillor, William, grocer, 77 Ladyloan. 
Keir, W., grocer, 29 W. Abbey Street 
Keith, David, engineer, 13 Hannah St. 
Keith, David, flaxdresser, 26 Helen Street. 
Keith, David, 18 Kyd Street 
Keith, Dr. J. Melville, 213a High Street. 
Keith George, sailmaker, 7 Ann Street. 
Keith, John, sailmaker, 85 Keptie St. 
Keith, John, mechanic, 40 Dishland St 
Keith, Mrs, 18 Millgate Loan 
Keith, Wm., labourer, 12 Bakers Wynd. 
Kellv. Dr Richard, 61 Keptie Street. 
Kelly, G., 15 Abbot Street 
Kelly, Jas., waste merchant, 31 Glover St. 



Costume and Dress Specialist, 
177=HIGH STREET=179 





A Special Feature of our Stoc/% is the 

Variety of Dresses and Underwear 

for Girls and Children. 

Tftourning Orders 

We have always a Large Stock of MOURNING 

GOODS, and Orders can be Executed at 

the Shortest Possible Notice. 




Kelman, Annie, widow, 21 Cairnie St. 
Kelly, Alice, clerkess, 21 Lordburn 
Kelly, Harwood, 14 John Street. 
Kelly, Laurence, 27 West Newgate. 
Kemp., G., 15 Leonard Street 
Kemp, G., slater, 25 St Mary Street 
Kennedy Helen, factory worker, 6 St 

Mary Street. 
Kennedy, James, plasteier, 61 Leonard St. 
Kennedy,, John, rly. porter, 5£ Fisheracre 
Kennedy Margaret, 52 Fergus Square 
Kennedy, Mrs E., 2 East Newgate 
Kennedy, Theodore, gas meter inspector, 

45 West Abbey Street. 
Kennedy, Mary Ann, 74 Rcssie Street. 
Kenneth, Geo., S., baker, 9 Bridge St. 
Kerr, Chas., shoemaker, 3 West Mary St. 
Kerr, D., licensed grocer, 9 Fergus Sq. 
Kerr, David, factory worker, 6 James St. 
Kerr, Geo., machineman, East Links 
Kerr, George, flesher, 12 Barngreea. 
Kerr, George K., 31 Elliot Street 
Kerr, James, railway guard, 25 Duke St. 
Kerr, James, labourer, 38 Fergus Square. 
Kerr, James, 20 Colvill Place 
Kerr, Jane W., widow, 1 Osborne Ter. 
Kerr, Mrs, 8 Gowan Street 
Kerr, Mrs, 47 Culloden Road. 
Kerr, Mrs Andrew, 28 Barngreen 
Kerr, Mrs H., widow, 9 Russell St. 
Kerr, Mrs Mary, restaurateur, 270 High 

Kerr, Wm. S., labourer, 17 Abbot Street. 
Kerrison, Mrs, 93 Keptie Street 
Kettles, Ed., labourer, 12 Russell Street. 
Key, Alexander I., postman, 23 Glover St. 
Key, Annie, weaver, 26 Fergus Square. 
Key, David, labourer, 7 Panmure Street. 
Kidd, Alex., 13 John Street 
Kidd, David, blacksmith, 11 Fergus Sq. 
Kidd, F.. irondresser. 7 Cross Mill Wynd. 
Kidd, Francis, 23 Dishland Street 
Kidd, James G., fisherman, 9-13 Seagate. 
Kidd, Mrs Alexina, 7 Cross Mill Wynd 
Kidd, Thos., irondresser, 7 Wardmill Rd 
Kiddie, Andrew W., 66 Rossie Street. 
Kiddie, Elizabeth, 26 Hamilton Green 
Kiddie, Robert, engine driver, 1 Hope St 
Kilpatrick, John, baker, 7 Fisheracre 
King, Ann, widow, 23 Culloden Road 
King, Arthur, shoemaker, 44 Elliot Street. 
King, David B., clerk, Neville Street. 
King, T. B., patternmaker, 37 Carnegie St. 
King, James G., shoemaker, 11 Hill Ter. 
King, Margaret, 11£ Fergus Square. 
King, Mary, widow, 7 Garden Street. 
King, Misses Ellen J. D., Annie B., and 

Jane B., 27 Rossie Street. 
King, Mrs M. A., widow, 27 Fergus St. 
King, Robt. T., dealer, 8-10 Bakers Wynd. 
Kinloch, David, labourer, 10 Guthrie Pt. 
Kinloch, Mrs J. B., Seafield, Seaton Rd 
Kinmond, Miss Annie, 54 Helen Street. 
Kinnear, A. V., mercht., 2 Culloden Cres 
Kinnear, Alex., 45 Panmure Street 
Kinnear, D., cabinetmaker, 27 Culloden Rd. 
Kinnear, David, labourer, 43 St Mary St. 
Kinnear, D., sheriff officer, 23 Cairnie St 
Kinnear, J. S., engineer, 62 Fergus Sq. 

Kinnear, Miss C, 29 Guthrie Port. 
Kinnear, Miss Nellie, 69 Keptie Street 
Kinnear, Mrs H., 14 W. Keptie St. 
Kinnear, Mrs J., residenter. 18 Ponder- 

law Street. 
Kinnear, Mrs M., 11 Green Street. 
Kinnear, R., insur. supt., 12 Culloden Cres 
Kinnear, Thos., vanman, 4 Shore 
Kinnear, Thos., chauffeur, 8 Academy St. 
Kinnear, Wm., turner, 51 Sidney Street. 
Kinloch, George, 19 Kyd Street. 
Kinninmonth, M., 1 Kinnaird Street 
Kinnison. Mary, widow, 5 Park St. 
Kirk, James, tobacconist, 11 West Port. 
Kirkcaldy, David, 19 Green Street 
Kirkland, Agnes, 4 Abbot Street 
Knight, John, labourer, 10 Robert Street. 
Knight, Mary J., widow, 7 George St. 
Knight, Miss M., millworker, 25 Rossie St. 
Knight, Robert, 34 Green Street 
Knowles, Geo., moulder, 8 St Vigeans Rd 
Knowles, James, moulder, 50 Fergus Sq 
Knowles, Miss M., 22 Dishland Street. 
Knox, D., blacksmith, 36 Millgate Loan. 
Kyd, David, woodturner, 31 Gravesend. 
Kydd, A. G., 16 Addison Place 
Kydd, Alexander, mechanic, 8 Abbot St. 
Kydd, Alex., butcher, 76 St Vigeans Rd. 
Kydd, Alex., joiner, 12 Colvill Place 
Kydd, Annie, spinster, 20 Lochland St. 
Kydd, David, coachman, 96 Keptie St. 
Kydd, Daviu., fisherman, 10 West Newgate. 
Kydd, D. F., labourer, 48 Fergus Square. 
Kydd, D. S., shoemaker, 23 W. Mill Wy. 
Kydd, Geo., clerk, 62 Fergus Square 
Kydd, George M., grocer, 41 Lordburn 
Kydd, George, moulder, 6 James Street. 
Kydd, Harry, shoemaker, 2 Abbot Street. 
Kydd, Isabella, confectioner, 7 Gowan St 
Kydd, J., railway servant, 15 Wallace St. 
Kydd, J., boot salesman, 2 Cairnie Place. 
Kydd, James, vanman, 9 Fisheracre. 
K}'dd, James, tailor, 68 Howard St. 
Kydd, James, clerk, 61 Rossie Street. 
Kydd, James, residenter, 74 Helen St. 
Kydd, Jean W., 2 Hillend Road 
Kydd, Mary, weaver, Keptie Street 
Kydd, Mary W., spinster, 1 Cairnie PI. 
Kydd, Miss Mary, weaver, 79 Keptie St. 
Kydd, Mrs, 9 Garden Street. 
Kydd, Mrs, widow, 31 W. Mill Wynd 
Kvdd, Mrs, 26 Kyd Street. 
Kvdd, Mrs D., 19 Spink Street 
Kvdd. Mrs Mary, 59 Dishland Street. 
Kydd, Mrs M. V., widow, 11 Hillend Rd. 
Kydd, Mrs Robert, 28 Elliot Street. 
Kvdd, Norman, 9 Fisheracre 
Kydd, Robert, joiner, 15 Colvill Place. 
Kvdd, William, mechanic, ]8 Brechin Rd. 
Kydd, William A., gardener, Viewfield 

Lackie, John, 21 Abbot Street 
Lackie, Miss Jane, 43 Panmure Street. 
Lackie, Mrs A., grocer, 55 Barngreen. 
Lackie, Mrs W., 19 Elliot Street 
Laing. Agnes, widow, 4 Colvill Place. 
Laing, Alex., baker, 36 Ladybridge St. 
Laing, Dr David, Maule Street. 
Laing, Helen, millworker, 2 Colvill PI. 




3 and 5 JAMES STREET, 


MONEY ADVANCED to any amount on Jewellery 
of every description. All transactions strictly 
confidential. Goods sent by Registered Post 
receive prompt attention. All Jewellery kept in 
Ratner Safes. Special Low Interest for Loans 
over £10. 

Established 1834 Telephone 45 

Arbroath West Port Association 



Central Grocery & Drapery Department: Keptie Street 

54 and 56 Lochland Street. 46 Cairnie Street. 

59 East Abbey Street. 58 High Street. 

38 Barngreen 

Boot & Shoe Dept. : 6 West Port. 



^aing, Jas., market gardener, Annfield. 

Laing, John, joiner, 42 Green Street. 

Laing, Missi Agnes, 25 Palmer Street 

Laing, Miss M., 21 Dishland Street. 

Laing, Mrs David, 27 Howard Street. 

Laing, William, baker, 10 Fergus Square. 

l,aird, Charlotte, weaver, 19 Park Street. 

l,aird, John, 33 Barngreen 

Lamb, Alex., gardener, Cairnie Road. 

Lamb, C, factory worker, 35 Ogilvy PI. 

Lamb, David, 47 Green Street. 

Lamb, Edward, 35 Lochland Street 

Lamb, Jas. L., coachman, 4 Hill Ter. 

Lamb, John, butcher, 26 West Keptie St. 

Lamb, Mary Jane, 62 Cairnie Street. 

Lamb, Robert, carter, 3 Lillies Wynd. 

Lambert, And., currier, 18 W. Abbey St. 

Lamond, James, lapper, 86 Helen Street. 

famond, Wm., 181 High Street 

Lamont, R., 1 George Street 

Lamont, W., vintner, 1 George Street 

Langlands, Alex., joiner, 11 George St. 

Langlands, H. T., engineer, 22 Hayswell 

Langlands, M. & A., 24 Hayswell Road 
Langlands, Wm., clerk, 7 Hayswell Road. 

Larnach, Donald, 1 Murray Place. 

Lauder, George, engineer, 15 Jamieson St. 

Laverie, Mrs John. 7 Bank Street. 

Laverty, James, currier, 2 Ann Street. 
Lavery, Mrs, confectioner, 61 Barngreen. 
Law, Alex., grocer, 27 Lillies Wynd 
Law, Arthur, 26; Hamilton Green 
Law, George, engineer, 9 E. Grimsby 
Law, J., 9 East Grimsby 
Law, James, labourer, 27 Dishland St 
Law, James, engineer, 59 Dishland St. 
Law, James, labourer, 32 E. Mill Wynd 
Law, James, carter, 47 Marketgate. 
Law, James, 70 Marketgate 
Law, Mrs Elizabeth G.. 38 Maule Street 
Law, Mrs Lovina, 9 Lochland Street. 
Lawrence, D., shoemaker, 36 E. Abbey St. 
Lawrence, D.< 24 Queen Street 
Lawrence, Jas., millworker, 7 Palmer St. 
Lawrence, Wm., Mason, 5 St Vigeans Rd 
Lawrie, J. M'K., lapper, 5 George St. 
Lawson, Alex., 34 Keptie Street 
Lawson, Jessie, winder, 7 Park Street 
Lawson, Mrs Elizabeth, 5 Park Street 
Lawson, W. E., iron-turner, 49 E .Abbev St 
Leadingham, D., engineer, 38 Leonard St 
Leadingham, John, machineman, 11 Guth- 
rie Hill. 
Leadingham, Mrs M. J., widow, 62 Cair- 
nie Street. 
Learmonth, Mrs M., Palmyra, Keptie Rd 
Leddie, Florence, spinster, 12 Fergus Sq. 
Ledingham, W., machineman, 69 Helen St. 
Lee. H., clerk, Keptie Road 
Lees, Mrs Henry, 11 St Vigeans Road. 
Lees, William, 69 Sidney Street 
Lefevre, A. W., patternmaker, 55 Sidney St 
Lefevre, Ernest, 57 Kinnaird Street 
Lefevre, H. V., Garrol, Ernest Street 
Lefevre, H. V., tobacconist, 236 High St. 
Lefevre, W., marine officer, 4 Carnegie St. 
Legge, John, labourer, 22 East Mill Wynd. 
Leighton, John, labourer, 46 St Mary St. 

Leighton, Mrs Jas., 13 Union St. W. 

Leish, Mary, 13 Dishland Street 

Leitch, Agnes, factory worker, 9i Fergus 

Leitch, D., lapper, 26 Robert Street 
Leitch, John, cutter, 37 Guthrie Port. 
Leitch, Mrs C, 1 Culloden Crescent 
Leitch, Mrs James, 2 Cairnie Place. 
Leith, D., lapper, 26 Robert Street 
Leith, Jas., licensed grocer, 7 Panmure St. 
Leithhead, Mary Ann, weaver, 43 Han- 
nah Street 
Leonard, A., farm servant, 46 Kinnaird St. 
Leslie, Chas., gardener, 5 Lochland St. 
Leslie, F., engineer, 44 Helen Street 
Leslie, George, 47 Kinnaird Street 
Leslie, J., 60 Marketgate 
Leslie, J. G., coal merchant, 9 Millgate 
Leslie, James, bleacher, 35 North Port. 
Leslie, John, engineer, 37 Lochlands St 
Leslie. John, irondriller, 55 Guthrie Port. 
Leslie. Margaret, 37 Culloden Road. 
Leslie, Mark, 24 Rossie Street. 
Leslie, Mrs Jessie, 12 Queen Street. 
Leslie, Peter, labourer, 14 Ann Street. 
Leslie, Robert, Loftus, Nolt Loan Road 
Leslie Wm. H. G., 6 W. Keptie Street. 
Leuchars, Andrew, 2 Bakers Wynd 
Leuchars, D., mill foreman, 24 Wardmili 

Leuchars. G., machineman 23 Millgate Ln. 
Leuchars, Joseph, mechanic. 25 Palmer St. 
Leuchars, Miss, 28 Hamilton Green 
Leuchars, Mrs, 31 Leonard Street 
Leuchars, W., flaxdresser, 15 Millgate Ln. 
Leuchars, W. F., ironmonger 13 E. Abbey 

Ljddle, Andrew B.. 240 High Street 
Liddle, Jemima, dressmaker, 6 Academy St 
Lindsay, A., millworker. 36 Ladybridge St. 
Lindsay, David, 33 Ladyloan 
Lindsay, David, grocer, 11 St Vigeans Rd 
Lindsay, David, plumber, 10-12 Applegate. 
T.'ndsav, David, heckler. 2 Ann Street. 
Lindsay, Hannah, weaver, 18 Rossie St. 
Lindsay, John, 39 Green Street. 
Lindsay, Margt., spinner. 32 E. Abbey St. 
Lindsay, Miss Martha, 34 St Mary St. 
Lindsav. Mrs, 21 John Street 
Llndsav, Mrs Annie, 10 .West Newgate 
Lindsav, Mrs Thomas, 175 High Street. 
Lindsav. Mrs W., 33 North Port. 
Lindsav Mrs Wm.. 5 Finest Street. 
Lindsav, Peter, lapper, 27 Union St. E. 
Lindsav. Peter. 8 Union Street West 
L'ndsav, R.. salmon fisher. 8 Tamieson St 
Lindsay, Tho^. A.. 3 Lillies Wynd 
Lindsay, W., flaxdresser, 21 W. Newgate. 
Lindsav, W., mechanic, 43 Elliot Street 
Lisk, Andrew, mason, 11 Brothock Bdge. 
Lisk, Mrs Isabella, 1 Carnegie Street 
Lisk, Win., tanner, 22 Jamieson Street. 
Littlejohn, A., irondresser, 21 Millgate Ln 
Littlejohn, D., solicitor, Heathcote, Ar- 

birlot Road 
Littlejohn, T insur. agent. 29 Guthrie Pt. 
Littlejohn, Tane. spinster. 2 Millgate Ln. 
T.'ttlejohn, Miss Helen, 12 Rosebank. 
Littlejohn, Mrs Isabella, 34 Victoria St. 



James Kydd & Sons, 


16 South Grimsby, Arbroath. 

Every description of Work carefully and 
promptly attended to by experienced workmen 
at Moderate Charges Estimates Given. 



ft .- 


iS. 3 


pi J 

- ■: 

^ellK° e ^ Tavern 

40 WEST GRIMSBY, Arbroath 

Ube Bell IRocfe 36lenfc 

of Scotch and Irish Whiskies 
Guaranteed Well Matured. 


always in Sparkling 


D. DINN1E, Proprietor 


ttlejohn, R., casemaker, 14 St Vigeans Rd. 

ttlejohn, W. H., shoemaker, 21 Sidney St. 
veston, J. K., tenter, 38 Dishland St. 
veston, Wm., fitter, 13 Fergus Square. 
vingstone, J., fireman, 9 Leonard Street, 
vingstone, J., shoemaker, 82 High St. 
vingstone, J engine driver, 1 Murray Pi. 
vingstone, W., residenter, 2 Millgate Ln. 
vinstone, Wm., 49 W. Abbey Street 
ickhart, George, 11 Park Street 
igie, Bella, 3 East Mill Wynd 
mgmuir, J., 41 Lochland Street 
>rimer, Mrs, 31 Fergus Square 
rimer, Mrs Isobel, Hayshead Road. 
>w, Alex., labourer, 7 Anderson Street. 
5W, Alex., watchmaker, 20 Gowan St. , 
jw, Alex., surfaceman, 1 Garden St. 
}w, Alex., 12 St Vigeans Road 
>w, Alex., 9 Gowan Street 
)w, Ann, widow, 33 Lindsay Street, 
ow, David, moulder, 26 Gowan Street. 
)w, Elizabeth D., spinster, 26 Dalhousie 

T, G. W., licensed grocer, 240 High St 
>w, Isabella, 48 Ladyloan 
ow, John, coachman, 25 Ponderlaw St. 
ow, Miss C, residenter, 29 Kinnaird St. 
ow, Mrs, 13 Hillend Road 
ow, Mrs Agnes, 100 Keptie Street 

Mrs Andrew, 100 Keptie Street, 
ow, Mrs Catherine, 59 St Mary St. 
ow, Mrs Mary A., 4 Shore, 
ow, Robt., mechanic, 19 Culloden Road 
ow, Robert, journalist, 4 Culloden Ter 
ow, Robert, gardener, 35 Ann Street, 
ow, Robert I., Simla, Strachan Street 
owden, Agnes, 6 James Street, 
owden, D., shoemaker, 4 Carnegie Street. 
owden, James, 36 Sidney Street 
owden. Mrs J., 2 Walker Place, 
.owe, Daniel, tenter, 30 Ann Street. 
,owe, G. B., tenter, 33 Elliot Street. 
owe, John, waste merchant, 94 Keptie St. 
,owe, Mrs Georgina, 3 St Vigeans Road, 
■owe, T. J., law agent. 28 Addison PI. 
.ownie, A. S., railway clerk, 93 Keptie St. 
,ownic, Alexander, printer and stationer, 

58 Fergus Square, 
.ownie, David, 45 Lochland Drive. 
.ownie, Mrs, weaver, 33 Lindsay Street 
.ownie, Mrs Agnes, 27 Bank Street, 
.owson, Alex., engineer, 16 Ernest Street, 
.owson, A. P., coal agent, 53 Keptie St. 
.owson, Geo., railwayman, 16 Hannah St. 
jowson, John, signalman, 14 Hannah St. 
.owson, Margaret, 10 Ponderlaw Lane 
.owson Miss M., 58 St Mary St. 
.owson, Miss M., residenter, 7 Queen St. 
..ucas, Mrs Gertrude, Elms, Cairnie Road 
.umgair, A. M., 7 & 9 Kyd Street 
umgair, Alex., tailor, 5 Rossie Street. 
umgair, Alex. M., 9 Kyd Street 
.umgair, Charles, foreman, 20 Abbot St 
umgair, Mrs Christina, 248 High Street. 
Lumgair, Mrs Elizabeth, factory worker, 

21 Green Street. 
Lumgair, Mrs James, 9 Lochland St 
Lumgair, Peter, 26 Lillies Wynd 
Lumsden, David, joiner, 21 Duke St. 

Lumsden, M., shoemaker, 210 High St. 
Lumsden, Mrs A. F., 25 Victoria St 
Lundie, Alex., labourer, 18 Fergus St. 
Lundie, Alex., labourer, 10 Dishland St 
Lundie, Elizabeth, spinster, 51 Barngreen. 
Lundie, G. J., engineer, 6^ Abbot St 
Lundie, James, 36 Cairnie Street 
Lundie, John, shoemaker, 2 Reform St 
Lundie, Miss M., assur. agent, 8 Bank St. 
Lyall, Alexander, 17 Ernest Street 
Lyall, David C, vintner, 268 High St. 
Lyall, Isabella, widow, 268 High Street. 
Lyall, James, labourer, 1 Maule Street. 
Lyall, Wm., joiner, 4 Fergus Square 
Lynch, W., shoemaker, 11 St Vigeans Rd. 
Lyon, James, butcher, 50 Sidney Street 

M'Adam, Albert, 21 Bank Street 
M'Alley, John S., teacher, 14 Culloden Tr 
M'Alpine, Joseph, 1 Church Street 
M'Alpine, George, 22 Jamieson Street. 
M'Alpine, Joseph, lapper, 7 Reform St. 
M'Andrew, Mrs, 10 Helen Street. 
M'Ardle, Geo., shoemaker, 38 Sidney St. 
M'Ardle, John, postman, 46 Ladyloan. 
M'Ardle, Mrs M. A., 45 Sidney St. 
M'Ardle, Mrs Mary, 36 Ladybridge St. 
M'Arthur, Elizabeth, widow, 24 West 

Mary Street. 
M'Thin, James, chemist. 25 Carnegie St. 
M'Bain, N., solicitor, 10 Rosemount Rd 
M'Bav Jane, widow, 68 Brechin Road. 
M'Beath, William, clerk, 17 Dishland St 
M 'Caff ray, John, boot factory worker, 

21 Allan Street 
M'Caffrey, Annie, 6 Dishland Street 
M'Callum, Archibald, Arbirlot Road 
M'Callum, Colin, dairyman, 17 Wallace St. 
M'Callum, John, guard, 27 Duke Streat. 
M'Cartney, T lapper, 13 Hannah St. 
M'Comb, Robt., bleacher, 18 Gowan St. 
M'Connel, John, joiner, 29 Hamilton Gn. 
M'Cowat, Mrs J., 46 St Mary Street 
M'Culloch, J. D., 25 Cairnie Street 
M'Currach. Rev. Wm., 56 Dishland St. 
M'Dairmid, Mary, 12 Cross Mill Wvnd. 
M 'Donald, Betsy, weaver, 14^ Spink St. 
M'Donald, Betsy, 10 Lillies Wynd 
M'Donald, Eliz., millworker, 33 Park St. 
M'Donald, Harry, 8 West Mill Wvnd. 
M'Donald, John, fitter, 17 Kinnaird St. 
M'Donald, John, 11 Park Street. 
M'Donald, Mary, widow, 22 W. Abbey St. 
M'Donald, Miss Jane, 2 Duke Street. 
M'Donald, Peter, baker, 64 St Vigeans Rd. 
M'Donald, Peter, 38 St Marv Street 
M'Dowall, Wm., hacklemaker, 9 Stuart St. 
M'Elwee, Rev. J., 2 Alexandra Place 
M Ewan, Agnes, 4 Maule Street 
M'Ewan, Agnes, 20 Barngreen. 
M'Ewan, Alex., 32 Leonard Street 
M'Ewan, Alexander, 24 Helen Street. 
M'Ewan, Andrew, 2 Anderson Street 
M'Ewan, Isabella, 2 Lochland Street 
M'Ewan, Mrs Christina, 18 Helen Street. 
M'Ewan, Mrs Margaret, 41 Lochland Dr. 
M'Ewan, T., signalman, 14 Colvill Place, 
M'Ewen, Ji., 62 Helen Street 


St. Ruth's ^rt Studio, 

Arbroath, Brechin and Montrose. 


The Portrait taken at A. C. MIIjNE'S, either by Electric Light or 
Daylight, has always his Best Attention. 

Photography and Portraiture in all its Branches. 

Enlargements Beautifully Executed Prices Moderate. 

The Plough and Harrow 




Montrose Road, Arbroath. 
Mrs JOHN N. SMYTH, Proprietrix. 


Sail, Cover, and Tent Maker, 

Motor Car Hoods Recovered or Repaired. -Bonnet Covers 

Made to Order. 
Van, Engine, Sail, and other Covers Shop Sunshades a Specialty. 

Tents and Marquees Made to Order. 
Estimates Given for all Kinds of Canvas Work. 


BgFarlane, Duncan, 8 Stuart Street 
WFarlane, Edward, 8 Cross Mill Wynd. 
Kl'Farlane, James, 11 Abbot Street. 
1'Farlane, John P., iron merchant, 3 Alex- 
andra Place. 
H'Farlane, Win., 18 Cairnie Street 
VL'Gann, Agnes, widow, 2 Bakers Wynd. 
to'Gee, John, barman, Cairnie Street 
WGilivray. J. D. t signal tower, Ladyloan 
K'Gillivary, W., painter, West Newgate 
M'Glashan, Chas., engineer, Baldovan St. 
4'Glashan, G. P., shipmaster, Arbirlot Rd. 
VTGlashan, T . engine fitter, 2 Brechin Rd 
M'Glashan, Mrs, 23 Ladyloan. 
M'Glashan, R., shoemaker, 20 Hannah St. 
M'Gravey, Peter, 19 Glover Street 
M'Gregor, D.. blacksmith, 1 Barbers Croft 
M'Gregor, D., 8 Brechin Road 
M'Gregor, H. W., hairdresser, 50 St Mary 


M'Gregor, J., railway guard, 13 Elliot St. 
M'Gregor, Tames, salesman, 6 Hope St. 
M'Gregor, James, smelter, 18 Barngreen 
M'Gregor, John, 5 Cross Mill Wynd. 
M'Gregor, John K., railway porter, 18 St 

Mary Street. 
M'Gregor, Mrs Mary, 43 Panmurc Street. 
M'Gregor, Robina B., widow, grocer's 

assistant, 29 West Abbey Street. 
M'Gregor, Robert, green keeper, 20 Hill 


M'Gregor, Thos., butcher, 1 Elliot St. 
M'Gregor, William, 2 Hayswell Road 
M'Gregor, William, mason, 7 Stuart St. 
M'Gurk, John, yarn warehouseman, 21 

Church Street. 
M'Hardv, Mrs Isabella. 63 Sidney Street 
MTnally, Mrs J., widow, 70 Marketgate. 
M'Inroy, Isa., 3 Ponderlaw Street 
M'Inrov. Miss Isabella, Ivor. Strachan St 
M'Intosh, David, labourer, 19 Park St 
M'Intosh, Alexander, 56 Howard St. 
M'Intosh, David, 43 Lochlands Driife 
M'Intosh, Donald, currier, 80 Brechin Rd. 
M'Intosh, J., engineer, 41 Kinnaird St. 
M'Intosh, James, mason, 51 Ladyloan. 
M'Intosh, Tames, railway guard, 15 Kin- 
naird Street 
M'Intosh, Jessie, spinster, 10 Russell St. 
M'Intosh, Mrs A., grocer, 44 Fergus Sq. 
M'Intosh, Mrs T. A., weaver, 38 Leonard St. 
M'Intosh, Mrs Mary. 18 W. Abbey Street 
M'Intosh, Robert, factory manager, 43 

Lochland Drive. 
M'Intosh, Mrs, 28 Cairnie Street 
M'Intyre, Tane, widow. 1 Ann Street. 
M'Intyre, Murdoch, 5 Murray Place 
M'lvor, Mrs, 8 Cross Mill Wynd. 
M'Kay, Andrew, flaxdresser, 14 Robert St. 
M'Kav, C, 58 Helen Street 
M'Kay, G. M., 39^ St Mary Street 
M'Kay, Henry, 19 Hays Lane 
M'Kav, John, tug-master, 39 Wallace St. 
M'Kay, Mrs Agnes, 6 Dishland Street 
M'Kay, Norman, blacksmith, 4 Lochland St 
M'Kav. Wm, 20 W. Mary Street 
M'Kechnie, Robt., 11 Lindsay Street 
M'Kenzie, Don., collector, 2 W. Abbey St. 
M'Kenzie, Ed., mechanic, 56 Marketgate. 

M'Kenzie, James, mechanic, 18 Ernest St. 
M'Kenzie, Jane, domestic servant, 15 

Lochland Street. 
M'Kenzie, Margaret, 10 Kyd Street. 
M'Kenzie, Miss, 19 Panmure Street 
M'Kenzie, Mrs M., weaver, 11 Ernest St. 
M'Kenzie, Wm., engine driver, 13 Cross 

Mill Wynd. 
M'Kerracher, M., printer, 45 Wallace St 
M'Kimmie, W., pensioner, 14 Green St. 
M'Kinnon, David, 3 Lillies Wynd 
M'Kinnon, H., labourer, 53 W. Abbey St. 
M'Kinnon, Mrs, 3 Lordburn 
M'Kinnon, Thos., labourer, 17 N. Grimsby 
M'Knight, Edward, 44i Fergus Square. 
M'Knight, Miss, 44^ Fergus Square 
M'Laggan, James, stoker, 7 Park Sti eet 
M'Laren, Chas., wood sawyer, 14 Maule St. 
M'Lean, David, 19 Cairnie Street 
M'Laren, Duncan, 8 Stuart Street 
M'Laren, Ellen, spinster, Strachan St. 
M'Laren, T-, engine driver, 9 Bank St. 
M Laren, Mrs I., millworker, 9 Park St 
M'Lauchlan, Agnes, 46 East Abbey St 
M'Laughlin, Agnes, 60 Guthrie Port 
M'Laren, P., patternmaker, 33 Howard St. 
M'Lauchlan, E., moulder, 72 Howard St. 
M'Laughlan, Peter, 11 Fisheracre 
M'Lean, D., engineer, 64 Marketgate 
M'Lean, Elizabeth, 4 Hope Street 
M'Lean, Jas., spirit dealer, 65 Barngreen. 
M'Lean, Tas., shoemaker, 9 Sidney St. 
M'Lean, Margaret, 17 Park Street. 
M'Lean, Miss M., 102 Keptie Street 
M'Lean, Mrs H., widow, Strachan St. 
M'Lean, Mrs Jane, 3 Bakers Wynd. 
M'Lean, Wm., vintner, 16 Lochland Street. 
M'Leay, J. G., foreman,, 32 Hamilton Gn 
M'Lee. K., carter, 24 Millgate Loan. 
M'Leish, Tames 35 West Port 
M'Leish, Mrs I.,' 37 W. Keptie Street 
M'Lennan, John, 2 Wallace Street 
M'Lennan, D., pastry baker, 11 Hay's Lane. 
M'Lennan, Tohn, 2 Wallace Street. 
M'Leod, ., 2 Culloden Terrace 
M'Leod, Elizabeth, widow, 8 Hill Road. 
M'Leod, Frank, 76 Marketgate 
M'Leod, George, moulder, 40 Leonard St. 
M'Leod, Evan, clerk, 11 W. Keptie St. 
M'Leod, Geo. C, clerk, 66 Fergus Sq. 
M'Leod, James, clerk, 6 Fergus Square. 
M'Leod, Hamilton, 31 Ladyloan 
M'Leod, Mrs, 46 John Street 
M'Leod, N, postal clerk, 128J* High St. 
M'Leod, William. 184 High Street 
M'Manus, Wm., 15 Millgate Loan 
M'Millan, G., 38 Helen Street 
M'Millan, James, 13 Hay's Lane 
M'Millan, "Mary D., spinster, 3 St Vi- 

geans Road. 
M'Millan, Mrs Mary, 8 Glover Street. 
M'Mullan, Jas., ironworker, 20 1 Howard St 
M'Mullen, Mrs C, widow, 10 Queen St. 
M'Nab, Barbara, winder, 46 Lochland St. 
M'Nab, Eliz., 4 Rosemount Road 
M'Nab, G., marine engineer, 2 Rosemount 

M'Naughton, Miss Jessie, factory worker, 

22 St Mary Street. 






Sole Maker of the Famous Ducat Shortbread. 


Misses J. & C. Grant 


Ladies' and Children's Underclothing, 
— Smallwares, and Fancy Drapery. — 

Agents for Pullars' Dye Works, Perth. 

Servants' Registry. 


33 West Port, - Arbroath. 



M'Naughton, William S., moulder, 36 St 

Vigeans Road. 
M'Nicoll, Alexander, mill foreman, 43 

Dishland Street. 
M'Nicoll, D., blacksmith, 22 St Mary St. 
» M'Nicoll, John, baker, 37 Lordburn. 
' M'Pherson, A., machineman, 57 Barngreen 
M'Pherson, D., greenkeeper, 5 Palmer St. 
M'Pherson, James, 57 Kinnaird St. 
M'Pherson, William, 2 Brechin Road. 
M'Pherson, E.. teacher, 43 Ladyloan 
M'Pherson, John, 19 Panmure Street. 
M'Pherson, Mrs B., 17 Panmure Street 
M'Pherson, Mrs H.. 37 Millgate Loan. 
M'Pherson, W. H., dentist, Market PL 
M'Pherson, William. 10 St Vigeans Road 
M'Quade, John, labourer, 8 W. Mary St. 
M'Queen, Ann, 33 Park Street 
M'Quade, T-. fish salesman, 18 Bakers Wy. 
M'Queen, Mary, 16 Cross Mill Wynd 
M'Queen, Mrs Annie B., residenter, 18 

Cross Mill Wynd. 
M'Quillen, Thomas A., excise officer, 20 

Hillend Road. 
M'Rae, R. A., chauffeur, 67 Lochland St. 
M'Wattie, Mrs I., widow, 24 Addison PI. 
M'Wattie, Tames, Onega. Nolt Loan Road 
M'Wattie, "Mrs M-, 46 Dishland Street. 
M'William, Rev. J.. 6 Dalhousie Place. 
MacGavin, Mrs, 15 W. Grimsbv 
MacIIardv, Tames, 14 Hillend Road 
MacLeod," Isabella D., spinster, 45 Lord- 
Macara, Geo., china merchant, 34 Hays- 
well Road 
Macdonald, Agnes and Bella K., spinsters, 

31 Marketgate. 
Macdonald, Alexander, 41 W. Grimsby 
Macdonald, Ann. widow. 43 Wallace St. 
Macdonald, Chief Constable, Greenbank 
Macdonald, Christina, 5 Dishland St 
Macdonald, D. R., hatter and hosier, 

Dulwich, Arbirlot Road 
Macdonald, F. F., Cliff House. 
Macdonald, L. labourer, 60 Brechin Road. 
Macdonald, "John. 54 Cairnie Street 
Macdonald, William, 10 Maule Street 
Macdonald, William, 45 Leonard Street. 
Macdonald, William E., patternmaker, 29 

Glover Street. 
Macfarlane, Edward, 39 Lochland Street 
Macfarlane, James, 11 Abbot Street 
Macfarlane, Wm., 18 Cairnie Street 
Macgregor, Betsy, millworker, 10 St Vi- 
geans Road. 
Mack, Chas., labourer, 30 Ann Street 
Mackay, D., 69 Helen Street 
Mackay, D.. upholsterer, 39 W. Grimsby. 
Mackay. Jane and Margaret, spinsters, 32 

Addison Place. 
Mackav, Miss, 33 Sidney Street 
Mackav, Wm., 20 W. Marv Street 
Mackay, Wm., baker, 9 St Vigeans Road. 
Mackenzie, Donald, 5 West Abbey Street 
Mackenzie, Tames, 72 Keytie Street 
Mackenzie, James, 19 Commerce St. 
Mackenzie, James, residenter, 38 Lady- 
bridge Street 
Mackenzie, Mrs J. R., 1 Salisbury PL 
Mackenzie, Mrs Jane, 8 Bridge Street 

Mackenzie, Mrs Susan, 14 Millgate Ln. 
Mackie, G., lorryman, 44 St Mary St. 
Mackie, Mrs, 16 Maule Street 
Mackie, Mrs Mary, 9 Duke Street. 
Mackintosh, A., labourer, 19 Park Street 
Mackintosh, Agnes, 8 St Mary Street 
Mackintosh, Allen, 20 Kyd Street 
Mackintosh, Catherine, spinster, 55 Leo- 
nard Street. 
Mackintosh, David, 6 South Grimsby 
Mackintosh, Jas., solicitor, 2 Seaton Road. 
Mackintosh, Mrs M., 37 AVest Keptie St. 
Mackintosh, Rev. R. Smith. Keptie Road. 
Macklen, Hy., gardener. Cliff House. 
Maclean, T. R-, ironturner, 15 Bank St. 
Maclure, E., dver, 70 Helen Street 
Maclure, Edward, dyer, 70 Helen St. 
Maclure, J. F., dyer, 3 Fergus Square. 
Maclure, John, ironturner, 46 John Street. 
Maclure, Mrs E-, weaver, 38 Leonard St. 
Macmanus, William, 16 Smithy Croft 
Macmillan, J., ironworker, 20 Howard St. 
Macpherson, Edwin, bleacher, 43 LadyloaB, 
Macpherson, Jas., flaxdresser, Reform St. 
Macpherson, Mrs Isabella, 4 Leonard St 
Maequeen, James, labourer, 4 Guthrie Hill. 
Mailer, A., jun., builder, 28 Dalhousie PI 
Mailer. Alex., builder, 51 Rossie Street. 
Mailer, Elizabeth, widow, 62 Cairnie St. 
Main, James, 9 Millgate Loan 
Main, Robert, joiner, 17 Ann Street. 
Mair, James, traveller, 8 W. Keptie St 
Malcolm, D., fireman, 5 Kinnaird St. 
Malcolm, Jas., hotelkeeper, 38 Keptie St. 
Malcolm, John, flaxdresser, 23 Hay's Lane. 
Malcolm, Mary, spinster, 20 Maule St. 
Malcolm, Mrs M., widow, 13 Abbot St. 
Malcolmson. H., labourer, 15 Convent St. 
Maney. J. G., timekeeper, 7 Guthrie Port. 
Mangan, Mrs S., widow, 12 Anderson St. 
Mann, Alexander, ploughman, 8 Shore. 
Mann, Alex., labourer, 8 Stanley St. 
Mann, A. H., tailor's cutter, 23 Howard St. 
Mann, Charles, labourer, 3 Garden St. 
Mann, David, mason, 17 Fergus Square. 
Mann, James, mason, 16 Elliot Street. 
Mann, James, moulder, 9 George St. 
Mann, James, labourer, 77 Lochland St. 
Mann, Miss, 3 Shore 
Mann, Miss E., 15 West Mary Street 
Mann, Moffat, 3 St Vigeans Road 
Mann, Mrs, 30 Ogilvy Place 
Mann, Mrs Barbara, 10 Elliot Street. 
Mann, Mrs G., 3 Hillend Road 
Mann, Patrick, 21 Church Street 
Mann, Peter, 42 Rossie Street 
Mann, Thomas, coachman, 1 Church St. 
Mann, William, sl.iter, 20 Panmure St. 
Manson, Donald L., laundry proprietor, 

48 Nolt Loan Road 
Manzie, J. L., storekeeper, 39 Rossie St. 
Manzie, John, 23 Ernest Street 
Marco, G. de, 100 Keptie Street 
Marnie, And., gardener, 4 Stuart Street. 
Marnie, Stewart, moulder, 33 Sidney St 
Marr, Allan, lapper, 33 Kinnaird St. 
Marr, James, moulder, 15 Gravesend. 
Marr, James, tinsmith, 71 Ladyloan. 
Marr, Jane S., widow, 30 Hayswell Rd. 




Patronised by the Nobility. 

Telephone No. S4. Telegrams — :; White Hart." 


High Street, Arbroath. 

THIS Old-Established Hotel, unrivalled for Comfort, Excellent Cuisine, and 
Moderate Charges, in the most Central Business part of the Town, and 
adjacent to all the Banks and Public Buildings, has been entirely Re-Modelled 
and Re-Furnished. The Commercial and Coffee Rooms, Restaurant, and 
Dining-Rooms, are Fitted and Furnished in the Best Style, 

ALEXANDER SMITH keeps nothing but a very Superior Class of Spirits 

and Beers. The Hotel Cellars contain an Excellent Stock of 

Very Old and Superior Wines. 


Is very suitable for Balls, Marriages, and Supper Parties, and is Let on Very 
Moderate Terms. 

Alexander Smith, Proprietor. 



Alarr, John, 18 James Street 
Marr, Mrs G., 82 Cairnie Street 
Marr, William, 21 Millgate Loan 
Marr, Wm. C, labourer, 8 St Vigeans Rd. 
Marsella, Guiseppe, 11 Union Street 
Marsh, W., Olympia manager, Strachan St 
Marshall, D. B., shipmaster. 2 Salisbury PI 
Marshall, G.. vintner, Gayfield 
Marshall, John, currier, 26 Hamilton Gn. 
Marshall, Miss E., weaver, 39 Green St. 
Marshall, Mrs N., 24 Helen Street 
Marshall, W., foreman hackler, 16 John St 
Marshall, Wm., labourer, 9 Culloden Rd 
Martin, A., gardener, 26 Jamieson St. 
Martin, Charles, bleacher, 72 Howard St. 
Martin, Gilbert, upholsterer, 33 Leonard St. 
Martin, James, 3 St Vigeans Road. 
Martin, James, mason, 24 High Street. 
Martin, Jas., blacksmith, 3 W. Newgate. 
Martin, John, residenter, 7 Duke Street. 
Martin, John B., stationer, 2 Gowan St. 
Martin, Miss A., 16 Fergus Street 
Martin, Thos., tailor, 53 W. Abbey St. 
Martin, Thomas, 18 Cairnie Street 
Martin, Wm., grocer, 62 Fergus Square. 
Martin, Wm., janitor, Demondale 
Mason, T. L., residenter, Nolt Loan Rd. 
Mason, James, flaxdresser. 6 Smithy Croft. 
Mason, Peter, 7 Guthrie Port. 
Mason. W., carter, 5 Green Street 
Masson, Tohn W., 34 Keptie Street. 
Masson, W., 2 West Mary Street 
Mather, David, flaxdresser, 23 Duke St. 
Mather, John, gardener, 5 St Vigeans Rd. 
Mather, S. H., storekeeper, 19 Panmure St. 
Mathers, Alex., 18 Leonard Street 
Mathers. Ann Duke or, 59 High Street 
Mathers, Charles, painter, 42 Keptie St. 
Mathers, T.. lapper, 19 Kinnaird Street 
Mathers, John, painter, 3 Lochland St. 
Mathers, John, 37 High Street. 
Mathews, Misses, 32 Hillend Roafl 
Mathewson, Elizabeth, widow, 47 Dish- 
land Street. 
Mathewson, Isabella, widow, 19 East Ab- 
bey Street. 
Mathewson, J., lorryman, 8 Barbers Crott. 
Mathewson, Thos., labourer, 9 Convent St. 
Mathieson, Miss T-. laundress, 15 Hannah 

Matthew, A. L., bottler, 10 Helen St. 
Matthew, Agnes, spinster, 74 Brechin Rd. 
Matthew Albert, ironturner, 44 Brechin "Rd. 
Matthew, Annie, housekeeper, 3 Elliot St. 
Matthew, Charles, 22 Maule Street 
Matthew, D., millworker, 6 W. Mary St. 
Matthew, David, 64 Fergus Square 
Matthew, D. H., ironturner, 3 Bakers Wd. 
Matthew, D. S., mechanic, 64 Rossie St. 
Matthew, D. W., 7 W. Abbev Street 
Matthew, Elizabeth, widow, 14 Tohn St. 
Matthew, Geo., millworker, 12 Abbot St. 
Matthew, J. A., 13 Stuart Street 
Matthew, James. 18 Gowan Street 
Matthew, Mrs, 10-8 Hamilton Green 
Matthew, Mrs W., widow, Nolt Loan Rd. 
Matthew, B., bleacher, 38 St Vigeans Rd. 
Matthew, Robt., mechanic, 4 Park St. 
Matthew, Stephen, engineer's traveller, 29 
Hayswell Road. 

Matthew, William, foreman, 34 Ann St. 
Matthews, T. S., 18 Dalhousie Place 
Matthews, Miss M., weaver, 10 Helen St. 
Matthewson, Annie, 14 Commerce Street 
Matthewson, James, 36 Commerce Street 
Matthewson. Louise, 23 Brothock Bridge 
Matthewson, Mrs, 10 Abbey Path 
Matthewson. Robt., 25 Elliot Street 
Mauchline, John, moulder, 9 John St. 
Mavor, Allan, 2 Cairnie Place 
Mavor, Isa Grant, 46 Culloden Road 
Maxwell, Agnes, housekeeper, 56 Howard 

Maxwell, Euphemia, factory worker, 26 

Helen Street. 
Maxwell, Geo., seaman, 19 Fisheracre. 
Maxwell, Henry, flaxdresser, 20 Park St. 
Maxwell, Mary, 19 Cairnie Street. 
Maxwell, Miss Mary, dressmaker, 46 Ad- 
dison Place. 
Mayburgh, C. engine-fitter, 21 Guthrie Pt. 
Mearns, George, 41 Lochland Street 
Meek. A., cupola worker, 29 W. Mill Wy. 
Meek, Charles, 51 West Abbey Street 
Meek, David, moulder, 11 South St 
Meek, Miss, spinster, 51 Green Street 
Meek, Mrs A. M'A., 5 Ernest Street. 
Meek, Mrs James, 24 Sidney Street 
Meek, Mrs Jessie, 53 Green Street. 
Meekison, Mary, widow, 38 St Vigeans Rd. 
Meekison, Robt., painter, 19 Hav's Lane. 
Meekison, W. M., tailor, 34 Rossie St. 
Meffan, J. M., jeweller. 22 Nolt Loan Rd. 
Meikle, Mrs, Viewfield Road. 
Mel drum, G., 17 Fergus Street 
Meldrum, George, slater, 13 Fergus St, 
Melville, D., cabinetmaker, 175 High St. 
Melville, Mrs B., weaver, 50 Leonard St. 
Melville, Mrs M., widow, 20 Jamieson St. 
Menmuir, Mary, 65 Millgate Loan 
Menmuir, Mary A., 35 W. Mary Street 
Menmuir, Mrs Amy, 13 Rossie Street. 
Menzies, Alex., fruiterer, 50 Fergus Sq. 
Menzies, Mary, widow, 5 Dalhousie Place. 
Michie, J. M." B., billposter, 18 Church St. 
Michie, Miss E., weaver, 14 Church St. 
Middleton, A., cabinetmaker, 82 Market- 
Middleton, Ben, labourer, 37 Lindsay St 
Middleton, Chas., labourer, 6 Robert St. 
Middleton, Chas., 63 St Mary Street 
Middleton, Francis, 7 St Vigeans Road 
Middleton, G., flaxdresser, 18 Millgate Ln. 
Middleton, James, carter, 26 Helen Street. 
Middleton, Mary A., weaver, 7 Ogilvy PI. 
Middleton, Miss A., 14 Millgate Loan. 
Middleton, Misses, 13 Millgate 
Middleton, Mrs, 23 Gowan Street 
Middleton, Mrs Helen, 30 Maule St. 
Middleton, Robert, 3 Bog Lane. 
Middleton, W., cabinetmaker, 20 Addi- 
son Place 
Middleton, William, carter, 22 Ann St. 
Mileman, Rev. A. E., Daisy Cottage, 

Ernest Street 
Mill, Chas., labourer, 29 Fisheracre 
Mill. Chas. M., fitter, 57 Sidney Street. 
Mill, Duncan, flaxdresser, 13 Russell St. 
Mill, Geo., shoemaker, 31 St Mary Street. 
Mill, James, 13 Elliot Street 


Che Kiddies are Alwaps ftappp 

When you give them SWEETS from 

All the Best Makers are represented 
in our selection. 

Chocolates, Caramels, Toffees, &c. 
You needn't pay more than 6d per 
Quarter for the Best Chocolates — 
Freshly Made. Try them, and 
note their superiority. 

The Leading Brands of Cigarettes are Kept in Stock. 

Olympic* Shoeolate Store, 

Market Place, Arbroath. 


Joiners, Cartwrights, Van and Lorry Builders 
and Painters, 


Property Repairs carried out under Personal Supervision 
at Keenest Rates. Send Your Enquiries. 

Estimates Given for all proposed New and 
Reconstructional Work. 


Ernest Street, Arbroath. 



Mill, James, shoemaker, 39 Fisheracre. 

Mill, Jean, widow, 5 Anderson Street. 

Mill, Mary, millworker, 19 Church Street. 

Mill, Miss H. B., music teacher, 2 Hill 

Mill, Miss Jean, 20 Ogilvy Place 
Mill, Mrs, widow, 1 Abbot Street 
Mill, Mrs Betsy, widow, 2 Walker Place. 
Mill, Mrs Isabella, 35 Hayswell Road. 
Mill, Mrs Tohn, 22 Cairnie Street 
Mill, Mrs J., 12 Spink Street 
Mill, Mrs Margaret, 11 Panmure Street 
Mill, Mrs Marv Ann, 15 Russell Street 
Mill, Mrs Marv A.. 49 Rossie Street 
Millar, Agnes, "2 Bakers Wynd 
Millar, Ann, 32 Howard Street 
Millar, David, 46 Guthrie Port. 
Millar, George 15 K-eptie Street 
Millar, George, tailor, 7 James Street. 
Millar, H. S., turner, 38 Kinnaird St. 
Millar, Jas., cleans, dept., 3 Elliot St. 
Millar, James, baker, 16 Jamieson St. 
Millar, James, clerk, 17 Ogilvy Place 
Millar, Jane S., widow, 10 Millgate Ln. 
Millar, John, blacksmith, 9 Palmer St. 
Millar, Louise T-, spinster, 28 Sidney St. 
Millar, Miss, 3£ Glover Street 
Millar, Mrs Helen, 44 Addison Place. 
Millar, Mrs Jessie, 204 High Street. 
Millar, Mrs M., residenter, Strachan St. 
Millar, Mrs T., widow, 1 Green Street. 
Millar, Peter, 2 West Keptie Street 
Millar, Rev. E. W., The Rectory, Pon- 

derlaw Street 
Millar, T., warehouseman, 36 Millgate Ln. 
Millar, T., gardener, 13 Colvill Place. 
Millar, W. F., shoemaker, 56a High St. 
Millar, William. 6 James Street 
Miller, Alex., shoemaker, 8 Carnegie St. 
Miller, Isabella, 3 Culloden Terrace 
Miller, Mrs, 53 Rossie Street 
Miller, Mrs, widow, 9 Anderson Street 
Miller, William, 6 James Street 
Miller, Wm., fitter, 38 Howard St. 
Milligan, J., draper, 11 Victoria Street. 
Milligan, Robt., draper, 6 Princes 5t. 
Mills, Alexander, gardener, 16 Kvd St. 
Mills, Richard, 12 Russell Street. 
Miln. Helen, spinster, 18 Addison Place. 
Miln, Miss T ean, V.C Ogilvy Place 
Milne, Adam, 9 Fisheracre. 
Milne, A., flaxdresser, 12 Bakers Wynd. 
Milne, A., electrical engineer, 20 Park St. 
Milne, Alex., labourer, 12 Gowan Street. 
Milne, Alex., residenter, 10 Hannah St. 
Milne, Annie, residenter, 9 West Mary St. 
Milne, Charles, carter, 9 Leonard Street. 
Milne, Charles, tenter, 35 Kinnaird St. 
Milne, Charles, residenter, 7 Hay's Lane. 
Milne, Charles, residenter, Keptie Road. 
Milne, Charles, 11 St Vigeans Road 
Milne, Chas., shoemaker, 69 Sidney St. 
Milne, David, shoemaker, 15 Ponderlaw St. 
Milne, David, shoemaker, 28 Green St. 
Milne, David, labourer, 53 Millgate Ln. 
Milne, Edward, boot finisher, Guthrie Pt 
Milne, Elizabeth B., 50 Leonard Street 
Milne, Geo., labourer, 41 Dishland St 
Milne, Geo. S., mechanic, 55 Helen St 
Milne, George, draper, 3 Hill Road. 

Milne, George. 22 Glover Street 
Milne, James, flaxdresser. 12 Ann Street 
Milne, Isaac, moulder, 24 Howard Street 
Milne, Isabella, weaver, 10 Union st'^it. 
Milne, Jane, widow, 15 Green Street 
Milne, John, machineman, 24 Glover St. 
Milne, John, 9£ Applegate. 
Milne, John, 21 Cairnie Street 
Milne, John, surfaceman, 12 Spink St. 
Milne, John, patternmaker, 21 Cairnie St 
Milne, Lily, spinner, 53 Millgate Loan 
Milne, Mary, millworker, 33 E. Mill Wy 
Milne, Miss M., photographer, 29 Hamil- 
ton Green. 
Milne, Mrs Christina, 30 Kyd Street. 
Milne, Mrs D., 39 Green Street 
Milne, Mrs Eliz., 43 Lordburn 
Milne, Mrs James, 27 St Mary St 
Milne, Mrs Jessie, 53 Barngreen. 
Milne, Mrs Jessie Air, 9 W. Keptie St 
Milne, Mrs M., laundry worker, 13 Duke St 

I Milne. Mrs R. W., widow, 10 Wallace St. 
Milne, T. B.. ironturner, 25 W. Mill Wy. 
Milne, Wm., soldier, 57 Barngreen. 

! Milne, W., factory worker, 11 W. Mary St. 
Milne, William, moulder, 169 High St. 
Milne, William, carter, 36 Ann Street. 
Milne, Wm., patternmaker, 4 Stanley St 
Milne, W. E., 31 Guthrie Hill 
Milne, William L., 62 Brechin Road. 
Milne, Wm. W.„ baker, 17 W. Mary St. 
Minchella, Guiseppe, 11 Union St W 
Mitchell, Agnes, 40 Green Street 
Mitchell, Alexander, tailor, 25 John St. 
Mitchell, Alexander, baker, 1 Elliot St. 
Mitchell, C, engine-driver, 12 Barngreen. 
Mitchell, C., marine engineer, Strachan St. 
Mitchell, C, labourer, 32 St Vigeans Rd. 
Mitchell, Charles, grocer, 31 Cairnie St 
Mitchell, Chas., mill foreman, 19 Bank St. 
Mitchell, D., currier, 18 West Abbey St. 
Mitchell, D., 20 Helen Street 
Mitchell, D., 1 Elliot Street 
Mitchell, D. M., Demondale 
Mitchell, D. M., carter, 24 Robert Street. 
Mitchell, David, porter, 248 High Street. 
Mitchell, Dun., carter, 18 Millgate Ln. 
Mitchell, Edward, mechanic, 23 Gowan St. 
Mitchell, Fred., engineer, 6 Carnegie St. 
Mitchell, Frederick, labourer, 4 Reform St. 
Mitchell, G. S., engineer, 92 Helen Street 
Mitchell, Geo., 10 Garden Street 
Mitchell, I., millworker, 6 St Vigeans Rd. 
Mitchell, James, lapper, 11 Jamieson St. 
Mitchell, James, 41 West Grimsby 
Mitchell, James. 24 Hamilton Green 
Mitchell, Jas., flaxdresser, 18 Dishland St. 
Mitchell, John, flaxdresser, 7 Fergus St. 
Mitchell, Miss, 11 Park Street 
Mitchell, Miss A., residenter, 24 Victoria 

Mitchell, Mrs Agnes, 64 Guthrie Port. 
Mitchell, Mrs Alice, 17 Jamieson St. 
Mitchell, Mrs E. J.. 18 Brechin Road. 
Mitchell, Mrs T-. widow, 21 Carnegie St. 
Mitchell, Mrs Marv, 27 Panmure Street 
Mitchell, Mrs Sarah, 8 Culloden Terrace 
Mitchell, Mrs W., 20 Robert Street 
Mitchell, R., cycle agent, 44 Hamilton Gn. 





You can now Light your House by Electricity with a 
First - Class Plant at a Really Low Price. The 

Armstrong Whitworth 

Electric Lighting Set as illustrated above is Cheap 
and really Reliable. We can give you Expert Advice. 

Contractors for Complete Electric Lighting, Heating, 
Power, Telephone, and Bell Installations. 


Electrical, Mechanical, and Motor Engineer, 

3-5 Gowan Street, Arbroath. 



Mitchell, Robert, 23 Old Shore Head 

Mitchell, Thomas M'W., commercial tra- 
veller, Caiiilie Road. 

Mitchell, Thos., lathsplitter, 14 Glover St. 

Mitchell, W., blacksmith, 4 Ponderlaw L. 

Mitchell, W., tenter, 22 Brechin Road 

Mitchell, Win., moulder, 14 Leonard St. 

Mitchell, Wm, slater, 30 West Keptie St. 

Moffat, Charles, 24 Helen Street 

Moffat, J., town's missionary, 19 Howard St. 

Moffat, Joseph, umbrella maker, 22 Dal- 
housie Place. 

Moffat, Mrs M., millworker, 21 Rossie St. 

Moir, David, 23 Millgate Loan 

Moir, Ed., 64 Helen Street 

Moir, Edward, grieve. Rosefield 

Moir, James, residenter, 17 Duke St. 

Moir, James, traveller, 2 Queen Street. 

Moir, Mrs Charlotte, 18 Colvill Place 

Moir, Mrs George, 11 St Vigeans Road. 

Moir, Wm., fishdealer, 7 Applegate. 

Mollison, C, ironmonger, 29 E. Abbey St. 

Mollison, Helen, widow, 4 Abbot Street. 

Mollison, James, labourer, 3 Maule St. 

Mollison, John, vanman, b Abbot Street. 

Mollison, Margaret, spinster, 28 Ernest St. 

Mollison, Miss Isabella, 4o Elliot Street 

Mollison, Misses Maggie, Susan, and Liz- 
zie, Waverley, Temperance Hotel 

Mollison, Mrs M., widow, 11 Bank St. 

Molteni, Louis, 30 Millgate Loan 

Molteni, Margaret, 53 Kinnaird St 

Moncur, Mrs J. C, widow, 70 Nolt Loan 

Monro, Andrew, irondresser, 42 Applegate. 

Monro, Charles, baker, 64 Helen Street. 

Monro, David, soldier, 43 John Street. 

Monro, James, baker, 11 Lillies Wynd. 

Monro, Martin, 60 Millgate Loan 

Monro, William, dealer, 2 Maule Street. 

Montgomery, J. R., 37 Ann Street 

Moodie, James, fitter, 8 Stanley Street 

Moodie, John, 21 Fergus Street 

Moodie, William, 5 Hill Road. 

Moonlight, A., turner, 65 Marketgate 

Moonlight, C. W., ladies' tailor, 93 Kep- 
tie Street 

Moonlight, Jas., contractor, 55 W. Grimsby 

Moore, Alex., fitter, 24 Helen Street 

Moore, Alex. P., 3 Shore 

Moore, Charles, butcher, 62, Keptie St. 

Moore, D., residenter, 12 Howard Street 

Moore, George, labourer, 7 Lochland St. 

Moore, J., 24 Helen Street 

Moore, James, 19 Millgate Loan 

Moore, John, moulder, 67 Lochland St. 

Moore, John, irondresser, 13 Leonard St. 

Moore, Robert, residenter, 7 Bridge St. 

Moore, S., butcher. 67 Millgate Loan 

Moore, Samuel, Hannah Street 

Moran, Mrs Jane, 35 North Port. 

More, Edward, 19 Hav's Lane 

More, Mrs Mary A., 19 W. Grimsby 

Morgan, J., licensed grocer, 27 Lillies Wv. 

Morran, Jame«. bleacher. 1 Murray PI. 

Morris, Mrs, 56 Marketgate 

Morris, Robert, labourer, 20 Smithy Croft 

Morris, Thos., bleacher, 72 Lochland St. 

Morris, Wm., retired shipmaster, 45 Dish- 
lanJ Street. 

Morrison, Adam, tailor, 3j Fergus St. 
Morrison, Andrew, surfaceman, 6 Hope St. 
Morrison, Archibald, moulder, 25 John St. 
Morrison, Henrietta E., 34 Glover St. 
Morrison, Geo., blacksmith, 31 Abbot St. 
Morrison. Geo., clicker, 15 Dishland St. 
Morrison, Helen, spinster, 12 Abbot St. 
Morrison, James, 16 Commerce Street 
Morrison, James, carter, 43 Ladyloan. 
Morrison,' Mrs Catherine, 5 Barbers Croft 
Morrison, W., plasterer, 27 Green Street 
Morrison, William L., 41 St Mary Street 
Morrison, Wm., bleacher, 43 Lochland St. 
Morton, Helen J., spinster, housekeeper, 

3 Dorward Place. 
Morton, Mary, 21 Duke Street. 
Morton, P. D., confectioner, 33 W. Grimsby 
Morton, Stewart, 43 Ladyloan 
Mostyn, Martin, 62 Helen Street. 
Moug, Robert, 18 W. Grimsby 
Mowat, Margaret, 37 Rossie Street 
Mowbray, G., surfaceman, 10 James St. 
Mowbrav, Mrs, widow, 8 Bank Street 
.Mowbray, .Airs Elizabeth, 27 Abbot St 
Moyes, Albert B., 43 Brechin Road 
Moyston, M., 10 Brechi.i Road 
Moyston, William, 22 Robert Street 
Mudie, A'ex., hairdresser, 5 Allan Street. 
Mudie, Alex., lapper, 11 West Newgate 
Mudie, Win., painter, 76 Marketgate. 
Mudie, Wm., 5 Hill Road 
Muir, Alex., 4 Applegate 
Muir, Andrew, 17 Park Street 
Muir, George, 2 Stuart Street 
Muir, William, painter, 30 Helen Street. 
Mundin, Margaret, 19 Elliot Street 
Mundin, Mrs W.. 10 Helen Street 
Munro, A., 33 Pannmre Street 
Munro, Alex., carter, 19 E. Mill Wynd 
Munro, David, 49 Wallace Street 
Munro, George, 1 George Street 
Munro, Henry, labourer, 9 Ogilvy Place 
Munro, T. B., engineer, 30 Kinnaird St. 
Munro. James, engineer, 7 James Street. 
Munro, James, mechanic, 45 Leonard St. 
Munro, James, 3 Lillies Wvnd. 
Munro, Misses A. W. & J. H., 10 Hill PI. 
Munro, Mrs J., millworker, 16 Smithy C. 
Munro, Mrs Mary Ann, millworker, 28 

East Mill Wynd. 
Munro, Thomas, 26 Wardmill Road 
Munro, Thos., moulder. 26 Wardmill Rd. 
Munro, William, 39 Sidney Street. 
Munro, William, 22 Smithv Croft 
Murrav, Hugh. 28 Hannah Street 
Murray, A. W., vintner, 11 E. Abbey St. 
Murray. Agnes, spinner. 31 Ponderlaw St. 
Murray, Alex., 11 Wallace Street 
Murray, David, joiner, 20 Rossie Street. 
Murray, David S., labourer, 21 Lordbum. 
Murray, Elizabeth, widow, 37 W. Newgate. 
Murray, Isabella, widow, 48 Loci. 'and St. 
Murray, J., shoemaker, 9 Wardmill Rd. 
Murray, j., salmon fisher.- 41 Dishland St 
Murray, James, lapper, 78 Helen Street 
Murray, James, 18 Seagate 
Murray, John C, 4 Brechin Road 
Murray, Miss E., 25 Pannmre Street 
Murray, Mrs, 10 Glover Street 
Murray, Mrs A., widow, 3 Lochland St 


Mrs J. H. BROWN, 

Tea, Wine and Spirit Merchant 


Finest Blends of Teas. Wines and Spirits. Malt Liquors. 
Groceries and Provisions Always Fresh. 

Archibald Donald, Sen., & Son 



Plain and Ornamental Plastering. Cement Work Done. 

Tile Laying. Pure Lime Water. Xelite Plaster Work. 

Mosaic Work Boiler Covering. 

Orders in Town and Country Promptly and Carefully attended to. 
Whiting and Lime Washing 




Every Requisite. :: Night Attendance. 
Charges Strictly Moderate. 

Murray, Mrs Annie, 26 Hannah Street. 
Murray, Mrs J., millworker, 9 Gowan St. 
Murray, Mrs M. t widow, 14 Rossie St. 
Murray, Rev. James, 34 Gowan Street. 
Murray, Robert, signalman, 60 Fergus Sq. 
Murra\', W., upholdsterer, 53 High St 
Murray, William, grocer, 25 Lillies Wy 
Murray Win, lapper, 6 Dishland Street 
Myles, A., 8 Fergus Square 
Myles, Albert, tailor, 13 Russell Street. 
Myles, Alex., cutter, 30 Hayswell Road 
Myles, C. Y., merchant tailor, Wellbank 
Myles, Ernest, clothier, 31 Brechin Road 
Myles, George, currier, 4 Queen Street. 
Myles, James, 30 Fergus Street 
Myles, Jas., moulder, 33 Lindsay Street 
Myles, Jas., butcher, 48 Cairnie Street 
Myles, Mrs Bella, 5 Fergus Square 
Myles, Mrs Craig, 58 Helen Street 
Myles, Robt., moulder, 30 Helen Street 
Myles, William, tailor, Bridge Street 
Myles, Wm. F., 8 Fergus Square 

Nairn, Agnes, spinster, 12 Academy St. 

Nairn, Alex., 20 St Mary Street 

Nairn, Alex., 29 Bank Street 

Nairn, David, mason, 39 Culloden Rd. 

Nairn, Geo., mechanic, 31 Culloden Road. 

Nairn, James, 22 Applegate 

Nairn, James, 22 Howard Street 

Nairn, James, 17 Palmer Street 

Nairn, James, 21 Rossie Street 

Nairn, Jas., engineer, 8 St Vigeans Rd. 

Nairn, Jas., cabinetmaker, 62 Gravesend. 

Nairn, Margaret, 35 Rossie Street. 

Nairn, Miss, 30 Green Street. 

Nairn, Mrs, 16 Ann Street 

Nairn, Mrs Jane, widow, 7 Stuart Street 

Nairn, Mrs Mary, 3 Shore 

Napier, Alex., lapper, 12 Hannah Street. 

Napier, Alex. T., grocer}* manager, 197 

High Street 
Napier, Andrew, moulder, 25 Elliot St. 
Napier, David E. A., linotype operator, 

35 John Street 
Napier, D. S., postman, 92 Helen Street 
Napier, Geo., 48 St Mary Street 
Napier, J., mill foreman, 52 St Vigeans 

Napier, James, lorryman, 46 Helen St. 
Napier, James, plumber, 34 Maule St. 
Napier, John G., 10 Colvill Place. 
Napier, Mrs, residenter, 11 Ernest St. 
Napier, Mrs George, 98 Keptie Street. 
Napier, Mrs Georgina, 30 E. Abbey St. 
Napier, Robert, flaxdresser, 98 Keptie St. 
Napier, Robina D., 13 Queen Street 
Napier, Samuel, tenter, 19 Elliot St. 
Naughton, John, 44 St Mary Street 
Naughton, Wm., tenter, 37 St Mary St. 
Naysmith, Mrs A., 156 High Street. 
Neave, Chas., storekeeper, 9 Union St. 
Neave, George, 25 John Street 
Neave, George, missionary, 28 Elliot St. 
Neave, George, clerk, 37 Howard Street 
Neave, Mrs M. J., 36 Lochland Street. 
Neave, William, flaxdresser, 8 Russell St. J 
Neil, James, Lochlands 

Neill, H. V., solicitor, Warslap. 
Neilson, D., bleacher, 3£ St Mary Street. 
Neilson, Geo., engineer, 15 Marketgate. 
Neilson, John, joiner, 8 Union Street W. 
Neilson, Mrs T-, millworker, 57 Leonard St 
Neilson, Robert, shoemaker, 7 James St. 
Neish, D., railway agent, 53 Dishland St. 
Neish, Mrs M., residenter, 53 Dishland St. 
Nelson, James, 27 Sidney Street 
Nelson, John, 19 Kyd Street 
Newman, Tas., shoemaker, 2 Wallace St. 
Nicol, Alex., labourer, 16 E. Mill Wynd. 
Nicol, Mrs Mary, 24 Lillies Wynd. 
Nicol, Mrs Robert, 25 E. Mill Wynd. 
Nicol, Robert, 23 Church Street 
Nicoll, Alex., 16 Smithy Croft 
Nicoll, Agnes, 28 Hamilton Green. 
Nicoll, Alex., shoemaker, 25 E. Mill Wynd. 
Nicoll, Alexander, 19 Bog Lane. 
Nicoll, Angus, 7 Wardmill Road 
Nicoll, Archibald, fitter, 7 James Street. 
Nicoll, Charles, 17 Catherine Street 
Nicoll, D. H.,! 16 Ernest Street 
Nicoll, David, moulder, 32 Fergus Sq. 
Nicoll, David, ship broker, 9 Ladyloan 
Nicoll, David, bleacher, 2 Reform Street. 
Nicoll, David, shoemaker, 48 Sidney St. 
Nicoll, David, slater, 24 Dishland St 
Nicoll, Ewen, labourer, 21 Park Street 
Nicoll, Harry, 21 Millgate Loan 
Nicoll, Isabella, widow, 4 Queen Street 
Nicoll, James, mechanic, 49 St Mary St. 
Nicoll, James, 39 Leonard Street. 
Nicoll, James, moulder, 9 St Vigeans Rd. 
Nicoll. Jas., shoemaker, 11 W. Mill Wynd. 
Nicoll, James, 63 Ladyloan 
Nicoll, James S., law clerk, 26 Sidney St 
Nicoll, J. A., blacksmith, 42 Culloden Rd. 
Nicoll, J. S., accountant, 30 Sidney St. 
Nicoll, John, mechanic, 3 Abbey Path. 
Nicoll, John, residenter, 33 Cairnie St. 
Nicoll, John M., lapper, 68 Cairnie St. 
Nicoll, Miss B., millworker, 86 Lochland St. 
Nicoll, Mrs, 9 Convent Street 
Nicoll, Mrs, factory worker, 3 Abbot St. 
Nicoll, Mrs, 44 Kinnaird Street 
Nicoll, Mrs A., weaver, 2 West Mill Wy 
Nicoll, Mrs A., 39 Ogilvy Place. 
Nicoll, Mrs A., weaver, 79 Guthrie Port. 
Nicoll, Mrs Annie, 33 Cairnie Street 
Nicoll, Mrs George, 39 Ladybridge St. 
Nicoll, Mrs Helen, 3 Viewfield Road. 
Nicoll, Mrs M., widow, 8 Hillend Road. 
Nicoll, Mrs Mary, 76 Cairnie Street 
Nicoll, Peter, baker, 37 Lordburn 
Nicoll, Rev. Peter, Seaton Road 
Nicoll, R., Cemetery Lodge, Brechin Rd 
Nicoll, Robert, labourer, 15 Fergus. St. 
Nicoll, Robert C, 5 Wallace Street 
Nicoll, Robt. W., engineer, 14 Kvd St. 
Nicoll, W., farmer, Rosebrae, Viewfield Rd 
Nicoll, W., mechanic 49 St Mary Street 
Nicoll, W.. ticket collector, 19 Ann St. 
Nicoll, W. L., licensed grocer, 20 Market- 
Nicoll. William, fireman, 2 Guthrie Hill. 
Nicoll, William, 15 Millgate Loan 
Nicoll, William, 23 Applegate 
Nicoll, William, 23 Park Street 
Niven, Alex., postman, 15 Ernest Street 



D. R. Macdonald 

Hatter, Hosier, Glover, and Tartan Specialist. 


Lichtie Collars - - 


Lichtie Gaps - -f 

Red Lichtie Shirts -i 


Lichtie Underclothing' 


All Goods of the "Red Lichtie" Brand can only be 

had from 










Niven, David, ironturner, 21 Culloden Rd. 
Niven, Margaret and Jemima, 6 Osborne 

Noble, Ed., shoemaker, 37 W. Newgate. 
Norrie, David, 42 John Street 
Norrie, Hercules, joiner, 16 John Street. 
Norrie, Mrs Christina, 45 John Street 
Nugent, Jos., machineman 17 Ogilvy PJ. 
Nugent, Mrs Margaret, 61 Sidney St. 

O'Brien, Mrs Annie, 27 Dishland Street. 
O'Brien, Pat., 6 Union Street 
O'Connor, Mary, weaver, 23 Hamilton Gn. 
O'Kane, Jane, weaver, 34 Hamilton Gn. 
O'Kane, Patrick, 55 Panmure Street 
O'Neil, James, M., Arrott Street 
Oakley, David, 41 East Abbey Street 
Oakley, Mrs George, 23 Park Street. 
Ogg, John L., lapper, 19 Millgate Loan. 
Ogg, Lawson, calendar worker, 25 Gowan 

Ogg, Mrs T. M., 6 Culloden Terrace. 
Ogg, Mrs M. A., 51 Wallace Street. 
Ogg, W., foreman lorryman, 13 Ann St. 
Ogg, Wm. S., residenter, 23 Hayswell Rd. 
Oliver, Adam, 12 Rosemount Road 
Ogilvie, Charlotte, widow, 169 High St. 
Ogilvie, David, 150 High Street 
Ogilvie, George, cooper, 33 Church St. 
Ogilvie, G. R., cashier, 10 Hillend Road. 
Ogilvie, James, hackle machine foreman, 

42 John Street. 
Ogilvie, Mary, 10 Ponderlaw Lane 
Ogilvie, Miss L., nurse, 253 High Street. 
Ogilvie, Wm., currier, 20 Leonard Street. 
Olsen, H. M., master mariner, 36 Rossie St. 
Oram, Mrs Agnes, 1 Shore. 
Ormond, Mrs, widow, 12 Anderson Street 
Ormond, Wm., bleacher, 30 Rossie Street. 
Orr, James, 60 Guthrie Port 
Orr, Mrs Annie, 25 Ladybridge Street. 
Osborne, James, 46 East Abbey Street 
Oswald, Jane, spinster, 74 Marketgate 
Ovens, Thos., painter, 30 Sidney Street 
Ovenstone, Philip, vintner, 13 Cairnie St 
Owen, E., factory worker, 9 Gowan St 
Owen, Thomas, 9 Gowan Street 

Palmer, David, 56 Brechin Road 
Palmer, John, 11 Convent Street 
Park, And., 7 Hayswell Road 
Park, George, 62 Guthrie Port 
Park, Mrs Mary Ann, 11 Park Street 
Parker, David, labourer, 7 Convent St. 
Parker, James, 69 Guthrie Port. 
Parry, G., hammerman, 25 Fergus Square. 
Parsons, T. W., music teacher, 54 Addison 
I Paterson, Alex., 98 Keptie Street 
Paterson, Alex., engineer, 50 Kinnaird St. 
Paterson, Alex., 4 Ann Street 
Paterson, Alex., painter, 75 Millgate Ln. 
Paterson, C, horseman, Demondale 
Paterson, D., railway porter, 68 Cairnie St. 
Paterson, George, foreman pavier, Dish- 
land Street. 
, Paterson, Geo., market gardener, Dish- 
land Hill 

Paterson, Geo., 27 Fergus Square 
Paterson, Geo., mechanic, 35 Carnegie St 
Paterson, G. S., engineer, 44 St Vigeans Rd. 
Paterson, Jas., mechanic, 26 Ladyloan. 
Paterson, James, mechanic, 52 Howard St. 
Paterson, Janet, spinster, 8 W. Newgate. 
Paterson, Margaret, 25 Rossie Street 
Paterson, Miss, 3 Abbey Path 
Paterson, Miss Mary, 14 Queen Street. 
Paterson, Mrs, widow, 2 Duke Street 
Paterson, Mrs E., 47 Culloden Road 
Paterson, Mrs G. W., 39 Ernest Street. 
Paterson, Mrs J . C, 2 Bakers Wynd 
Paterson, P., ironmoulder, 21 Lordburn 
Paterson, R. S., engineer, 4 Carnegie St. 
Paterson, Rev. T. U., 8 Dalhousie Place. 
Paterson, Robt., mechanic, 15 Fergus St. 
Paton, Alexander, postman, 38 Leonard St. 
Paton, Alexander, baker, 5 Hill Road. 
Paton, Charles, baker, 59 Ladybridge. 
Paton, D., potato agent, 59 Ladyloan. 
Paton, David, flaxdresser, 15 E. Mill Wy. 
Paton, David, coachman, i Allan St 
Paton, David, engineer, 82 Rossie Street. 
Prior, F. J., 54 Fergus Square 
Paton, Geo., labourer, 5g Fisheracre 
Paton, Geo. T., vanman, 37 Dishland St 
Paton, J., engine driver, 13 Russell St 
Paton, James, 61 Helen Street 
Paton, Margaret, widow, 190 High St. 
Paton, Miss Mary, 22 Cairnie Street. 
Paton, Mrs, 61 Ladyloan 
Paton, Mrs J., 2 Abbot Street 
Paton, Mrs Mar}', widow, 5 Duke Street. 
Patterson, Alex., ploughman, 4 Ann St. 
Patterson, Alex., labourer, 51 Ladyloan. 
Patterson, Alex., clerk of works, 27 Jam- 

ieson Street 
Patterson, Edwin, 5 Kinnaird Street 
Patterson, Edwin, chauffeur. Bridge St 
Patterson, George, engineer, 18 Ogilvy PI. 
Patterson, John, teacher, 37 Brechin Rd 
Patterson, Kenneth, assistant signal light- 
house keeper, Signal Tower 
Patterson, Miss, 35 West Newgate 
Patterson, Mrs M., 23 Lillics Wynd 
Patterson, Robert, 28 Fisheracre 
Patterson, William, 9 Fergus Street. 
Patterson, Wm., 34 Howard Street 
Pattison, David, labourer, 2 Maule St. 
Pattullo, A. B., cattle dealer, Salisbury PL 
Pattullo, David, ironmonger, 35 Howard St 
Pattullo, Tohn, 62 Helen Street. 
Pattullo, Mrs, 78 Helen Street 
Pattullo, Mrs, widow, 6 Rossie Street. 
Pattullo, Mrs A., millworker, 69 Helen St. 
Pattullo, R. M., flaxdresser, 17 Ernest St. 
Patullo. Wm., shoemaker. 32 Ernest St. 
Paul, Ralph, labourer, 33 Park Street. 
Payne, P. J., machineman, 29 Sidney St 
Peacock, Mrs J. H., 5 Albert Street. 
Pearson, Alexander, 49 Helen Street. 
Pearson, D. T., shoemaker, 23 Kyd St 
Pearson, Frank, tailor, 27 Howard Street. 
Pearson, James, grocer, 25 Spink Street. 
Pearson, J., cloth inspector, 2£ Russell St. 
Pearson, J., 20 Helen Street 
Pearson, John, tailor, 20 St Vigeans Rd. 
Pearson, Wm. J.., carter, 16 Millgate Ln. 



At THE BUFFET, 20 Mitigate, Arbroath 

You can have a Good Breakfast, Dinner, or Tea. Coffee, 
Cocoa, Hot Bovril, Hot Pies, Bridies, and Fancy Cakes. 
Hot Suppers Nightly. All kinds of Temperance Drinks. 

Always on hand, a Fine Selection of 

Chocolates, Confectionery, and Cigarettes. 

Smart Service. Goods of Finest Quality. 

MRS PATTERSON, Proprietrix. 

Anderson &• Hewit, 



F^» "* 71 #H 13l 1~»1 #^ Watchmaker 
JL/aVlU t^ll m^, an d Optician 

Presentation Goods— Tea Spoons, Jelly Spoons, Butter 
Knives, Knives and Forks — all in Neat Cases. All kinds of 
Watches, Clocks, and Jewellery personally Cleaned and 
Repaired. Spectacles and Eyeglasses to suit all Sights. 
Wedding, Keeper and Engagement Kings. Large Selection of 
Gold and Silver Brooches, Scarf Pins, Seals, &c. 


262 High Street, - Arbroath. 




Peat, Mrs Salvina, 51 St Mary Street. 

'enman, Mrs Mary, 20 Millgate 

Penny, Alexander, 6 Glover Street 

Penny, Wm.j barman, 8 Fergus Square. 

Pennycook, Robert, 43 Helen Street. 

'errie, Mrs, 41 John'Street 

'ert, Alex., fisherman, 5 High Street. 

'ert, Arthur, labourer, 10 West) Newgate 

'ert, Arthur, labourer, 6 Marketgate. 

'ert, D., 43 John Street 

'ert, James, 7 Panmure Street 

'ert, John, fisherman, 18 John Street. 

Pert, Mrs M., furniture dealer, 16 Ap- 

'ert, Mrs M., fisherwoman, 13 W. Newgate 

>ert, Mrs Margaret, 29 Lordburn. 

'ert, Mrs Sally, Old Shore Head 

'ert, Peter, 75 Millgate Loan. 

'ert, Robert, fisherman, 24 Seagate. 

'ert, William, labourer, 3 Church Street. 

'eter, D., machineman, 3 Lillies Wyud. 

'eter, George, grocer, 51 Leonard Street. 

'eter, Geo., machineman, 19 Hill Place. 

'eter, George, flax inspector, 16 Abbey St 

'eter, J., tailor and clothier, 9 Princes St. 

'eter, Jas. B. H., clerk, 78£ Keptie St. 

'eter, Mrs Jane, widow, 8 Fergus Sq. 

'eters, Betsy B., milliner, 271 High St. 

'eters, G., flax-inspector, 16-18 Abbey St. 

'eters, Mrs Ann, widow, 5 Princes St. 

'eters, Mrs Jane, 32 Rossie Street. 

'eters, Robt., shoemaker, 33 North Port. 

'etrie, Alex., mechanic, 43 St Mary St. 

'etrie, Alexander G., 11 Gravesend. 

'etrie, Alex., shoemaker, 15 Sidney St. 

■etrie, A. W., shoemaker, 10 Colvill PI. 

'etrie, Allan, baker, 19 Park Street. 

'etrie, Caroline, spinster, 19 Panmure St. 

'etrie, D. D., storekeeper. 264 Keptie St. 

'etrie, David, traveller, 226 High Street. 

'etrie, Geo., traveller, 226 High St. 

'etrie, George, lapper, 5 Jamieson St. 

'etrie, George, 14 Applegate 

'etrie, Helen, 25 Lochland Street. 

'etrie, Isabella G., 84 Lochland Street. 

'etrie, James, residenter, 30 Addison PI. 

'etrie, James, surfaceman, 15? West Port. 

'etrie, Jas. W., residenter, 1 Murray PI. 

'etrie, John, gardener, 20 Dishland St. 

'etiie John, labourer, 40 Cairnie Street. 

'etrie, John, factory worker, 22 Applegate 

'etrie, John W., grocer, 39 W. Newgate. 

'etrie Joseph, 21 Applegate 

'etrie. Miss, dressmaker, 28 Ann Street 

'etrie, Miss A. office cleaner, 59 Lady- 

Petrie, Mrs Agnes. D. H., widow, 60 St 

Vigeans Road. 
etrie, Mrs Alexander, 66 Howard St. 
etrie, Mrs Ann, 55 Dishland Street 
etrie, Mrs J., residenter, 62 St Mary St 

'etrie, Mrs Margaret, 94 Keptie Street. 

'etrie, Robina, spinster, 269 High Street. 

Petrie, Robt., yarn beamer, 14 Hannah St. 

'etrie, Sarah, 22 Brechin Road. 

'hillip, Alex., joiner, 14 Russell Street 

'hillip, Barbara, confectioner, 46 High St. 

Phillips, J., railway signal fitter, 38 John 

Phillips, Misa A., spinner, 31 E. Abbey St 

Phillips, Margaret, laundry worker, 2A 

Ann Street 
Philp, David, butcher, 49 Kinnaird St. 
Phimster, Charles, 21 St Mary Street. 
Phimister, John, 27 Dishland Street 
Phimister, Miss Isabella, 27 Fergus Sq. 
Phimister, Mrs C, 56 Marketgate. 
Piggot, J., irondresser, 9 Colvill Place 
Piggot, John, factory worker, 9 Gowan St. 
Piggot, Mrs I., 8 Leonard Street. 
Pirie, David., watchmaker, 234 High St 
Pirie, Gordon, gardener, 17 George St. 
Pirie, J., shoemaker, 7 Guthrie Port 
Pirie, James, tailor, 33 Howard St. 
Pirie, Mrs, 7 Guthrie Port 
Pope, A., 31 St Mary Street 
Porteous, A. W., confectioner, 164 High St, 
Porter, Charles, 2j Russell Street 
Potter, Geo., signalman, 24 Millgate Ln. 
Potter, James, residenter, 80 Rossie St. 
Potter, Mrs, 20 Hill Place. 
Potts, Mrs Jane, widow, 19 St Mary St. 
Powell, David, shunter, 27 Sidney Street 
Pringle, David, plumber, 53 Kinnaird St. 
Prinsrle, Mrs, 20 Ernest Street 
Proctor, Mrs, 269 High Street. 
Proctor, Mrs Jessie, 17 Lochland St. 
Proctor, W. J., labourer, 3 Barbers Croft. 
Prophet, Wm., schoolmaster, 265 High St 
Prowse, Alfred, seaman. 60 Marketgate 
Purdie, \V., insur supt., 8 Hayswell Rd 
Pye, James, labourer, 21 West Newgate. 
Pyott, G., licensed grocer, 51 Lochland St. 
Pyott, Geo., jun., newsagent, 256 High St. 
Pyott, Miss Alice, factory worker, 39 

West Newgate 
Pyott, Wm., retired grocer, Strachan St. 
Pyott, Mrs A. O. S., licensed grocer, 8 

Culloden Terrace. 

Quinn, Mrs, 15 Dishland Street 

Rae, Alexander, 17 Elliot Street 
Rae, Alex. S., vintner, 10 Panmure St. 
Rae, Arthur, moulder, 80 Brechin Road. 
Rae, Charles, 31 Howard Street. 
Rae, David, bleacher, 48 Sidney Street. 
Rae, David, turner, 1 Hill Road. 
Rae, George, postman, 64 Marketgate. 
Rae, J., railway servant,, 35 Fergus Sq. 
Rae, John, carter, 23 Ladyloan. 
Rae, John, bleacher, 55 Helen Street. 
Rae, Mrs Mary, 43 St Mary St. 
Rae, Robert, general carrier, 9 Bog Lane. 
Rae, Robert, painter, 7 Hill Road. 
Rae, William, 30 Barngreen 
Rae, William, labourer, 12 Church Street. 
Rae, Wm., mill overseer, 29 Jamieson St 
Raffan, John, 7 Abbot Street 
Rait, Ellen, spinster, 20 Colvill Place. 
Raitt, Annie P., spinster, 11 Panmure St. 
Raitt, G. S. K., shoemaker, 13 Panmure St. 
Raitt, James, engineer, 20 W. Abbey St. 
Raitt, James, 42 Dishland Street 
Raitt, Mrs Ann, widow, 61 Ladyloan. 
Raitt. Samuel B., carter, 55 Wallace St. 
Ramsay, Ann B., factory worker, 9 Con- 
vent Street. 


Telephone No. 3 Telegraph — Stewart, Butcher, Arbroath 


WE are desirous of doing business with yon. It will be to our 
mutual advantage. Why ? We supply you with the 
FINEST OF HOME-FED MEATS, of which we keep a 
Large Selection, at the Most Reasonable Price Possible. We 
deliver to your door by Motor Van or Cycle Messengers. Our 
service is on the most Up-to date Methods. Thus trading with us 
is to your advantage, and your patronage is to our advantage. 
That's why ! Begin To-Day. Your Order will be esteemed and 
carefully attended to by 

George Stewart, 



>-*»«£ fc: 


| Ladies' and Gent's Taitors. j 

i — • — | 


| D. Thornton & Son j 

j Drapers and Milliners, i 

| Have that Envied Distinction which puts them in the ? 

( Forefront. ' 

Fine Selection of the Latest Ready-to-Wear Suits and j 
2 Costumes at Moderate Prices. 


261-HIGH STREET -261 




Ramsay, Annie, factory worker, 64 St Mary 

Ramsav, Betsy S., 190 High Street 
Ramsav. Charles, 9 Sidney Street 
Ramsav, Crawford, 2 West Keptie St. 
Ramsav, D., merchant tailor, 6 Addison PI 
Ramsav, David, flaxdresser, 21 Sidney St. 
Ramsav, David, 17 Panmure Street 
Ramsav, Elizabeth, spinster, 269 High St. 
Ramsav, Geo., 43 Panmure Street 
Ramsav. T., reed-maker, 36 Millgate Ln. 
Ramsav, T- A., postman. 10 James Street 
Ramsav, Tas., bleacher, 24 St Vigeans Rd. 
Ramsay, James W. M., tailor, 98 High St 
Ramsav, Jean, 20 Barngreen 
Ramsav, Marjory, 146 High Street 
Ramsav, Marv, 15 Leonard Street 
Ramsav, Miss, 184 High Street 
Ramsay, Miss Betsy S., tobacconist, 192 

High Street. 
Ramsav, Miss Marjory, 7 Dalhousie PI. 
Ramsav, Mrs, 57 Leonard Street 
Ramsav, Mrs A., 29 Jamieson Street 
Ramsay, Mrs Agnes, 60 Marketgate. 
Ramsay, R. D., bank clerk, 190 High St. 
Ramsay, W.,, salmonfisher, 33 Ogilvy PI. 
Ramsay, Wm., overseer, 36 Hayswell Rd. 
Ramsay, Wm., bleacher, 36 Brechin Rd. 
Ramsav W. C, foreman blacksmith, .4 

Culloden Road. 
Ramsay, W. J., boot clicker, 2 South St. 
Rathjen, S. W., ironmonger, 240 High St. 
Rattray, A., master mariner, 35 St Mary St. 

Rattrav, James H., insurance agent, 14 

Elliot Street. 
Rattray T.. railwayman, 5 Brothock Bdge. 
Rattrav, William, 38 Leonard Street 

Ravne," D., residenter, 11 W. Abbey St. 

Rea, Robert, carrier, 9 Bog Lane 
Redford, T-. 16 Brechin Road 

Redford Mrs J., widow, 32 Fergus Square. 

Rees, Maurice, shoemaker, 39 E. Abbey St. 

Reid, Alex., caretaker, 33 W. Keptie St. 

Reid, Alex., 17 Panmure Street 

Reid, Alexander, 8 Shore 
• Reid, Ann, 27 Fergus Street. 

Reid, Charles, moulder, 23 Kinnaird St. 

Reid, David, Cairnie Loan 

Reid, D. H., tobacconist, 11 Addison PI. 

Reid, Euphemia B.. 20 Hayswell Road. 

Reid, Geo. K., residenter, 216 High St. 

Reid, George, 50 St Vigeans Road. 

Reid, H., mason's labourer, 20 Lochland St 

Reid, H. K., reporter, 62 Fergus Square 

Reid, Henrv, mechanic, 27 Ernest St 

Reid, J., electrician, 43 Kinnaird St 

Reid, T. P., machineman, 21 Lordburn. 

Reid, "Tames, 62 St Vigeans Road 

Reid, James, residenter, 20 Ogilvy Place. 

Reid, James, carter, 10 Ponderlaw Lane 

Reid, James, Lochlands 

Reid, Tas.. carter, 10 Ponderlaw Lane. 

Reid, jemima, teacher, 46 John Street. 

Reid, Lewis, shoemaker, 2 Reform St. 

Reid, Lizzie, 22 Dishland Street. 

Reid, Miss, 3 Abbev Path 

Reid, Mrs, housekeeper, 31 Panmure St 

Reid, Mrs Agnes, 85 Millgate Loan 

Reid, Mrs Alex., 32 Jemieson Street 

Reid, Mrs Emma, 2 Springfield Terrace 
Reid, Mrs Isabella J., 27 Hannah St. 
Reid, Mrs Jane, widow, 17 Rossie St. 
Reid, Robert, carter, 21 Kyd Street. 
Reid Robt., furnaccman, 11 Kyd St. 
Reid, T., irondresser, 18 Lillie's Wynd 
Reid, William, 41 Ponderlaw Street. 
Reid, William, 39 Elliot Street 
Reid, Wm., carter, 63 Millgate Loan. 
Reid, Wm., grocer, 25 Kinnaird Street 
Reid, Wm., labourer, 16 Guthrie Port 
Reilly, Mrs, East Newgate. 
Reith, D. A., 26 Robert Street 
Remati, P., 5 Dishland Street 
Rennie, A., fish merchant, 50£ High St. 
Rennie, Agnes, spinster, 31 Guthrie Hill. 
Rennie, Andrew, 17 West Abbey Street. 

Rennie, Annie, residenter, 1 St Mary St. 
Rennie, Barbara D., Hillhead 
Rennie, Charles, 18 Smithy Croft 
Rennie, David, batcher, 31 Fergus St 

Rennie, David, carter, 3 St Mary St. 

Rennie, George, labourer, 43 St Mary St. 
Rennie, James, engineer, 80 St Vigeans Rd. 
Rennie, James, labourer, 47 Sidney Street 

Rennie, "Margaret, 45 Hill Street 

Rennie, Marv. 5 Anderson Street. 
Rennie, Mrs, 20 Fergus Street 

Rennie, Mrs Agnes, 18 Jamieson Street. 

Rennie, Stewart C, 11 Elliot Street 

Rennie, Mrs Catherine, 1 Long Row 

Rennie, W., enginefitter, 1 Elliot Place 

Rennie, Wm., grocer, 5 Guthrie Port 

Rennie, Wm., licensed grocer, 13 Guth- 
rie Port. 

Rennie, William J., 15 Hayswell Road. 

Renny, Alex., Strachan Street 

Renny, Annie M., spinster, Keptie Road. 

Renny, Arthur, blacksmith, 15 Fisheracre. 

Renny, Helen, widow, 8 James Street. 

Renny, Jas. B., engineer, 4 Lochland St. 

Renny, Margaret F., spinster, 46 Rossie St. 

Renshaw, Ed. B., lorryman, 45 Hill St. 

Rew, James, firewood dealer, 73 Keptie St. 

Richard, T., flax-inspector, 13 Convent St. 

Richards, Mrs, 32 East Mill Wynd 

Richards, Miss Sarah, factory worker, 33 
Panmure Street. 

Richardson, Geo., engineer, Ernest St. 

Richardson, W., residenter, 30 Jamieson St 

Richmond, Mary, 25 Hannah Street. 

Riddle, James, beamer, 39 Brechin Road 

Riddle, Mrs, 37 Ernest Street 

Rigg, Mrs, 80 Cairnie Terrace 

Riley, Thomas, mechanic, 30 Elliot St. 

Rintoul, Alex., lapper, 8 Hume Street. 

Rintoul, Tohn B., plumber, 42 Sidney St. 

Rintoul, Mrs A., millworker, 30 Maule St. 

Ritchie, A., tailor's cutter, 3 W. Mary St. 

Ritchie, Alex., plumber, 51 Dishland St. 

Ritchie, Alex., ironturner, 68 Brechin Rd. 

Ritchie,, Alex., vanman, 14 St Vigeans Rd 

Ritchie, Alexander, 36 Kinnaird St. 

Ritchie, Andrew, 14 Leonard Street. 

Ritchie, David, baker, 39 Barngreen. 

Ritchie, David, Havshead Road. 
Ritchie, David, 40 St Mary Street. 

Ritchie, Ed., beamer, 9 Cross Mill Wynd. 

Ritchie, Edward J., solicitor, 37 Hill St. 



Joseph Moffat, 


32 Keptie Street, - Arbroath 

We Specialise . . 



See Windows. 

Inspection Invited. 

We have 30 Years' Reputation behind us 


Quality, Value, and Service 

Joseph Moffat, 







e, Geo., labourer. 12 Bridge St. 

Geo., moulder, 41 Culloden Rd. 

George, 33 Park Street 

George, 44 Brechin Road 

Helen, 37 Lordburn 
_, Henry, millworker, 36 Ann St. 
e, J., sen., flaxdresser, 10 Robert St. 
.e, J., reeling overseer, 24 Barngreen. 
e, J., ironmoulder, 7 St Vigeans Rd. 
e, James, 43 Leonard Street 
e, James, 9 Anderson Street 

James, asphalte worker, 15 Old 

Shore Head. 
Ritchie, James, 30 Fergus Square 
Ritchie, Jemima, 69 Guthrie Port 
Ritchie, John, shoemaker, 76 Brechin Rd. 
Ritchie, John, 15 Sidney Street 
Ritchie, John, hairdresser, 27 Cairnie St. 
Ritchie, John, shoemaker, 3£ St Mary St. 
Ritchie, John, fireman, 30 Ann Street. 
Ritchie, John, hairdresser, 27 Cairnie St 
Ritchie, John, 44^ Cairnie Street 
Ritchie, Maggie, 12 Spink Street 
Ritchie, Misses Agnes J. and Editha, 

Ritchie, Misses I. & B., 27 Howard St 
Ritchie, Mrs, 54 Helen Street 
Ritchie, Mrs, 30 Kyd Street 
Ritchie, Mrs, 35 Ladyloan. 
Ritchie, Mrs E., residenter, 9 Ernest St. 
Ritchie, Mrs Helen, 64 Cairnie Street. 
Ritchie, Mrs Isabella, 38 Helen Street. 
Ritchie, Mrs J., 30 Kyd Street 
Ritchie, Mrs Tean, 51 Sidney Street. 
Ritchie, Mrs John B., 34 Howard Street 
Ritchie, Mrs M. A., widow, 62 Nolt Loan 

Robb, A 


Mrs Margaret, 17 Jamieson St 
Mrs Mary Ann, 62 Brechin Rd. 
R., millworker, 31 Fergus Square. 
Robt., millworker. 18 Hannah St. 
Robert/ 13 Russell Street 
W., shipmaster, 37 Cairnie St 
Walter, 259 High Street 
Wm. H. B., slater, 20 Abbot St. 
William, labourer, 10 Robert St. 
Wm., labourer, 51 St Mary St. 
Mary Ann, 57 Barngreen 
„.. cattle-feeder, 12 Cross Mill Wy. 
Robb, Alex., tailor's cutter, 66 Fergus Sq. 
Robb, Chas.. insur. agent, 50 Howard St. 
Robb, David, hairdresser, 52 Marketgate. 
Robb, David, dealer, Millgate Loan 
Robb, Edmund, printer. 207£ High St. 
Robb, F., 5 Old Shore Head 
Robb, Frank, 7 Applegate 
Robb, Tames, engineer, 8 West Mary St. 
Robb, James, labourer, 6 Guthrie Hill 
Robb, John, 20 Gravesend 
Robb, John, 17 Ladybridge Street 
Robb, John, shoemaker, 50 Leonard St. 
Robb, John R., moulder, 11 John Street. 
Robb, John, labourer, 17 Union Street E 
Robb, Miss M. W., weaver, 14 Abbot St. 
Robb, Mrs, 53 West Abbey Street 
Robb, Mrs Agnes, 12 Russell Street 
Robb, Mrs Agnes, widow, 2 Maule St. 
Robb, Mrs Jane, 21 Wardmill Road 
Robb, Mrs Mary, 7 West Newgate. 

Robb, Mrs Williamina, 9 Glover Street 

Robb, Pat. W. A. tailor^ 58 Cairnie St. 

Robb, Susan, widow, 17 Panmure Street. 

Robb, Thos., dealer, Millgate Loan 

Robb, William, lorryman, 13 Wallace St. 

Robbie, Alex., shoemaker, 60 Sidney St. 

Robbie, Chas., engineer, 16 Lochland St. 

Robbie, Daniel, moulder, 5 Ladyloan 

Robbie, E. C, mechanic, 4 Howard St. 

Robbie, George, labourer, 15 Convent St 

Robbie, J., 10 James Street 

Robbie, James, mill overseer, 13 Fisheracre. 

Robbie, Mary, grocer, 89 Keptie Street 

Robbie, Miss" Mary, 13 Shore. 

Robbie, Mrs Annie C, 8 Shore. 

Robbie, Mrs Annie, 44 Rossie Street 

Robbie, Mrs Jeanie, 61 Ladyloan 

Robbie, Robt., blacksmith, 11 Fisheracre 

Robbie, Wm., fireman, 37 Ogilvy Place. 

Roberts, Charles, vanman, 35 Spink St. 

Roberts, Charles, traveller, 29 High St. 

Roberts, David, residenter, 13 Ogilvy PI. 

Roberts, David, flaxdresser, 11^ Ponder- 
law Street. 

Roberts, Edwin, 47 Green Street 

Roberts, Fred., baker, 23 Gowan Street 

Roberts, J., machineman, 45 Kinnaird St. 

Roberts, J., Newbigging, Arbirlot Road 

Roberts, Jas., labourer, 26 Ladybridge St. 

Roberts, Mrs, 1 Hill Road 

Roberts, Mrs A., charwoman, 12 Maule St. 

Roberts, Mrs Ann, 18 Fergus Square 

Roberts, Mrs F., 45 Millgate Ln. 

Roberts, Mrs Margaret, 18 Fergus Square. 

Roberts, Wm. A., joiner, 44 Guthrie Pt. 

Robertson, Alex., carpenter. 9 Ann Street. 

Robertson, Alexander, 37 Green Street. 

Robertson, A M., aerated water manufac- 
turer, 14 Rosemount Road. 

Robertson, Alfred, moulder, 5 Rossie St. 

Robertson, Charles, 37 Lordburn. 

Robertson, Chas., surfaceman, 22 Ann St. 

Robertson, D. M., labourer, 22 Gowan St. 

Robertson, David, 26 St Vigeans Road. 

Robertson, Eliz., widow, 10 Jamieson St. 

Robertson, Fred., 41 Elliot Street. 

Robertson, G., cabinetmaker, 18 Gowan St. 

Robertson, G., ticket examiner, 3 Elliot St. 

Robertson,' G. S., teacher, 10 Culloden Ter 

Robertson, Geo., shoemaker, 26 Ladyloan. 

Robertson H. A., joiner, 24A Millgate. 

Robertson, Helen, millworker, 12 Spink St. 

Robertson, Helen C, 80 St Vigeans Rd. 

Robertson, Henrv. labourer, 8 Stanley St. 

Robertson, Isabella, 82 High Street 

Robertson, J., labourer, 32 East Mill Wy 

Robertson, J., currier, 10 Hannah St. 

Robertson, t., timekeeper, 70 Brechin Rd. 

Robertson, J., mechanic. 7 Reform St. 

Robertson, T C., clerk, 54 Millgate Loan. 

Robertson, J. L., 39 Lochland Street 

Robertson, James, 6 West Mary Street 

Robertson, James, labourer, 16 Fergus St. 

Robertson, James, ironturner, 4 George St. 

Robertson, James, supt.. East Muirland. 

Robertson, James, cleansing department, 
71 Lochland Street. 

Robertson, James, joiner, Keptie Road 

Robertson, James, 42 Sidney Street 



Furniture Manufacturers, 
Upholsterers, Funeral 
Undertakers, Carpet and 
Linoleum Factors, Furni- 
ture Removers & Storers. 


Hair, Wool, Fibre and Spring 

Venetian, Duchesse, 

Linen ancUother 


lOnly First-Class 

and Workmanship. 

6? PANMURE ST., Arbroath. 


Robertson, Jas., labourer, 47 W. Abbey St. 
Robertson, Jas., storekeeper, 1 Garden St 
Robertson, Jane, 37 Green Street 
Robertson, John, 1 Elliot Street 
Robertson, John, 50 Rossie Street. 
Robertson, John, 9 Fergus St. 
Robertson, John, chemist, 5 Queen Street. 
Robertson, John, carter, 5 Rossie St. 
Robertson, Kate, 21 Lindsay Street 
Robertson, Mary, 13 Ann Street 
Robertson, Mary, 50 Guthrie Port 
Robertson, Miss Christina, 54 Rossie St. 
Robertson, Miss I., spinner, 38 Helen St. 
Robertson, Miss Jane, 37 Green Street 
Robertson, Mrs Annie, 23 Gowan Street 
Robertson, Mrs Annie, 37 St Marv Street 
Robertson, Mrs H., widow. 12 Abbot St. 
Robertson, Mrs Isabella, 82 High Street. 
Robertson, Mrs J., widow, 24 Fergus St. 
Robertson, Mrs Jane, 7 St Vigeans Road. 
Robertson, Mrs M., millworker, 6 West 

Mary Street. 
Robertson, Mrs Mary, 7 Convent Street 
Robertson, Mrs S., 27 St Marv Street 
Robertson, Oswald, 30 St Mary Street 
Robertson, Sergt.-Maj. J., 38 Marketgate. 
Robertson, Thomas, 12 Elliot Street. 
Robertson, W., solicitor, Berea, Keptie Rd 
Robertson, W., watchman, 19 W. Mary St. 
Robertson, Win., salesman, 6 Kirk Square. 
Robertson, W. R., 13 Cairnie Street. 
Robinson, Joseph, 29 Guthrie Port 
Robinson, Mrs, 39 Dishland Street 
Robson, Wilson, labourer, 17 Park St. 
Rodger, David, bleacher, 23 Gowan St. 
Rodger, Helen, spinster, 36 Rossie Street. 
Rodger, T., f < ctorv worker, 13 Palmer St 
Rodger, John, 25 'Militate. 
Rodger, Miss Helen, 36 Rossie Street 
Rodger, Miss Isabella, 16 Colvill Place. 
Rodger, Mrs, widow. 23 Gowan Street 
Rodger, Mrs A., residenter, 1£ Fergus St. 
Rodger, Mrs Annie, 4 Princes St. 
Rodger, Mrs Elizabeth. Nolt Loan Rd. 
Rodger, Mrs Harriet, 88 Keptie Street 
Rodger, Wm., tailor, 3 Bakers Wynd 
Rodgers, John, 3 Hayswell Road. 
Rodgers, W., ironplater, 23 Ponderlaw St. 
Roebuck David, engineer, 40 Barngreen. 
Roebuck, Edward, 30 Hamilton Green 
Roebuck, Mrs Ann, 62 Brechin Road. 
Roessler. John, moulder, Lillies Wynd. 
Roger, Henry, timekeeper, 90 Helen St. 
Rolland, Miss Ann, Cairnie Road. 
Rollo, Wm. J., bank agent, Keptie Road 
Ronald, George F., Kinloch Terrace 
Rooney, Francis, engineer, 21 Gowan St. 
Rooney, Miss C, millworker, 12 Bakers W. 
Rorey, James, 12 East Mill Wynd 
Rory, Mrs Helen, 4 Doig's Vennel. 
Rose, Hy., cloth lapper, 13 Stuart St. 
Rose, Henry, blacksmith, 27 Culloden Rd. 
Rose, James, labourer, 11 Stuart Street. 
Rose, Miss, 168 High Street 
Rose, Mrs W., widow, 13 Stuart Street 
Ross, A., shambles keeper, N. Grimsby. 
Ross, Cecil, vintner, 5 Millgate Loan 
Ross, D. G., flaxdresser, 75 Helen St. 
Ross, George, 26 Cairnie Street 

Ross, Harry, fruiterer, 14 Brechin Road 
Ross Harry, 8 Millgate Loan 
Ross, James, lathsplitter, 8 Hill Terrace. 
Ross, James D., 43 Glover Street 
Ross, Maurice, 39 East Abbey Street 
Ross, Miss E. C, servant, 61 "Helen St. 
Ross, Mrs, 26 Howard Street 
Ross, Mrs, 1 , 9 Convent Street 
Ross, Mrs Agnes, 9 Culloden Road 
Ross, Mrs C, vintner, 31 Spink Street. 
Ross, Mrs Helen, 3 Guthrie Port 
Ross, Mrs Wm., 7 Palmer Street 
Ross, Robert, 50 Rossie Street. 
Ross, Robert, publican, 37 Cairnie Street 
Ross, Sarah, spinster, 31 Spink Street 
Ross, Thomas, joiner, 15 George Street. 
Ross, Wm., vintner, 6 Hamilton Green. 
Ross, William, 4 Carnegie Street 
Ross, Williamina, 33 E. Abbey Street 
Rowlands, Georgina D., spinster, 56 

Roy, Jessie, widow, 60 Nolt Loan Road. 
Roy, Mrs, 12 West( Keptie Street 
Roval, Kate, factory worker, 27 Lochland 

Roval, Wm., teacher, 12 Addison Place. 
Russell, A., 35 St Mary Street 
Russell, Catherine, widow, 9 Hill Ter. 
Russell, Charles, mason, 40 Fergus Sq. 
Russell, D., blacksmith, 9 Anderson St 
Russell, J., 31 Kinnaird Street 
Russell, Miss, 5 Bank Street 
Russell, Mrs A., widow, 37 W. Newgate. 
Russell, Thomas, grocer, 29 Carnegie St. 
Russell, W. D., slater, 22 Glover St. 
Rust, H. L. C, 31 Howard Street 
Rust, Margaret E. C, residenter, 1 Hill- 
end Road. 
Rust, Rev. Alex., 47 Elliot Street. 
Ruxton, Andrew, butcher, 15 Howard St. 
Ruxton, Charles, 7 Wardmill Road 
Ruxton, Claude, moulder, 5 Elliot PI. 
Ruxton, David, grocer, 8 Ann Street 
Ruxton, George, 68 Nolt Loan Road 
Ruxton, J., 51 Guthrie Port 
Ruxton, Jas., chemist, 57 Keptie Street. 
Ruxton, Tames, labourer, 5 Wallace St. 
Ruxton, Kate, 24 East Mill Wynd 
Ruxton, Mrs, newsagent, West Port 
Ruxton, Mrs Helen, 5 Elliot Place. 
Ruxton, Susan, widow, 35 Hill Street. 
Ruxton, W., 12 Cross Mill Wynd 
Ruxton, Wm., timekeeper, 15 Glover St. 

Saddler, Mrs E., 17 West Grimsby. 
Saddler, Mrs Eliz., 75 Millgate Loan 
Salkeld, Robert, tailor, 19 Abbot Street, 
Salmond, A. H., teacher, 36 Elliot St. 
Salmond, D. S., postman, 66 Fergus Sq. 
Salmond, G., baker, 18 W. Abbev Street 
Salmond, Jessie & I. B., 201 High St. 
Salmond, J. M., baker, 43 Panmure St. 
Salmond, Mary L., 24 Ogilvy Place 
Salmond, Mrs, 20 Hill Place. 
Salmond, Mrs A. D widow, 9 Hillend Rd. 
Salmond, Mrs Helen, 39 Panmure Street 
Salmond. Mrs Jane A., 22 Barngreen. 
Salmond, Wm. M., baker, 8 Academy St. 



James Shepherd 



^"Prize-Winner at London Exhibition, 1910; and at 
Edinburgh, 1917, and Macclesfield, 1913, for 
Hovis Bread. 

Shortbread, Plain and Ornamented — any Special Motto. All Sorts of Plain 
accf Fancy Tea Bread Daily. Hot Pies and Bridies every Friday and 
Saturday. Marriage and Supper Parties. Picnics and Soirees Purveyed 

We take a pride in supplying only the 
Finest Goods in our Catering Department 


Plumbers, Gasfitters, Electricians, 

56 and 56J KEPTIE STREET, 


Jobbing of every description punctually 
attended to. 


Telephone No. 148 



Salmond, Wm., baker, 29 W. Abbey St. 
Samson, Miss A., 29 Marketgate 
Samson, Wm., 13 Hayswell Road 
Sandeman, Mrs C.,. Johannesburg, Ernest 

Sandeman, Mrs D. D., Cairnie Bank 
Sanderson, Catherine, Ernest Street. 
Sanderson, Duncan, baker, 204 High St. 
Savege, D., painter, 1 Hayshead Road. 
Savege, Thomson, painter, 240 High St. 
Saxton, Mrs Maggie, 43 Lady loan 
Schlanbusch, Otto V., marine ollicer, 

Nolt Loan Road. 
Scott, A. S., mill worker, 20 W. Mary St. 
Scott, Alex.^ blacksmith, 64 Fergus Sq. 
Scott, Alex., shoemaker, 25 Hannah St. 
Scott, Alex., ticket-collector, 2 Gayfield. 
Scott, Alexander, 61 High Street 
Scott, Alex. N., labourer, 36 Dishland St. 
Scott, Alex. R., clerk, 16 Hannah St. 
Scott, Alex., flaxdresser, 39 Sidney St. 
Scott, Alt., shoemaker, 45 W. Abbey St. 
Scott, Alfred, 36 Green Street 
Scott, Chas., millworker, 19 Dishland St. 
Scott, Charles, carter, 49 Helen Street. 
Scott, Charlotte, servant, 32 Glover St. 
Scott, Eliz., confectioner, 46 Glover St 
Scott, David, painter, 17 Millgate Loan 
Scott, David, 41 Lochland Street 
Scott, David, 36 Green Street. 
Scott, David, mechanic, 21 Hill Street. 
Scott, David, shoemaker, 33 John Street. 
Scott, David, painter, 25 West Mary St. 
Scott, D. J. S., cabinetmaker, 2 Duke St. 
Scott, Frank, 1 Brechin Road 
Scott, Fred., 25 Fergus Square 
Scott, Helen, 23 Jamieson Street. 
Scott, Isabella, reeler, 16 Fergus Street. 
Scott, J. L., craneman, 9 Anderson St. 
Scott, James, labourer, 15 Fergus St 
Scott, Tames, shoemaker, 21 Leonard St 
Scott, Tames, 62 St Vigeans Road. 
Scott, James, 5 Convent Street. 
Scott, James, baker, 21 Hay's Lane. 
Scott, Tames, gardener, Springfield Ter. 
Scott, James, timber merchant, 2 Ann St 
Scott, James S., fireman, 19 Palmer St. 
Scott, James, insur. agent, 211 High St 
Scott, Tane, 20 Colvill Place 
Scott, Tohn, labourer, 8 Union St. W. 
Scott, 'Tohn, pilot, 2 Ann Street. . 

Scott, John, greenkeeper, 14 W. Keptie St 
Scott Maggie, 39 Panmure Street 
Scott,' Margaret M., 19 Queen Street 
Scott, Mary A., spinster, 29 Rossie St. 
Scott, Mary J., spinster, 49 Helen Street. 
Scott, Mary F., residenter, 474 Dishland 

Scott, Mary, nurse, 28 Bank Street 
Scott, Mary, confectioner, 286 High St 
Scott, Miss. 31 Gravesend 
Scott, Miss Catherine, 120 High Street 
Scott, Miss M., greengrocer, 41 Panmure St 
Scott, Misses, 6 Colvill Place 
Scott, Misses, Millbank, Hume Street 
Scott, Mrs A., widow, The Willows. 
Scott, Mrs, 1 Murray Place 
Scott, Mrs, weaver, 37 Lordburn 
Scott, Mrs Ann, Ormiston, Viewfteld Rd 

Scott, Mrs C, weaver. 11 W. Mill Wynd. 

Scott, Mrs E. M., widow, 37 Jamieson St. 

Scott, Mrs M. J. M., widow, Bloomfield. 

Scott, Mrs Mary, Strachan Street 

Scott, Mrs T., '35 Lochland Street 

Scott, Peter, carter, 25 Fergus Square. 

Scott, Robt., labourer, 46 St Vigeans Rd. 

Scott, Wm., 22 Cairnie Street 

Scott, \V., 41 Lochland Street 

Scott, W.. live stock agent, 1 Rosebery PI. 

Scott, William, ropemaker, 5 Hill Road. 

Scott, William L., factory manager, 8 
Queen Street. 

Scrimgeour, James, 9j Dishland St. 

Scrymgeour, Nellie, spinster, 10 Gaui. 

Scroggie, A., coachman, Hi Dishland St. 

Scroggie, Margaret, widow, 28 Wallace St. 

Seaton, G., 15 Culloden Road 

Seaton, Henry George, 33 Hayswell Road 

Selby, Mrs, widow, 121 High Street 

Selbv, Mrs A., residenter, 5 Addison PI. 

Seller, Miss T J., dressmaker, 9 Wallace 

Shand, A. S., tenter, 30 East Abbey St. 

Shand, David L., factory manager, 42 Cair- 
nie Street. 

Shand, Frank, mechanic, 25 Jamieson St. 

Shand, Jessie, spinster, 17 Ernest Street. 

Shand, Joseph, lapper, 51 St Mary St. 

Shand, Mrs Mary, 45 Leonard Street. 

Shand, Thos., 58 Howard Street 

Shand, Thos., 46 Guthrie Port 

Shanks. Charles, residenter, 24 Ann St. 

Shanks, Chas., bleacher, 9 Guthrie Hill. 

Shanks, Helen, 72 Keptie Street 

Shanks, Jas. 2 bleacher, 66 Lochland St. 

Shanks, D. E. W., Viewtield House, Ar- 
birlot Road 

Shanks, Mrs John, housekeeper, 1 West 
Keptie Street. 

Shanks, Robert, butcher, 3 Glover St. 

Shanks, Thoi, ., vanman, 58 Howard St. 

Shanks, W., railway porter, 15 Duke St. 

Shanks, W., 80 Cairnie Street 

Sharp, Alex., flaxdresser. 20 Wardmill Rd. 

Sharp, James, joiner, 47 Lochland Street. 

Sharp, James, 2 Gayfield 

Sharp, James, 63 Sidney Street 

Sharp, Mrs Isabella, 67J, Millgate Loan. 

Sharp, Norman, mechanic, Blindloch, 
Cairnie Road 

Shaw, D. II., burgh surveyor, 15 Hill PI. 

Shaw, Mrs Elspeth, 25 Kinnaird St. 

Shaw, Robert, clerk, Hayshead Road. 

Shaw, Wm., 80 Cairnie Street 

Shelston, Mrs, 43 Wallace Street 

Shepherd, Ann, spinster, Baldovan Street. 

Shepherd, D., labourer, 21 Millgate Ln. 

Shepherd, D., 9 St Vigeans Road 

Shepherd, D. C, turner, 50 Marketgate 

Shepherd, D. S., fisherman, 14 Marketgate. 

Shepherd, David, builder, 2 Reform St. 

Shepherd, David, beamer, 44 Ernest St. 

Shepherd, David, labourer, 80 Brechin Rd. 

Shepherd, David, fisherman, 1 Marketgate. 

Shepherd, David, 39 John Street. 

Shepherd, David, baker, 54 High Street. 

Shepherd, David, 12 Marketgate 



The Cars Ihi Owner- Driver 

Morris-Cowley : Morris-Oxford 

We are prepared to undertake all classes of 
REPAIRS and to execute the work satisfactorily 
and with promptitude. 


represented in our 

Our Taxi 

Service is Equalled 

by None in Town or Country. 

D. ROBBIE y Co. 


Dishlandtown Street 8 24 Brothock Bridge. 




Shepherd, G., moulder, 64 Marketgate 
Shepherd, Geo., moulder, 69 Lochland St. 
Shepherd, Geo., 15 Cross Mill Wynd 
Shepherd, George, G4 Marketgate 
Shepherd, Geo., fish merchant,, Millgate. 
Shepherd, J., fisherman, 10 Marketgate. 
Shepherd. Jas., fisherman, 50 Marketgate 
Shepherd, James, ba!:er, 45 St Mary St. 
Shepherd, James, baker, 13 Elliot Street 
Shepherd, James, mason, 34 Ernest St. 
Shepherd, James, 15 High Street 
Shepherd, Tames, 33 West Marv Street. 
Shepherd, James, 41 Dishland Street 
Shepherd, Joseph, 32 Ladybridge Street. 
Shepherd, Joseph, 5 Union St. E. 
Shepherd, Joseph, 13 Marketgate 
Shepherd, Jessie, spinster, 5 W. Newgate. 
Shepherd, John, labourer, 21 Millgate Ln 
Shepherd, Tohn, fisherman, 15 High St. 
Shepherd, Airs, 8 Marketgate 
Shepherd, Mrs, 5 Old Shore Head 
Shepherd, Mrs, 9 Garden Street 
Shepherd, R., 15 Cro-* Mill Wynd 
Shepherd, A., fisherman, 9 Old Shore Hd. 
Shepherd, Alex., labourer, 7 Bank St. 
Shepherd, Miss A. B., 33 Carnegie St 
Shepherd, Mrs, 36 Fergus Square 
Shepherd, Mrs, millworker, 7 Marketgate 
Shepherd, Mrs B., srrocer, 25 Ernest St. 
Shepherd, Mrs C. M., 1 Marketgate. 
Shepherd. Mrs E.. 38 Brechin Road. 
Shepherd, Mrs Jane S., 36 Barngreen. 
Shepherd, Robt., moulder, 14 Marketgate. 
Shepherd, Thos., fisherman, 13 Marketgate. 
Shepherd, Wm., 26 Fergus Square 
Shepherd, Wm., ironfounder, 5 Cairnie St 
Shepherd, Wm., moulder, 64 Fergus Sq. 
Sheridan, Mrs, 29 Abuot Street 
Sheridan, Mrs E., 40 John Street 
Sherret, J., shoemaker, 19 Ogilvy PI 
Sherret, Mrs Annie, 39 Panmure Street 
Sherriff, F., mason, 24 Ladybridge St. 
Sherriff, Mrs Margaret, 27 Bank Street 
Sherriff. Mis. 12 Hannah Street 
Sherriff, William, 3 West Mary Street 
Sherriffs, David, baker, 48 Sidney St. 
Sherriffs ,Geo., manufacturer, Kinloch Ter. 
Sherrit, Alex., farmer. 16 Ponderlaw Lane. 
Sherrit, Mrs H., residenter, 40 Millgate 

Shiel, Geo. S., clerk, 45 Lochland Drive. 
Shields, James G., mason, 21 Bank Street. 
Shillito, Wm., 22 Jamieson Street 
Sievwright, J., jun., joiner, 31 Lordburn. 
Sievwright, Rachel, 2 Reform Street 
Sievwright Robt. W., joiner, 17 Queen St. 
Silver, Charles G., 25 Rossie Street 
Sim, Ann, domestic, 69 Ladyloan. 
Sim, Annie, spinster, 16 John Street 
Sim, Geo., seaman, 23 Kyd Street 
Sim, Geo., railway porter, 16 Millgate Ln. 
Sim, Isabella, millworker, 2 Bakers Wynd. 
Sim, J. H., bank agent, 2 Commerce St 
Sim, James, shoemaker, 11 Barngreen 
Sim, John, bleacher, 2 Bakers Wvnd. 
Sim, Tohn, coachpainter, 17 St Mary St 
Sim, Miss Jane, 22 West Keptie Street. 
Sim, Miss Susan, 27 Panmure Street. 
Sim, Mrs, widow, 32 Millgate Loan 
Sim, Mrs, 23 St Mary Street 

Sim, Mrs B.. millworker, 9 Millgate Ln. 
aim, Mrs Julia, 11 Barngreen. 

Sim, Mrs M. J., 38 St Vigeans Road 

Sim, Mrs Mary Ann, 57 Helen Street. 

Sim, T., 10 Leonard Street 

Sim, W. D., labourer, 2-4 East Newgate. 

Sime, Geo., mill foreman, 31 St Mary St. 

Sime, John, 1 Murray Place 

Sime, Mrs, 7 Cross Mill Wynd 

Simons, Mrs M., weaver, 49 Helen St. 

Simpson, A. K. F., 10 St Vigeans Road 

Simpson, Alex., mason, 2 Colvill Place. 

Simpson, Andrew, lapper, 21 Fergus Sq. 

Simpson, Annie, residenter, 29 Marketgate. 

Simpson, Catherine, 11 Allan Street. 

Simpson, D., farm servant, 13 Green St. 

Simpson, David, carter, 14 Fergus St. 

Simpson, Ed., engineer, 78 St Vigeans Rd. 

Simpson, Frank, 30 Kyd' Street 

Simpson, George, 11 Park Street 

Simpson, Geo., signalman, 12 Kyd St. 

Simpson, George, 22 West Mary Street. 

Simpson, Geo., flaxdresser, 61 E. Abbey St. 

Simpson, Jas shoemaker, 8 Leonard St. 

Simpson, James, joiner, Salisbury Place. 

Simpson, Mary A., spinster, 8 Rose- 
mount Road. 

Simpson, Miss A., charwoman, 10 Mur- 
ray Place. 

Simpson, Robert, 27 Ann Street 

Simpson, S., residenter, 7 Panmure St. 

Simpson, Wm., publican, 22 Keptie St 

Sinclair, J., warehouseman, 72 Keptie St. 

Sinclair, Robert B., draughtsman, 59 
Kinnaird Street. 

Singers, Alex., iron-plainer, 46 Ernest St. 

Skea, Alexander, shoemaker, 23 Fergus St. 

Skea, Alex., 4 ' Hope Street 

Skea, Charles F., carting contractor, 16 
Hannah Street 

Skea, Geo., builder, 17 Jamieson Street 

Skea, James, tenter, 24 Dishland Street. 

Skea, James, weaver, 12 Bridge Street. 

Skea, Tames, tenter, 3 Hannah Street. 

Skea, James, tenter, 18 East Mill Wynd 

Skea, Temima, spinster, 16 Leonard Si. 

Skea, Mrs, 71 Ladyloan 

Skea, Mrs, 4 Howard Street 

Skea, Mrs James, 21 Hannah Street. 

Skea, Mrs Marv. -widow, 8 Leonard Street. 

Skea, William, carter, 7 Hannah Street 

Sleigh, Tames, broker, 16 W. Grimshy. 

Skene, Gilbert C, labourer, 3 Ogilvy PI. 

Skene, Thos., clerk, 32 Ernest Street 

Slessor, L., gardener, 27 Kyd Street 

Small, Charles, 11 Wallace Street 

Small, David M., L.D.S., Dishland St. 

Small, J. B., policeman, 61 Dishland St. 

Small, Mrs, 1 Marketgate 

Smart. A., farm-servant, 73 Millgate Ln. 

Smart, Alex., grocer, 41 West Newgate. 

Smart, Alex., grocer, 41 W. Newgate 

Smart, Alex., joiner, 4 Lochland St. 

Smart, D., bookseller, 29 Bank Street 

Smart, D., engineer, 4 Fergus Sauare 

Smart, D. R., postman, 138 High Street. 

Smart, David, 8 Russell Street 

Smart, David, millworker. 8 Stanley St. 

Smart, David, bleacher, 35 Culloden Rd. 




Painters and Decorators, 

267 High Street Arbroath 



Italian Warehouseman, Family Grocer, 
:: Wine and Liqueur Merchant, :: 

18 Keptie St., Arbroath. 

Only^the Highest and Most Genuine Classes of Goods procurable 
are Sold at the above Warehouse. 


Ladies' Tailor and Practical Furrier. 

All Branches of the Fur Trade Undertaken 
— from the Curing to the Finished Article. 





Smart, David, 25 Bank Street 
Smart, Edmond, 6 Gowan Street 
Smart, George, 1 Elliot Street. 
Smart, Gilbert, 59 High Street 
Smart, James, tailor, 8£ Dishland Street 
Smart, Joseph, photographer, 44 Sidney St. 
Smart, James, boot repairer, 19 John St. 
Smart, Jane Ann, 62 St Mary Street 
Smart, John, 3 Leonard Street 
Smart, John, shoemaker, 25 John Street. 
Smart, Mary, spinster, 1 W. Mary St. 
Smart, Mrs, widow, 9 Fergus Street. 
Smart, Mrs A., widow, 6 Gowan Street 
Smart, Mrs Mary, 1 Queen Street. 
Smart, Mrs Rose, 17 West Abbey Street. 
Smart* Wm., sculptor, 27 Brechin Road 
Smart, William, 9 Gowan Street 
Smart, Wm., mason, 35 Kinnaird St. 
Smart, W. A., tailor, 25 Fergus Square 
Smart, William, 41 Kinnaird Street 
Smith, Adam, fisherman, 21 Old Shore Hd. 
Smith, Adam, ironmonger, Seaton Road. 
Smith, A., fisherman, 26 Ladybridge St. 
Smith, Alex., 3 Maule Street 
Smith, Alex., fisherman, 27 Union St. E. 
Smith. Alex., ironmonger, 1 Dalhousie PI. 
Smith, Alex., ironmoulder, 49 Rossie St. 
Smith, Alex., baker, 22 Fergus Street. 
Smith, Alex. W., joiner, 26 Gowan St. 
Smith, Alex., labourer, 17 Gowan St. 
Smith, Alex., fisherman, 29 Union St. E. 
Smith, Alex., carter, 23 Ladyloan. 
Smith, Alex., carter, 46 Ladyloan. 
Smith, Alex., White Hart Hotel 
Smith, Alexander, 56 Brechin Road 
Smith, Andrew, 10 West Port 
Smith, Andrew, cork-cutter, 11 Ladyloan. 
Smith, Andrew, 5 Old Shore Head 
Smith, Ann, charwoman, 25 Bank Street. 
Smith, Arch., surfaceman, 52 Kinnaird St. 
Smith, A. K., greengrocer, 21 St Vi- 

geans Road 
Smith, A. K., jun., commercial traveller, 

23 St Vigeans Road. 
Smith, Barbara, 12 Barngreen. 
Smith, Beattie Ann, 7 Ladyloan. 
Smith, Benjamin, 19 Panmure Street 
Smith, Betsy, factory worker, 21 Old 


Shore Head. 

C, patternmaker, 9 Marketgate. 
C, warehouseman, 1 Addison PI. 
C, millworker, Marketgatd 
Catherine, 14 Marketgate 
Charles, 37 High Street 
Charles, fisherman, 8 Marketgate 
Charles, slater, 15 Dishland St. 
Charles, 11 Wallace Street 
Chas., fisherman, 19 Old Shore Hd 
Chas., fisherman, 1 Old Shore Hd. 
Chas., fisherman, 19 Old Shore Hd. 
D., fisherman. 6 W. Newgate 
David, fisherman, 14 Union St. E. 
David, labourer, 9 Old Shore Hd. 
David, fisherman, 16 Marketgate. 
David, fisherman, 8 Marketgate. 
David, labourer, 21 W. Newgate. 
David, fisherman, 18 Seagate. 
David, labourer, 9 Old Shore Hd 
David, engineer, 37 Cairnie St 
David, 4 Rosebank 





David, mechanic, 32 Howard St. 

David, baker, 25 Leonard Street. 

David, mechanic, 21 Leonard St. 

David, labourer, 45 John Street. 

David, clerk, 62 Lochland Street. 

David R., 4 West Keptie Street. 

E., 15 Smithy Croft 

Ed., shoemaker, 48^ Cairnie St. 

Eliz., millworker, 50 Helen St. 

Emma J., spinster, 70 Marketgate. 

Frank, millworker, 12 Brechin Rd. 

Geo., 4 Guthrie Hill 

Geo., 3 Lordburn 

Geo., 15 Cairnie Street 

Geo., labourer, 37 West Keptie St. 

George., fisherman, 9 Marketgate. 

George, fisherman, 25 Seagate. 

George, 64 Cairnie Street 

George, mechanic, 46 Brechin Rd. 

George, 12 Cross Mill Wynd. 

Hy., ironturner, 5 St Vigeans Rd. 

Henrietta, widow, 2 Rossie Street. 

Hugh, hsnerman. 4 South Street. 

Hugh, seaman, 7 W. Newgate 

Hugh, 30 Dishland Street 

Isabella G., spinster, 16 W. Abbey 

J., leather cutter, 23 St Mary St. 

J., flaxdresser, 39 Ladybridge St. 

J. L., 56 Cairnie Street 

T. S. C srrocer, 65 Bank Street. 

James, fisherman, I High Street. 

Tames, fruiterer, 30 W. Mary St. 

Jas., fisherman, 30 Union St. E. 

Jas., labourer, 10 Marketgate. 

James, 10 West Newgate 

James, labourer, 34 Kinnaird St. 

James, painter, 19£ E. Abbey St. 

James, gas worker, 29 Palmer St. 
James, factory worker, 42 Ernest St. 

James, Springfield House 

James, labourer, 23 Elliot Street. 

James, 55^ Panmure Street 

James W., seaman, 26 Helen St. 

Jane, factory worker, 16 Millgate 

Tean C, widow, Viewfield Road. 

Jessie B., widow, 42 Marketgate. 

John, fisherman, 20 W. Newgate) 

"John, gas stoker, 47 Leonard St 

John, machineman, 36 Howard St 

John, 9 Culloden Road 

John, moulder, 3 Abbey Path. 

John, painter, 13 Palmer Street. 

John, flaxdresser. 50 Brechin Rd. 

John, fisherman, 8 Hill Road 

John, fisherman, 49 High Street. 

John, fisherman, 18 John Street. 

John, fisherman, 24 Seagate. 

John, 32 Ladybridge Street. 

John, fisherman. 1 Seagate 

John, labourer, 4 Ann Street. 

Tohn. coal trimmer 53 W. Grimsby. 

Tohn, 14 Lillies "ynd 

John S., grocer. 16 Abbot Street. 

John V.. engineer, 93 Keptie St. 

John, slater, 3b Ann Street 

M'W., 15 Guthrie Hill 

Miss, 37 Howard Street 

Miss A., 23 Ernest Street 



H. L. C. RUST 

Boys' and Gent.'s Outfitter, 





SATISFACTION Guaranteed in 
all Purchases made from 

H. L. C. RUST 




Smith, Miss Betsy, 77 Lochland Street. 
Smith, Miss Helen W., 12b High Street. 

Smith, Miss Isabella, 8 Maule Street 

Smith, Miss Isabella, 31 Gravesend. 
Smith, Miss M., factory worker, 30 St 
Mary Street 

Smith, Miss Helen, 20 Elliot Street 

Smith, Mrs, 47 Green Street 

Smith, Mary A., 23 Ernest Street 

Smith, Mrs, 23 East Mill Wynd 

Smith, Mrs, 27 Howard Street 

Smith, Mrs, 20 Hill Place 

Smith, Mrs, 55 High Street 

Smith, Mrs, 27 Howard Street 

Smith, Mrs Agnes, 15 Dishland Street. 

Smith, Mrs Ann W., 69 Helen Street. 

Smith, Mrs C, factory worker, 22 Gow- 
an Street 

Smith, Mrs Catherine, 24 High Street 

Smith, Mrs Charlotte, 41 St Mary Street 

Smith, Mrs Christina, 269 High Street. 

Smith, Mrs E., residenter, 57 Sidney St. 

Smith, Mrs Elizabeth, 11 Ernest Street 

Smith, Mrs G., 15 Cairnie Street 

Smith, Mrs Hannah, 7 Palmer Street. 

Smith, Mrs Harry, 23 Loidburn. 

Smith, Mrs Isabella, 17 Kinnaird St. 

Smith, Mrs Isabella, 1 Guthrie Port. 

Smith, Mrs Isabella, 8 West Newgate. 

Smart, Mrs J., 21 Culloden Road 

Smith, Mrs J., 31 Seagate 

Smith, Mrs Jane, grocer, 20 Marketgate 

Smith, Mrs Jane, 12 Marketgate. 

Smith, Mrs Jessie B., 42 Marketgate 

Smith, Mrs Jessie, 10 Marketgate. 

Smith, Mrs M., greengrocer, 26 Fergus St. 

Smith, Mrs Margaret, 21 Palmer Street. 

Smith, Mrs Mary, 79 Keptie Street. 

Smith, Mrs W., 15 Smithy Croft 

Smith, P. A., engineer, 40 High Street 

Smith, Patrick, soldier, 37 Lindsay St. 

Smith, Peter, 36 Ladybridge Street. 

Smith, Peter, fisherman, 4 E. Newgate. 

Smith, Peter, gardener, Springfield Ter. 

Smith, Peter, 17 Sidney Street 

Smith, R., fisherman, 23 Ladybridge St. 

Smith, Robert, engine fitter, 35 John St. 

Smith, Robert, sailmaker, 6 Gowan St. 

Smith, Robert, postman, 24 High Street. 

Smith, Robert, fisherman, 9 Marketgate. 

Smith, Robert, seaman, 35 Union St. E. 

Smith, Robert J., 7 Elliot Street 

Smith, Robt., fisherman, 13 Union St. E. 

Smith, Robt., fisherman, 6 West Newgate 

Smith, Robt., stationmaster, 143 High St. 

Smith, Robt., ironturner, 38 Ernest St. 

Smith, R. S., solicitor, 6 vV. Abbey St. 

Smith, T., labourer, 33 Ladybridge St. 

Smith. Thomas, 2 Wallace Street. 

Smith, Thos., labourer, 22 Ladybridge St. 

Smith, W., potato mercht., 14 'Brechin Rd 

Smith, W., shipyard foreman, 19 Mill- 
gate Loan. 

Smith, Wm., 31 Seagate 

Smith, Wm., 7 Barngreen 

Smith, Wm., labourer, 7 Leonard Street. 

Smith, Wm., 55 Lochland Street 

Smith, Wm., joiner, 33 Lochland Street. 

Smith, W., moulder, 138 High Street 

Smith, Wm., fisherman, 3 South Street. 

Smith, Wm., fisherman, 13 Union St. E. 
Smith, Wm., fisherman, 21 Union St. E. 
Smith, Wm., fishworker, 21 W. Newgate 
Smith, Wm. H., fisherman, 16 Seagate 
Smith, William, 31 Seagate 
Smith, William, blacksmith, 40 Howard St. 
Smith, William A., 52 Addison Place. 
binitft, William, labourer, 29 Abbot St. 
Smith, William, 24 Green Street 
Smith, William, police constable, 23£ 

West Abbey Street. 
Smith, William, labourer, 11 Howard St 
Smyth, Alex., 39 Ogilvy Place 
Smyth, D. C, overseer, 23 Cairnie St. 
Smyth, John, 5 Palmer Street 
Smyth, Mrs, wine and spirit merchant, 

3 Eisheracre 
Smyth, P., mill foreman, 18 Lochland St. 
Smyth, W. B.. shoemaker, 29 Ernest St. 
Soote, Mrs, 61 Millgate Loan 
Soutar, Alex. A., 20 Leonard Street 
Soutar, Alex., shoemaker, 26 E. Mill Wynd 
Soutar, And., lapper, 15 Ponderlaw St. 
Soutar, Andrew, fireman, 48 Leonard St. 
Soutar, A. A., mechanic, 10 Academy St. 
Soutar, Carnegie, baker, 122 High Street. 
Soutar, David, labourer, 42 Keptie St. 
Soutar, David, labourer, 36 Hannah St. 
Soutar, Ernest, Ladybridge Street 
Soutar, Geo. C, baker, 15 E. Abbey St. 
Soutar, George, 17 Gowan Street 
Soutar, George, 71 Ladyloan 
Soutar, J., 40 Ogilvie Place 
Soutar, J. F., grocer, 3 Bakers Wynd. 
Soutar, J. S., draper, Salisbury Place. 
Soutar, John, 14 Nolt Loan 
Soutar, John, chimneysweep, 17 Gowan St. 
Soutar, John, labourer, 25 Dishland St. 
Soutar, Miss, 17 Hillend Road 
Soutar, Miss J., factory worker, 19 North 

Soutar, Mrs P widow, 14 Addison Place. 
Soutar, Robt., ironturner, 9 Hannah St. 
Soutar, Wm., British Linen Bank House 
Soutar, W. M., Bracklinn 
Soutar, William, labourer, 10 Gowan St. 
Souttar, John, 15 St Vigeans Road 
Souter, Mrs M. A., widow, 37 W. Keptie St. 
Spalding, A., insur. agent 44 Nolt Loan Rd 
Spankie, W.y telegraphist, 240 High St. 
Spark, James, 4 Robert Street 
Spark, Jane, widow, 69 Lochland Street. 
Spark, Helen W., 4 Rossie Street. 
Speed, Mrs Jane, 34 Hamilton Green 
Spence, A., loco, fireman, 36 Green St. 
Spence, Alex., 14 St Vigeans Road 
Spence, D., shoemaker, 56 Brechin Rd. 
Spence, James K., ironmoulder, 52 Leon- 
ard Street 
Spence, Thos., shoemaker, 50 Leonard St. 
Spence, \V., ticket-collector, 42 Helen St. 
Spence, William D., 33 West Newgate 
Spiers, G., traveller, 27 Brechin Read 
Spiers, Mrs Annie W., 29 John Street. 
Spink, Adam, fisherman, 3 W. Newgate. 
Spink, Bella M., spinster, 15 Ann St. 
Spink, Catherine, widow, 19 South St. 
Spink, Charles, tailor, 29 Culloden Road. 
Spink, Daniel, 50 Kinnaird Street 
Spink, David, 19£ N. Grimsbv 


T. & D. SAVEGE, 

Painters and Decorators, 


Established 1875. Telephone No. 105. 

Grant & Laing, 

Family Bread, Biscuit & Pastry Bakers, 
Have a Varied Selection of PLAIN and FANCY TEA BREAD Daily. 




Brothock Bridge, Arbroath. 


Cabinetmaker, Upholsterer, 
and French Polisher, - 




| Spink, David, labourer, 14 Millgate Ln. 

Spink, Ed., manager, 13 Bank Street. 
' I Spink, G. B., plumber, 28 W. Newgate 
, Spink, Geo. G., postman, 47 E. Abbey St. 
, Spink, Geo. B., plumber, 28 W. Newgate. 
ilSpink, George, labourer, 41 John Street. 
iSpink, Tames, labou-.-er, 4 Seagate. 
|i Spink, Jas., salmonfisher, 18 Hill Place, 
i Spink, Jessie Scott, 8 Glover Street. 
tiSpink, John, fisherman, 19 South Street. 
i; Spink, John, 8 Abbot Street 
<: Spink, Joseph, fisherman, 22 John Street. 
(I Spink, Joseph, mill worker, 25 Panmure St. 

Spink, Mrs Betsy, 17 Ladybridge St. 
-Spink, Mrs Henry, 19 Millgate Loan 
i, Spink, Norman, 24 Helen Street 
j Spink, R., fish merchant, Seagate 
l-'Spink, Robert, hallkeeper, 68 High Street 
IlSpink, Peter, fisherman, 16 Marketgate 
fl Spink, Thomas, fisherman, 15 South St. 
| Spink, Williamina, widow, 17-17£ West 

Spink, Wm., labourer, 24 Union St. E. 

Spink, William, 74 Cairnie Street. 

Spraggs, William, electrical engineer, 62 

Lochland Street. 
Sprott, Jessie E. retired teacher, 14 Col- 
vill Place. 

Sprunt, Elizabeth, spinster, 2 Gayfield. 

Standish, Mrs Jane, 8 Smithy Croft. 

Stalker, James, shoemaker, 16 Ernest St. 

Stalker, Mary, spinner, 61 Helen St. 

Stalker, Mrs, 1 Elliot Street. 

Stark, Mrs D. L., 43 Cairnie Street 

Stark, Mrs David L., 43 Cairnie St. 

Steedman, Wm., residenter, 46 Marketgate. 

Steel, Mrs James. 31 Ann Street. 

Steele, David, 9 Reform Street. 

Steele, John, machineman, 3 Elliot St. 

Steele, John, 25 Elliot Street 

Steele, Miss M., 42 Helen Street. 

Steele, Robert, 13 Marketgate 

Stephen, D., engineer, 5 Addison Place. 

Stephen, G.. ploughman, 55 Dishland St. 

Stephen, J., police constable, 146 High St. 

Stephen, Margaret, confectioner, 188 High 

Stephen, Miss Jane A., Strachan St. 

Stephen, Miss M., confectioner, 8 Col- 
_vill Place 

Stephen, Mrs, 40 Green Street. 

Stephens, Mrs A., widow, 80 Cairnie St. 

Stephen, Mrs Charles, 57 Barngreen. 

Stephen, Mrs E., 57 Barngreen 

Stephen, Mrs Jane, 26 Elliot Street. 

Stephen, Thos., policeman, 59 Leonard St. 

Stephen. R. O., fish merchant, 1 Dishland 

Stephenson, A., draper, 19 Victoria St. 

Steven, Temima, grocer, 20 Ann Street. 

Steven, Mary E.. spinster, 28 Sidney St. 

Stevenson, W. M., 23 Hannah Street. 

Stevenson, J., licensed grocer, 55 Ladyloan 

Stewart, A., 31 W. Grimsbv 

Stewart, Adam, moulder, 12 Abbot Street 
| Stewart, Alex., labourer, 21 Church St. 

Stewart, Alexander, 18 E. Mary Street. 

Stewart, Angus, moulder, 27 Culloden Rd. 

Stewart, Annie W., widow. 3 Lillies Wynd 

Stewart, Browina, teacher, 41 Brechin Rd 

Stewart, Charles, clerk, 39 Hannah Street. 
Stewart, David F., mason, 42 Sidney St. 
Stewart, D. L., 39-43 W. Abbey Street 
Stewart, Ebenezer, 58 St Vigeans Road 
Stewart, George, Butcher, Seaton Road. 
Stewart, Georgej 45 Helen Street. 
Stewart, Geo., signalman, 60 St Mary St. 
Stewart, Isabella, widow, 21 Culloden Rd. 
Stewart, J., motor engineer, 16 High St. 
Stewart, J., pawnbroker, 37 Lordburn 
Stewart, J. A., residenter, 2 Osborne Ter. 
Stewart, James, 5 St Vigeans Road. 
Stewart, James, painter, 17 Barngreen 
Stewart, John, shoemaker, 40 Sidney St. 
Stewart, John, 16 High Street 
Stewart, John, 23 Park Street 
Stewart, Mary A., reeler, 9 Union St. E.' 
Stewart, Mary A., spinster, dressmaker, 

43-45 West Newgate. 
Stewart, Miss, 1 Lochland Street. 
Stewart, Miss, 27 Guthrie Port 
Stewart, Mrs A. M., 18 Culloden Ter 
Stewart, Mrs Agnes, 36 Victoria St. 
Stewart, Mrs G. W., 6 Hill Terrace. 
Stewart, Mrs I., widow, 9 Howard St. 
Stewart, Mrs Jane, 22 Fergus Street 
Stewart, Mrs R., weaver, 23 Bog Lane 
Stewart, Robt., machineman, 120 High St. 
Stewart, Robert, 33 Ogilvy Place 
Stewart, Susan, factory worker, 62 How- 
ard Street. 
Stewart, Thos., cutler, 12 Bakers Wynd 
Stewart, Victor C, printer, 66 Cairnie St 
Stewart, Wm. J., 21 Millgate Loan 
Stewart, Wm., superintendent, Dale In- 
dustrial School, Brechin Road. 
Stirling, Annie, residenter. 10 W. Abby St 
Stirling David, mason, 5 Kvd Street. 
Stirling, David, mason, 77 Ladyloan. 
Stirling. Geo., carter, 41 Wallace St. 
Stirling, Jas., shoemaker, 25 Rossie St. 
Stirling. John, enginefitter, 65 Sidney St. 
Stirling, John, 44 Ernest Street 
Stirling, John, 53 West Grimsby 
Stirling, Mrs E. H., 16 W. Mary Street 
Stirling. Mrs I., residenter, 1 Walker PI. 
Stirling, Mrs Mary, 22 West Newgate. 
Stiven, A., 32 Elliot Street 
Stiven, Andrew, shoemaker, 44 Howard St. 
Stiven, Elizabeth, spinster, 23 John St. 
Stiven, Grace, 26 Ladyloan 
Stiven, Jane, picker, 36 Ladyloan. 
Stiven, John, shoemaker, 37 Elliot St. 
Stiven, Miss Betsy, 2 Millgate Loan. 
Stiven, Miss T.. residenter. 51 Keptie St. 
Stiven, Mrs I., widow, 5 Millgate Loan 
Stone, Harold, organist, 41 Lochland St 
Stormont, Charles, labourer, 26 Kyd St 
Stormont, D., caretaker, 33 Commerce St. 
Stormont, David, shoemaker, 1 Shore. 
Stormont, James. 27 Dishland Street 
Stormont, Miss, Jane, 87 Ladyloan 
Stormont, Mrs Sarah, 19 Fisheracre. 
Stormont, W., flaxdresser, 1 Barbers Croft. 
Storrier, Margaret G. F.. widow, 26 Bank 

Storrier, Miss M., factory worker, 8 

Leonard Street 
Storrier, Mrs Mary, licensed grocer, 31 


Clothes make the 
Man — if we make 
the Clothes — 



IA/E have always on hand a 
Beautiful Selection of the 
Finest Quality Exclusive Cloths for 
Ladies and Qentlemen. Our Cut 
and Workmanship are equal to the 
{F}est City Houses, and our ^Prices 
are very <JXCoderate. 

Jl ^rial Order is 
T^espectfully Solicited 

F. & J. SELBY 


123 HIGH STREET, Arbroath 




Panmure Street. 
Stott, David, storekeeper, 29 Elliot St. 
Stott, J as., surfaceman 5 St Vigeans Rd 
Stott, James, blacksmith, 28 Cairnie St 
Strachan Agnes M. K., spinster, 34 Ann St. 
Strachan, And., fruit mcht., 14 Barngreen 
Strachan, D., bleacher, 13 St Vigeans Rd. 
Strachan, David, postman, 39 Barngreen. 
Strachan, Elizabeth, widow, 6 Maule St. 
Strachan, Elizabeth, 22 Jamieson Street. 
Strachan, Fred, traveller, Kinloch Ter. 
Strachan, G., shoemaker, 36 Millgate Ln. 
Strachan, Isaac, 21 Duke Street 
Strachan, Jas., woodturner, 30 Maule St. 
Strachan, James, 39 Millgate Loan. 
Strachan. Jane, widow, 35 \V. Grimsby. 
Strachan, John, butcher, 80 Cairnie St. 
Strachan, John L., tailor, 56a High St. 
Strachan. Miss Alice, 38 Addison Place. 
Strachan, Miss J., librarian, 16 Colvill PI. 
Strachan, Mrs Mar)', widow, 51 Keptie St 
Strachan, Mrs Mary, 29 John Street. 
Strachan, Mrs M., 39 Slj Mary Street 
Strachan, Mrs M. S., 27 W. Keptie St. 
Strachan, Mrs Thos., 5 Bank Street 
Strachan, R., plasterer, 47 Culloden Rd. 
Strachan, Robt., tailor, 27 Commerce St. 
Strachan, Robert, 64 Marketgate 
Strachan, T., mason, 8 Abbot Street 
Strachan, Thos., engineer, 7 Guthrie Port 
Strachan, Thos. D., fitter, 56a High St. 
Strachan. W., fruiterer, 14 Academy St. 
Strachan, W. B., bookseller, 10 George St. 
Stuart, Donald, baker, 43 Rossie Street. 
Stuart, Helen, 11 Convent Street 
Stuart, Mrs, widow, 19 Dalhousie Place 
Stuart, Robert, teacher, 175 High Street. 
Stuart, W., labourer, 30 St Vigeans Rd. 
Sturrock, Alex., surfaceman, 13 Glover St. 
Sturrock, Annie, factory worker, 14 Chal- 
mers Street 
Sturrock, D., factory worker, 17 Barngreen 
Sturrock, George W. L., leather manufac- 
turer, 6 Alexandra Place. 
Sturrock, John, bowling green keeper, 57 

Leonard Street. 
Sturrock, P., motor driver, 4 Bridge St. 
Sturrock, Mrs, widow, 77 Ladyloan 
Sturrock, Mrs Alex., 8 Duke Street 
Sturrock, Mrs Annie, 51 Green Street 
Sturrock, Mrs Lizzie, 22 Green Street. 
Sturrock, Sarah, spinster, 8 Leonard St. 
Sturrock, W., machinist, 28 Hamilton Gn. 
Sturrock, W., blacksmith, 78 St Vigeans Rd, 
Sutcliffe, T-, 15 Abbot Street 
Intel iffe, Wm., 15 E. Abbey Street 
Sutherland, A.,| 53 West Grimsby 
Sutherland, A., turner, 25 Ladybridge St 
Sutherland, Alex., mason, 8 Bakers Wynd. 
Sutherland, Elizabeth, factory worker, 10 

West Abbey Street. 
Sutherland, H., manager, 35 Cairnie St 
Sutherland, Helen, 88 Helen Street 
Sutherland, J., gardener, 7 Lochland St. 
Sutherland J., labourer, 83 Lochland St. 
Sutherland, Margaret, 83 Keptie Street. 
Sutherland, Mary^ 69 Ladyloan 
Sutherland, Mrs, widow, 34 E. Abbey St. 
Sutherland, Wm., 4 Hume Street 
Sutherland, W. F., clerk, 260 High Street. 

Suttie, Alex., slater, £3 Lochland Street 
Suttie, Andrew, labourer, 17 Ernest St. 
Suttie, James, 39 Green Street 
Suttie, Tohn, storeman, 14 Ann Street. 
Suttie, Mary, spinster, 10 YV. Abbey St. 
Suttie, Mrs Eliz., Union Villa 
Suttie, Mrs John, 14 Ann Street 
Suttie, Wm., overseer, 268 High Street 
Swan, David, seaman, 15 Abbot Street 
Swan, Geo., fisherman, 14 Marketgate. 
Swan, Geo., 22 Ladybridge 
Swan, James, fisherman, 32 Barngreen. 
Swan, James, fisherman, 30 Seagate. 
Swan, John, fisherman, 19 Union St. E. 
Swan, Mrs M., fishdealer, 2b Union St. E. 
Swan, Mrs M., 8 Ponderlaw Lane 
Swan, Wm., 5 South Street 
Swan, Wm., 98 Keptie Street 
Swan, W., Horologe Ho., Hayshead Rd 
Swankie, Alex., 5 Wardmill .Road 
Swankie, Claude, fisherman, 28 Seagate. 
Swankie, D. C, 10 Seagate 
Swankie, D. H., 43 Hannah Street 
Swankie, David, 10 W. Newgate 
Swankie, David, 37 High Street 
Swankie, David, fisherman, 16 High St. 
Swankie, David, fisherman, 11 South St. 
Swankie, David, fisherman, 5 South St. 
Swankie, Helen, widow, 7 High Street. 
Swankie, Henry, engineer, 40 John St. 
Swankie, Hughj fisherman, 8 High Street. 
Swankie, Isabella, spinster, 14 Seagate. 
Swankie, Isabella, 15 High Street. 
Swankie, T-, scavenger, 19 Glover Street 
Swankie, J., fisherman, 11 Old Shore Hd. 
Swankie, James, moulder, 9 Marketgate. 
Swankie, James P., 39 John Street 
Swankie, Joseph, fisherman, 49 High St. 
Swankie, Joseph, fisherman, 32 Seagate. 
Swankie, Joseph, 8 Shore 
Swankie, Lily, 10 High Street 
Swankie, Marv, 60 Marketgate 
Swankie, Mr, "32 East Mill Wynd 

Swankie, Mrs C, widow, 13 South St. 
Swankie, Mrs Catherine, 31 Union St E 

Swankie, Mrs J., millworker, 27 John St. 

Swankie, Mrs Margaret, 26 Seagate. 

Swankie, P., 10 Union Street West 

Swankie, Peter, 8 Stuart Street 

Swankie, Peter, labourer, 35 Union St. E. 

Swankie, Peter, labourer, 20 High Street. 

Swankie, Peter, 6 Marketgate 

Swankie, R., 37 High Street 

Swankie, R., engineer, 26 Ladybridge St. 

Swankie, R., 9 Marketgate 

Swankie, Robert, 14 Bakers Wynd 

Swankie, Robert, 9 Old Shore Head 

Swankie, Robert, 23 Park Street 

Swankie, Robt., fisherman, 41 W. Grimsby. 

Swankie, Robt. S., labourer 10 High St. 

Swankie, T., fisherman, 12 Union St. E. 

Swankie, Thomas, fisherman, 14 Seagate. 

Swankie, Thos., merchant, 10 High St. 

Swankie, Thos., moulder, 39 Sidney St. 

Swankie, Thos. P., fisherman, 8 South St. 

Swankie, Thos. P., 1 Shore 

Swankie, Tom, fisherman, 3 W. Newgate. 

Swankie, Wm., miner, 16 High Street 

Swankie, Wm., fisherman, 18 South St. 

Swankie, Wm., fisherman, 11 Union St. E. 


Telephone No. 78. 

Wm. Brand £r Son 

Slaters and Plasterers, 
Slate and Cement Merchants 

30 Dishland Street, Arbroath, 

Estimates given for Granolithic Paving. 

Chimney Heads Repaired and Pointed. 


The Station Cycle Works 


We are Experts in every Branch of the Construction 
and Repairing of CYCLES and MOTOR CYCLES, 
and can Re-plate and Overhaul any make of Machine. 


Moderate Charges. Expert Workmanship 

Manufacturer of the Famous Fairy Polishes. 

D. FAIRWEATHER, Proprietor 



Swankie, Win., fisherman, 6 JVIarketgate. 
Swankie, Wm., labourer, 31 Seagate 
Swanson, John, 35 Ogilvy Place. 
Swanson, John, currier, 29 Abbot Street. 
Swanson, Mrs Wm., 18 Glover Street. 
Swanson, Thos., labourer, 4 Stanley Street. 
Sweet, Robt. S., banker, 59 High Street 
Swinton, Alex., engineer, 39 John Street. 
Swinton, Mrs, 142^ High street 
Swirles, John, engineer, 64 Lochland St. 
Sword, James, 6 South Grimsby. 
Sword, Mrs Barbara, 42 Rossie Street. 
Syme, Mrs Agnes, 29 Hannah Street 
Symers, Wm., shoemaker, 11 Palmer St. 
Symon, A. A., architect, 52 Lochland St. 
Symon, A. K., 62 Helen Street 
Symon, Geo., roper, 1 Addison Place. 
Svmon, Mrs, wkiow, 14 vv . rVDoey btreet 
Symon, Mrs Alexander, 23 Barngreen. 
Symon, Mrs J., widow, Si Barngreen. 

Tait, Isabella, spinster, 16 Rossie Street. 
Tait, Jacob, flaxdresser, 70 Keptie St. 
Tait, James, 51 Panmure Street 
Tait, John, chemist, 12 Colvill Place. 
Tait, Mrs Robert, 2 Jamieson Street 
Talbert, Caithness, labourer, 12 Maule St. 
Talbert, James, 63 Leonard Street 
Talbert, Wm., carter, 19 Panmure St. 
Talbot, Wm., saiimaker, 29 Fergus St. 
Tallow, Miss, 6 Dishland Street _ 
Tarbat, Annie and Euphemia, spinsters, 

28-30 Gowan Street. 
Tarbat, Wm., clerk, 2 Princes Street. 
Tarbet, Alexander, 40 Fergus Square 
Tarbet, Jas. L., printer, 1 Applegate. 
Tarbet, Mary M., teacher, 40 Helen St. 
Tasker, John, labourer, 9 Glover Street. 
Tasker, John, signalman, 8 Wallace St. 
Tasker, John, 26 St Mary Street 
Tasker, J. C, machineman, 16 Brechin Rd 
Tasker, W., factory worker, 12 Chalmcs L'-i 
Tavendale, Mrs, 22 Guthrie Hill 
Taylor, A., confectioner, 11 Marketgate 
Tavlor. Alex., ironturner, 7 Anderson St. 
Taylor, Alex., 74 Cairnie Street 
Taylor, Alex., painter, 50 Howard St. 
Taylor, Andrew G., 1 Dorward Place. 
Taylor, D. M'L., shopman, 68 John St. 
Taylor, D. S., photographer, 7 Gowan St. 
Taylor, Eliza E. D., spinster, 70 Rossie St. 
Taylor, Elizabeth, widow, 15 Convent St 
Taylor, Geo., labourer, 10 Barbers Croft. 
Taylor, Grace, weaver, 27 Lochland St. 
Taylor, J. Gibb., 60 Cairnie Street 
Taylor, Jas., labourer. 6 St Vigeans Rd. 
Tavlor, James, farm servant, 6 Cairnie St 
Taylor, James, tailor, 83 High Street. 
Tavlor, Tames C. 30 Glover Street. 
Taylor, James, 15 Cross Mill Wynd 
Taylor, John, factory worker, Cairnie Rd. 
Taylor, John, engineer, 21 Lochland St. 
Taylor, John, labourer, 18 W. Abbey St. 
Tavlor, John, 15 Fergus Square 
I Taylor, John A., reporter, 38 Helen St 
! Taylor, Marv A., spinster, 46 Fergus Sq. 
Tavlor, Miss E., 78 Rossie Street 
Taylor, Miss Lizzie, factory worker, 20 
Park Street. 

Taylor, Mrs C, 17 Hill Place 
Taylor, Mrs E., widow, 27 Cairnie St. 
Taylor, Airs Euphemia, Salisbury Place 
Taylor, Mrs Jane, millworker, 4 Maule St. 
Taylor, Mrs Mary A., 38 Helen Street 
Taylor, Robert A., chemical worker, 56 

Howard Street. 
Taylor, Thomas, manager, 27 Victoria St. 
Taylor, Thomas C, police constable, 69 

Lochland Street. 
Taylor, \\ ., railway porter, 9 Anderson St 
Taylor, \yiUiam, lapper, 16 Church St. 
Tear, Alex., labourer, 62 St Vigeans Rd. 
Teviotdale, Alex., fisherman, 9 John St. 
Teviotdale, J., fisherman, 36 W. Newgate 
Teviotdale, Mrs, 22 Smithy Croft 
Teviotdale, Wm., fisherman, 9 South St. 
Teviotdale, W., mechanic, 3 Bakers Wynd. 
Thorn, Alex., 14 Millgate Loan 
Thorn, Geo., warehouseman, 19 Cairnie St 
Thorn, Mrs M., 3 Russell Street 
Thomas, L. F., coustguard, 11 Shore 
Thomson, A., tailor, Fountainbleau, Sea- 
ton Road 
Thomson, A. G., currier, 16 Millgate Ln. 
Thomson, Alex., leather-cutter, 17 Kyd St. 
Thomson, Allan, lapper, 5 Murray Place. 
Thomson, Annie, clerkess, 10 Colvill PI. 
Thomson, Charles, dealer, 28 Brechin Rd 
Thomson, Chas., seaman, 9 W. Newgate 
Thomson, D., warehouseman, 17 Dishland 

Thomson, David, tailor, 100 High Street. 
Thomson, David, engineer, 62 Cairnie St. 
Thomson, Dr J. E. G., Gowanpark, Gowan 

Thomson, E., engineer, Viewfield Road. 
Thomson, E. O., clerk, 12j Academy St. 
Thomson, G. H., engraver, 34 Hamilton 
Thomson, G. R., Springfield Terrace 
Thomson, Harry, 3 Fergus Street 
Thomson, Helen, spinster, 36 St Mary St. 
Thomson, Isabella, widow, 6 James St. 
Thomson, J., 74 Cairnie Street 
Thomson, James, carter, 3 Ladyloan 
Thomson, James, clerk, 54 Rossie St. 
Thomson, Jas., storekeeper, 72 Howard St. 
Thomson. James G., commercial traveller, 

1 Walker Place. 
Thomson, Tohn, flaxdresser, 15 Kyd St. 
Thomson, Louis, labourer, 11 South St. 
Thomson, Margaret, widow, 61 Helen St. 
Thomson, Marion, 7 Brechin Road 
Thomson, Miss, mill worker, Wardmill Rd 
Thomson, Miss, maid, 35 Kinnaird St. 
Thomson, Miss A., residenter, 20 Lochland 

Thomson, Miss E. E., 62 Millgate Loan. 
Thomson, Miss Robina, 37 E. Abbey St. 
Thomson, Mrs, charwoman, 9 Park St. 
Thomson, Mrs I., 6 Ladybridge St 
Thomson, Mrs J. D., 37 Ladybridge St. 
Thomson, Mrs Jane, 63 Leonard Street. 
Thomson, Miss Jane, 1 St Vigeans Road 
Thomson, Mrs Louis, 61 Helen Street 
Thomson, Mrs M., nurse, 14 Ponderlaw Le 
Thomson, Mrs W. A., widow. 7 Colvill PI, 
Thomson, Rachel, 30 Ann Street 
Thomson, Thomas, tailor, 47 Rossie Street 








(Qualified Optician by Examination, London). 

209 Sligli Street, Arbroath 

Established 1340. 

The Abbey Green Blend 




Wine and 
Spirit Merchant, 

38 Hamilton Green, ARBROATH. 



Thomson, William, 4 Addison Place 
Thorburn, Walter, engineer, 29 Duke St 
Thornton, Agnes, outworker, 41 Lochland 

Thornton, D., clothier, 16 Dalhousie PI. 
Thornton, James, joiner, 6 Elliot Street. 
[Thornton,: Mrs, 5 Reform Street 
Thornton. Robt., 41 Guthrie Port 
Thvne, John, clerk, 2 Albert Street 
Tillotson, G., bank agent, 115 High Street 
Tittcrington, Richard, 25 John Street 
Tocher, Mrs Elizabeth, 51 Ladvloan. 
Todd, Andrew. 17 Osrilvie Place 
Todd. D., grocer, 38 St Mary Street 
Todd. Tane, 28 Maule Street 
Todd, Mrs E. L., 138 High Street 
Tosh. Alex.. 4 Tamieson Street 
Tosh, Allan, 42J,-" East Abbey Street 
Tosh, Tames, labourer. 16 Brechin Road. 
Tosh, Kenneth. 6 Union Street Ea=t 
Tosh. Wilhelmina, mill-worker, 24 Gowan 

Tosh, Wm., shoemaker, 44 High Street. 
Towler. Tames. 25 Panmure Street 
Tove. Robt., P.. 2 Tamieson Street 
Traill, David B„ watchman, 12 John St. 
Travers, Alex., labourer, 45 Fergus So 
Trimble, Chas., shoemaker, 8 Stanley St. 
Tul loch T.. clerk. 58 Millgate To^ 
Tulloch. Robert, banker, Morley Place 
Turnbull, George, tailor, 11 Rossie St. 
Turnbull, James, 22 Cairnie Street 
Turnbull, Tas., gardener, 1 Addison T> 1. 
Turnbull. Jas. A., iron-turner, 6 Duke St. 
Turner, John, 21 Bog Lane 
Tweedie.Rev. John A., 6 Albert Street. 

Ure, James, organiser. 56 Millgate Loan 
UrquKart, Hector, 6 James Street, 

Valentine, Andrew, 56 Fergus Square 
Valentine, D., irondresser, 25 Park St. 
Valentine, T., railway porter, 26 Green St 
Valentine, J., 18 Ogilvv Place 
Valentine, Joan, widow 35 Fergus Street. 
Valentine. Margaret, dressmaker, 2 Dish- 
land Street. 
Vannet, T.. works manager, 5 Fergus St. 
Vannet, Mrs, 44 John Street. 
Vannet, Mrs Elizabeth, 30 Howard St_ 
Vernon, F., seedsman, Greenbank, Mill- 
gate Loan 

Waddell, Alex., mechanic, 27 Fergus St 
Waddcl!, Tohn. 25 Fergus Square 
Waddell, Mrs Tames, 40 Ernest Street. 
Waddington, Thomas, 14 John Street. 
Waiters, William, slater, 9 Green St 
Walker, Alex., 32 Dishland Street 
Walker, Betsy, millworker, 33 Park St. 
Walker, Eliz. M., spinster, 32 Glover St. 
Walker, J., moulder, 5 Wardmill Road 
Walker, Tames, engineer. Kinloch Terrac. 
Walker, "James, mechanic, 21 Church St. 
Walker, Tas., hawker, 18 Millgate Ln. 
Walker, Tames, plumber, 1 Guthrie Hill. 
Walker, Jas., grocer, 50 St Vigeans Rd. 

Walker, Mary, 33 West Grimsby 
Walker, Miss A., music teacher, 7 Princes 

Walker. Miss Margaret, 59 Rossie Street. 
Walker, Miss Mary, 20 Colvill Place. 
Walker, Mrs, widow, 6 Elliot Place 
Walker, Mrs Helen, 17 St Mary Street 
Walker, Mrs Jessie, 36 Sidney Street. 
Walker, Mrs Kidd, 2 West Mill Wynd 
Walker, Mrs Margaret, 17 Catherine St. 
Walker, Mrs S., widow, 31£ E. Abbey St. 
Walker, R. C, mill manager, 10 Addison 

Walker. \\ illiam, Rosedene, Keptie Rd. 
Walker, William E., 26 E. Mill Wynd 
Wallace, Agnes, spinster, 1£ Fergus St. 
Wallace, Andrew, dairy farmer, Culloden. 
Wallace, D., labourer, 37 Lordburn 
,v allace, David, carter, 39 Leonard St. 
Wallace, David, H., 15 Brechin Road 
Wallace, Duncan, 52 Helen Street 
Wallace, G., machineman, 7 Dishland St. 
Wallace, G. R., residenter, 66 Nolt Loan 

Wallace, J., 42 Elliot Street 
Wallace, John, moulder, 30 Helen Street. 
Wallace, T. W., plumber, 19 Palmer St. 
W T allace, Mary, millworker, 27 Howard St. 
Wallace. Miss Jessie, 5 W. Mary St. 
Wallace. Miss S., 13 Cclvill Place. 
Wallace, Mrs Alex. S., 40 Hill Street 
Wallace, Mrs Ann, 1 Strachan Street 
Wallace, Mrs Annie, 29 West Abbey St 
Wallace, Mrs D., 10 Garden Street 
Wallace, Mrs Jean, 41 Cairnie Street 
Wallace, Mrs M., 1 Cairnie Place. 
Wallace, Mrs M., laundress, 14 Kvd St. 
Wallace, Mrs Mary, 20 West Mary St. 
Wallace, Peter, labourer, 33 Lindsay St, 
Wallace, Robert, lapper, 2 Maule Street. 
Wallace, W., 8 West Mill Wynd 
Wallace, W., shoemaker, 29 W. Abbey St. 
Walton, A. C . engineer, 2 Walker PI. 
Walton, Mrs J.. 37 Guthrie Port. 
Wannan, David, 51 Marketgate. 
Wannan, James, mason, 20 Gowan Street. 
Wannan, Lizzie, weaver, 11 Lochland St. 
Wannan, Wm., flaxdresser, 4 Applegate. 
Warden, Harry, 31 Gravesend. 
Warden. Mrs James, 48 High Street 
Wark, Rev. J. R., M.A.. Cairnie Road 
Warren, Mary, 25 Park Street 
Warren. Peter, upholsterer, 11 Kyd St. 
Waters, A., 24 Millgate Loan 
Waterson, Charles, mason, 29 Ann St. 
Waterson, William, 8 Russell Street 
Waterston, Marv W., 1 Rosebank 
Waterston, W., "labourer, 33 E. Abbey St. 
Watson, Alex., 15 Victoria Street 
Watson, Chas., engineer, 15 Leonard St. 
Watson, F. G., licensed grocer, 2g Rus- 
sell Street 
Watson, G., assist, manager, 43 St Mary St 
Watson, Geo., 39 Millgate Loan. 
Watson, G. S., shoemaker, 67 Sidney St. 
Watson, H., licensed grocer, 12 Fergus St. 
Watson, J., wine and provision merchant, 

32 Victoria Street. 
Watson, J. J., irondresser, 43 Rossie St. 



Sign of the Clock, 

222 High St., Arbroath 

Presents in Great Variety. 

Telephone No. 124. 


Plumber, Gasfitter, Sanitary Engineer, 
and Water Works Contractor, 

11-13 West Abbey Street 


Estimates Given for Fitting Up Electric Light 

Orders in Town or Country Promptly Attended to, and carried 
out with the greatest care. 

Alex:. Sutherland 

Monumental Mason, 

10 ST VIGEffHS ROAD, Arbroath 


Lettering — Granite, Marble, Freestone. 

Orders Promptly Executed at Moderate Charges. 




Watson, Jas., bleacher, 51 Guthrie Port. 
Watson, James, 30 Ernest Street 
Watson, Jas., labourer, 14 N. Grimsby. 
Watson, John D., Commercial Traveller, 

19 Ladyloan 
Watson, John J., labourer, 1 Russell St. 
Watson, Mary A., millworker, 19 Church 

Watson, Matilda, widow, 40 Ann Street. 
Watson, Mrs, widow, 16 Bridge Street 
Watson, Mrs, residenter, 3 Rosebank. 
Watson, Mrs, 93 Keptie Street 
Watson, Mrs Agnes, 41 Lordburn. 
Watson, Mrs J., widow, 15 St Vigeans Rd. 
Watson, Mrs Jane, 8 St Vigeans Road 
Watson, Mrs jane, 21 Glover Street 
Watson, Mrs John, 43 Dishland Street. 
Watson, Mrs" M. A., widow, 50 Cairnie St 
Watson, Mrs M. A., millworker, 75 Mill- 
gate Loan. 
Watson, Mrs Margaret, 34 St Mary St. 
Watson, Peter, 41 Sidney Street. 
Watson, R., boot salesman, 9 E. Abbey St. 
Watson, Thos., storekeeper, 76 Marketgate. 
Watson, T. W., coal merchant, Salisbury 

Watt, A., police sergeant, 81 Ladyloan 
Watt, Alex., engineer, 6£ Elliot Place. 
Watt, Alex., fish merchant, 22 High St. 
Watt, Alexander, 50 Marketgate 
Watt, Alexina, 12 Jamieson Street 
Watt, Catherine, 33 Union Street East. 
Watt, Charles, 33 East Mill Wvnd 
Watt, D., 1Q Abbey Path 
Watt, David, fireman, 21 Fergus Square. 
Watt, David, factory worker, 10 Seagate. 
Watt, David, 6 Carnegie Street. . 
Watt, David, mechanic, 15 Culloden Rd. 
Watt, David, fishdealer, 2 Maule Street. 
Watt, Eliz., factory worker, 88 Helen St. 
Watt, Elizabeth, spinster, 9" John Street. 
Watt, Elizabeth, widow, 4 Nolt Loan Rd. 
Watt, Elsie, 4 Bakers Wynd 
Watt, George. 41 Fergus Square. 
Watt, J., engine driver, 15 St Vigeans Rd 
Watt, James, 9 Hannah Street. 
Watt, James, lapper, 38 Kinnaird St. 
Watt, Jas. B., mechanic, 50 Lochland St. 
Watt, Jane G., spinster, 21 Queen Street. 
Watt, John, fisherman, 17 Seagate. 
Watt, John, blacksmith, 1 Applegate 
Watt, John, timekeeper, 7 Russell St. 
Watt, Mary, factory worker, 22 W. Abbey 

Watt, Mrs, widow. 19 Allan Street 
Watt, Mrs A., widow, 17 St Vigeans Rd. 
Watt, Mrs Elsie, 4 Bakers Wynd 
Watt, Mrs Helen, 16 Jamieson Street 
Watt, Mrs Isabella, 21 Ponderlaw Street. 
Watt, Mrs Jessie, 47 St Mary Street. 
Watt, Mrs John, 4 Abbey Path. 
Watt, Mrs M., 94 Keptie Street 
Watt, Mrs Margaret, 32-34 Applegate. 
Watt, Mrs Mary, 19 Bakers Wynd 
Watt, Robert, 5 Ernest Street 
Watt, Sarah E., Demondale 
Watt, Thomas, saddler, Strachan Street. 
Webster, A., painter, 24 Hamilton Gn. 
Webster, Alex., labourer, 18 Maule St. 
Webster, Alfred, engineer, 28 Cairnie St. 

Webster, Ann, teacher, 41 Cairnie Street 

Webster, Bella, 27 Howard Street. 

Webster, D., 14 North Grimsby 

Webster, David, painter, 24 Wardmill Rd. 

Webster, D. W., Seaton Road 

Webster, Elizabeth, widow, 12 Abbot St. 

Webster,, Jas., foreman, 4 Carnegie St 

Webster, James, Mason, 1 Dickfield St. 

Webster, James, plumber, 7 Guthrie Port. 

Webster, Mrs, 18 Bridge Street 

Webster, Mrs A., widow, 69 Lochland St. 

Webster, Mrs Jane A., 1 Victoria Street. 

Webster. Mrs Jessie, 36 Addison Place. 

Webster, Mrs Jessie, 10 Jamieson Street. 

Webster, Miss Ann, retired teacher, 41 
Cairnie Street. 

Webster, R., shoemaker, 3 Kinnaird St. 

Webster, Wm., 40 Fergus Square 

Webster, Wm., Bellevue, Springfield Ter 

Webster, W. W., manufacturer, Denley, 
Arbirlot Road 

Weir, A., railway mechanic, 70 Keptie St 

Weir, Chas., cabinetmaker, 31 Hannah St 

Weir, Chas., shoemaker, 43 Panmure St. 

Weir, James G., hairdresser, 39 John St. 

Weir, Jane Ann, 35 Fergus Street 

Weir, John, Belmont, Millgate Loan 

Weir, John, labourer, 46 Ladybridge St. 

Weir, John, bleacher, 32 Fergus Square. 

Weir, William, scavenger, 2 Maule St. 

Welsh, Horace M., 16 Ernest Street 

Welsh, James, shoemaker, 16 Fergus Sq. 

Welsh, James, blacksmith, 15 Convent St 

Welsh, Miss Annie, 2 Dorward Place. 

Welsh, Mrs, 23 Park Street. 

Welsh, Mrs B., 22 Glover Street 

Welsh, Mrs Jane, 14 Robert Street. 

Welsh, William, residenter, 82 HeleD St. 

West, Jas. S., railway servant, 17 South St. 

Weston, Andrew, 3 Lillies Wynd. 

Weston, Geo., labourer, 10 W. Mary St. 

Weston, John, labourer, 12 Russell Street 

Whammond, Alfred, baker, 4 Duke St. 

Whamond, D., irondresser, 44 Applegate. 

Whamond, Isabella, caretaker, 30 St Mary 
| Whamond, J., moulder, 42 St Vigeans Rd. 

White, Alex., residenter, 64 Cairnie St. 
Alfred, Arrott Street 
Betsy, widow, 31 John Street. 

porter, 18 Ogilvie Place 
engineer, 16 Barngreen. 
Henrv. engineer. 2 Gayfield. 

White, James, cashier, 11 Howard St. 

White, Jas. C., joiner, 31 Jamieson St. 

White, Mr, 8 Keptie Street 

White, Mrs, residenter, 17 Barngreen 

White, Mrs Ann, 6 Glover Street. 

White, Robert, ironworker, 26 Jamieson St. 
White, W., acetelyne welder, 7 Ernest St 

Whitton, A., iron-moulder, 18 Millgate Ln. 

Whitton, A., lorryman, 18 Lillies Wynd. 

Whitton, Betsy & J., drapers, 223 High St. 

Whitton, Charles, moulder, 26 Helen St. 

Whitton, D., insur. agent, 19 Hay's Lane. 

Whitton, David, 19 John Street. 

Whitton. David, 23 Leonard Street. 

Whitton, David, 37 Lordburn 

Whitton, James, carter, 44 Marketgate. 



White, Charles, 

White, D„ sen. 




Dealer in all Kinds of General, Modern, and Antique Furniture, 


Established a Quarter of a Century — The Oldest and Largest. Sec nd-Hand Business 
of its kind in Towd. Always in stock, every description of Household and Office 
Furniture ; also a large stock of Genera), Antique and Modern Gcods on hand. 
The Cheapest and Largest Selection in Town. Furniture, &c , <Sc, bought, sold, 
and exchanged. Highest prices given. 


Drysalter and Manufacturers' Agent, 







Bassinette and Mail Cart Tyres Supplied. Weighing Machines 
Adjusted. Ornamental Railings and Gates Supplied. 



Whitton, James, Bridge Street 
Whitton, Jas., moulder, 30 St Mary St. 
Whitton, John, 19 Leonard Street. 
Whitton, John, carter, 31 Elliot Street 
Whitton, John, vanman, 15 Fergus Square. 
Whitton, John G., cooper, 18 Abbot St. 
Whitton, Mrs, Cairnie Road 
Whitton, Robina, millworker, 37 Lindsay 

Whitton. T., engineer, Simla Cottage, 

Strachan Street 
Whyte, Alex., mason, 23 North Grimsby. 
Whyte, D. V spirit dealer, 124, West Pt. 
Whyte, David, 33 Ladyloan. 
Whyte, David, gardener, Greenfield. 
Whyte, George, labourer, 33 Ladyloan. 
Whyte, Gordon, traction engine driver, 21 

Ernest Street. 
Whyte, Harry, labourer, 41£ Lindsay St. 
Whyte, Jas. D., vintner, 39 Panmure St. 
Whyte, J. S., ship captain, 33 Ladytridge 

Whyte, J. S., druggist, 29 Havswell Rd 
Whyte, James, labourer, 19 Fergus St 
Whyte, James, lorryman, 17 Russell St. 
Whyte, Janet, 20 St Vigeans Road 
Whyte, John, 8 Keptie Street 
Whyte, Mrs, widow, 26 Kyd Street 
Whyte, Mrs, 36 Fergus Square 
Whvte, Mrs Susan, 67 Keptie Street. 
Whvte, Mrs W., 15 Leonard Street. 
Whyte, Thomas, 21 Leonard Street 
Whyte, Win., labourer, 27 Seagate. 
Whvtock, Ann M., widow, 8 Hume St. 
Whytock, Mrs J., 21 Millgate Loan. 
Wilkie, Betsy, widow, 58 Helen Street. 
Wilkie, Edward, 6 James Street _ 
Wilkie, J., engine-driver, 43 Guthrie Pt. 
Wilkie, James, ship officer, Viewfield Road. 
Wilkie, Miss M., housekeeper, 27 Duke St. 
Wilkie, Mrs Jane, 6 <~=nthrie Hill. 
Wilkie, Wm., law clerk, 57 Rossi e St 
Will, Charles C, 11 Queen Street. 
Will, G., police constable, 25 W. Keptie St. 
Will, Tames, 8 Shore 
Will, J. L., mason, 41 Lindsay St. 
Will, John, engineer, 2 Jamieson Street. 
Will, Miss I., stationer, 59 Barngreen. 
Will, Mrs Agnes, widow, 13 Victoria St. 
Will. Wm., bleacher. 25 Havswell Road. 
Williamson, A., 424 Eas t Abbey Street 
Williamson, Alex. D., calendar manager, 

59 Kinnaird Street. 
Williamson, D., lapper, 5 Glover St. 
Williamso-n, D., storekeeper, 7 Glover St. 
Williamson. David, marine engineer, 43 

Ernest Street. 
Wlliamson, George, 35 Leonard Street. 
William on, Henrv moulder. 24 Ann St. 
Williamson, T-, mechanic, 79 Keptie St. 
Williamson, L, plumber, 52 St Mary St. 
Williamson, Jas., reliefman, 45 Ladyloan. 
Williamson, James, railway porter, 23 

Gowan Street. 
Williamson, Miss Annie, 21 Lillie= Wynd. 
Williamson, Mrs A., grocer, 1 Wallace St. 
Williamson, Mrs Mar'- 32 Leonard St. 
Williamson, Wm., reporter, 3 Walker PI. 
Williamson, Wm.. baker, 53 Leonard St. 
Williamson, W., baker, 4 Hamilton Gn. 

Willis, Elspeth, residenter, 25 Commerce 

Willocks, Mrs, 15 Millgate Loan 
Willocks, Dan, flaxdresser, 18 Maule St. 
Willocks, David, 9 Cross Mill Wynd 
V\ illocks, Geo., shoemaker, 9 Sidney St. 
Willocks, Miss Jessie, 1 Hill Place. 
Willocks, Mrs Mary A., 15 Millgate Ln. 
Wilson, Alex., 16 Jamieson Street 
Wilson, Alfred, hairdresser, 243 High St. 
Wilson, Ann, widow, 29 Lordburn 
Wilson, Annie, weaver, lb Panmure St. 
Wilson, C. D., 27 Fergus Square- 
Wilson, D., Labour Exchange manager, 23 

West Port 
Wilson, D. A., 29 Carnegie Street 
Wilson, D. T., jun., upholsterer, 2 Hill PI 
Wilson, D. T., cabinetmaker, 16 Ponder- 

law Street. 
Wilson, Geo., labourer, 52 Marketgate. 
Wilson, Henry, tanner, 24 Elliot Street. 
Wilson, Henrv, 18 Panmure Street 
Wilson, J., retired, 20 Ogilvy Place 
Wilson, Jas., labourer, 7 Bank Street 
Wilsou, James, gardener, Keptie Road 
Wilson, John, labourer, 62 Guthrie Port 
Wilson, John, joiner, 8 Union Street 
Wilson, John A., The Croft, Keptie Rd. 
\\ ilson, Joseph, 27 Hill Street 
Wilson, Misses, Rotomahana 
Wilson, Mrs, 7 Ogilvy Place 
Wilson, Mrs, 25 Ladyloan 
Wilson, Mrs, widow, 18 Hannah Street 
Wilson, Mrs Alex., widow, 18 Abbot St. 
Wilson, Mrs Grace, 240 High Street. 
Wilson, Mrs Jessie, 18 Panmure Street. 
W'ilson, Mrs M. B., tobacco worker, 2 

Russell Street. 
Wilson, Mrs Mary, 21 Dishland Street 
Wilson, Mrs Mary, 24 Fergus Square. 
Wilson, Peter M.. moulder, 32 Ernest St. 
W ilson, Thomas, labourer, 82 Brechin Rd. 
Wilson, T-, 22 Fergus Square 
Wilson, W.. vintner, 13 Ladyloan 
Wilson, William, 6 Culloden Crescent 
Wilson, Wm., bricklayer, 8 W. Newgate 
Winning, M., 22 Glover Street 
Winton, A., 30 Fergus Street 
W inton, A. B., tea'travelLr, 44 High St. 
AMnton, Andrew, lapper, 51 Leonard St. 
Winton, C 7 Anderson Street 
Winton, Margaret. 79 Lochlands Street 
Winton, Mary, 28 Ernest Street 
Winton, Mrs Annie, weaver, 22 Fergus St. 
Win-ward, F. G., 5 West Mary Street 
Wiseman, Tames, plasterer, 1 Ann Street. 
Wishart, J., ironmoulder, 50 St Vigeans 

Wishart, Mrs, 9 Garden Street 
Wishart, Mrs Jessie, 16 Panmure Street 
Wishart, Peter, 9j Applegate 
Wishart. Wm. G., mason, 35 John St. 
Wood, A., shoemaker, 10 Jamieson Street. 
Wood, Alex., assistant keeper, Ladyloan. 
Wood, Ann S.. widow- 3 West Marv St. 
Wood, Colin, baker, 269 High Street. 
Wood, David, weaver. 31 Guthrie Hill. 
Wood, Ernest V., 20 East Abbev Street 
Wood, James, labourer, 20 Hill" Place 
W ood, James, baker, 45 West Abbev St. 


Telephones— Arbroath, No. 114. Friockheim — No. 2. 


Family Bread, Biscuit and Pastry 
— Baker and Confectioner, — 





Vans Deliver Orders in Surrounding Country Districts. 

Orders given in at Arbroath and Friocklieim will be punctually attended to. 

Note Address— 118 High Street, Arbroath. 

David Hutchison, 


1 West Port, - - Arbroath. 

Black and Coloured Silks, Dress Stuffs. Household Napery, 

Blankets, and a Large Assortment of Beautiful Down Quilts, 

made Specially to Order at Very Moderate Prices. 

Always in Stock, a Splendid Assortment of the Famous 
" St Margaret's " Blouses, 


Mey's La Cybele Corsets, Nuvo Corsets, St Margaret's Corsets. 





Wood, Joseph, 16 Jamieson Street. 
I Wood, M. G., 54 Helen Street 
Wood, Mary, 23 Ladyloan. 
Wood, Miss L., 50 Howard Street 
Wood, Miss Norah H., dressmaker, Kep 

tie Street 
Wood, Mrs, 8 Academy Street 
Wood, Mrs Ann S., 3 West Mary St. 
Wood, Mrs Margaret, 64 Cairnie St. 
Woodside, T., insur. clerk., Elliot Place 
Wright, Alex., 18 East Mill Wynd 
Wright, Miss Ann, 33 West Port 
Wright, John, joiner, 16 John Street. 
Wright, John Y„ 47 Green Street 
Wright, William, 12 Bakers Wynd 
Wylie, Mrs Jane, 11 Fergus Square. 
Wyllie, Alex., S., mechanic, 44 Marketgate 
Wyllie, Annie, fisherwoman, 16 Marketgate 
Wyllie, David, policeman, 23 Palmer St. 
Wyllie, Francis, 39 Green Street. 
Wyllie, John, chimnev-sweep. 9 E. Main £.t, 
Wyllie, Mrs, 46 Culloden Road 
Wyllie, Thomas, joiner, 64 Brechin Road. 
Wyllie, W. S., boilermaker, 50 Helen St. 
Wynton, Alex., licensed grocer, 3 Duke St. 
Wynton, David, tailor, 38 Ernest Street. 
Wynton, J. D., draper, 32 Kinnaird St. 
Wynton, Mrs D., residenter, 15 Ponderlaw 

Wynton, Mrs I., 4 Queen Street 
Wynton, Mrs Margaret, 62 Howard St. 

Yarrow, Albert, mechanic, 44 Culloden Rd. 
Yarrow, David, 33 East Mill Wynd 

Yarrow, George, engineer, 41 Rossie St. 
Yarrow, John, ironturner, 9 Culloden Rd. 
Yeaman, A., potato dealer, 22 Helen St. 
Yeaman, Alex., dealer, 14 Brechin Road 
Yeaman, D., labourer, 10 Cross Mill Wy 
Yeaman, John, flaxdresser, 19 Millgate Ln. 
Yeaman, Mary, 74 St Vigeans Road 
Yeaman, Mrs, widow, 18 Ogilvv Place 
Yeaman, W. L., 1 Cross Mill "Wynd 
Young, A. C, gas manager, 32 Ponderlaw 

Young, Alex., joiner, 7 West Mary St. 
Young, Ann R. and M. S., 28 Nolt) Loan 

Young, Arch., plasterer, 7 W. Newgate. 
Young, David, 33 Marketgate 
Young, Elizabeth, 7 W. Newgate 
Young, I., yarndresser, 16 Hannah St. 
Young, J., street porter, 7 Bridge St. 
Young, John, 19 Ladybridge Street 
Young, M. W., shoemaker, 6 St Mary St. 
Young, Miss, shopkeeper, 3 Colvill Place. 
Young, Robertson, 20 Leonard Street 
Young, Robt., jun., fisherman, 18 Seagate. 
Young, Wm., flaxdresser, 14 Millgate Ln. 
Yule, Andrew, 2 Reform Street. 
Yule, Dr Arthur D., 9 Hill Street 
Yule, Mrs Barbara, 20 Victoria Street 

Zaccarini, A., 208 High Street 
Zaccarini, A., 5 Dishland Street 
Zaccarinni, Guiseppe, ice-cream dealer, 

42£ Guthrie Port 
Zerafa, Mrs I. R., 4 Ladybridge Street 




The Arbroath Herald Limited, 


Telephone 43. 





Large Assortment of French Cakes. We Specialize in Meringue 
Work. Catering in all its Branches. 

KNIGHT, Baker, Keptie Street 

Telephone No. 42 

Calder Brothers 


22 Elliot Street, Arbroath. 

Monuments and Headstones in Granite, Marble, and Freestone. 

Designs and Prices Sent on Application. 

Inscriptions Cut in any Cemetery. 

Makers of Concrete Blocks and Slabs. 

All Kinds of Concrete Work Executed by Experts in 
Concrete Construction. 

Jobbing of Every Description Promptly Attended to. 


You will find everything in the Crockery Line that the Housewife requin s 
AT KEENEST PRICES compatible with Good Value. You should da 
your Shopping here. In Town and Country I call regularly for any waste 
that you may wish to dispose of. Goods may be had in Exchange, or 
Cash if desired. My Selection of TOYS is well worth your attention. 

JAS. SWORD, China Merchant, 




Arbroath List of Trades and Professions. 


Black, Rollo S., F.S.A.A., 82 Marketgate 

/Erated Water Manufacturers. 

Demarco, M., 84 High Street 

Dye, John, Brechin Road 

Jack, James, Gravesend and 102 High St. 

Moncur & Co., 10 Helen Street 

Appraisers 6f 1 aluators {Licensed) 

Middleton, \\\, Millgate 

Nairn, James (J. P. Grewar & Son), | 

Robertson & Son, 24 Millgate 
Thomson, Geo. Rutherford, Marketgate 

and High Street 
Wilson, D. T. & Sons, 99-103 High St. 

Asphalt e Manufacturers. 

Briggs, Win. & Sons, Ltd., Elliot Che- 
mical Works. 

Architects and Surveyors. 

Carver & Svmon, Brothock House 
Gavin, Hugh, 42 Hill Street 
Peacock, J. H., 34 Commerce Street 
Surveyor — Farquhar, R. C, Hill Place. 

Assurance Offices — [see Insurance). 
Auctioneers, &>c. 

Geddes, William H., 5 E. Abbey Street 
Maclean, Morton, J. A., 11 Millgate. 
Scott & Graham, Manure, Oilcake, Seed, 

and Potato Merchants, Park Street 

and East Grimsby 
Stephen, R. O., 15 Keptie St. (Fish). 
Thomson, Geo. R. & Son, 43 Marketgate 

and 70 High Street 
Wilson, D. T. & Sons, 99-103 High St. 

Baby Linen Warehouses. 

Bisset, Miss, 140 High Street 
Carnegie, J. C, 149 High Street 
Dundas, A. M., Keptie Street. 
Equitable Co-Oper. Societv, Ltd. 
Grant, J. & C, 33 West Po'rt 
Greig, James R., 37 Commerce Street 
High St. Co-Op. Societv, 252 Ki^h St. 
Hird, Alex., 28 Keptie St. and 258 High 

Moir. J. K., 177 High Street 
Parle, A., London Mantle House 
Peter, B. B., 271 High Street 
Reid, — .. 7 Panmure Street 
Soutar, Jas., Ltd., Sign of the Eagle. 
Stephen, Jane A., 25 Hamilton Green 
Thomson, Mrs, Helen Street 
West Port Association, 20 Keptie Street 
Whitton, B. & J., 221 High Street 


Balfour, Charles L., 41 Barngreen and 

45i Guthrie Port 
Bruce, Mrs, Howard "''cet. 
Bryce, Adam, West Grimsby. 
Equitable Co Operative Society (Ltd.), 

6 Guthrie Port 
Falconer, Wm., 23 Rossie Street 
Grant & Laing, Brothock Bridg:: 
High Street Co-Operative Society (Ltd.), 

252 and 254 High Street 
Keiller & Sons, Ltd., 114 High Street 

and Dundee 
Knight. Robert, 90-92 Keptie Street 
Pearson, J. R., 60 Helen Street 
Porteous, A. W., 162 High Street 
Salmond, George, 199 High Street 
Sanderson, D. A., 206 High Street 
Shepherd, James, 45 St Mary Street 
Soutar, Carnegie, 120 High Street 
West Port Association (Ltd.), 2 and 4 

Keptie Street 
Williamson, W. B., 2 Abbey Place 


Hours 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesdays — 

10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays — 10 a.m. 
to 2 p.m. 
Bank of Scotland, 76 High Street. Agent 

John H. Sim. 
British Linen Bank, Brothock Bridge. 

Agent — W. Soutar. 
Clydesdale Banking Company, 62 High 

Street. Agent — W. H. Alexander. 
Commercial Bank of Scotland, 113 High 

Street. Agent — G. Tillotson. > 
National Bank of Scotland, Ltd., Bro- 
thock Bank. Agents— J. R. W. Clark 
and A. Oliver. 
North of Scotland and Town & County 

Bank, 87 High Street. Agent— R. 

Roval Bank of Scotland, 69 High Street. 

"Agent— R, S. Sweet. 
Arbroath Savings Bank, 90 High Street. 

R. M. C. Mackintosh Actuary. Open 

also on Fridays, 6 to 8 p.m. 


General Billpo^ting Co. Agent — Alex. 

Thorns, 12 Abb?v Path 
Michie, James M. B., 18 Church Street 


Birse, Alex., 9 T 'nd^ay btreet. 
Carcary & Christie, 7 West Mill Wynd 
Grindlav. W.. Spink Street 
Herron." Peter & Sen, 22 Ponderlaw St., 

and 16 South Grimsby 
Knox, David, Dickheld Street 
Petrie, Alex., Gravesend 



Established Over Half-a-Century. 

George Salmond 



Telephone 164 

Our Fairport Gingerbread, Tea and Paste Biscuits, and 
Oatcakes, are Favourites wherever used. 


Is a line we pay particular attention to, and from our long experience in the 
selection and manipulation of the different materials, with the aid of the most 
up-to-date machinery, we supply to the public the principal ariicle of dietary 
to please the most fastidious taste. 

Van Deliveries in all Parts ot the Town Daily. 



Gravestones and 


Executed in Marble, 

Granite and 


We Specialise in 

Marble and Tile 


All Classes of 

Building Construc= 

tion Executed 

in Stone, Brick, 

or Reinforced 


Designs submitted 

and Estimates 






Fraser, Douglas & Sons, Friockheim 
Kelly Bleaching Co., Wormyhills, Elliot 
Watson & Shield, Waulkmills 
Webster, Wm. & Co., Wardmill Bleach- 

Boiler Makers. 

Arbroath Foundry, Ltd., E. Mary St. 
Fraser, Douglas & Sons, Ltd., Westburn 

Keith & Blackman, Ltd., High Street 
Shanks, A. & Son, Ltd., Dens Iron Wks 

Booksellers, Stationers, Newsagents 

Those marked a are newsagents only. 
Anderson, Chas. C, 39 Guthrie Port 
Bouick, David, 55 Keptie Street 
aChristie, A., Lochland Street. 
Craig, Fredk., 10 Brothock Bridge 
Cuthill, R., 49 Keptie Street 
Cuthill, Mrs, 50 Keptie Street 
aDillv, James, Ponderlaw 
Dorward, Mrs Wm., 68£ Lochland Street 
Drummond, Mrs J., Millgate Loan 
Ferrier, A., 182 High Street 
Gardiner, A., 52 Guthrie Port. 
Hood, J. F. & Son, 94 High Street and 

30 Keptie Street 
Johnson, G., 9b Millgate 
«Laing, Miss, Dishland Street 
Leslie, Wm., 277 High Street 
Lownie, A., 217 High Street 
Martin, J. B., 46 Keptie Street 
M'Ewan, Miss, 2 Lochland Street 
Pyott, George, 256 High Street. 
aRamsay, R. B., 192 High Street 
Ruxton, Mrs James, 26 Millgate 
aScott, Miss, 26 Millgate Loan 
Smart, D., 8 West Port 
Spink, Mrs, 18 Commerce Street 
Strachan, Wm. B., 255 High Street 
Thornton, Robert, 41 Guthrie Port 
aWatson, Mrs, 50 Cairnie Street 
Will, Miss, 59 Barngreen 


Arbroath Herald, Ltd., Brothock Bridge 
Buncle, T. & Co., Market Place 
Hood, J. F. & Son, 94 High Street 
Strachan, W. B., 255 High Street 

Boot and Shoe Makers and Dealers. 

Fairweather, Samuel & Sons, Abbey 

Leather Works. Shops— 213 High St. 

and 20a Keptie Street 
Fraser, D. & Sons, Wellgate Works 

(Patent Canvas Shoes) 
Grant, Colin, Ltd., Hill Road Factory. 

Shop— 86 High Street 

Brewin, J., 13 Russell Street 
Cuthbert, David, 50 Millgate Loan 
Donaldson, W., 16 Academy Street 

Equitable Co-Operative Society (Ltd.), 

Guthrie Port. A. Hood, manager 
Gill, W., 7 Allan Street 
Greenlees & Son, West Port 
High Street Co-Operative Society (Ltd.), 
250 High Street. W. Baird, manager 
Hunter, G. R., 200 High Street 
King, Arthur, 93 Keptie Street 
Kinloch, Geo., 56 Keptie Street 
M'Laren Bros., 29 Commerce Street 
Raitt, George K., 15 Panmure Street 
Ramsay, Allen, 65 St Mary Street 
Sim, J., 13 Barngreen 
Singer & Booth, 39 Commerce Street 
Stephen, Geo., 75 Keptie Street 
Stiven, And., bootmaker, 34 Cairnie St 
Tosh, Wm., 31 Hamilton Green 
Tyler, H. P., 215 High Street 
Welsh, James, 16 Fergus Square 
West Port Association, 6 West Port. R. 
Low, manager 


Arbroath Foundry Ltd., East Mary St 
Duncan & Colvill, 32 Lillies Wynd 
Fraser. D. & Sons, Westburn Foundry 
James Keith & Blackman Co., High St. 

M'Kechnie, Robert, 9 Lindsay Street. 
Shanks & Son, Ltd., Dens Ironworks 

Brokers {Licensed). 

Buick, Albert, 14 Panmure Street 
Caird, Mrs J. G., 49 Millgate Loan 
Collins, Sarah, 33 West Grimsby 
Ferguson, Mrs, 11 & 13 Applegate. 
Fettes, Wm. B., 21 N. Grimsby 
Geddes, Mrs W., Guthrie Port. 
Kelly, James, 4 West Grimsby 
King, Robert, 8-10 Bakers Wynd 
M'Farlane, Edward, 49 Guthrie Port 
Pert, Mrs, Applegate 
Sleith, James, 16 West Grimsby 
Stewart, D.L., 39, 41, 43 ^\ Abbey St. 
Wallace, Alice, 52 Helen Street 


Calder Bros., Elliot Street. 
Christie & Anderson, E. Mary Street 
Ramsav & Gordon, Fergus Square 
Reid, Alex., 17 Lindsay Street 
Shepherd, James, 25 Fisheracre 
Smart, Wm. B., Brechin Road 
Sutherland, A., 1 Barngreen 


Armatage, Peter, 65 Keptie Street 
Boath, Fred F., 24 Keptie Street 
Boath, W. D., 39 High Street 
British & Argentine Co., 27 West Port 
Carrie, Wm, Marketgate 
Edmonds, T. W., Fergus Street 
Glass, Robert, 2 Brechin Road 
Harris, Geo., 29 Millgate and Hamilton 

High Street Co-Operative Society, Ltd., 

246 High Street 



Lamb, J.. 78 High Street 
Moore, C., 62 Keptie Street 
Moore, Sam., Millgate Loan. 
Myles, W., 48 Cairnie Street 
Ruxton, A., 282 High Street 
Ruxton, G., Keptie Street 
Stewart, G., 173 High Street 
Thomson, Wm., 148 High Street 
Walker, D \\, 1 Millgate Loan 

Butter and E 

f Merchants. 

6 Keptie Street & 

Buttercup Dairv Co 
193 High Street 
Dunlop, Mrs, 26 Keptie Street 
Mavpole Dairv Co., 171 High Street 
M'Callum, Colin P., 41 Millgate Loan 
Reid, E. and A., High Street. 
Shepherds Dairies, 21 West Port 
Wiltshire Dairy, 29 Market Place 

Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers. 

Butchart, R. T., 23 Guthrie Port 
Grewar, T. P. & Son, Corner, Gravesend 
Mackav, D. & Co., West Grimsbv 
Middleton, Wm. & Sons, Millgate 
Pert, John, 16 Applegate 
Reid, Wm., Ponderlaw Lane 
Thomson, G. R. & Son. High Street 
Wilson, D. T. & Sons. 99-103 High St. 


Biglands Limited, carriers. Agent — D. 

Smart, 8 West Port 
Byars & Mitchell, Dundee & Arbroath 

Transport Service 
Cameron, J. P., carting contractors. G. 

Farquhar, local agent. 
Caledonian Railwav. Office — Robert St. 

Agent — D. Neish. 
Dundee and Arbroath Joint Railway. 

Office — Robert Street. Agent — J. Jones 
Globe Express Agent— D. T. Wilson, 99 

High Street 
London & North-Western Railwav. 
Moffat, A. & W., carriers. Agent— D. 

Smart, 8 West Port 
North British Railway. Office— Robert 

Street. Agent — G. Farquhar. 
Rea, Robert, 9 Bog Lane 
Wordie & Co., carriers for Caledonian 

Railwav. Office — Robert St. Agent — 

D. M. Baxter 

Carting Contractors. 

Culbert, John, South Grimsby 
Dunbar, D., Convent Street 
Moonlight, J., 55 West Grimsby 
Muir, Thomas, Son & Patton, Helen St. 
Skea, C, 17 Hannah Street 
Smith, Hood & Co., 53 Keptie Street 

Cement Merchants. 

Brand, W. & Son, Dishland Street 

Cables, James, 32 Kyd Street 

Calder Bros., Elliot Street. 

Muir, Thomas, Son & Patton, Helen St. 

Chemists and Druggists. 

Sundav Hours — 12.45 to 1.45 p.m.; and 

5.45 to 8 p.m. 
Bennett, F. W. M., 238 High Street 
Boots Cash Chemists, 154 High Street 
Cooper, George, 12 Keptie Street 
Duncan, H., 209 High Street 
Jack, James (agent for W. & A. Gilbey, 

wine and spirit merchants, London), 

102 High Street 
Robertson, John, 19 West Port 
Ruxton, James, 59 Keptie Street 
Whyte, J. S., 57 Guthrie Port 

Chimney Sweeps. 

Carrie, D., 42£ E. Abbey Street 

Hood, Wm., Guthrie Port 

Rae, A., 24 Smithy Croft 

Soutar, J., 17 Gowan Street 

Wyllie, John R., 9 East Mary Street 

China and Glass Merchants. 

Arbroath High St. Co-Oper. Society, 
Ltd. (Furnishing Department). 

Buick, Albert, 14 Panmure Street 

Craig, J. B., 37 Millgate 

Jagger's Sale Rooms, Bridge Street 

Johnston's Emporium, 31 to 37 Commerce 
Street and 282 High Street 

Robertson's Stores, 25 West Port and 52 
Keptie' Street 

Sword, James, 19 Guthrie Port 

Wallace, R. K., Ltd., 3 & 5 James Street 

Coachbuilders and Cartwrights. 

Arbroath Horsehiring Company. 
Black, James & Coy., truest Street 
Young, D. & Sons, South Grimsby 

Coal Merchants. 

Aitken, Thos., 35 Millgate 

Friendly Coal Society, Limited, 29 Lady- 
loan. Ed. Spink, manager 

Hunter, W. C, Millgate 

Leslie, J. G., 5 Millgate 

Muir, Thos, Son & Patton, Ltd., Rail- 
way Station and Shore (also at Car- 
noustie and Inverkeilor Railway 

Smith, Hood & Co., Keptie Street and 
Chalmers Street (also at Carnoustie, 
Inverkeilor, and Redford, Carmyllie) 

Teviotdale, James, South Street 


Adamson, Miss B., 10 Keptie Street 
Allardice, Miss, 79 Keptie Street 
Anderson, M., Lochland Street. 


20 3 

Barrie, Mrs. 17 Rossie Street 
Burnett, Miss, 118 High Street 
Butchart, Mrs. West Newgate 
Cargill, T., 4 High. Street 
Carrie, Miss M., 218 High Street 
Christie, Miss, 34 Lochland Street 
Chri tison, Mrs " D.. 72 Keptie St. 
Davidson, Mrs, 94 Keptie Street 
Demarco, Geo., 100 Keptie Street 
Demarco, Geo. & Sons, 10 West Port. 
Dorward, M., 85 Keptie Street 
Drury, Miss, 3 Rossie Street 
Dundee and Arbroath Confections and 
Preserve Manufacturing Company, 
(Limited), James Street. W. C. 
Chalmers, manager (wholesale). 
Dunlop Mrs, 25 Keptie Street 
Esplin, Mrs, 13 Millgate Loan 
Forbes, Mrs Geo., 69 Millgate Loan 
Gauldie, Mrs A., 63 Keptie Street 
Grant, M. Y., 2 12 High Street 
Harper, J. W., 2 Guthrie Port 
Keiller & Sons, Ltd., 114 High Street 
Lowden, E. M., 9 West Port 
M'Callum, Colin P., 41£ Millgate Loan 
Mann, Miss, 7 Millgate 
Mamie, Andrew, 196 High Street 
Mathewson's, 14 & 34 Commerce St 
Minchella, G., 144 High Street 
Neave. Mrs, Lochland Street 
Olympia Store, 29 Market Place 
Oswald, Miss Jane, 78 Marketgate 
Pearson, J. R., 60 Helen Street 
Porteous, Alex., 162 High Street 
Pvott's, 246a High Street 
Ramsav, Miss, 188 High Street 
Reid, E. and A., High Street. 
Remati & Carini, 14 Keptie Street 
Salmond, G., 199 High Street (wholesale 

and retail) 
Scott, Miss, 26 Millgate Loan 
Scott, Mrs M., 286 High Street 
Scrymgeour, Mrs, 13 Dishland Street 
Smith, Andrew, 21 St Vigeans Road 
Taylor, Miss, 76 Lochland Street 
Tavlor, Miss M., 36 Helen Street 
Watson, Mrs, 50 Cairnie Street 
Winton, James, 59 Guthrie Port and 31 
West "Port (wholesale and retail) 

Corn Merchants. 

Cowper, H. S., Brothock Bridge 
Cunningham, J. & J., Ltd., 20 West 

Grant, J. C. & Son, 19 Ladyloan 
Scott & Graham, Ltd., Park Street 
Smith, J. & J., East Grimsby 

Cycle Agents. 

Addison, Alex., 281 High Street 
Clark, Thos., 274 High Street 
Cobb, A., West Links Toll-House 
Cuthbert & Co., Commerce Street 
Fairweather, J., Helen Street 
Lochland Street Garage 
Mitchell. R., Hamilton Green. 
Robbie, D. & Co., 26 Brothock Bank 
Smith, J. S. & Son, 124 High Street 
Thomson, James A., 132 High Street 
Watson, James, 1 Russell Street 

Dairies and Dairymen. 

Brown. T. L., West Kirkton 
Burnett, Wm., Murray Place, Arbroath 
Carrie, J., Elliot 
Cooper, D., Gowanbank, Colliston 
Copland. James, Crudie 
Davie, Alex., Easthills, Carmyllie. 
Edwards, Wm., Loanhead, Colliston 
Fell, William, Mains of Carmyllie 
Findlay, George, Densicle 
Gair, D., Emislaw 
Gibb, David, Conon, Carmyllie 
Gibb, D. T., jun., Montquhir 
Grav, Donaldson, Gallowden 
Hosie, T., Muirhead 
Kerr, James, Blairbank 
Laing. J., Annfield 
Law, Robert, West Seaton 
Leitch, W. F. Braxtoll 
MacEwan, W., Mains of Seaton 
M'Ewan, E., Boghead 
M'Callum, Colin P., Millgate Loan 
Nicol, W., Rosebrae 
Patterson, Geo., Mains of Letham 
Roberts, Joseph, Newbigging 
Sherrit, Alex., Springfield 
Sherrit, Alex., jun., Culloden 
Smeaton, Thomas, Milton Haugh, Car- 
Soutar, Charles, Bank, Arbirlot 
Soutar, David, Westhills, Carmyllie 
Soutar, E., Bovsackhill 
Thomson, W. C, Hillhead, Carmyllie 
Walker, J., Bankfoot, St Vigeans 
Whyte, James, Bearfauld 
Wilson, Wm., Conon, Colliston 

/) ivca 'teachers. 

Clulow, Miss High School 
Hall, Miss C, Central Dining Rooms 
Jackson, D. W., 272 High Street 
Jackson, W. W., West Keptie Street 
Lowe, G. B., 33 Elliot Street 
M'Leod, J., Forester's Hall, Green St 
Nairn, Mrs A., 20 Leonard Street 
Reid. Miss A., Towerbank House, James 

Scott & Cuthill, Greenbank, Lillies Wy 

Dentists and Teeth Specialists. 

Alexander, J., 169 High Street 

Campbell, Dr H. G., dental surgeon, 23 
West Port 

Davie, A., Herald Buildings, Brothock 

Hunter, H. Stirrat, L.D.S., Prudential 
Buildings, High Street 

M'Pherson, W. H., 86 High Street 

Sime, G., Mrs Rodger's, 88 Keptie St. 

Small, D. M. (qualified surgeon), Dish- 
land House 



Bvars, David, 151 High Street. 
Dundas, A. M., 13 Keptie Street 
Equit. Co-Operative Society, Limited, 

Guthrie Port 
Ewing, T., 203 High Street 



Fyfe, Mrs, 15 West Port 

Greig, James R., 37 Commerce Street 

High Street Co-Operative Society, Ltd., 

252 High Street 
Hird, Alex., 28 Keptie Street, and 252 

High Street 
Hutchison, David, 1 West Port 
Matthew & Son, 226 High Street 
Milligan, Robert, 7 Keptie Street 
M 'Mullen, Mrs, 167 High Street 
Moir, J. K., 177 High Street 
Park, A., London Mantle House 
Reid, 7 Panmure Street 
Soutar, James, Ltd., 104-108 High St. 
Stephen, M., Hamilton Green 
Thomson, Mrs St Clair, 63 Helen Street 
Thornton, David & Son, 261 High St. 
Watson, J. D., Brothock Bridge 
West Port Association, Ltd., 24 West 

Whitton, B. & J., 221 High Street 


Anderson, Miss, Herald Buildings 
Byars, D., 151 High Street 
Cobb, Miss V. G., 3 West Grimsby 
Donaldson. Miss, Bridge Street 
Ellis, Miss, 146 High Street. 
Forsyth, Miss, 47 Rossie Street 
Grant, I. & B., 45 Cairnie Street 
Hogg, J. & L., 69 Keptie Street 
Liddle, Miss, Academy Street 
Matthew & Son, 226 High Street 
Ogilvy, Miss, 253 High Street 
Park, A., 145 High Street 
Peebles, Miss, 130 High Street 
Peter, Miss B. B., 271 High Street. 
Petrie, Miss, 28 Ann Street 
Ramsay, Miss, 146 High Street. 
Rennie, Miss M. F., 46 Rossie Street 
Spark, Miss, 6 Rossie Street 
Taylor, Mrs, Ann Street 
Thornton, D. & Sons, 261 High Street 
Valentine, Miss M., 2 Dishland Street 
Wilkie, Miss, 11 Howard Street 
Wood, Miss N. H., Keptie Street 

Dyers and Agents. 

Achille Serre. Agents— Arbroath Steam 

Laundry, Keptie Road 
Bowie, W. & J., Glasgow— Agent, Miss 
Bisset, 140 High Street, and Hector 
Urquhart, Guthrie Port. 
Maclure, E. & J., 68 Helen Street 
Pullar, J. & Sons, Perth. Agents— J. & 
C. Grant, 33 West Port, and 
James Soutar, Ltd., High Street 
Stevenson Bros., Brothock Bridge. 


Atkinson, F., 3 Gowan Street 
Crook & Webster, 35 Guthrie Port 
Grant, T. R., 22 Brothock Bridge 
Herron & Colville, 56 Keptie Street 
Ponsford & MacHardy, 165 High Street 
Rayne, David, 13 W. Abbey Street 
Munro, M. D., 32 Dishland Street 

Emigration Agents. 

Thomson, Geo. Rutherford & Son, Mar- 

ketgate and 70 High Street 
Wilson, D. T., 99 and 101 High Street 

Engineers and Ironfonnders. 

Arbroath Foundry, Ltd. 
Craig, James, James Street. 
Fairweather, D., Helen Street 
Fraser, D. & Son, Westburn Foundry 
Keith, J. & Blackman, Co. (gas hydrau- 
lic, steam,, and hot water), High St. 
Law, James & Son, East Grimsby 
Shanks, Alex. & Son, Ltd., Dens Iron 

Shepherd, Wm., Hume Street 

Fancy Goods Merchants. 

Carnegie, J. C, 159 High Street 
Craig, Fredk., 10 Brothock Bridge 
Ferrier, A.. 182 High Street 
Johnston's Emporium, 31 Commerce St. 

and High Street 
Lefevre, H. V., 228 High Street 
M'Ewan, Miss, 2 Lochland Street 
Moffat, Joseph, 32 Keptie Street. 
Pyott, G., 256 High Street 
Ramsay. R. B., High Street. 
Robertson's Stores, 25 West Port and 52 
Keptie Street 

Fishmongers and Fish Curers. 

Anderson, R. J. & Co., 208 High Street 

Beattie, D., 6 Brothock Bridge 

Campbell, Mrs, High Street 

Cargill, J., 63 Guthrie Port & Lordburn 

Cargill, Robert, 58 Keptie Street 

Gracie, Robert, 6 Brothock Bridge 

Johnston & Son, Seagate 

Moir, W., 5 and 7 Applegate 

Stephen, R. O., 15 Keptie Street and 

Danger Point 
Stout, Thomas, Ltd., 23 Millgate 
Swan, J., Barngreen 
Swankie & Smith, Shore 
Weir, James G., John Street 

Fish Merchants ayid Salesmen. 

Beattie, 8 West Newgate. 
Geddes, William, 5 E. Abbey Street 
Johnston & Son, Seagate 
Shepherd, Geo., Millgate 
Stephen, R., Danger Point. 

Flax Merchants. 

Greig, John F. & Son, 50 E. Abbey St. 
Herron & Kelly, Shore 
Sandeman, 27 Marketgate. 
Wallace, A. & Son, 43 Lordburn 
Robb Brothers, Dishland Street 

Fruiterers, Florists, and Green 

Adamson, Miss B., 10 Keptie Street 
Allardice, Miss, 77 Keptie Street 
Anderson, M., Lochland Street 



Burnett, Miss, 122 High Street 

Christie, Miss, Lochland Street 

Clark. Joe, 63 Guthrie Port 

Dorward, M., 85 Keptie Street 

Dick, J. M., 38 Guthrie Port 

Fyfe, VV. & H., 16 Millgate 

Grant, Miss, Market Place 

M Galium, Colin P., Millgate Loan 

Marnie, Andrew, 196 High Street 

Menzies, A., 232 High Street 

Neave, Mrs, 36 Lochland Street 

Pyott, George, 255a High Street 

Reid, E. and A., High Street 

Ross, Mrs, 3 Guthrie Port and 244 Hich 

Smith, Andrew, 21 St Vigeans Road 
Smith, James, 37 West Port 
Smith, M., 7 Barngreen 
Strachan, Walter, 185 High Strett 

Funeral Undertakers. 

Farquhar. R. C, 4 Hill Place 
Grewar, J. P. & Son, Panmure Street 
Kvdd, James & Sons, South Grimsbv. 
M'ackav, D. & Co., 39J, W. Grimsby 
Middleton, W. & Sens, Millgate House 
Robertson & Son, 24 Millgate 
Sievwright, J. & R. W-, 31 Lordburn 
Wilson, D. T., & Sons, 99-103 High St. 

Game Dealers — [See Poulterers). 
Hardeners (Market § Jobbing) 

Beattie, David, Hospitalfield 
Laing. Alexander, Maryfield 
Leadingham, D., Bishoploch 
Mills. Alexander, 16 Kyd Street 
Wilson, J.. Lochside Gardens. 
Patterson, George, Dishland Hill 
Sutherland & Grahame, 7 Lochland St 

Gas-fitters — (See Plumbers). 
Glaziers and Glass Merchants. 

Grant, W. L. & Son, 267 High Street 
Mathewson, E. VV., Brothock Bridge 
Millar, George, 15 Keptie Street 
Savege T. & Co., High Street 
Savege, T. & D., 257 High Street 
Scott, David J., Brothock Bridge 
Scott, E., 6 MilTgate Loan 

Grocers (unlicensed) and Provision 

Allardice, L., 77 Keptie Street 
Bruce, Mrs A., 37 Ladyloan 
Butchart, Mrs, West Newgate 
Buttercup Dairv Co., 5 Keptie Street 

and 193 High Street 
Christison, Mrs, 74 Keptie Street 
Cooper & Co.. 207 High Street 
Davidson, John, 18 Brothock Bridge 
Dick, J. M., 33 Guthrie Port 
Dorward, A.. 87 Keptie Street 
Equitable Co-Operative Society, Ltd.. 
Guthrie Port, 60 Keptie Street, 4i 
Fergus St., and ] Brothock Bridge 

Esplin, Mrs, 13 Millgate Loan 
Forbes, Mrs, 69 Millgate Loan 
Jarron, J. B., Kirk Square 
High Street Co-Operative Society, Ltd., 
252 and 5/ High Street, 61 St Mary 
Street, and 39A Millgate Loan 
Lipton, Ltd., 16 Keptie Street 
Low, Wm. & Co., 17 Keptie Street 
Maypole Dairy Co., 171 High Street 
Pearson, James, 60 Helen Street 
Ruxton, D., 4lo Ladyloan 
Shepherds Dairies, 21 West Port 
Shepherd, Mrs, 25 Ernest Street 
West Port Association, Ltd., 58 High 
Street, 4 Keptie St., 54 and 56 Loch- 
land St., 59 E. Abbey St., 38 Barn- 
green, and 46 Cairnie Street 
Porter, Charles, Corner ot Cairnie St. 
and Russell Street 

Grocers (licensed) and Provision 

Brown, Mrs J. H., 3^ Brothock Bridge 

Brown, Robert, 1 Keptie Street 

Cowie, J. A., 194 High Street 

Doig, H. R. H., 71 and 73 Guthri; Ppft 

Doig, Arthur, 15 Union Street 

Doig, James, 71 and 73 Guthrie Port 

(wholesale and retail) 
Dorward, Geo. & Co., Bank St. (whole- 
Ferrier, Mrs, 44 Keptie Street 
Gall, Mrs, 1 Culloden Road 
Gilbert, Mrs, 3 Princes Street 
Hall, E. W. K., 47 Keptie Street 
Jack, John, 288 High Street 
Kerr, David, 7 Fergus Square 
Law, Alex., 29 Lillies Wynd 
Leith, James, 1 Panmure Street 
Low, George W., 242 High Street 
Mackintosh, Mrs Agnes, 44 Fergus Sq. 
Marr, Mrs Jane, 82 Cairnie Street 
Mill, Stewart, 1 Ernest Street 
Mitchell, Chas., 66 Keptie Street 
Porter, Charles, 52 Cairnie Street 
Pyott, Geo., 44 Green Street 
Pyott, Mrs, Guthrie Port 
Rennie, Wm., 5 Guthrie Port 
Robbie, Miss M., 89 Keptie Street 
Ross C. W. A., 12 Millgate Loan 
Scott, Andrew, 195 High Street 
Steven, Jemima, 20 Ann Street 
Stevenson,. James, 53 Ladyloan 
Storrier, Mrs David, 29 Panmure Street 
Strachan, Wallace & Whyte, 290 High 

Street (wholesale) 
Thorneycroft, W. H., 127 High Street 
Watson, Henry, 10 Fergus Street 
Watson, John, 18 Keptie Street 
Whitton, Chas. P., 26 High Street 
Wynton, Alex., 3 Duke Street 


Alexander, R., 11 Millgate 
Baird, George, Commerce Street 
Baird, J., 34 Cairnie Street 
Baird, R.. 5 W. Grimsby 
Blair, 1 Hamilton Green 



Cant, Harry, 273 High Street 
Cargill, — ., Barngreen 
Crowe, Geo., 16 Brothock Bridge 
Crowe, W., 18 West Port 
Gibb, J. P., 284 High Street 
M'Gregor, Harry. Spink Street 
Mudie, Alex., Allan Street 
Patullo, W. A., 212 High Street 
Ritchie. J. A., 82 Keptie Street 
Robb, D., 63 Marketgate 
Wilson, Alfred, 243 High Street 

Hatters and Hosiers. 

Adamson, A. K., 9 Keptie Street 
Macdonald, D. R., 2 West Port, and 23 

Commerce Street 
Mvles, C. Y. & Sons, 112 High Street 
Ogilvy. D., 152 High Street 
Peter, James, 20 Commerce Street 
Ramsay, D. & Co., 98 High Street 
Rust, H. L. C, 20 Keptie Street 
Soutar, James, Ltd., 104 High Street 


Arbroath Horsehiring Co., Ltd., Dish- 
land Street 

White Hart Hiring and Garage Co., 
Kirk Square 


Imperial — S. Banks, 21 Keptie Street 

Royal— Calder, High Street. 

Waverley Temperance — Misses Mollison, 

Catherine Street 
White Hart— Alex. Smith, 163 High St. 

House Decorators — {See Painters). 
Ice Cream Makers. 

Brattesani, James, Lochland Street 
Canale, Guiseppe, 230 High Street 
Demarco, Geo., 100 Keptie Street 
Demarco, Geo. & Sons, 10 West Port 
Demarco, Luigi, Seaforth 
Diinarco, M., 84 High Street 
Dora & Co., Applegate and 45 High St. 
Minchella, G., 142 High Street 
Remati, Peter, 14 Keptie Street 
Zaccarini, 42 Guthrie Port 

Inns and Taverns — (See Public- 

Insurance and Assurance Offices. 

Britannic Assurance Co., Ltd., 6 Apple- 

Pearl Assurance Co., High Street. 
Superintendent— Robt. Kinnear 

Plate Glass Mutual Insurance Associa- 
tion. Secretary, W. H. Alexander, 
High Street 

Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd., High 
St. Mr Purdie, Superintendent. 

Royal Liver Assurance Socity. James 
Littlejohn, 29 Guthrie Port 

Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 
District Manager— Robt. Guthrie 20 
Green Street 

Iron and Steel Merchants. 

Buick, Albert, 14 Panmure Street 
Cuthbert & Co., 8-12 Commerce Street 
Kelly. J., Shore. 

M'Farlane S: Co.. South Grimsby. 
Rathjen, S. W., 232 High Street 


Cuthbert & Co., 8-12 Commerce Street 
Johnston's Emporium, 31-37 Commerce St 

and High Street 
Rathjen, S. W., 214 High Street 
Robertson's Stores, 25 West Port, 152 

Keptie Street. 
Smith, J. S. & Sons, 124 High Street 
Thomson, James A., 132 High Street 

Jewellers — (S^ee Watchmakers). 
Joiners and Wrights. 

Braid, J., St Mary Street 
Black, James & Co., Erne t Street 
Chisholm, J. B., 80 Keptie Street 
Duncan & Will, Union Street East 
Farquhar, R. C., 4 Hill Place 
Kyd. D., Gravesend 

Kvdd, James & Sons, 6 E Marv Street 
M'ackav & Co.. 39 W. Grimsby" 
Robertson, T. & Son, 24 Millgate 
Roberteon, W., Hill Road 
Sievwright, T & R. W., 31 Lordburn 
Young & Sons (and Cartwrights), S. 


Ross, James. 4 Hill Road 


Arbroath Steam Laundry — D. L. Manson, 

Keptie Road. 
Gauldie, Miss, 3$ Millgate Loan 
Matthewson, Miss, 15 Hannah Street 
Reid, Miss, West Keptie Street 
Shanks, Mrs, 1 W. Keptie Street 
Stevenson Bros.. Brothock Bridge 
Taylor, Miss, 74 Lochland Street 

Leather Merchants, Tanners, and 


Fairweather, Samuel & Sons, Abbey 

Works and Millgate Loan 
Grant, Colin, Ltd., Hill Road Factory 
Swirles, A. & Son, Ponderlaw Street 


Flax Sfinners. 
Those marked (;') are also Jute Spinners 
/Anderson & Chalmers, St Rollox Works 

and Brothock Mill 
Corsar Brothers, Applegate Works 
Corsar, D. & Sons, Ltd., Nursery Mills 
Fraser, D. & Sons, Wellgate Works 
/Lowson, Andrew, Ltd., Greens. Baltic, 

Inch, Lindsay Street, and John St. 



•-'0 7 

Nicol, Alex. & Co., Chalmers St. Works 
/Netherward Spinning and Weaving Co., 

Netherward Works 
Webster Bros. & Co., Stanley Works 
Webster, Francis & Sons, Alma Works 
and Burnsidc Works 

Rope and Twine. 
Gauldie & Sons, West End Rope Works 
Webster Bros. & Co., Stanley Works 

Anderson & Chalmers, St Rollox Works 

and Brothock Mill 
Corsar Bros., Applegate Works 
Corsar, D. & Sons, Ltd., Spring Garden 

Fraser, Douglas & Sons, Wellgate Works 
Lowe, David & Co., Dens Works 
Lowson, And., Ltd., Baltic Works and 

Green's Mill 
Netherward Spinning and Weaving Co. 
Nicol, A. & Co., Chalmers St. Works 
Thomson, M. C. & Co., Wardmill Fac- 
tory and Ladyloan 
Webster, Francis & Sons, Alma Works 

and Burnside Works 
Wilson & Cunningham, Victoria Works 

Manure and Oil Cake Merchants. 

Cunningham, J. & J., West Grimsby 
Cuthbert & Co., 8-12 Commerce Street 
Muir, Son, & Patton, Ltd.. Helen St 
Scott & Graham, Park St (The Mart) 
Vernon, F. M., Keptie Street 

Medical Practitioners. 

General Surgery Hours— 9 to 10 a.m., 6 
to 8 p.m. Saturdays, for Country 
People, 2 p.m. 

Davidson, Dr, Hill Street 

Dewar, W. J...M.B., CM., 13 Hill Ter. 

Farrar, Willoughby House, Helen St 

Gilruth, James, M.B., CM., Hyde Park, 
Bank Street ' 

Keith, J. M., M.B., CM., 213a High St. 

Kelly, R., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., 61 Kep- 
tie Street 

Laing, David, M.D., 13 Maule Street 

Thomson, Jas., M.B., CM., Gowanpark 

Yule, Arthur D.. M.B., CM., B.Sc, 
(P.H.), Hill Street 


Byars, D.. 151 High Street 
Dundas, J. D., 13 Keptie Street 
Equitable Co-Operative Society, 36 

Guthrie Port 
Ewing. Thos., 203 High Street 
Fyfe, Mrs, 15 West Port 
Grey, Katharine, Kirk Square 
High St. Co-Op. Society, 252 High St. 
Hutchison, David, 1 West Port 
Jones, Miss, 27 Market Place 
Milligan, R., 7 Keptie Street 
Mitchell, Miss, Brothock Bridge 
M'Mullen, Mrs, 167 High Street 
Moir, J. K., 177 High Street 
Park, A., London Mantle House 
Peter, Miss B., 271 High Street 

Steele, Miss, 14 West Port 
Strachan & Farquhar, 177 High Street 
Soutar, James, Ltd., 108 High Street 
Thornton. D. & Son, 281 High Street 
West Port Assciation, 24 West Port 

Monumental Masons. 

Calder Bros. Office— Elliot Street. 
Easton. Frank, Cemetery gate 
Reid, A., Lindsay Street 
Shepherd, James, Fisheracre 
Smart, W. B., Brechin Road 
Sutherland, A., Barngreen 

Motor Engineers. 

Arbroath Horsehiring Co., Dishland St. 
Burnett's Garage, Garden Street 
Carcarv & Christie, 7 West Mill Wynd 
Craig, 'W. A., 23 James Street 
Doyle, P., Lochland Street 
Grlndlay, W., Spink Street 
Law, James & Son, East Grimsby 
Robbie, D. & Co., Dishland Street 

Motor Hirers 

Arbroath Horsehiring Co., Dishland St 
Craig W. A., 23 James Street 
Law. James & Son, brothock Bridge 
Robbie. D. & Co.. Dishland Street 
White Hart Hiring Co., Kirk Square 

Motor Transport Carriers. 
Byars & Mitchell, Blindloch 
Rea, P., Bog Lane 

Motor Spirit and Oil Merchants. 

Addison, Alex., 281 High Street 
Clark, Thomas, 274 High Street 
Cuthbert & Co., 8-12 Commerce Street 
Doyle, P., Lochland Street 
Fairweather, D., Helen Street 
Johnston's Emporium, Commerce Street 
Law, James & Son, Brothock Bridge 
Mitchell, Robert, 42 Barngreen 
Rathjen, Sam., 214 High Street 
Robbie, D. & Co., Dishland Street and 

Brothock Bridge 
Smith J. S. & Sons, 124 High Street 
Thomson, James A., 132 High Street 
Watson, J. J., 1 Russell Street 

Music and Musical Instrument 

Herron & Son, Commerce Street 

Paterson, Sons, & Co., High Street 

Record Store, 39 Lordburn 

Thomson, G. R. & Son, Marketgate (in- 

Wilson, D. T., 99 & 103 High Street 

Music Teachers. 

Allardice, R., 7,6 Keptie Street 
Bell, Ernest, 167 High Street 
Bell, Wm., 167 High Street 
Birse, Miss Annie, 48 High Street 
Corstorphine, Miss, L.R.A.M., 18 Victo- 
ria Street 



Curr, A. Bell, A.R.C.O., 1 Shore 
Dowell, Miss, 9 Colvill Plaix 
Kininmonth, Miss. 1 Kinnaird Street 
Leslie, Miss, Loftus, Nolt Loan Road 
Mill, Miss H. B., Hill House 
Milne, Miss, Warwick Villa, Addison PI 
Parsons, Mr & Mrs T. W., 54 Addison PI 
Smart, C. Ramsay, 91 Keptie Street 
Stone, Harold V., Lochland Street 
Walker, Miss Ada, Princes Street 
Wallace, Arthur A., 78 Keptie Street 
Whyte, Miss, 12^ West Port 

Nurses (Certificated). 

Campbell, Mrs, 21 Lordburn 

Duncan, Mrs, 34 Millgate 

Hosea, Miss, Dalhousie Place 

Ogilvie, Miss, 253 High Street 

Queen's Jubilee Nurse— Miss Thomson, 

Laurel Bank 
Sturrock, Mrs, 22 Green Street 

Painters and House Decorators. 

Duthie, I., Exchange Place 
Grant, W. L. & Son, 267 High Street 
Henderson & Muir, Guthrie Port 
Mather, J. & C, End ere. Street 
Mathewson, E. W., Brothock Bridge 
Meekison, R., Market Place 
Savege, T. & D., 257 High Street 
Savege & Co., 219 High Street 
Scott, E., 6 Millgate Loan 


Wallace, R. K., Ltd., 3 & 5 James Street 
Jagger, Kate, Bridge Street 


Anckorn, W. J. & Mrs, 29 West Port 
Geddes, W. H. & Son, 178 High Street 
Gibson, A., 136 High Street 
Milne, James, St Ruth's, Hamilton Gn. 

Photographic Sup-ply Depots. 
Bennett, F. W. M., High Street 
Geddes, W. H. & Son, 178 High Street 
Gibson, A., 136 High Street 
Millar, George, Keptie Street 
Ruxton, James, Keptie Street 

Picture Frame Makers. 

Anderson, C. C, 39 Guthrie Port 
Geddes & Son, High Street 
Gibson, A. R., 136 High Street 
Milne, A. C, St Ruth's, Hamilton Gn. 

Plasterers and Cement Workers. 

Donald, Arch., sen., & Son, E. Mary St. 
Jamieson & Son, Gravesend 
Morrison, W., Green Street 

Plumbers and Gasfitters. 

Crook & Webster, 7 Guthrie Port 
Grant, T. R., 22 Brothock Bridge 
Herron & Colville, 56 Keptie Street 
Lindsav & AValker, Gravesend 
Rayne, John, West Abbey Street 

Poulterers and Game Dealers. 

Harris, G., 23 Millgate 
Lamb, J., 78 High Street 

Moore, Chas., Keptie Street 
Moore, Sam., 67 Millerate Loan 
Stewart, George, 173 High Street 
Thomson, Wm, 148 High Street 

Porters (Street). 

Blyth, Alex., 46 Glover Street 
Braid, John, 9 Millgate Loan 
Crofts, Wm., 294 High Street 
Glen, James, 46 Barngreen 
Innes, Alex., 7 Bridge Street 
Jack. John, 56 Helen Street 
Leuchars,15 Millgate Loan 
M'Quade, John, 18 Bakers Wynd 
Nicoll, John, 18 Gowan Street 
Skea, James, 12 Bridge Street 
Weston, Geo., 10 West Mary Street 
Young, James, 60 Guthrie Port 

Piano Tuners. 

Crerar, D., Kirk Square 

Herron, J. H. & Son, Commerce Street 

Paterson* Sons & Co., 129 High Street 

Potato Merchants. 

Bennett, A. D., Little Cairnie 
Buick, John, 50 High Street 
Dorward, A., 87 Keptie Street 
Laing, J., Annfield 
Mamie, iVndrew. 196 High Street 
Maxwell, G. & D., 14 E. Grimsby 
Patterson, Di?hland Hill 
Scott & Graham (The Mart) 
Smith, A. K., 21 St Vigeans Road 


Arbroath Herald Ltd., Brothock Bridge 
Buncle, Thomas & Co., Market Place 
Hood, J. F. & Son, 94 High Street 
Johnson, G., Millgate 
Lownie, Alex.. High Street 

Public-houses, Inns and Taverns. 

Adam, James, Crown Inn 

Banks, S., Imperial Hotel 

Barnett, D. D., 3 Millgate Loan 

Black, G. K. F., Oriental Bar 

Bruce, Wm. Reid, George Bar 

Bruce, Wm., Central Bar, Brothock 

Dinnie, D., Bell Rock Tavern, 49 West 

Dorward, Geo., West Port 
Easson, Alfred B., Burns Bar, Lordburn 
Fitzpatrick, T-, Ship Inn, 19 Marketgate 
Gilmour, A., 'The Thistle, High Street 
Gould, Robert K., Newgate Inn, 2 W. 

Hastings, Mrs Christina, Foundry Inn 
Henderson, D., Shakespeare Bar, 187 

High Street 
Hovells, William, Corn Exchange 
Hutchison, S., jun., Roval Oak, Guthrie 

Jack, Mrs, 7 Catherine Street 
Tarron, J. B., The Vaults, Kirk Square 
Lyall, David C, National Bar, 266 High 




M'Lean, W„ Lochland Bar 
Malcolm, James, Station Hotel 
Marshall, Geo. F., Tuttie's Neuk 
Murray. A. W., Lome Bar, 17 Com- 
merce Street 
Overstone. Philip 1 O-lvi Place 
Peddie, Win. B., Red Lion Bar, 2 and 4 

Ramsay, Thomas R , 15 Ladyloan 
Ross, Robert, 16 Robert Street 
Ross. Win.. St Thomas. Tower Nook 
Simpson. Wm., The Vine, 22 Keptie St 
Smith, Alex., White Hart 
Smith. A. (porter and ale), 29 W. New- 
Smyth, Mrs J., Plough and Harrow, 

Stewart, A. M'K., 13 Old Shore Head 
Strachan, Allan R., 2 Howard Street 
Watson, D. L. M., Panmure Arms, 12 

Panmure Street 
Whvte, D. W., The Stag, 5 and 7 West 

Whyte, T- D., Alma Inn, 37 Panmure St, 
Wishart, Mrs H. D., Abbey Inn, 5 Pon- 
derlaw Street 

Refreshment Rooms. 

Carnegie, Mrs, 19 Hamilton Green 
Central Dining Rooms, 19 "Millgate— 

D. Buchanan 
King's Cafe, 10 West Port 
Keiller, Jas. & Sons, Ltd., 114 High St. 
Porteous, Alex., 162 High Street 
Soutar, jas., Ltd., 108 High Street 
The Buffet, Millgate 
Websters, 54i Keptie Street 

Saddlers and Harness Makers. 

Mathers. David & Sons, 80 High Street 
Watt, Thos., 155 High Street 


Gray, Charles, North Grimsby 
Keith, George, E. Grimsby 

Sawmillers and Wood Merchants. 

Arbroath Friendly Coal Society 
Black, James & Co., Ernest Street 
Braid, J., St Mary Street 
Clark, j., Union Street East 
Farquhar, R. C., 4 Hill Place 
Kydd, James & Sons, 6 E. Mary Street 
Robertson, Jas. & Son, 24 Millgate 
Sievwright, J. & R. W., Lordburn 
Muir, Thos., Son. & Patton, Helen St 


Cuthbert & Co., 8-12 Commerce Street 
Fyfe, W. & H., 15 Millgate 
Menzies, A., 234 High Street 
Rathjen, S., 214 High Street 
Scott & Graham, Mart, Park Street 
Smith & Sons, 124 High Street 
Smith, James, 37 West Port 
Strachan, W., 185 High Street 
Thomson, James A., 134 High Street 
Vernon, F. M., 82 Keptie Street 

Servants' Registry Offices. 

Bisset, Miss, 140 High Street 
Grant, J. & C, 33 West Port 
Laing, Miss, 21 Dishland Street 

Ship Broke? 

Edward, A. S., Shore Dues Office 


Those marked n are also Notary Public. 

^Alexander, W. H., 62 High Street 

Anderson, A. C. (M'Bain & Anderson) 
15 Hill Street 

Chapel, Wm. (D. & W. Chapel), Market- 

«Clark, J. R. W. (Clark Oliver, Dewar 
& Webster), Brothock Bank 

Dewar, J. C. (Clark, Oliver, Dewar & 
Webster), Brothock Bank 

Dickson, M. R. (J. & W. Macdonald), 7 
Hill Street 

Drever, T. P. (M'Bain & Anderson), 15 
Hill Street 

Halliday, J. B. Clark, Oliver, Dewar, & 
Webster), Brothock Bank House 

Hutcheon, A. (T. & W. Macdonald), 7 
Hill Street 

wLittlejohn, David (Webster & Little- 
john), 33 Commerce Street 

«M'Bain, Norman (M'Bain & Anderson), 
15 Hill Street 

^Macdonald, F. F. (J. & W. Macdon- 
ald). Hill Street 

Mackay, Norman Scott, 81 High Street 

^Mackintosh, James (W. & J. Mackin- 
tosh. 1 Hill Street 

Neill, H. V. (Neill & Gibb). 93 High St. 

Oliver, A., S.S.C. (Clark, Oliver, Dewar 
& Webster), Brothock Bank 

Ritchie, E. J.. Hill Street 

^Robertson, Wm., 100 High Street 

Smith, R. S., 22 Commerce Street 

Webster, Tohn (Clark. Oliver, Dewar & 
Webster), Brothock Bank 


Brand, Wm. & Son, 30 Dishland Street 
Cuthill, J.. Hamilton Green 
Jamieson, D. & Son, Gravesend 
Mitchell, J. & Son, 20 Panmure Street 

Tailors and Outfitters. 

Adamson, A. K., 9 Keptie Street 
Anderson & Hewit, 128 High Street 
Booth, W., Millgate 
Chalmers, W., 16 St Mary Street 
Equitable Co-Operative Society, Guthrie 

Grav, John, Lordburn 
High St. Co-Op. Society, 254 High St. 
Jack, A., 47 Hill Street 
Matthew, M. & Son, 226 High Street 
Moonlight, C, 5 and 7 Brothock Bridge 
Myles, C. Y., 21 James Street and 112 

High Street 



Ogilvie, D., 152 High Street 
Peter, James, 24 Commerce Street 
■Ramsav. D. & Co.. 98 High Street 
Rust, H. L. C, Keptie Street 
Selby, F. & J., 123 High Street 
Strachan, Robt. & Sons, 53 High Street 
Thomson, Alexander, Kirk Square 
Thornton, D. & Son, 261 High Street 
Urquhart, Hector, 25 Guthrie Port 
West Port Association (Ltd.), 22 West Pt. 

Tea Merchants. 

Brown, R., Keptie Street 
Buttercup Dairy, Keptie St. & High St. 
Cooper & Co., 211 High Street 
Davidson, J., 18 Brothock Bridge 
Doig, James, 73 Guthrie Port m . 

Dorward, Geo. & Co., (wholesale), 2 

Bank Street 
Dorward, J. M. & Son (wholesale), 67 

Guthrie Port 
Lipton, Lt., 16 Keptie Street 
Maypole Tea Co., 171 High Street 
Scott, Andrew, 195 High Street 
Shepherds Dairies, 21 West Port 
Strachan, Wallace & 'Vhyte (wholesale), 

Thornevcroft, W. H.. 127 High Street 
Watson, John, 18 Keptie Street 
Winton, A. B., 44 High Street 


Beatt, Andrew, 19 Keptie Street 
Carnegie, W., Commerce Street 
Craig, Frederick, Brothock Bridge 
Crowe, G., Brothock Bridge 
Cuthill, R., 58 Keptie Street 
Davidson, John, 142 High Street 
Gardiner, A., Guthrie Port 
Kinnear, A. V., 109 High Street 
Kirk, James, 13 West Port 
Lefevre, H. V., 228 High Street 
Leslie, W. 277 High Street 
Martin, John B., 46 Keptie Street 
M'Ewan, Miss, 2 Lochland Street 
M'Wattie & Sons (wholesale), 20 Com- 
merce Street 
Pyott, Geo., 254 High Street 
Ramsav, R. B., 192 High Street 
Reid, D. H., Brothock Bank 
Ruxton, Mrs, 26 Millgate 
Thornton, Robt., 41 Guthrie Port 

Umbrella Makers. 

Adamson, A. K., 9 Keptie Street 
Macdonald, D. R., Corner West Port & 

23 Commerce Street 
Moffat. Joseph, 32 Keptie Street 
Ogilvy, D., 152 High Street 
Soutr.r, James, Ltd., 104 High Street 

Waste Merchants. 

Buick, Albert, 14 Panmure Street 
Kelly, James, W. Grimsby 
Wallace, A. & Son, 43 Lordburn 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

Anderson, J. T., 236 High Street 
Anderson, John, 6 Keptie Street 
Eddie, J. & R. B., 105 High Street 
Geddes, N. Leslie, 189 High Street 
High, Wm.,-222 High Street 
Low, A., 20 Gowan Street 
Meifan, John M., 33 Millgate 
Oram, James S., 61 Ladybridge 
Pirie, D., 262 High Street 
Smart, D., West Port 

Wine and Spirit Merchants 

Doig, James, 73 Guthrie Port 
Dorward, G. & Co., 2 & 4 Bank St. 
Jarron, John B., Kirk Square 
Strachan, Wallace & Whyte, Towernook 

Wool Repositories. 

Bisset, Miss, 140 High Street 

Carnegie, J. C, 159 High Street 

Dorward, Mrs, 24 Millgate 

Grant, J. & C, 33 West Port 

Scotch Wool & Hosiery Co., 147 High St. 

Stephen, Miss, 25 Hamilton Green 


Billiard Saloons — Cadman, Keptie St.; 
Shepherd, Brothock Bridge, Lemarco, 
High Street; Canale; High Street 
Carpet Manufactory — Ladyloan 
Cooper — J. Whitton, Convent Street 
Cork Maker— R. S. Smith & Co., 53 Mar- 

Cutler — Robinson, 27 Guthrie Port 

Pie Shops — J. Alexander, Keptie St.; 
W. B. Craig, 58 Guthrie Port 

Salt Merchants— Charles Skae, Dickfield 
Street ; James Ruxton, 1 Shore 

Saw Trimmers — Robinson, 27 Guthrie 
Port; J. B. Chisholm, 80 Keptie St.; 
W. Asquith, Bridge Street. 

Sewing Machine Makers and Dealers — 
Singer Machine Manufacturing Co., 
194 High Street 

Shorthand Teachers— A. Stuart, 175 High 
Street; G. Johnson,-jAbbey Lodge; 
Miss L. Christie, Hayswell Road 

Tar Distillers — William Briggs & Sons, 

Ltd., Elliot; Gas Corporation, Pon- 

derlaw Street 
Tobacco Manufacturers— J. M'Wattie & 

Sons, 20 Commerce Street 
Veterinary Surgeon— A. Robertson, 40 

Hill Street 
Vulcaniser— Wm. Nicoll, 48 Guthrie Pt 



Forfar Count}- (Census 1921)— Total Population, 270,950. 


Sheriff of Forfarshire — Alexander M. MacRobert, K.C. 

Sheriff Substitutes — Charles T. Gordon, Arbroath and Forfar; R. C. Malcolm, 

Dundee. Sheriff Clerk — Christopher J. Bisset, Dundee. 
Medical Officer of Health— Dr N. Sinclair, Forfar. 
Chief Constable — Robert T. Birnic, Forfar. 
Procurator-Fiscals — W. F. Mackintosh, Dundee; and Thomas Hart, Forfar. 


Convener of the County — James Kydd, Scryne. Medical Health 
Officer — Dr N. J. Sinclair, Forfar. Sanitary Inspector — Dr Sinclair. 
Inspector of Weights and Measures — W. A. Bertram. Chairman of Commis- 
sioners of Supply — W. T. J. S. Steuart Fothringham. Chairman of Arbroath Dis- 
trict Committee — James Kydd, Scryne. County Clerk — R. Freer Myles, For- 
far. County Treasurer — D. J. Carnegy, Forfar. Assessor and Registration 
Officer — D. J. Carnegy. 

JUSTICE OF PEACE COURT— Sheriff Court House. 

Court Diet first Monday of each month. Justices resident in Arbroath District — 
The Earl of Dalhousie Col. Ouchterlony, The Guynd ; Claud C. Strachan 
Carnegie of Tarrie; J. II. A. Peebles Chaplin, Colliston; D. L. Dickson of 
Vvoodville; A. R. Duncan of Parkhill ; W. Chapel, C. Corsar, H. Corsar, Dr J. 
A. Dewar, J. Eraser, C. Grant, A. D. Lowson, F. F. Macdonald, John Milne, 
George Reid, W. J. Rollo, Sir Francis Webster, David W. Webster, Wm. W. 
\veb=ter (.Denley), W. Webster (Bellevue), John Wilson, Jas. R. Aitken, Nor- 
man M'Bain, Rev. J. Murray, Dr Laing, James Jack, James Hood, James Law, 
Arbroath; A. Duncan, Maulesbank ; J. P. Morison ; C. Ferrier; D. C. Rutherford 
Lindsay Carnegie, of Kinblethmont ; J. M. Gray, D. J. Henderson; D. Scroggie ; 
A. Simpson; G. Winter; W. F. Soutar ; James Henderson; George Carnegie, 
Carnoustie; David Anderson; W. Binnie, Carmyllie; J. Buyers; R. J. Donald- 
son, Newton; W. K. Esplin, Leysmill ; James Fairlie, Easter Bonhard ; D. Max- 
well, Panlathy Mill; R. Greig, Ironshill, Inverkeilor ; J. A. Jarron, Arbikie, 
Lunan ; James Kydd, Scryne, Panbride ; D. Muckart, St Vigeans ; George M. 
Robertson, Millfteld ; T. Addison Scott, Newton of Arbirlot; A. A. Lawson, New- 
ton of Bovsack ; Rev. A. J. Campbell, Barry; A. C. Anderson, Fernlea, Arbroath; 
Rev. C. E". Duff, St Vigeans; Dr W. J. Dewar, Hill Terrace, Arbroath; Major 
H. Fraser, Lochlea, Arbroath; John Brodie, Kinprunes, Arbroath; G. A. Francis, 
Vv est Seaton ; Thos. Firth, Colliston; James Graham, Farmer, Balcathie ; Thomas 
Howie, Bona Vista; David Kidd, National Bank, Carnoustie; D. W. Morgan, 
Ethie Mains, Arbroath; Charles Milne, Hillcrest, Arbroath; D. S. Nicoll, Green- 
bank, Barry; J. H. Pattullo, Pitskelly; A. M. Robertson, Rosemount, Arbroath; 
G. F. Sellar, Bank Street, Friockheim; Geo. Sherriffs, Lochlee, Arbroath; Geo. 
Rutherford Thomson, Arbroath; D. Weighton, Brax, Arbroath; D. O. Young, 
Town Clerk, Carnoustie; Frank Wilson, Rosemount, Carnoustie. 


First Electoral Division — Alexander Farquharson Durkie, Mill of Mains, by Dun- 
dee; George Galloway, Roseangle, Wellbank, by Kingennie ; John Nicoll, Ti£- 
nagarth, Queen Street, Monifieth ; James Maxwell Rattray, Strathnairn, Dal- 
housie Street, Monifieth. 

Second Electoral Division. — Rev. George Hitchcock, Inverbrothock Manse, Ar- 
broath; David Littlejohn, 3 Commerce Street, Arbroath; Rev. William M'Cur- 
rach, 36 Dishland Streev, Arbroath; James S. Edwards, 3 Dalhousie Place, 
Arbroath; James P. Reid, 37 Lordburn, Arbroath; Rev. J. A. Tweedie, 6 Albert 
Street, Arbroath. 

Third Electoral Division. — John Carnegie, The Nook, Barry, Carnoustie ; Rev. 
Tohn Heggie, The Manse, Barry; Rev. J. B. Jobberns, The Rectory, 2 Maule 
"Street W., Carnoustie; Rev. Alex. Mills, Colliston Manse, Arbroath. 


Fourth Electoral Division.— Thomas Hanick, 92 East High Street, Forfar; William 

Nicoll, East and West Carsebank, Forfar ; Mrs Anne Arnot Whyte, Easter 

Denoon, Glamis ; Andrew Peffers, 8 Sparrowcroft, Forfar; Mrs Helen Buchanan, 

Westby House, West High Street, Forfar. 
Fifth Electoral Division. — Archibald Whyte, Inverquharity, by Kirriemuir; Thomas 

Wedderspoon, Castleton, Meigle; Rev. John Fleming Linn, U.F. Manse, Airlie; 

David Buchanan, Hojlybank, 14 Brechin Road, Kirriemuir. 
Sixth Electoral Division.— Rev. P. S. Bisset, The Manse, Craig; David Nairn, 57 

Mill Street, . Montrose ; James Carson, Rossie Reformatory, Craig; Rev. James 

Landreth, The Manse, Logie-Pert ; George Alexander Middleton, 190 High 

Street, Montrose. 
Seventh Electoral Division. — Samuel Edwards, Paris Villa, Brechin; Rev. Thomas 

Chapman Sturrock, U.F. Manse, Edzell ; William Baxter Buchan, Boggie, Fern; 

Rev. Alex. Monro, U.F- Manse, Menmuir ; William Cairns Moyes, Renmure, 

Clerk — P. A. Conacher, Education Offices, Forfar. 


Provost Charles J. N. Wilkie, Kirriemuir ; Provost James Nicoll, Carnoustie ; Pro- 
vost J. Maxwell Rattray. Monifieth ; Provost James Moffat, Forfar; Patrick G. 
Duncan, Hillhead, Kirriemuir; Thomas Howie, Bona Vista, Arbroath; A. F. 
Durkie, Mill ot Mains by Dundee; F. M. Batehelor of Kellyfield, Dundee; 
David Maxwell, Ballindarg. Forfar; William Nicoll, Carsebank, Forfar; W. 
Shaw Adamson, Careston Castle, Brechin ; William Smith, Trinity, Brechin ; 
George M. Robertson, Millfield, Arbroath; James Kydd, Scryne, Carnoustie. 

Secretary — John M. Fairlie, Eagle Buildings, Dundee. 

Captain John Stansfeld of Dunninald ; Alexander R. Duncan, Esq., of Parkhill ; 
Rev. Hugh Callan, Montrose; Rev. Robert Davidson, St Cyrus; Rev. John D. 
M'Lean, Marvton ; Rev. P. S. Bisset. Craig; Rev. W. Percy Cox, Lunan ; Messrs 
J. R. Mitchell, H. Ross, James Mitchell, D. Smith, George Boyek, J. Galloway, 
Joseph Foreman, David Nairn, Montrose ; Provost of Montrose, First 
and Second Bailies of Montrose; Nine Inhabitants of Burgh and Parish of Mon- 
trose; Representatives of Public Bodies — From Forfar and Kincardine District 
Lunacy Board — Provost Anderson, Arbroath; Provost Addison, Brechin; Her- 
bert Lyall, Old Montrose; and George C. Suttie, St Cyrus. From Parish Coun- 
cils of Forfarshire — Tames S. Lindsav, Brechin; William Nicoll, Carsebank, For- 
far; T. M. Inglis, Forfar; Frank Watson, Carnoustie: D. W. Morgan, Ethie 
Mains, Arbroath; and Rev. C. E. Duff, St Vigeans, Arbroath. From Parish 
Councils of Kincardineshire — Alex, Milne, Stonehaven, and James Tindal, For- 
doun. Clerk of the Corporation — C. Keir Alexander, Sunnyside, Montrose. 

Specialist in Crayon Drawings and Miniatures 



(5h Years Manager for Valentine & Co. Ltd., Dundee) 

The STUDIO, High Street, Carnoustie. 


Directory for Carnoustie, Panbride & Barry. 


Burgh of Carnoustie. Population of Burgh (Census 1921), 2494 males, 3463 females 
—total, 5957. Parish of Barry (Census i921), 6133. 


The Council is the Local Authority under the Public Health Act for the Burgh. 
Provost James Nicoll. Senior Bailie — Robert Simpson. Junior Bailie' — F. 
Davies. Councillors — John Dewar, R. R. Webster Baillie, William Millar, 
William C. Page, Robert Balla, F. B. Blagbrough. Town Clerk— D. O. Young. 
Collector and Treasurer — Hugh Hanton. Officer of Health — Dr J. E. Taylor, 
Sanitary Inspector, Burgh and Road Surveyor, and Inspector of Cleans- 
ing — David -Maxwell. Gas Manager — John M'Robie Ireland. Burgh Prosecutor — 
David Kidd. 

Committees. — Each Committee consists of all the members of the Council. Con- 
veners : — Streets — Bailie Simpson. Sanitary — Councillor Dewar. Li ghting — 
Bailie Davies. Recreation — Councillor Balla. Finance — Councillor Baillie. 
Gas — Councillor Millar. Wards Farm — Provost Nicoll. Representatives to 
Golf Course Committee — Provost Nicoll, Bailie Simpson, and Councillors Balla 
and Dewar. Local Pension Committee — All the members of the Council ; 
Chairman — Provost Nicoll. 


Held in the Burgh Chambers when necessary. Judges — Provost Nicoll, Bailies 
Simpson and Davies. Clerk and Assessor — D. O. Young. Burgh Prosecutor — 
David Kidd, Rowan Cottage. 


Postmaster — Mr Reid. Open week days for sale of stamps from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
Sundays, 9 to 10 a.m. ; telegraph business from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ; sale and pay- 
ment of postal orders, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. ; savings bank, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. De- 
spatches— 8.15 and 11.30 a.m., 1, 4, 5, and 8 p.m. Deliveries 7 a.m., 11.30 a.m., 
4.15 p.m. 4.15 p.m. delivery suspended on Saturday. 


W. F. Soutar, D. J. Henderson, John P. Morison, David Scroggie, James M. Gray, 
George Winter, John Melville, A. B. Walker, Alexander Simpson, George 
Carnegie, James Nicoll, David Kidd, D. O. Young, D. S. Nicoll. 


Mrs Mitchell's Charity, 1901— In 1901 Mrs Mary Sandeman or Mitchell, Douglas- 
leigh, Carnoustie, bequeathed to Trustees a sum of ,£500, and directed that the 
free income or proceeds thereof should be expended annually at Christmas in 
the purchase of coals to be divided among the poor of Carnoustie at the discre- 
tion of the Trustees of the Fund which she desired might be designated " Mrs 
Mitchell's Charity." Trustees — The Parish Ministers of Carnoustie and Barry, 
the U.F. Minister of Panbride, the Town Clerk of Carnoustie. 

Mrs Helen Hogg or Kydd.s Bequest— -In 1910, Mrs Helen Hogg or Kydd, Oak 
Villa, Carnoustie, bequeathed to the Town Council £135, and directed that the 
free income derived therefrom should be applied in purchasing coals to be 
distributed among the industrious poor of Carnoustie and Newton of Panbride 
who are non-recipients of parochial relief. 

John Mihie's Bequest. — The late Mr John Milne of Ravensby bequeathed to 
Carnoustie, a one-eighth of his estate, the income therefrom to be applied for 
the benefit of the poor of Carnoustie, including soldiers from Carnoustie dis- 
abled in the European War. 

Minister— Rev. James A. Fleming. M.A., F.R.G.S. Session Clerk— E. W. Mathew- 
son. Superintendent of Sabbath School — John Kerr. Organist and Choirmas- 
ter — Thomas A. Smith. Church Membership — 723. Church Officer — John Fairlie. 


ST STEPHEN'S UNITED FREE CHURCH— Services at 11.15 a.m. 
and 6.15 p.m. 
Ministers — Rev. James Philip, 23 Braid Crescent, Edinburgh; vacant. 
Session Clerk — John Garriock, M.A., B.Sc, Smieton St. Deacons' Court Clerk 
— James Baxter, 16 Taymouth Terrace. Congregational Treasurer — Wm. Young, 
Annslea, Rose Street. Superintendent Sabbath School— John Garriock, M.A., 
B.Sc, Smieton St. Foreign Mission Treasurer — A. Boyle, 34 Collier St. Cen- 
tral Fund Treasurer — D. M. Robertson, Lutherbank. Secretary Young Women's 
Club— Miss Emily Boath, Kelly Cottage. Organist and Choirmaster— Alfred 
Doig. 48 Cleghorn Street, Dundee. Choir Treasurer — Miss Ina Murray, Agatha 
Bank. Sabbath School Secretary and Treasurer — John Garriock, M.A., B.Sc, 
Smieton Street. 

ERSKINE U.F. CHURCH— Services at 11.15 a.m. and 6.15 p.m. 
Ministers — Rev. John F. Dempster and Rev. Robert F. Chisholm, B.D. Session 
Clerk — David M'Culloch. Congregational Clerk — Thomas B. Wilson. Congre- 
gational Treasurer — James B. Cunningham. Congregational Preses — Robert 
Thomson. Organist — George M. Sweet. Superintendent of Sabbath School- 
David F. Sherriff. Secretary and Treasurer — Ernest Ramsay. Bible Class 
Treasurer — George Barr. Membership — 364. 

CHURCH OF THE HOLY ROOD- -Services at S & u. 15 a.m., 6.15p.m. 
Rector — Rev. F. S. Maclntyre. Churchwardens — G. Aikenhead and R. 
P. Blakelock. Lay Elector— J. M. Gray. Lay Representative— R. P. Blakelock. 
Treasurer — Edward Bowen. Souls — 458. Communicants — 217. Sunday Services 
—Holy Communion, 8 a.m. ; morning prayer, 11.15 a.m. ; evening prayer, 6.15 p.m. 
Daily Services — 10 a.m. and 7.30 p.m. 

PANBRIDE PARISH CFIURCH— Services at 11.15 a.m. (and in July 
and August). St Bride's Chapel — Service at 6.15 p.m. 

Minister — Rev. John Cte.-'ar. Session-Clerk — J. V. Morison Superintendent of Sabbath 
School — Rev. John Ctesar. Choirmaster — Andrew Simpson, Briar Cottage. Membership 
—700. Church Officer— James Brown, Panbride. 

PANBRIDE U.F. CHURCH— Services at 11.15 a.m. and 6.15 p.m. 
Minister — Rev. R. S. Maclauchlan. Congregational Treasurers — Alex. Duncan, 
Maulesbank ; David Butchart, 1 Millearn Ter., Ireland St. Central Fund Trea- 
surer— W. I. Kerr, Almorah. Superintendent of Sabbath School— D. R. Kidd, 
Rockville, Easthaven. Organist and Choirmaster — David Kidd, jun., Easthaven. 
Church Officer — A. Spalding, Gladstone Terrace. Membership — 343. 


Honorary President — Provost Nicoll. President — Bailie F. Davies. Secretary — 
John Garriock, M.A. V B.Sc, Smieton Street. Treasurer— Miss Ness High St. 


President— Rev. Robert S. MacLauchlan, Panbride U. F. Church. Secretary — Rev. 
Robert F. Chisholm, B.D., Erskine U.F. Church, Carnoustie. Treasurer— Rev. 
James A. Fleming, M.A., F.R.G.S., Parish Church, Carnoustie. 

Receiver of Donations. — Rev. R. S. Maclauchlan, Panbride U.F. Manse. 


Hon. President — A. Simpson. Vice-Presidents — J. Ireland, Dinorwick, and W. 
Knight, 40 Miller Street. Treasurer — R. C. Matthewson, Boythorpe. Secretary 
— David A. R. Thow, 18 Arbroath Road. Directors — John Forrest, F. L. Bruce, 
Wm. Blair, D. J. Butchart, E. W. Mathewson, Geo. Soutar, R. Stewart, A. 
Forsyth, John Rattrav, Thomas Ness, J. Garriock. Church Representative — Rev. 
R. S. M'Laughlan, Panbride U.F. Church; Rev. R. F. Chisholm, M.A. 



Established 1859. 


Go-Operative Association Limited 

General Grocers, Bakers, Drapers, ressmakers, 

Tailors and Clothiers, 

Bedding and Floorcloth Factors, 

Coal Merchants, 


Corner of Dundee Street and Ferrier Street. 



Go-Operators are invited to call and inspect our stocks. All Goods are of 
the Best Quality, and our Prices will compare most favourably with any in 
the Distric 1 ". 

Bread Vans Call Daily. 

All Orders entrusted to us shall have our prompt and careful attention. 
A Trial Order is Solicited. 

Andrew Heggie, 

Jeweller & Optician, 


Watches, Clocks, Jewelleiy and Electro Plated Goods. Spectacles and 
Eye-Glasses to Suit all Sights. Repairs done in all Branches. 



Fancy Goods of everv kind. China a^d Earthenware Goodd. Hardware of every 
Descrip ion. Fine Variety of Crest China and Motto Wa,ie. Local View Post 
Cards. Letter Cards and Stitione^. Pails and Spades for the Seaside. 


(Opposite Steeple). 



The Leading House Agent, 

List on Application. All the Latest Books by the Most Popular Author*. 
Fancy Goods, Leather Goods, Crest China, Toys, &c. Circulating Library. 


CARNOUSTIE Y.M.C.A. & RED TRIANGLE CLUB-High St. and " Inglewood." 
Membership — 130. Morning meeting at 10 a.m. Social Hour — Sundays at 8 p.m. 
Caretaker — Mrs Forbes, " Inglewood." 

Open Tuesdays and Fridays, 7 to 8. Over 70 volumes recently added. Non-Mem- 
bers' Subscription, Is per month; 6s per year. Books may be had at other times 
than above from Mrs Forbes, caretaker. 

Meets in Recreation Room of Y.W.C.A. last Monday of every month at 7.30 p.m. 
President — Mrs D. J. Butchart, 4 Ireland Street. Secretary — Miss Jane R. 
Grieve, 39 South Tay Street, Dundee: 


President — Mrs Nicoll. Vice-President — Mrs Mathewson. Hon. Secretary — 
Miss Low, 1 Lochty Avenue, Carnoustie. Hon. Treasurer — J. P. Morison. 
Nurse— Miss Stratton, 102 High Street 


President — Ex-Provost Soutar. Vice-President — Colonel Scroggie. Treasurer- — 
A. R. Crawford. Secretary — David Kidd, 9 Taymouth Street. Directors — Revs. 
John Caesar, John Heggie, A. J. Campbell, R. S. Maclauchlan ex-Provost Winter, 
Messrs R. C. Mathewson, D. N. Kinmond, D. O. Young, D. T Henderson, Arch. 
Colquhoun, James P. Bruce, and Ceorge Gibson. Office — Salisbury Place, next 
Post Office. Open on Monday and Thursday evenings from 7 to 8 o'clock. 


Carnoustie Male and Female Yearly Society. Meets in Panmure Institute. Presi- 
dent — Wm. Dargie. Secretary — David Black, 19 Panmure Street. Treasurer 
— Alex. Jamieson, Barry Road. Auditor — James Fotheringham. Annual meet- 
ing on the third Friday of September. 

Carnoustie, Barry, and Panbride Yearly Society. Meets in Free Church Hall, 
Carnoustie. President — George Wallace. Vice-President — Alexander Vannett. 
Secretary — David Lyall, Balfour Place. Treasurer — Mr Stephenson, West Path. 
Auditor — James Cuthill. Annual Meeting — 4th May. Meets fortnightly on 
Monday evenings, at 7 o'clock in the Hall stated. 

Registered Office: — Ferrier Street. Branch — 99 Dundee Street, Carnoustie. Presi- 
dent — Alexander Boyle. Vice-President — John C. Ramsay. Minute Secretary 
— -W. B. Crerar. General Manager — David Japp. 

PLOUGHMEN'S SOCIETY— Carnoustie Branch. 
President— Robert Fyfe, Carnoustie. Vice-President— Peter Suttie, Barry. 

Treasurer — John Ferguson, Clayholes. Secretary — Robert Garden, The Lodge, 
Ravensby, Barry. Members of Committee— David Scott, Craig Mill; William 
Christie, Salmondmuir, Arbroath ; W. Smith, Ireland Street, Carnoustie ; John 
Kidd, Yeaman Street, Carnoustie; Tohn Clark, Panlathie Mill, 'Carnoustie; 
J. Lamond (Arbirlot), J. Watterson " (Upper Victoria, Carnoustie), D. Smart 
Dundee Street; Mr John Kidd, Yeaman Street, Carnoustie. Meets at Carnoustie 
every quarter. Annual Meeting — Second Saturday in August. 

Hon. President— W. F. Soutar, Annfield. President— A. E. Adams, Fernlea. Hon. 
Secretary — Wm. Duncan, Balsona. Treasurer — N. E. Millar. Pianist — Mrs 
M'Laren. Conductor — Mr W. Wallace, Dundee. 

Patron— Hon. C. M. Ramsay. President— Ex-Bailie Simpson. Vice-President— J. 
L. Dargie. Hon. Treasurer— H. P. Mudie. Hon. Auditor— Hugh Hanton. 
Secretary— James H. Stephenson, 20 West Path. Show about third Saturday of 
August. Annual General Meeting— First Friday in September. 
President— John Carnegie. Vice-President— David Maxwell. Hon Secretary and 
Treasurer— D. K. Mitchell, 2 Carlogie Terrace, Carnoustie. Committee— James 
Shiells, A. B. Hogg, and Innes Miller. 

Chairman— AY. F. Soutar. Secretary and Treasurer— A. C. M'Corquodale. 


An Ideal Laundry Service 

It will take you a long time — an exceedingly long 
time — to find a Laundry with a service that equals 
ours for Quality. 

By " Service" we mean everything that a modern 
Laundry does for its Customers, every detail of 
Up-to-Date Laundry Work, careful attention to 
your wishes, regular and prompt collection and 

The Carnoustie and District 


(Peter McLachlan, Proprietor.) 

Send a P.C. or 'Phone 55 Carnoustie, and our Van will call. 


^/Jriroath J^erald 


For Readable Carnoustie Notes 
and News. 

From all News- A gents. Price 2d. 

The Largest Newspaper in Forfarshire 


President — Provost Nicoll. Members of Committee— 40. Annual Meeting — End of 

Carnoustie Y.M.C.A. — Captain — David Thow. Secretary and Treasurer — A. C. 

Caledonia Club. ■ — CaptainEx-Provost Carnegie. Vice-Captain — J. Wilson. 
Secretary and Treasurer — Wm. Harris, jun., 112 Nethergate, Dundee. Club 
meetings in February, May, August, and November. Membership — 250. 

St Crispin Club— Captain— Fred Martin. Secretary and Treasurer — J. Lyall, An- 
nual meeting' in February. Membership — 70. (Confined to employees in the 
Shoe Trade.) 

Ladies' Golf Club (Affiliated to Ladies' Golf Union)— Club-house— Links. President 
Mrs Nucator. Vice-President— Mrs K. Lawson. Treasurer— Rev. J. Heggie. 
Secretary — Miss Norrie M. Kidd. Captain — Mrs Scroggie. 

Carnoustie Club (Inst. 1824).— Captain— James B. Cunningham. Hon. Secretary and 
Treasurer— George Davidson, Ruby Bank. Carnoustie. Annual meeting in Feb- 
ruary. Membership — 520. Club-house — Links. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer — J. F. Soutar, Annfield, Carnoustie. 

President — Robert Simpson. Secretary and Treasurer — J. P, Morison, Bank House, 
Carnoustie. Annual meeting in September. 

Chairman — Frank Watson; Rev. John Caesar, Rev. Robert S. Maclauchlan, Messrs 
George Aikenhead, John Martin, David Scroggie, A. C. Colquhoun, Wm. Steven, 
and James Kydd. Clerk — A. C. M'Corquodale. Inspector of Poor, Collector of 
Rates and Registrar — J. P. Morison. Medical Officer — Dr J. Ewan Taylor. 

Chairman— Rev. John Caesar ; Rev. Robert S. Maclauchlan, Messrs George Aiken- 
head, John Martin, Wm. Steven, and James Kydd. Clerk— A. C. MCorquodale. 


Chairman— D. S. Nicoll. Members— Rev. John Caesar, John Carnegie, D. A. 
Christie, F. Davies, Rev. J. Heggie, Rev. J. B. Jobberns, F. M'Laren, Wm. C. 
Page, Thomas Small, John Strachan. 


Carnoustie Public School Headmaster— D. A. Christie. Roll— 480. Average At- 
tendance — 410. 

Barry Public School.— Headmaster— John Strachan, M.A., F.E.I S. Roll— 

120. Average attendance — 110. 
Panbride Public School. — Headmaster — J. C. Stuart. M.A. Roll — 126. Average 

Attendance — 98. 
Muirdrum Public School. — Teacher — Mrs Nicoll. Roll — 30. Average Attendance — 27. 


Barry Parish — D. K. Mitchell, Carnoustie. Panbride Parish — J. P. Morison, 

Minister — Rev. John Heggie. Superintendent of Sabbath School — Thomas Stewart, 
Carnoustie. Membership, 502. Church Officer — James Young, Barry. 



BARRY II. P. CHURCH— Services at 11.15 a.m. and 6.15 p.m. 
Minister— Rev. A. J. Campbell, M.A., V.D., J. P. Session Clerk— D. S. Nicoll, J. P., 
Greenbank, Barry. Clerk to Deacons' Court — William Currie, Careston Cottage, 
Carnoustie. Superintendent of Sabbath School — Rev. A. J. Campbell, M.A. Or- 
ganist — Miss Ella Nicoll, Greenbank, Barry. Church Officer — Alexander Jamie- 
son, Denver Cottage, Barry Road, Carnoustie. Membership — 277. 


Chairman — J. H. Pattullo. Int. Collector of Rates and Inspector of Poor — D. K. 
Mitchell, Municipal Buildings, High Street. Office Hours— 9 to 1, and 6 to 7.30. 
Saturdays — 9 to 12. Half-yearly Meetings — Second Tuesdays of February and 


Hon. President — The Countess of Strathmore. Hon. Vice-Presidents — Lady Con- 
stance Blackburn, Mrs Duncan of Balfour, Mrs L. Guthrie, Carnoustie House; 
Mrs Carnegie, Aviemore, Carnoustie; Mrs Morgan, Clifton Grange, Carnoustie; 
Mrs Whitton, Balmachie, Carnoustie. President — Mrs W. F. Soutar, Annfield, 
Carnoustie. Vice-President — Miss Low, Lochty Avenue, Carnoustie. Hon. 
Secretary and Treasurer — Miss Watt, West Haven, Carnoustie. 

Carnoustie List of Trades and Professions. 

A. C. M'Corquodale, Maryville (Scot- 
tish Equitable Life Assurance So- 
ciety and Norwich Union Fire). 

A. C. M'Corquodale, High Street (Life, 
Fire, &c, Assurance). 

E. W. Butchart (for J. Pullar & Sons, 
dyers, Perth), High Street 

E. W. Butchart, High Street (Emigra- 
tion Agent). 

Robert R. W. Baillie (factor for the 
Right Hon. the Earl of Dalhousie), 
Panmure Estate Office, Carnoustie. 

Misses Gardvne (Empress Laundry 
Co.), High Street 

D. T. Wilson (Arbroath Steam Laun- 
dry), Dundee Street. 

Carnoustie Co-Operative Association, 
Ltd. (for A. & J. Macnab, Ltd., 
dyers, Edinburgh). 

James P. Bruce, High Street. 

Carnoustie Co-Operative Association, 

William Nicoll, The Cross. 
George T. Burnett, Dundee Street. 
T. B. Cunningham. Dundee Street and 

High Street. 


Bank of Scotland (branch) ; head office, 
Edinburgh. John M. Tawse, agent, 

North of Scotland Bank, Ltd. (branch); 
head Office, Aberdeen. J. P. M ori- 
son, agent, Carnoustie. 

National Bank of Scotland, Ltd.; head 
office, Edinburgh. David M. Kidd, 
agent, Carnoustie. 

Savings Bank (Barry and Panbride), 
Dundee Street, Carnoustie. David 
M. Kidd, treasurer; Alexander R. 
Crawford, secretary. 

Blacksmiths . 
Francis Gow, Barry. 
Charles Rattray, Scryne, Panbride. 
R. Reid & Sons, West end 
James Shields, Muirdrum. 
Gourlay & Son, T !nks Avenue. 
J. P. Cochrane & Co., Ltd., Westhaven 
J. Fernie, Park Avenue. 

Boarding Houses. 
Miss Barbour, Allanbank Boarding 

House, Terrace Road 
Miss Robertson, Glencoe Boarding 

House, Links Parade 
Mrs Henderson, Agrabank 

Booksellers, Newsagents, &*c. 
Andrew Simpson, High Street 
Croll, Mrs, Barry Road 
Misses Gardyne, High Street 
Alex. Scott, Dundee Street 
W. Cowan, Dundee Street 
Mrs Will, High Streei. 
James Simpson, High Street 
Carnoustie Gazette, High Street 
Mrs Adams, Dundee Street 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
William Whyte, Hieh Street 
William P. Sturrock, High Street 
Scroggie Bros, (wholesale), Carnoustie 
J. Winter & Sons, Ltd. (wholesale), 

Charles Spark, High Street 
David Fyffe, Church Street 
J. Barrie, Muirdrum 
Wm. M'Arthur, Dundee Street 
Greenlees & Son, High Street 

Cabinetmaker s , &*c. 
D. T. Wilson, 103 High Street, and 

J. Spark, Queen Street 

Alexander Hovell, 114 Dundee Street 
Bvars & Mitchell, Arbroath 


Chemical Works. 
Charles Tennant & Co., of Carnoustie, 
Ltd. (vitriol and chemical) 

Chemists and Druggists. 
David J. Henderson, High Street 
George Calvert- M'Gonnigal, High St. 

China, Glass, &*c. Dealers. 
Johnston's Emporium, The Cross 
Couston's Emporium, Albert Place 
Mrs K. Buik, F'>h Street 
Mrs Clarkson, High Street 

Cloth Merchants. 
R. P. Blakelock, Catherine Bank 

James Fotheringham, Maule Street 
James Smieton & S^ns (jute), Paumure 
Works, and Dundee 

Coal Merchants. 
Thos. Muir, Son, & Patton, Limited, 

Railway Station 
Carnoustie Contracting Company, Fer- 

rier Street 
Carnoustie Coal and Lime Company, 

Railway Station 
Smith, Hood & Co., Station Road 
Carnoustie Co-Operative Association, 

Ltd., Depot, Brown Street 

W. Cowan, Dundee Street 
Geo. T. Burnett, 91 Dundee Street 
A. Dimarco, Park Avenue, Station Rd. 
Mrs J. Donaldson, Dundee Street 
Mrs James Livingstone, Dundee Street 
Miss A. Fairlie, High Street 
Miss Henderson, Station Road 
Mr James Jolly, High Street 
Mrs Smith, Victoria Street 
Mrs Baldy, Barry Road 
Mrs Smith, Kinloch Street 
Miss T. H. Walker, High Street 
Mrs Simpson, High Street 
Mrs Morton, Dundee Street 
A. Danunzio, Kinloch Street 
J. Sharp, Dundee Street 
Miss M. Clark, High Street 
Mrs Smith, High Street 
Miss Collins, Dundee Street 
Mrs Galloway, Dundee Street 
Mr Yeaman, Barry Road 
Mr Mofcre, Dundee Street 

Contractors and Carters. 
Carnoustie Contracting Company, Fer- 

rier Street 
John Thomson, Dundee Street 
George Gow, Victoria Street 

Cycle Agents. 
John M'Andrew, Dundee Street 
Mrs Tames Gilbert, Dundee Street 
G. Martin, Brown Street 

Dairies and Dairymen. 
Thomas Bell, Newton 
Wm. Grieve, Rottenrow 

J. Stewart, Panbride 

G. L. Mudie, Greenlaw Hill 

Miss M. Mann, Hunterstown 

T. Small, Cotside 

Charles Sharp, Kirkton Bank 

J. Ferguson, Clayhills 

Buttercup Dairy Co., High Street 

V. Sime, High Street 
J. Wilson, Dundee Street 
W. T. Ross, Fairview. Dundee Street 
H. S. Hunter, L.D.S. (of Arbroath), 75 
High Street (every Thursday) 


Carnoustie Co-Operative Association, 

Miss Miller, High Street 
J. D. MAffer, High Street 
Mrs Fairweather, High Street 
Miss Aldridge, Panmure Street 
Geo. Shand. High Street 
John Heatherington. High Street 
Mrs Kennedy, Dundee Street 
Misses Robertson, High Street 
Miss Miller, High Street 
Miss Stewart, High Street 
Miss Kinnear, High Street 

Engineers and Ironfounders. 
The Anderson-Grice Co., Taymouth 
Engineering Works 

Miss Donaldson, High Street 
G. Anker, High Street & Dundee Street 

James T. Duncan, High Street 
R. Millar, High Street 
John C. Findlav, High Street 
Wm. Black, Dundee Street and High 

A. Barr, Dundee Street 
J. Macdonald, Fox Street 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 
Marshall, High Street 
M'Culloch, The Cross 
George Sturrock, High Street 
Miss Clark, High Street 
Mrs Graham, Dundee Street 

Game Dealer. 
Marshall, High Street 

General Merchants. 
Mrs M'Owen, Queen Street 
Miss Brown, Queen Street 
Mrs Clark, Muirdrum 
Miss Ramsay, Panmure Street 
Mrs Croll, Barrv Road 
James Hay, Millar Street 
Mrs Robertson, Westhaven 
Mrs Murray, Muirdrum 
Mrs MacGregor, Muirdrum 



Golf Club Makers. 
Robert Simpson, golf club and ball 

maker, Golf House 
Walter Hewitt, golf club and ball 

maker, Links Avenue 
Gourlay & Son, golf cleek and iron 

makers, Links Avenue 
J. P. Cochrane & Co., Ltd., broath 


Those marked s are also Spirit! Dealers 
Carnoustie Co-Operative Association, 

sCharles Craig, High Street 
William Low & Co.. Dundee Street 
sjames Valentine, High Street 
sEdward Butchart, High Street 
sFred Robb, Lligh Street 
sCharles A. Fox, High Street 
sWm. Murdoch, Ireland Street 
sW. L. Reid, Barry Road 
sjohn Napier, Kinloch Street 
sjames Robertson, High Street 
sjames Bel 1 Brown Street 
sMiss Paton, Ireland Street 
sjohn Yool. High Street 
Buttercup Dairy Co., High Street 
sWm. Bradburn, Station Road 

D. Crowe, High Street 
Cuthill, Dundee Street 

Hotels, Inns and Taverns. 
Beaton's Hotel — John Sanderson 
Bruce's Hotel — Mrs Hendrv, proprietrix 
T. Wilson cn-nl F Arms), Ferrier St. 
J. Leslie (Stag's Head), 83 Dundee St 
Kinloch Arms Hotel— J. G. Melvin, 

High Street 
Panmure Arms— Thos. Hart, Station 

Joseph Wilson (Golf Inn), Ferrier St 
Robb's Inn, Park Avenue 

Horsehiring and Posting. 
George Ness, Ferrier Street 
Innes Miller, Taymouth Stables 
County Garage — Kinloch Arms, High 
Street. Proprietor — J. Strachan. 

Couston's Emporium, Dundee Street 
Johnston's Emporium, The Cross 

Joiners and Wrights. 
John Julian & Son, Muirdrum 
A. Small, Newton of Panbride 
Edward & Ramsay, Ferrier Street 
Alex. Simpson & Son, Collier Street 
Robert Reid, Lochend Crescent 
John I. Thow, Westhaven 
R. Miller, Dundee Street 

Carnoustie and District Laundry Coy., 

West End 
Mrs M'Gillvrav, Lochty Street 
Miss Christie, High Street 

Masons and Builders. 
Andrew Robertson & Sons, Kinloch St. 
John I. Wilson, Station Road 

Milliners and Dressmakers. 
Miss Kidd, Kinloch Street 
Miss Maggie Hepburn, Charles Street 
Mrs Fairweather, High Street 
Misses Lawrence, 'Collier Street 
Miss Robb, Miller Street 
Miss Maggie Wilson, Dundee Street 
Misses Smieton, Barry Road 
Miss Tindal, Lingard Street 
Miss Kinnear, High Street 
Miss Nairn, Barry Road 
Miss Hay, Kirkton Terrace 
Miss Finlay, Church Street 
Miss Scott, Carlogie Road 
Miss Ness, High Street 
Carnoustie Co-Operative Association, 

Miss Miller, High Street 
Miss Anderson, Allanah Cottage, Links 

Misses Robertson, High Street 

Motor Garages. 
W Strachan, Kinloch Arms 
George Ness, Station Hotel 

Music Teachers. 
Miss Ross, Dundee Street 
Misses Strachan, Panmure Lodge 
Charles Robb, Bay House 
Miss M. Smith, Brown Street 
Mr C. A. Low, Kinloch Street 
Miss A. Galloway, Ben More, Macken- 
zie Street 

Newspaper Re-porters. 
Dundee Advertiser — Harry Chapman, 

High Street 
Dundee Courier — H. Chapman, High 

Carnoustie Gazette — H. Chapman, High 

Arbroath Herald — H. Chapman, High 


Painters and Paperhangers. 
Henry Ellis, Dundee Street 
James Sturrock & Son, High Street 
E. W. Mathewson, Dundee Street, and 

Ochterlony & Ellis, Dundee Street 

Plumbers, Tinsmiths, and Gasfitters. 
M'Kay & Stewart, Dundee Street 
John M'Andrew, Dundee Street 
J. Farquharson, High Street 



James Simpson, High Street 
D. Adam, High Street 

Tea Rooms. 
Mr John Wilson, Thornbank 
Miss Chalmers, Balgay Cottage 
Miss Farquharson, Brown Street 
Miss Walker, High Street 
Miss Fairlie, High Street 
Mrs Simpson, High Street 
Geo. Burnett, High Street 

A. Lowden, Station Road 

Alex. Hogg & Sons, Dundee Street 

James M. Grav, Taymouth Villa 
A. C. M'Corquodale, High Street 
David O. Young, town clerk, Newing- 

J. M. Milne, Dalhousie Villa, High St. 
James E. Taylor, Villa Rosa 
Dr M'Connell, Erdington Villa, Dun- 
dee Street 


Those marked c are also Clothiers. 

cCarnoustie Co-Operative Association,, 

cWilliam Ferrier, High Street 
cDye & Falconer, Dundee Street 
Thomas Henderson, Station Road 
Mr Galloway, Dundee Street 

A. Jones, High Street 
Mrs Livingstone, Dundee Street 
Alex. Scott, Dundee Street 
Misses Gardyne, High Street 
W. Cowan, Dundee Street 
A. Simpson, High Street 
A. Jolly, tobacconist 

~W atchmakers . 
Andrew Heggie, The Cross 
Crabbe & Mackenzie, High Street, and 


Thos. Bell, veterinary surgeon, Muir- 

J. Taylor, basketmaker, Philip Street 

G. Gibson, Lochty Preserving Works 

A. Y. H. Wilson, monumental mason, 
Dundee Street 

Telephone Office, Paris Buildings, 
High Street 

Mrs F. H. Maconachie, bone special- 
ist, Heath Park 

R. Reid & Son, carriage builders, West 

D. A. Soutar, grain merchant, 111 Dun- 
dee Street 

Friockheim Directory. 

Kinnell Parish, 5 4 

POPULATION— Census, 1921. 
Kirkden Parish, 1205 

Guthrie Parish, 

FRIOCKHEIM PARISH CHURCH— Services at n a.m. and 6 p.m. 
Minister— Rev. P. A. Andrew. Clerk of Kirk Session and Church Trustees— Rev. 
P. A. Andrew. Treasurer of Church Trustees — Wm. Whyte. Superintendent of 
Sunday School — Rev. P. A. Andrew; Leysmill — J. M'Lean, Station House, Elder. 
Organist and Choirmaster — W. Whyte. Band of Hope — Secretary — Rev. P. A. 
Andrew. Church Officer — J. Hosie, Gardyne Street. Membership — 400. 

FRIOCKHEIM U.F. CHURCH— Services at 11.15 a.m. and 6.15 p.m. 
Minister— Rev. John Smith, M.A. Session Clerk— Rev. John Smith. Clerk of Dea- 
cons' Court — Vacant. Superintendent of Sabbath School — Rev. John Smith. 
Church Officer— John Duke. Membership— 182. 


District No. 6. Schools — Letham, Friockheim, Kinnell, Craichie, Guthrie, and 
Kirkden. Chairman and Representative from Authority — Mr W. C. Moyes, 
Renmure, Inverkeilor, Montrose. Others — Revs. John Smith, P. A. Andrew, 
W. Guthrie Law, Dr Barron, Messrs C. Soutar, J. Taylor, J. D. Scott, T. M. 
Henry, D. Grant, J. Ewing, J. Hamilton, D. P. Arnot, Captain Guthrie of 

Master — Alexander Dawson, M.A. Infant Mistress — Miss Anderson. Assistants — 
Miss Harris and Miss Lennie. Average Attendance — 130. 


Postmistress— Miss M. A. T. Carr. Money Order, Postal Order, Savings' Bank, 
Telegraph Office, and Telephone Call Office. Sale of stamps and telegraph busi- 
ness— 9 a.m. till 7 p.m. Arrival of Mails— 9.14 a.m. and 3.55 p.m. Despatches 
—8 a.m., 3.30 and 4.30 p.m. Friockheim Deliveries— 9.45 a.m. and 4.10 p.m. 

President— Carnegie Soutar. Vice-President — Hector F. Ferrier. Secretary and 
Treasurer — George F. Sellar. Committee — James Bone, William Whyte, James 
Ogilvie, Robert Innes, John Duke, Rev. John Smith, C. W. Christie, Andrew 
Grant, A. Glen, James Watt, A. Cummine, David Stott. 

George Kenny, Rev. J. Smith, D. F. Carr, Andrew Doctor, and William Ferrier 
(convener). Keeper — Andrew Walker. Superintendent and Clerk — James Ogilvie. 

R.W.M.— James Bone. Secretary— W. W. Thomson, Gordon Place, Friockheim. Trea- 
surer — Robt. Murray. Hallkeeper — Win. M'Pherson, Eastgate. Meets in Bruce 
Hall Second Thursday of each Month, from September till April, inclusive. 

Assembly Hall (Accommodation 500)— Secretary— D. F. Carr, Gardyne Street. Hall- 
keeper — Andrew Smith, Middlegate. 
Free Church Hall— Secretary— John Duke, Lilybank. 
Parish Church Hall — Curator — James Hosie. 
Bruce Masonic Hall, Gardyne Street— Hallkeeper— William M'Pherson. 

President— Rev. P. A. Andrew. Vice-President— Rev. William Guthrie Law, M.A. 
Secretary and Treasurer — Rev. J. Smith, M.A. 

President— A. Doctor,, Friock Mains. Secretary— J. Ogilvie, Lilybank St. Treasurer 
—David Carr, Gardyne Street. Annual Meeting third Saturday of September. 
Annual Show in August. 

President— Charles Todd. Vice-President— William Todd. Treasurer— Andrew 
Walker. Secretary — William Wilkie, 2 Millgate, Friockheim. Committee- 
William Strachan," James Mitchell and John M'Pherson, sen. 

Patrons— Mrs Lindsay Carnegie of Anniston, Mr and Mrs M'Grath, Letham Grange; 
D. C. R. Lindsav Carnegie of Kinblethmont, Captain Hew Blair Imrie of Lunan. 
President— Peter Smith, Fallaw. Secretary and Treasurer— David Hay, Lawton. 


Whitsunday — The Term day, or the first Thursday after. 
Martinmas — The Term day, or the first Thursday after. 

President — Carnegie Soutar. Secretary and Treasurer — Alex. Dawson, Schoolhouse. 
Match Secretary — David Christie, Pitmuis Bleachneld, Friockheim,. Open 
Tuesday and Saturday, 7 to 9.30 p.m. Caretaker — Win. M'Pherson, Gardyne St. 

President — Thomas Air. Bice-President — W. M'Kay. Secretary and Treasurer — 
Thomas Roberts, 6 Gardyne Street, Friockheim. Meets in Club Rooms, Andson 
Street, Friockheim, every night from 7 to 10 p.m. 

CURLING CLUB— Evenie Water. 
Secretary— Andrew Doctor, Friockheim Mains. 


Patroness— Miss Bruce Gardyne. Hon. Presidents— A. Cummine and W. Ferrier. 
President— C. Soutar. Vice-Presidents— Rev. J. Smith and Tohn Duke. Secre- 
tary and Treasurer— W. Ferrier, The Anchorage, Middlegate, Friockheim. 
Curator and Librarian— J. Ogilvie. Superintendent— W. Mackay. Caretaker— 
A. Milne, Middlegate. Reading. Room open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 
7 to 9.30 p.m. Bowling, Green, open May to September, 

GUTHRIE PARISH CHURCH— Service at n a.m. 
Minister— Rev. William Guthrie Law, M.A. Session Clerk and Treasurer— Rev. Wm. 
Guthrie Law, M.A. Heritors' Clerks— W. & J. S. Gordon, solicitors, Forfar. Su- 
perintendent of Sunday School — Rev. William Guthrie Law, M.A. Organist and 
Choirmaster — James W. Nicol, Friockheim. Membership— 185. Church Officer 
and Gravedigger — George Burnet, blacksmith, Kirkton. President of Woman's 
Guild— Mrs A. MacNaughton, E. Mains, Guthrie. 

Headmaster — J. L. Thomson. Assistant — Jane S. Smart. Accommodation — 112. 
Average Attendance — 50. 


Chairman — Captain Guthrie of Guthrie Castle. Members — James Dickson, Pickerton 
of Turin ; Alexander Macnaughton, East Mains ; James Christison, Heughhead ; 
James M'Gowan, Hillside. Inspector of Poor — James Ogilvie, Friockheim. 


Scoutmaster — Rev. Wm. Guthrie Law, Guthrie Manse. Assistant Scoutmaster — 
W. Brown, Station House, Guthrie. 

President — A. MacNaughton, E. Mains, Guthrie. Secretary and Treasurer — Rev. 
W. Guthrie Law. Meets in Guthrie Parish Hall. Membership — 70. 

KINNELL PARISH CHURCH— Service at 11.15 a.m. 
Minister — Rev. Duncan Macarthur, M.A. Session Clerk — Rev. D. Macarthur. 
Treasurer — Rev. D. Macarthur. Superintendent of Sunday School — Rev. D. 
Macarthur. Secretary of Sunday School — Rev. D. Macarthur. Choirmaster — 
David Carr. Membership — 287. Church Officer— Joseph Alexander, Muirside, 


Headmaster — James Ewing. Infant Mistress — Miss B. Miller. Assistant — Miss 
E. G. R. Duncan. On Roll— 104. 

Chairman — Rev. D. Macarthur. Members — James Hamilton, Charles Low, William 
C. Moyes, and David P. Arnot. Clerk — James Ewing, Schoolhouse. Inspector of 
Poor, Collector, and Registrar — James Ewing. 

Guthrie — Mrs Wells, Postmistress, Guthrie. Kinnell — James Ewing, Schoolhouse. 
Kirkden — James Ogilvie, Friockheim. 

Headmaster — R. Oliver. 

Chairman — Alexander Lindsay, West Mains Gardyne. 

nichen, Guthrie, Kinnell, and Kirkden. 
Chairman — W. C. Moyes, Rennmre, Inverkeilor, Montrose. Clerk — John Young, 

KIRKDEN PARISH CHURCH— Service at 11 a.m. 
Minister— Rev. Tohn Boyle, M.A., B.D. Session Clerk— Rev. J. Boyle. Superin- 
tendent of Sabbath School— Rev. J. Boyle. Secretary of Sabbath School— Rev. 
J. Boyle. Membership— 208. Organist— Miss Jessie Maxwell. 



Carnegie Soutar, Millgate 
James Thomson, Gardyne Street 


North of Scotland and Town and 
Countv Bank, Ltd., Agent— Geo. F. 


David Mouat, West End 

Alexander Maekay, Eastgate 

David Harris, Middlegate 

David Donaldson, Muirside 

Boot and Shoe Maker. 
A. Macdonald, Gardyne Street 
J. Crook, Union Street 

A. Nicol, Gardyne Street 
W. & H. Ferrier, Millgate 
R. & W. Taylor, Westgate 

Douglas Fraser & Sons, Ltd. 
Chas. W. Christie, Pitmuies Mill 

Carrier to Arbroath. 
Robert Rae, Arbroath. 

Coal Merchants. 

D. & A. Cummine, Millgate 

Thos. Muir, Son, & Patton. Agent — 
Mr Glen. 

E. Wilkie 
W. Baillie 

Cycle Depots. 
D. Mouat, West End Cycle Saloon 
Edward Suttie, Millgat'e 

Wm. Whyte, Gardyne Street 
James AnnandaL, Westgate 

Miss Gordon, Gardyne Street 
Miss Suttie, Millgate 

Engineers and Millwrights. 
J. & G. Fitchet, Gightvburn 
J. & D. Craig, Jdvies Mill 
G. Ross & Co , Gardyne Street 

General Merchants. 
Mrs John Stephen, Gardyne Street 
Peter Kennedy 

The Arbroath "High Street Co-Operative 


Gibson, West End 
Kenneth C. Duthie, Gardyne Street 
Miss Croal, Gardyne Street 
Beatson, Levsmill 

6-day Licences. 
Railway Hotel— D. Stott 
Balmoral Hotel — Mrs illiam Wilkie 
Star Hotel— D. Gair 

James Moir, Westgate 
William Baillie, Middlegate 

Strathmore Salvage Co., Ltd., Greens 
of Gardyne. Manager — J. Bayne. 

Mrs Gibb, Kinnaird Street 

W. Esplin, Gardyne Street 

Medical Practitioner. 
F. J. Charlton, M.B., Ch.B., Eastgate 

Cameron, Milldens 
Geo. Whittet, Boysack Mill 

Music Teacher. 
William Whyte, Gardyne Street 

David W. Beattie, Millgate 

Mrs Fraser, Andson Street 
David Japp, Millgate 
Hugh Borland, Lunan Street 

D. S. Adam, Gardyne Street 

Stationers and Newsagents. 
S. Murray, Gardyne Street 
M. A. T. Carr, Post Office 

Wm. Whyte, Gardyne Street 
James Tosh, Gardyne Street 
John Davidson, Gardyne Street 
James Annandale, Westgate 

Alexander Thomson, Millgate 



PRICE 2d. 



St Vigeans Directory 

POPULATION— Census 1921— St Vigeans Registration District, 1909 

ST VIGEANS PARISH CHURCH— Services n. 15 a.m.; and 

April to October, 6.15 p.m. 

Minister— Rev. Charles Edward Duff, B.D. Session Clerk— William Gould, St 
Vigeans. Kirk Treasurer — Robert Donaldson, East Newton. Superintendent of 
Sabbath School — Rev. Charles E. Duff. Organist and Choirmaster — T. W. Par- 
sons, 54 Addison Place. Arbroath. Registrar of Marriage Proclamations — Wm. 
Gould. Membership— 743. Church Officer — William Kydd, St Vigeans. 


Arbroath and St Vigeans (Landward) , Arbirlot, Carmyllie, and 

Chairman — Rev. Alexander Mills, Colliston. Rev. C. E. Duff, St Vigeans; David 
Ramsay, Rosebank ; Messrs James Graham, Balcathie; Patrick Baird Craigend ; 
Rev. John Thomson, Carmyllie; George S. Macdonald, Carmyllie; H. S. Buchan, 
Hilton; and Charles Crawford, Inverkeilor. Clerk — Norman M'Bain. solicitor, 
Arbroath. Officers — St Vigeans — William Gould. Inverkeilor — Charles Milne, 
Chapelton. Carmyllie — John Esplin. Arbirlot — Wm. M. Dunbar. 


Headmaster — William Beattie. Infant Mistress — Catherine R. Fraser. Roll— 80. 



George Millar, Bridgeton 
Robert Kerr, Drunkendub 
James Crabb. Auchmithie 
George Grant, Woodville Feus 

AVatson & Co., Waulkmills 


G. Patterson, Letham Farm 

James Lamb, Muirheads 

William M'Ewan, Mains of Seaton 

Robert Law, West Seaton 

T. L. Brown, West Kirkton 

James White, Bearfauld 

James Young, Bsechwood 

Henry M'Leod, Birkhill 

Joiners and Millwrights. 
James Black, Drunkendub 

Willjam Gould, St Vigeans 

David Smart, Seaton 
James Alexander, Colliston 

Market Gardeners. 
Charles Stewart, St Vigeans 
D. Leadingham. Bishop Loch 

C. Paterson, Woodville Feus 
Alexander Smith. Woodville 
William Mitchell, Maryfield 
James Valentine, Woodville Feus 
John Watt & Son, Woodville Feus 
Charles Valentine, Woodville Feus 

D. Low, Fraserfield 
David Ramsay, Rosebank 
George Hodge, Marvwell 
Charles Pratt, Hollybank 

Rope and Twine Sfinner. 
John Pringle, Tarry Mill 


Carmyllie Directory 

POPULATION— Census 1921— Carmyllie Parish, 847 

CARMYLLIE PARISH CHURCH— Service 11.15 a.m. (and 6 p.m. 
in Summer) . 
Minister — Rev. James Gordon Lyon, M.A., B.D. Session Clerk and Superintendent 
of Sabbath School— Rev. J. G. Lyon. Membership— 207. Church Officer— John 
Spink, Manse Cottage. 

CARMYLLIE U.F. CHURCH— Services at 11 a.m. (and 6 p.m.— First 

Sabbath of Month, April to October; Moonlight Sundays in Winter). 

Minister— Rev. J. Thomson, M.A., U.F.C. Manse. Clerk of Deacons' Court— Rev. J. 

Thomson. Superintendent of Sabbath School— J. M. Smith, West Schoolhouse. 

Congregatiinal Treasurer — James Sturrock, Greystone. Organist— J. M. Smith. 

Membership, 186. 

President— Miss Ouchterlony, The Guynd. Captain— Miss Imrie, Greystone. 

East School. — Headmaster— George S. Macdonald. Assistant — Miss Elizabeth P. 

West School.— Headmaster — J. M. Smith. Infant Mistress — Miss Margaret Imrie. 

Assistant — Miss Grace Gray. Roll — 91. Average Attendance — 83.7. 


Chairman — Carnegie Sim, Carnegie. Members — David Lindsay Hume, Mains; Ron- 
ald Murray Hume, Hillhead; Rev. J. Gordon Lyon, The Manse; Rev. John 
Thomson, U.F. Manse; Charles Potter, Redford ; William Moffat Walker, Red- 
ford. Clerk— George S. Macdonald, East Schoolhouse. Medical Officer — William 
Barron, M.D., Letham. Representative to Arbroath District Committee of 
County Council — David L. Hume. 


Inspector of Poor — George S. Macdonald, East Schoolhouse. Collector of Rates — 
G. S. Macdonald. Registrar — John M. Smith, West Schoolhouse. 


Carmyllie (Redford) — Mrs A. Binnie, Postmistress. Post arrives 9.15 a.m.; leaves 

12.35 p.m.; 11.50 on Saturdays. 
Greystone — James Sturrock, Postmaster. Post arrives 10 a.m. ; leaves 1.30 p.m. 

On Saturday at 11.35 a.m. 

President — Henry Milne. Vice-President — James Sturrock. Treasurer — Alexander 
Webster. Secretary — Wm. Binnie, Lavrock Hall. Committee — J. S. Fairweather, 
G. Soutar, C. Walker, D. Cowie, D. T. Webster. 


William Mudie, Redford 
Peter Constable, Hayhillock 

Charles Walker, Redford 
Mrs A. Binnie, Redford 
Charles Anderson, Cairnconon 
James Sturrock, Greystone 

James Buchan, Redford 

James Robertson, Redford 

Railway Station — D. & A. J. Railway. 

Agent— W. M. Walker 

David T. Webster 

James Peter— Commerce St., Arbroath, only 


Arbirlot Directory 

POPULATION— Census 1921— Arbirlot Parish, 789. 

Minister — Rev. W. W. Scotland. Session-Clerk — Rev. W. W. Scotland. Leader of 
Psalmody— Andrew Beatt. Organist — Miss Scotland. Superintendent of Sun- 
day School — Rev. W. \V. Scotland. Church Officer — William Birse, Arbirlot. 
Sexton — Win. Birse. Membership — 330. 

ARBIRLOT U.F. CHURCH— Services at 11.15 a.m. (and 6 p.m. 
from April to September. 
Minister — Rev. John Oliver. Minister Emeritus — Rev. E. T. Vernon, M.A., 

Portobello. Clerk of Deacons' Court — Mr A. Binnie, Gallowden. Treasurer 

of Central Fund — R. Norrie, Denhead. Treasurer of Congregational Fund — W. 

Craig, Post Office. Superintendent of Sunday School — The Minister. Organist 
— Miss Hamilton. Church Officer — Alex. Bushnell. Membership — 70. 


Hon. President — Mrs Briggs, Kelly Castle. President — Mrs Ireland, East Balmir- 
mer. Vice-President — Mrs Oliver, U.F. Manse. Secretary — Miss Blues. Treasurer — 
Mrs Ramsay Smart. 


President — James Blues. Secretary and Treasurer — John Kerr. 


Postmistress — Miss J. A. Craig. Delivery, 8 a.m. Despatch, 2.30; 12.35 p.m. on Satur- 
days. Letter Carriers — Arbirlot to Firth Cottage and District — James Smith, Ar- 
birlot ; Arbroath to Greystone — A. Paton, Leonard Street, Arbroath. 


Headmaster — John H. Omond. Infant Mistress — Miss Agnes Duncan. Assistant — 
Miss Mary A. Brown. Yearly Average — 82.7. \ 


Chairman — John Harris, Crudie. Members — William Craig, Patrick Anderson Baird, 
W. Kydd, R. Binnie, C. Henry, R. Norrie. Inspector of Poor and Collector 
of Rates — William Dunbar, Shelterfield, Arbirlot. Registrar — David Buchan, 
joiner, Arbirlot. 

Blacksmiths. \ Joiners, <^c. 

Salmond's Muir • 1 David Buchan, Arbirlot 

John Lamont, Arbirlot j John Julian & Son, Muirdrum 

James Shields, Bonnington 

George M'Pherson, Millhill 

Charles Henry, Arbirlot 
John Harris, Salmond's Muir 

Butcher. \ Postmistress. 

Charles Henry ' Miss Craig 

Auchmithie Directory 

AUCHMITHIE PARISLI CHURCH— Service at 11. 15 a.m. 
Minister— Rev. R. Ingram. Clerk and Treasurer to Trustees and Managers— Rev. 
R. Ingram. Church Officer— Henry Spink, 61 Auchmithie. Membership— 130. 


Headmaster— A. M. Buttar, M.A. Roll— 61. Average Attendance— 55. 



Colliston Directory 

Minister— Rev. A. Mills, The Manse. Session Clerk— Rev. A. Mills. Superintendent 
of Sabbath School— Rev. A. Mills. Clerk and Treasurer— Mr James Stirling, 
jun., Willow Cottage. Membership 299. Church Officer — Joseph Esplin, Gowan- 
bank Village. 

COLLISTON U.F. CHURCH— Service at n a.m. 
Minister — Rev. A. Murray Scott, M.A. Session Clerk and Clerk of Deacons' Court — 
The Minister. Superintendent of Sabbath School — John Gibson. Women's 
Foreign Mission Treasurer — Miss Scott, The Manse. Treasurer to Sustentation 
Fund — John Gibson. Organist — James Donaldson, St Vigeans Road, Arbroath. 
Church Officer — John Howe, Gowanbank. Membership — 95. 


-A. D. Leadingham. Roll — 96. Average Attendance — 82.6. 


W. Edwards, Colliston Mill 

James Nairn 
A. Pyott 



Alexander Rae 

J. Alexander, Colliston Mill 

Market Gardeners. 
Mrs Downie, W. Jennyswells 
J. Wood, Jennyswells 
D. Ramsay, Rosebank 

Letter Deliveries and Despatches. 
Post arrives 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., leaving 
1.50 p.m. and 5 p.m. daily except 

John Gibson 

Alexander Mitchell 

Inverkellor Directory 

POPULATION— Census 1921. 
Inverkeilor Parish — 1376. Lunan Parish- 


Minister — Rev. Andrew Hal den. Session Clerk — Charles Crawford, The School- 
house. Treasurer for Church — Charles Crawford. Superintendent of Sabbath 
School — Rev. Andrew Halden. Sabbath School meets in Church at 12.30. Leader 
of Psalmody — Charles Crawford. Membership — 362. Church Officer and Sexton — 
William Robertson, Anderson Terrace. Elders — Henry S. Buchan, Charles 
Crawford, George Matthewson. 

INVERKEILOR U.F. CHURCH— Services at n a.m. and 6 p.m. 
Minister — Rev. J. Adams, B.D. Congregational Treasurer — John Gibb, Inver- 
keilor. Central Fund and Foreign Missions' Treasurer — Alfred Kydd, Inver- 
keilor. Organists — Miss Rhoda Kydd and Miss Maggie Gibb. Church Officer — 
John Monro, Inverkeilor. Membership — 100. 

LOCAL SCHOOL COMMITTEE— Under Committee No. 5. 

Henry S. Buchan and Charles Crawford. 


Headmaster — Charles Crawford. Infants' Mistress — Rhoda Kydd. Assistants — Mar- 
Garet Moir, Bella Torrie, and Gertrude Low. Average Attendance — 185. 
School Soup Kitchen — Mrs Taylor. 


Inverkeilor — C. Crawford, Schoolhouse. Lunan — Archibald Wilson, Schcolhouse. 



Headmistress — Miss A. Milne. Average Attendance — 60 to 70. Clerk — Mr M'Bain. 

Chairman — D. C. F. R. Lindsay Carnegie of Kinblethmont. Members — R. M. Leslie, 
Muirhouses ; Thomas J. Meikle, Boghead; George Rodger, Waulkmills ; David W. 
Morgan, Ethie Mains ; Peter Smith, Fallaws ; Robert A. Burness, Leys of Boy- 
sack ; Harry S. Buchan, Hilton; Harry A. Grant, Raesmill. Inspector of Poor, 
Clerk to Parish Council, and Collector of Rates — A. Inglis. 

LUNAN PARISH CHURCH— Service at 11.15 a.m. 
Minister— Rev. W. P. Cox, M.A. Kirk Session — Thomas Edwards and John Torrie. 
Session Clerk — Archibald Wilson. Superintendent of Sabbath School — Mr Cox. 
Church Officer — Win, Lawrence. Membership— 100. Organist — Constance Wilson. 

Representatives from Lunan to CRAIG, LUNAN AND MARYTON 
Rev. W. P. Cox, The Manse; John Torrie, Lunan Home Farm; Archibald Wilson, 

M. Wills, Town 


James Carson, John Torrie, Archibald Wilson. Clerk — Geo. 
Clerk's OSice, Montrose. 

Headmaster— Archibald Wilson, F.E.I.S. Assistant— Mary Hill. Roll— 42. End 
of School Year— 31st July. 

Chairman— Col. H. F. Blair Imrie. Members— D. Jolly G. Jarron, J. Sherret, and 
H. W. Dodds. Representative to District Committee— David^ Jolly. _ Inspector of 
Poor, Collector of Rates, and Registrar— Arch. 
— A. Wilson. 

Wilson. Burial Ground Clerk 


A. Kydd & Co. 

Geo. Mathewson, Chapelton of Boysack 
Joseph Chapman, Camperdown 
James Edwards, Newbarns 
Robert Kerr, Drunkendub 
David Burns, Craigpark 
Thos. Edwards, Braehead of Lunan 
A. Edwards, crofter, Braehead 

Brick and Tile Manufacturers. 
Stewart, John, & Son, Anniston 

J. Chapman, Camperdown — Tuesday 
and Friday 

Coal M erchants. 
Thos. Muir, Son. & Patton, Ltd. 
Smith, Hood, & Co. 

Alexander Inglis 
A. Kvdd & Co. 

Chance Inn — John Cables 

Alexander Wilson, Anniston 
G. Whittet, Boysack Mills 

Post Office. 
Postmistress — Grace Kydd. 
9 a.m. and 2.30 t>.m. 

10 o'clock and 4.30 p.m. 

Deliveries at 

James Kydd 


W. Robertson, Station 

John Davidson 

T. Black, Drunkendub 
Stewart Lindsav (blacksmith & Wright), 

Balmullie Mill 
David Jolly, Lunan 

John Soutar, joiner, Chapelton of Boy- 



Farmers, &c, in Eastern Forfarshire 

(Arranged according to Parishes). 

Arbroath and St Vigeans. 

Alexander, James, Colliston Mill 

Anderson, Firthmuir 

Batchelor, F., North Tarrie 

Black, John, Swirleburn 

Bell, P., Brunton and Cauldcots 

Bennet, G., Colliston Mill 

Booth, F., East Seaton 

Braid, Andrew, Cotton of Colliston 

Bruce, R. F. D., Colliston Castle 

Bruce, R. F. D., Westerton 

Burnett, S. E. S., Berryhill 

Cooper, David, Gowanbank 

Cooper, Peter, Annfield 

Corsar, Harry, Woodville 

Coutts, Wm., Silverwell 

Cowie, James, Bankfoot 

Craig, Miss, Mary well 

Crook, W. L., Maryfield 

Donaldson, Robert J., East Newton 

Dorward, Miss Mary, Marywell 

Duncan, A. R., of Parkhill 

Duncan, Com. J., Magungie 

Edwards, W., Loanhead 

Findlay, Geo., Denside 

Fitchet, James, Whitehall 

Fleming. David, Brax Cottage 

Fletcher, Mrs Fitzroy, Letham Grange 

Francis, George A., West Seaton 

Garland, Alex. S., W. Grange of Conon 

Geddes, T., Woodside, Colliston 

Gilruth, Mrs, Seaton of Auchmithie 

Grant, George, Mains of Auchmithie 

Grant, George, Woodville Feus 

Grant, James, Firthfield 

Gray, J. H., Muirheads 

Greig, D., Warddykes 

Greig, W., Seaton House 

Hay, John, Knowehead, Dickmontlaw 

Hay, Miss, East Kirkton 

Henderson, John, Newbigging (West) 

Hodge George, Marywell 

Inverarity, John, Dummiesholes 

Jamieson, J., Peebles 

Keillor, W., Cotton of Letham Grange 

Kerr, James, Blairbank 

Laing, Alex., Maryfield 

Lawson, T., Castleton 

Leadingham, D., Bishoploch 

Leuchars, Alex., West Mill, Colliston 

Lowson, Alexander D., Elmbank 

M'Ewan, Wm., Mains of Colliston 

M'Ewan, Wm., Mains of Seaton 

M'Leod, Birkhill 

Macgregor, Miss A. J., of Abbethune 

Martin, Peter, Bramble Cottage 

Massie, Alex., Cotton of Letham Grange 

Mitchell, James, Grange of Conon 

Morgan, James W., Grange of Conon 

Morgan, Percy E., Windyhills 

Morrison, T., Inverlochy 

Muckart, David, Tarryburn 

Muckart, Robert, South Grange of Conon 

Muirhead, Firhills 

Paterson, G., Mains of Letham 

Patterson, A., Smithyhill 

Pattison, Alex. M., Firthmuir 

Pattullo, Geo., Mains of Dickmontlaw 

Paul, G., Woodlands Farm 

Rait, Wm., Highlands of Conon 

Ramsay, D., Rosebank 

Rattray, R., Park Conon 

Rennie, D., North Mains of Letham Mill 

Ritchie, Wm., Cairnconon 

Robertson, G. M'Laren, Millfield 

Scott, Thomas, West Newton 

Shanks, James, engineer, Denfield 

Smart, Andrew O., N. Tarry 

Smart, C. Ramsav, Woodlands 

Smart, William M., N. Tarry 

Smith, Robert, Grange of Conon 

Spence, James, Nether Newbigging 

Soutar, Wm., Boysack Hill 

Stirling, James, Willow Cottage 

Taylor, David, Gowanbank 

Tyrie, George, Newbigging Upper 

Webster, Sir Francis, Ashbrook 

Weighton, David, Brax 

White, James, Bearfauld 

Wilkie, James, Millfield Feus 

Wilson, A. B. G., Abbethune Farm House 

Williamson, George, Springwell 

Wilson, Wm., Grange of Conon 

Wood, J., Jennyswell 

Young, J., Beechwood 


Baird, Patrick A., Craigend 

Binnie, Robert, Fauldie-hill 

Bowie, R. C, Mains of Kelly 

Briggs, Arch. S., Kelly Castle 

Brown, John, Peasiehill 

Brown, Mrs Mary, Hunterspath 

Buchanan, Chas., Athole Cottage, Elliot 

Carrie, James S., Emilbank, Elliot 

Donaldson, Mr, Greenford 

Dunbar, Alex., Shelterfield . 

Fairlie, James, West Balmirmer | 

Fairlie, James, Easter Bonhard J' 

Fowler, Arthur C, Braeside 

Fyfe, Mrs, Crudieacres 

Gould, Ben., keeper, Palace Green 

Graham, James, Balcathie 

Guild, Wm., Easter Knox 

Harris, John, Salmond's Muir 

Harris, John, Crudie 

Hay, John, Panlathy 

Hay, Thomas, Panlathy 

Hynd, James, Nether Kelly 

Ireland, Mrs, East Balmirmer 

Jack, Andrew, Pitcundrum 

Jack, James, Pitcundrum 

Kydd, William, Lochaber 

Lamb, David, Blindwells 

Maxwell, David, Panlathy Mill 

M'Pherson, George, Millhill 

Norrie, Robert, Denhead 

Scott, Wm. R., Addison, Newton 

Sievwright, J., Bonnington 

Smart, J., Kellyfield 

Soutar, Charles, Bank of Arbirlot 

Strachan, J., P'allaws of Linn 

Young, Wm, Cuthlie 


Anderson, J. H., Redcastle 
Bell, James, Gilchorn 
Bell, William, Kinaldie 
Black, Peter, West Boghead 
Buchan, Harry S., Hilton 
Burness, Robert, Levs of Boysack 
Cargill, The Misses, Leysmill 
Carnegie, D. C. R. Lindsay, of Kin- 

Carnegie, Mrs H. A. F. Lindsay, of 

Cowan, Duncan, Ironshill 
Edwards, James, Newbarns 
Esplin, W. K., Spynie House, Leysmill 
Gilruth, Mrs, Seaton of Auchmithie 
Graham, Robert M., Kirkton 
Grant, H. A., Raesmill 
Hamilton, William, of Bryanton 
Hay, D., Lawton and Westfield 
Hynd, James, Boysack Mill 
Hynd, James, jun., Hodgeton 
Jarron, James A., Rosehill 
Laing, Peter, Meg Taylor's Land 
Lawson, Alex. A., Newton of Boysack 
Leslie, James, Maryton 
Leslie, John, Maryton 
Leslie, Robt. M.. W. Muirhouse 
Leslie, William, Maryton 
Lindsay, R., W. Mains of Kinblethmont 
Linton, Mrs Walter, Boysack 
Macgregor, Alexina J., Abbethune 
Mathewson, Geo., Chapelton of Boysack 
Meikle, John, Grange 
Meikle, Thomas, Boghead 
Middleton, James, Newbarns 
Mitchell, Norman, Myreside 
Morgan, D. W., jun., Ethie Mains 
Moyes, H. Br, East Border 
Moyes, W., Douglasmuir 
Nicoll, David S., Burnside of Fallaw 
Nicoll, — ., Balmullie Hall 
Phillips, Alex., Burnside of Boysack 
Rait, Mrs, Anniston 
Ritchie, Andrew, Knowes of Boysack 
Ritchie, John, Reps, of, Janeston 
Rodger, George, Waulkmills 
Samson, David, Helenstown 
Scott, J. Moffat, Inchock 
Smith, Isa & Betsv, New Mill of Ethie 
Smith, Peter, Pool 
Soutar, Andrew, Templeton 
Stephen, Mrs Isa., West Border 
Stewart, Charles, Annison 
Stirling, A. K., Lunanbank 
Stirling, A. K., North Mains of Ethie 
Taylor, James, Hassock 
Whittet, G., Boysack Mill 
Wilson, A. W., miller, Anniston Mill 


Alexander, Joseph, Muirside 

Arnot, David P., Hatton Mill 

Batchelor, F., M., and G., Kinnell Mill 

Beattie, George, Pamphray 

Black, George and Gavin, Egypt 

Blair. Mrs, Muirside 

Cargill, Alexander, Muirside 

Carrie, James, Muirside 

Christison, J., Heughhead of Guthrie 

Croal, Wm., Towerton 

Cuthill, John, Whandland 

Esplin, William, Muirside 

Fitchet, John, Gighty Burn 

Hamilton, James, Easter Brakie 

Harris, John, Muirside 

Inverarity, James, Muirside 

Leslie, Peter, Hill of Bolshan 

Low, Charles, Pitmikie 

Mann, Wm., Muirmills 

Miln, David, Muirside 

M'Niven, Duncan, Willanyards 

Moyes, Hany, Renmure 

Moyes, James, Renmure 

Moyes, W. C, Renmure 

Muggins, James D., Muirside 

Nicoll, Wm., West Braikie 

Nicoll, Mrs, Wester Brakie 

Russell, James, Sheepsfauld 

Smart, George, Muirside 

Smith, Hugh, Waterston of Kinnell 

Smith, James M'Craw, Pool 

Smith, Jessie I., Rosabella S., Polmood 

Taylor, John, East Glasterlaw 

Thomson, Andrew, Viewbank 

Thomson, James, Whitehills 

Thomson, William, jun., Muirside 

Towns, Hector, Muirside 

Turnbull, James. Glasterlaw 

Watson, John, Freelands 

Wedderspoon, Thomas, Bolshan 

Wyllie, James, East Freelands 


Alexander, J., Mains of Dumbarrow 
Alexander, William, Kinneries 
Birse, John M., Ascurrybank 
Brodie, J. C. B. Callander, of Idvies 
Doctor, Andrew, Friock Mains 
Garden, Alex., Backboath 
Gardyner. Miss Bruce, of Middleton 
Goodfellow, George H., Newton Idvies 
Gray, Alex., Blairs, Dumbarrow 
Gray, David, Blairs, Dumbarrow 
Hadden, David & William, Denton Mill 
Hart, H., Legaston 

Henderson, Chas. E., Cotton of Gardyne 
Inverarity, James, Hillkirk 
Inverarity, Wm., North Dumbarrow 
Irons, Elizabeth, Bractullo Mill 
Irons, Thos. C, Bractullo Mill 
Jamieson, J., Gask 
Leslie, John, Knockhill 
Lyell, Alexander, of Gardyne 
M'Kay. John, Balmuir 
M'Leod, Joseph, Dumbarrow 



Norrie, George C, Hillhead of Ascurry 
Ogilvie, Mrs Isa., Ascurrymill 
Pattison, James, Idvies 
Paul, Arthur, West Cotton of Gardyne 
Reid, Charles, West Idvies 
Rodger, John, Denton Mill 
Roy, Win., jun., Bridgend 
Scott, James D., Ascurry 
Scott, William, Falladybank 
Sheriff, David, Dumbarrow Bridge 
Tindal, John, Dumbarrow Mill 
Walker, John, Pitmuis Mill 
Watson, John, Gardyne Home Farm 
Watt, J. and R., Bractullo 
Whitton, Reps, of A., E. Mains of Dum- 


Aikenhead, Wm., Auchrennie 

Bell, P., Heughhead 

Bowie, Miss, Carlogie 

Carr, James, Cairncortie 

Collier, John W. Hatton 

Colquhoun, Hugh, Mains of Panmure 

Couper, James, West Scryne 

Cowe, Alfred, Balhousie 

Duncan, James, Panbride 

Duthie, Alex., Firth 

Forbes, Peter, Muirdrum 

Grieve, William, Rottenrow 

Kydd, James, East Scryne 

Martin, John, Middleton of Panbride 

M'Gill, G., Westhaven 

Robertson, A., Crombie Mills 

Smith, Alexander, Buckyhillock 

Steven, W., Craigmill 

Stewart, J., Market gardener, Panbride 

Swan, William C, Inverpeffer 

Tavlor, Robert, Trustees, Pitlivie 

M'Gill, G., Balmachie 


Ballantyne, Clayholes 

Batchelor, F. M. & G., Mains of Ravens- 

Batchelor, F. M. & G., Grange of Barry 
Batchelor, F. M. & G., Crookhill 
Bell, Thos., Newton 
Bowie, R. C, Ravensby House 
Carnoustie Town Council, Ward's Farm 
Donachie, Andrew, Waterybutts 
Easson, Alex., Barry Mills 
Gibson, James, Annneld 
Hay, Carlungie 
Leslie, W., Westcotside 
Leslie, W., Burnside of Barry 
M'Laren, F., Benthead, Panmure, and 

The Neuk 
Mills, Matthew, Lochend 
Milne, D. J. S., Woodhill 
Pattullo, J. H., Pitskelly 

Scott, W., Woodhill 
Semple, James, Old Downie 
Small, Thomas, Cotside 
Thomson, W., Greenlawhill 


Adam, Wm., West Skichen 

Binnie, Mrs, Glentyrie 

Black, George, Greystone 

Black, Hugh, Greystone 

Boath, Robt., jun., Muiredge 

Buick, A., Cotterton of Carnegie 

Crighton, D., Westhills 

Cooper P., Annneld, Brax 

Cowie, D., Curleys 

Cowie, Misses, Cockhill 

Dowall, John, N. Mains of Cononsyth 

Duncan, David, Drummygar 

Duthie, Alex., Firth 

Edgar, J., Wardnook 

Esplin, William, West Laverockhall 

Fullarton, G., Forehills & Berryhillock 

Fyffe, Mrs, Milton of Carmyllie 

Garden, A., Backboath 

Gardiner, William, Smythton 

Gardiner, William, New Mains of Guynd 

Gibb, D., Conon 

Gibb, John, Montquhir 

Gray, Mrs J., Drummigar 

Hume, D. & D. L., Mains of Carmyllie 

Hume, R. and R. M., Hillhead 

Inglis, J., Muiredge 

Lawi John, Westward 

Lindsay, William, Chamberlain Knowe 

M 'Donald, Charles, Slade 

M'Donald, Charles, jr., Slade 

M 'Donald, W., Laverockhall 

M'Kay, David, Greystone 

M'Owan, Wm., Dykehead 

Martin, David, Dustydrum 

Martin, John, Goats 

Mathieson, Alex., Ditch of Cononsyth 

Millar, Peter, Croftsmuir 

Ouchterlony, Commander T. C. A. H., 

of Guynd 
Phillips, David, Smallburn 
Purvis, Charles, Brae of Conon 
Rennie, Tom, Currend 
Ritchie, Jas., S. Mains of Cononsyth 
Robb, George, Easthills 
Robertson, Ross, Lochlair 
Robertson, Benjamin S., Drummigar 
Russell, D., Mossend and Diltymoss 
Samson, Wm., Mid Mains of Cononsyth 
Scott, Mrs C, Newton of Carmyllie 
Sim, Carnegie, Carnegie 
Smith, Mrs Wm., East Ward 
Soutar, David, Greenfield 
Soutar, David, Westhills 
Soutar, John L., Milton Haugh 
Sturrock, R., Burnhead & Podge 
Taylor, David, Birns 
Weir, Ralph, Crofts and Milton of 

Wilson, Thomas, Westhills 
Yoiing, David, Cononsyth 




Adam, Fred., Milton 

Blodworth, Wm. D., Muirside of Turin 
Cameron, Hugh, Glasterlaw 
Christison, James, Heughhead 
Dryden, William, Bents of Turin 
Fenton, Thomas, Pickerton of Turin 
Fullerton, David, Rockhead 
Guthrie, J. D. M., Capt., Guthrie Castle 
Hill, W., Langlands of Turin 
M'Gowan, Jas., Hillside of Guthrie 
M'Naughton, Alexander, East Mains 
Ogilvie, D., Broadfaulds of Turin 
Robertson, David, Trustees, Newton 
Rennie, John, Millfield of Guthrie 
Scrimgeour, Alex., Dubton of Turin 
Scrimgeour, Wm., Mosston Muir 


Buchan, James, Dunninald 
Christison, Andrew, Dunninald 
Dodds, Henry W., Nether Dysart 
Dorward, Charles, Braehead of Lunan 

Hood, Mrs, Gighty Burn 

Imrie, Lt.-Col. H. F. Blair, Lunan House 

Jarron, George, Arbikie 

Millar, Joseph, Hawkhill 

Rodger, Misses, Drumbertnot & Courthill 

Sherret, John & James, Springfield 

Tindal, John, jun., Dysart 

Watson, Wm., Boddin 

Arbroath Burgh. 

Bennet, J., Little Cairnie 

Buick, Wm, Hospitalfield 

Cowie, James, East Muirlands 

Forbes, James, Cairnie 

Francis, G. A., Tarrywards & Cliffburn 

Gair, D., Emislaw 

Gray, Donaldson, Gallowden 

Laing, James, Annfield 

Nicol, Wm., Rosebrae 

Roberts, Joseph, Newbigging 

Scott, Mrs J. M., Bloomfield 

Wallace, A., Culloden 

Webster, W. W., Denley 





The "Arbroath Herald" Office, 

Where you are sure of getting the Best Service and 
the Most Reasonable Prices. 




D. 8 A. Preserve Company 



Highest Diploma for their Exhibit of High-class 

Jams, Jellies, Marmalade and Peel 

AT THE 1922 

Bayers, Grocers and jellied trades 
Exhibition in Glasgow. 

This is only another Testimony to the unbroken record 
for Purity and Excellence which these Preserves have 
so honourably held for Half a Century. 

Forty years ago Mr W. E. Gladstone wrote in reference to our 
" Queen's Table " Strawberry Jam : — " Tasted all round, and with one 
accord pronounced excellent." 

A Commander of H.M. Navy, in ordering a further consignment, 
wrote : — " I have never tasted finer Jam in any part of the world." 

A well-known Glasgow Provision Merchant, before taking 
up the Agency, obtained expert advice. The Report was: — " Equal to the 
finest Preserves the most careful housewife could produce. '' 

Procure a Sample of our "Queen's Table" Preserves 
and you will unhesitatingly confirm the high testimony 
quoted above. 

D. & A. Preserve Company Ltd. 




r I 





Selling Agents 


South Africa, 
New Zealand, 
Australia, Canada, 
West Indies, 
China and the East 
And Throughout 
Britain and Ireland. 

Sole Manufacturers; 



Retail Shops: